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One of the four Elements. Water qualities include: emotions, feelings, intuition, receptivity, unconscious, needs, personal connection to others. Water signs are: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Top of Page  

Waxing and Waning

Waxing and waning typically refer to the phases of the Moon, as it appears to become larger (waxing) and then smaller (waning). The Moon's light waxes in the two weeks following the New Moon, when we first see a sliver of Crescent Moon which grows into the full disc of the Full Moon. Then in the two weeks after the Full Moon, we see the face of the Moon slowly diminish until all we see is the sliver of Crescent Moon again.

The changing line dividing light and shadow always moves from right to left, so it's easy to figure out if the Moon is waxing or waning just by looking at it. It depends on which side the bright part is on. If the right side is lit and the left side is dark (or looks amputated), it's waxing. If it's lit on the left side, it's waning.

The Moon appears to expand and shrink because, as the Moon circles the Earth, we see more or less of the Sun's light reflected on the Moon's surface. These changes form the phases of the Moon. See the article about Cancer for a diagram of the lunar phases.

Astrologically and magically, the waxing Moon is a time of building, developing and increasing energy, as the New Moon themes gradually take form. During the waning Moon, this energy diminishes and becomes assimilated and distilled, as the results and consequences of these lunar themes play out.

You could think of the waxing Moon like inhaling, and the waning Moon being like exhaling. While the Moon waxes, it's considered a good time to do things that increase or accumulate materials, resources and awareness (e.g., making money, gathering information). As the Moon wanes, it's a good time for application of learning and letting go (e.g., paying bills, putting new knowledge into practice).

See also: Moon, New Moon, Full Moon. Top of Page

Changing light of the Waxing Moon:

Waxing Moon - Light changes from right to left.


Changing light of the Waning Moon:

Waning Moon - Shadow changes from right to left.


Aspect configuration. Two planets in Opposition, with a third planet (apex) in Trine to one and Sextile to the other. The apex planet can often provide a creative outlet for the stress of the Opposition.

In Huber astrology, this is called an Ambivalence Triangle. See Bruno and Louise Huber's book Aspect Pattern Astrology for excellent information about aspect patterns.

See also: Hard Wedge. Top of Page

Wedge aspect configuration

Wedge Aspect Configuration


Aspect configuration. Three planets in a long triangle, with one planet (apex) in Quincunx aspect to the other two, and the other two in Sextile aspect to each other. (See diagram at right.)

The Yod is a source of irritation and frustration, but can also raise awareness, particular through the energy of the apex planet. We need to utilize the Sextile more, in order to "steer" the apex planet.

If the apex planet forms an Opposition to a fourth planet, this is often called a Yod Kite (also sometimes called a Boomerang).

In the Huber school of astrology, which uses aspect configurations extensively, the Yod is called a Projection Triangle and the Yod Kite is called a Striving Figure. See Bruno and Louise Huber's book Aspect Pattern Astrology for excellent information about aspect patterns.

Pronounced: YAWD (rhymes with odd).

See also: Kite. Top of Page

Yod Aspect Configuration


Another term for Midheaven. Pronounced: ZEE-nith. Top of Page  


The 12 constellations that intersect the ecliptic (path of the Sun through the heavens, from Earth's viewpoint). Collectively, they form a sequence of signs that the planets travel through. Each zodiac sign is 30 degrees of arc, or one-twelfth of the circle, and is associated with certain qualities, experiences and areas of life.

See also: Tropical Zodiac, Sidereal Zodiac. Top of Page


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