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Astro-Databank  (added May 2009)

Astro-Databank (ADB) has reinvented itself as a FREE online wiki! Whereas until 2008 you had to purchase the database as software, its data is now available free of charge to anyone online. ADB was originally founded by famed astrologer Lois Rodden (1928-2003) who created the Rodden Rating system to convey how reliable and accurate someone's birth data is. ADB was acquired in 2008 by Alois Treindl, founder and owner of Astrodienst AG, and its huge collection of birth data and biographical information is now maintained and available for free on their website, The online wiki doesn't have the sophisticated search and research capabilities that the software has, although you can apparently still purchase the software from if you want to have these features. If you wish to use the data from ADB for anything other than personal use, they request you check out their copyright conditions first.

Astrolabe Astrology Software

Astrolabe is one of the major producers of astrology software. They are the North American distributor for Solar Fire, the astrology software that I have used for many years.

Free Will Astrology

Rob Brezsny is an astrologer-poet-comedian-rebel-priest! I adore his Sun Sign column, Free Will Astrology, which appears in many hardcopy publications and you can have it emailed to you weekly. He is also an accomplished writer and musician.

The Mountain Astrologer

An excellent hardcopy magazine for serious and learning astrologers. Although available in bookstores and newsstands, a subscription gets you extra articles that are worth the price!

Project Hindsight

Astrological history: for astrologers, by astrologers. This mammoth project began in 1993 to publish translations of ancient astrological texts, translated by astrologers, to avoid errors and distortions by academic translators who often don't understand (or believe in) astrology.

Indian/Vedic Astrology Websites   (added September 2011)

Obtain Astrological Predictions over phone and a report via email from one of the top astrologers in India: - Dr.A.S.Kalra.

AstroNumber   (added July 2011)

Astrologer India - India's No: 1 Astrologer - Dr. P.R. Sundhar Raja is an Astrologist, Nameologist & Numerologist specialized in Indian Vedic Astrology, Nameology, Numerology, Baby Names, Lucky Names & Business Names Consultant.   (added July 2011)

Free Horoscopes, Astrology and more

Jyotisha Astrology   (added March 2009)

This is a busy and informative website about Vedic astrology from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Tibet. Lots of articles, free sample readings and information, and opportunities for a personal reading. This is the personal website – and appears to be a labour of love – of Lakshman Abeykoon M.Sc., an astrologer currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

Power Fortunes . com

Stars Tell   (added April 2007)

Astrology birth charts, horoscope predictions, Ganesh Pooja and gem stones for sale.

Astrology Related Sites

Discover the Meaning of Tarot  (Added December 2010)

Want to learn all about Tarot cards, how to do Tarot layouts, the meanings of each card, history and so on? Check out this comprehensive site. Clairvoyant psychic Lucy Barnett not only guides you in how to choose the deck that's right for you and how to work with your Tarot deck, she even shows you how to make a box for your Tarot cards.

The Internet Accuracy Project

This is a fabulous website that is dedicated to making accurate, clarified and corrected information available on the Internet. There is so much inaccurate, confusing and misinformed information out there! The Internet Accuracy Project offers a wide variety of facts that have been thoroughly researched and cross-referenced for accuracy—including the birth data of some notable people. This is an astrology-friendly website! Rod Mannix, the founder and director of this project, assures me that the birth data on this site would have an AA or A accuracy rating on the Rodden System of Data Classification. Definitely a great site to check out!

Lucky Name Numerology  (Added May 2010)

Lucky Name Numerology helps you find lucky names, lucky baby names, lucky business names or the right name for whatever you're doing!

Psychic Junkie

Find out all about psychic ability - what is it and do you have it? There's a blog and an expanding variety of articles, including a section on dreams. "Insight, guidance and a little magic" are what you'll find on this growing website.

Zodiac Tattoos  (Added May 2010)

Zodiac Tatoos is a resource site containing photo galleries, information, articles and tips on tattoos and the signs of The Zodiac.


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