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In general, a Kite is an aspect configuration that starts with a triangular aspect figure (e.g., usually a Grand Trine or Yod). A fourth planet makes an opposition to one of these planets, forming a symmetrical figure. The opposition forms the "spine" of the kite.

The fourth planet can act as a grounding principle, kind of like a lightning rod channels lightning energy into the ground. The opposition aspect often brings conflict, polarization, disagreement and stress, although it is also dynamic and motivating. It is a challenge to be triumphed; a problem to be solved; a disagreement to be negotiated.

Some astrologers believe that the conflict of the opposition planets must be resolved and mastered before it is possible to gain positive and productive access to the energy of the triangle figure (Grand Trine, Yod, etc.).

In the case of the Grand Trine Kite, some astrologers feel that the ease and harmony of the Grand Trine can also be a resource available to help us deal with the conflict of the opposition, providing a positive outlook, natural ability and an unobstructed flow of energy.

In the case of the Yod Kite (sometimes called a Boomerang), the Yod already contains stressful, irritating or frustrating energy. The opposition may provide a clear focal point amid the confusion. Although perhaps a mixed blessing, this can become a grounding reference point around which the necessary adjustments can be made.

See also: Grand Trine Kite, Yod Kite. Read the article about Grand Trine Kites. Top of Page

Aspect configuration - Grand Trine Kite

Grand Trine Kite Aspect Configuration

Aspect configuration - Yod Kite

Yod Kite or Boomerang Aspect Configuration

Grand Trine Kite


This typically refers to a Grand Trine aspect configuration, which has a 4th planet in Opposition (180 degrees) to one of the triangle points and forms Sextile aspects (60 degrees) to the other two points. It looks visually like a kite (hence its name).

The stress of the Opposition aspect may increase the likelihood of the Grand Trine being utilized (not just taken for granted, which sometimes happens with the Grand Trine). Or, it may provide a feeling of defensiveness or stress related to the element of the Grand Trine signs. (Feelings and empathy, if the Grand Trine is in Water signs; intellect and communication for Air signs; enthusiasm and energy level for Fire signs; manifestation and structure for Earth signs).

See Bruno and Louise Huber's book Aspect Pattern Astrology for excellent information about aspect patterns.

See also: Kite, Grand Trine, Yod, Yod Kite. Read article about Grand Trine Kites. Top of Page

Aspect configuration - Grand Trine Kite

Grand Trine Kite Aspect Configuration

Yod Kite


Focused Yod



The term Kite can also refer to the Yod aspect configuration, when its apex planet is in Opposition to a fourth planet. Also sometimes called a Boomerang or Focused Yod aspect configuration. Similar to the Yod, except the fourth planet has the "last word" in the energy flow and receives an extraordinary amount of stress. In Huber psychological astrology, this is called a Striving Figure. See Bruno and Louise Huber's book Aspect Pattern Astrology for excellent information about aspect patterns.

See also: Kite, Grand Trine, Yod. Top of Page

Aspect configuration - Yod Kite or Focused Yod or Boomerang

Yod Kite Aspect Configuration

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