Cool Astrology Websites & Blogs

AstroDataBank  (added May 2009)

Astro-Databank (ADB) has reinvented itself as a FREE online wiki! ADB was originally founded by famed astrologer Lois Rodden (1928-2003) who created the Rodden Rating system to rate how reliable and accurate someone's birth data is. ADB was acquired in 2008 by Alois Treindl, founder and owner of the Astrodienst website. ADB's huge collection of birth data and biographical information is now maintained and available for free on their website. If you wish to use the data from ADB for anything other than personal use, they request you check out their copyright conditions first.



This is a very popular international astrology site that offers a broad variety of services. For example: free chart calculations and daily horoscopes. You can order in-depth, personal astrological reports by stellar astrologers like Liz Greene, Robert Hand and others. There are also articles and information for all levels of astrological knowledge.

Astrology Wizard

British astrologer Paul Wade is the Astrology Wizard! His eclectic website offers horoscopes, general astrology info, various types of personal consultations (including one that uses your chart for home decorating ideas!), and more! He also has an extensive links directory. Evolving Door Astrology received his Site of the Week Award in June 2005.

This is the astrology website of Canadian astrologer, psychic, artist and webmaster, Brandi Jasmine. Check out Brandi's site for daily horoscopes, articles, astro-coaching and more!

AstrologyZine . com

Michael Star's huge website! Lots of info about signs, planets, relationship astrology, etc. A great place for people who want to learn or just find out what astrology says about you. Michael has a couple of my articles posted on the site, along with several articles and columns from a wide variety of astrologers.

Diana Garland Astrology (added October 2013)

Astrologer Diana Garland's website offers an interesting mix of monthly video horoscopes, articles, an alternative news desk and an online planetary ephemeris.

The Distracted Astrologer (added September 2010)

This hilarious astrology blog will make any Mercury Retrograde or Pluto-Neptune-Uranus-Saturn-Chiron transit bearable! This blog publishes weekly horoscopes for Sun signs, as well as a rundown of planetary movements for the week. Just don't drink milk while you're reading this or your monitor will wear it after it spurts out your nose! ;-)

Free Will Astrology

Rob Brezsny is an astrologer-poet-comedian-rebel-priest! I adore his Sun Sign column, Free Will Astrology, which appears in many hardcopy publications and you can have it emailed to you weekly. He is also an accomplished writer and musician.

Jeff Prince Astrology

The astrology website of British astrologer Jeff Prince offers monthly and weekly horoscopes, as well as articles about your Sun sign, Moon sign and Venus sign. There are other articles about a variety of astrological subjects, from Saturn to the history of astrology to the newly discovered planet, Sedna. A site worth checking out!

Karmic Astrology

If your life seems like "deja vu all over again," maybe it is! Richard Brown's specialty is his extensive work using astrology to understand your past lives. Also, one of the distinguishing features of his website is information about the newly discovered planetary bodies, Quaoar and Sedna, including mythology, ephemeris, meaning, discussion forums and astronomical data. (link updated November 2013)

Toronto astrologer and lecturer, Michael Barwick, writes blog articles on all kinds of astrology topics. Check out his blog for some great insights about Uranus square Pluto, astrology's political patterns and thoughts on Mercury Retrograde. Michael also offers readings, specializing in how the Fixed Stars add extra energy to your chart.

Moon Tracks Astrology Calendars   (added September 2011)

This astrological calendar website is extremely useful, with loads of information for anyone who wants to keep track of what the planets are up to. More than just Lunar phases and events, this website contains page upon page of handy information about retrograde cycles, planetary sign ingress, void of course times, ephemerides, , as well as "power days" for each zodiac sign. A great resource for anyone wanting to keep track of what's happening in the heavens!

Mountain Astrologer Magazine

Most highly recommended! An excellent astrology magazine for serious and learning astrologers. Available by subscription in bookstores and newsstands, as well as online. Some articles and blogs also available for free on their website.

Numerology - Astrology - Palmistry   (added June 2010)

This growing website provides information about a number of related systems, including numerology, astrology, palmistry and handwriting analysis. The site's owner, Jayanti Ghosh, is primarily a numerologist with a mission to make these practices easy to understand. Did you know there are several different forms and branches of numerology, including Kabbalah, Chaldean, Chinese and Indian numerology? Find out more on this site.

Patrick Arundell, Astrologer  (added February 2010)

British astrologer Patrick Arundell offers a daily video horoscope, as well as written daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and romantic horoscopes on his website.

Project Hindsight

Astrological history: for astrologers, by astrologers. This mammoth project began in 1993 to publish translations of ancient astrological texts, translated by astrologers, to avoid errors and distortions by academic translators who often don't understand (or believe in) astrology.

Robin Armstrong School of Astrology  (updated October 2013)

Canadian astrologer Robin Armstrong is a bit of a spiritual "Rennaissance man" with a multitude of talents, interests and innovations that combine Astrology, I Ching, Qabalah, Tai Chi, music and more. Through a number of websites, Robin teaches classes, from beginner to advanced, in the Robin Armstrong School of Astrology (RASA), where you can apply for a scholarship. He also provides monthly horoscopes, as well as a blog that is in the process of being redeveloped.

As part of his multifaceted approach, Robin designed and built an intriguing and delightful musical instrument called the Celestial Harp which has to be seen and heard to be truly appreciated. (The link takes you to a YouTube video where you can do just that.) Using this innovative creation, Robin can "play your chart." He also built a Forest Woodhenge in a secluded rural location in Ontario, Canada, which is carefully aligned to show the solstices and equinoxes (similar to the ancient Stonehenge, but made of wood).

Starcana  (added April 2013)

Suzi Dronzek is the person behind this substantial website that offers astrology, Tarot, intuitive readings and more. Features include a regular blog called Cosmic Dirt (love the name!) that shares insights from astrology, Tarot and other intuitive resources. You can also subscribe to free horoscopes and Taroscopes, as well as connect with Suzi through a wide selection of social media.

Starstruck Astrology  (link updated October 2012)

Canadian astrologer Michelle Piller writes a weekly blog with some great commentary and advice about what the planets are doing each week. She has an upbeat style of writing combined with a grounded knowledge of astrology. This isn't over-simplified "cookbook astrology" but a thoughtful, entertaining and illuminating read.

The Urania Trust  (link added September 2016)

The Urania Trust is an organization in the United Kingdom that furthers the advancement of esoteric education by providing grants to individuals and organizations for publishing, translation and research. Their website offers in-depth articles on astrology, philosophy, sacred geometry, psychology and the biographies of many celebrated astrologers. The trust was founded in 1970 by some stellar names in astrology: James Russell, Ada Phillips, Charles Harvey, John Addey and Tom Fripp.

The Zodiacal Zephyr

Zephyr is one of the longest running astrology websites on the web, I think! It has grown into an extensive site with a wealth of information on everything from zodiac signs to astrology history to Sabian Symbols. You'll also find discussion forums, articles, and a wide range of tools, resources and links. This site is especially good for both established and budding astrologers.


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