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What do you do when you find a really cool site that doesn't fit anywhere else? In my case, I put it here! Have fun exploring!


An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Bruce Mau is a Canadian designer extraordinaire! His creativity is unorthodox and inspired. He wrote his "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth" in 1998, which reflects his beliefs, motivation and strategies that he uses in his Toronto design studio. Here are words to inspire, no matter how, where or why you use them.

Flammarion's so-called medieval woodcutIs This a Medieval Woodcut?

The fascinating history and information behind this well known "woodcut" illustration, which isn't as old as you think! Although the original image is in black and white, there are many newer coloured versions, including this one by Heikenwaelder Hugo, Austria.

This website gives a lot of information on the real story about "Blue Moons" -- not what you think! And be sure you read my own article on Blue Moon Lunacy.



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