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About Evolving Door Astrology

About This Website

Hi, I'm Wendy Guy and I'm the owner and webmaster of Evolving Door Astrology. This website was first launched in the summer of 2004. Its initial purpose was to make available some of my articles from an off-line astrology newsletter and magazine that I used to publish in the mid-1990s, called Transitions. However, as I put the site together I was bitten by the webmaster bug and the site has developed into a world of its own! It is still expanding and changing. (Now, if I can just find about 60 more hours in the day, I should be able to do everything I want to do with the site before I leave the planet... ;-)

The purpose of this website is to provide an entertaining view of astrology in the form of information, education, inspiration and insight. I have written these articles so that you can understand them and get something out of them, no matter how much or how little your knowledge about astrology is  ̶  from bare-bones beginner to advanced. A little bit of knowledge is helpful as you read the articles, although I have tried to explain, demystify and inspire you at any level of astrological learning.

Here you will find:

This website updates twice a month, at the times of the New Moon and Full Moon, and I send out a Newsletter when this happens and talk about some of the highlights. If you wish to be notified of updates, please contact me to be placed on the mailing list. I will never share, sell or otherwise divulge your email address or contact information. I also do not send out unsolicited emails.

I hope you enjoy the website! I welcome comments, feedback and questions, so feel free to contact me.  

About Wendy Guy

I am a professional astrologer of 40+ years learning, living in Toronto, Canada. During that time I have worn a wide variety of astrological hats: counsellor, consultant, teacher, lecturer and writer  ̶  as well as the "webgoddess" of this website. ;-) I began reading charts professionally in the mid-1980s. For many years I was a frequent lecturer for Astrology Toronto Inc., and I am a former member of ATI's Board of Directors. I was the editor of their newsletter, Midheaven, in the mid-80s, which was when the playful and irreverent "Pegasus" was born. "He" made a come-back in the mid-1990s in my own newsletter/magazine, Transitions.

My non-astrological background includes college-level education, training and experience as a counsellor, primarily in the areas of dysfunctional families, addiction recovery, co-dependency and "Adult Child" issues. In addition, I have education and experience in the arts (fine art, theatre, music, writing) and computer programming. I love teaching, and have taught a broad range of subjects from music to computers to astrology.

My sister originally got me interested in astrology when she took a course in it, around 1970. Like most people, I was pretty skeptical because the only experience I had was through newspaper horoscopes which seemed simplistic at best. She explained that there was much more to it than that and she was so impressed and excited by what she was learning that I decided to check it out for myself.

Like most astrologers of that time, I was largely self-taught for the first 10-15 years, poring over what few books I could find on the subject. Then I discovered the Fifth Kingdom Book Store (alas, now long gone) in Toronto in the mid-70s. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I literally had to leave my credit card at home and go there only with as much money as I could afford to spend — seriously!!

Not long after that, I found other astrologers in the Toronto area, primarily through the Toronto Guild of Astrologers and the Toronto branch of the Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers, both now defunct. However, these organizations merged in 1986 to form Astrology Toronto — still very much alive and kicking! I soaked up knowledge like a sponge by attending weekly AT lectures and weekend workshops, going to astrology conferences, taking courses from local astrologers, talking with other astrology students (all of us chattering like a flock of Gemini's over coffee after the lectures) and practice, practice, practice!

At present, I am a professional astrological counsellor with an international clientele. For more information about readings, please check out my Readings page or send me a confidential email.

I am also a professional website designer and developer, having designed and created this website from scratch starting in 2004.  

About Astrological Counselling

My approach to astrology readings draws from many areas, including psychology, spirituality, education and transformation. My aim is to help my clients understand their experience from a broader perspective and a deeper awareness, which are non-judgmental, compassionate and empowering.

I use astrology as an insight tool about my clients' past, present and future, but my intention is not to "foretell" the future, as such. Rather, I want to help you make your own choices by enhancing your understanding of yourself and the astrological energies that are active in your life. I think of myself as a kind of tour guide who can read a person's life map, but it is up to the traveler where they go and what they do when they get there.

You can learn more about my readings here. 

About Transitions Astrology Magazine

In 1996-98, I published an astrology magazine called Transitions Canadian Astrology Magazine. During its all too short lifespan, Transitions provided a voice for Canadian astrologers and astrological writers, and a resource for readers who wanted to learn more about astrology. Readers found its articles entertaining, informative and educational. Sidebars were frequently provided to explain astrological concepts, terminology and technical details for the novice reader. I am pleased to present here a collection of selected articles for your entertainment and education. I hope you enjoy them! 

Terms of Use

By using this website you agree to the following: The information on this website is for entertainment use, intended as food for thought. It is not a substitute for getting a "real-time" reading with a qualified astrologer or a consultation with a qualified counsellor, doctor or other professional. You must use your own best judgment when assessing how much any suggestion or information applies to you or makes sense to you. If in doubt, please consult a qualified professional who deals with the kind of matter you are concerned about.

Find out more about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Copyrights on this Website

I am the author of most the written material on this site including articles, horoscopes, dictionary definitions, etc. I am also the creator of most of the artwork here, either from scratch or collage using clipart. All original and derived material are copyrighted by Wendy Guy.

Please feel free to post links to my website to your blog, website, favorite forum, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc. You may also post my newsletter in its entirety to these places, as well. Very encouraged and much appreciated!! However, I ask that you do not copy my material without my permission (other than snippets that are considered "fair usage").

I especially ask that you do not "hotlink" to graphics or material on my website. (This is where my image or material shows up on your website or blog, but is actually using my bandwidth to display it. Sometimes when you think you're copying something and pasting it into your blog or webpage, what you're actually doing is hotlinking.)

For other purposes, if you wish to use or display something from my site, please contact me. Thanks in advance!

I have made an effort to give credit for material other than my own. However, I might have missed something. If you see something on this site that is copyrighted by someone else and it is not credited to them, please contact me.  

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