Webmaster Resources for Astrologers

If you're a webmaster, a list of helpful websites are worth their weight in gold. Here are just a few websites that I have found especially helpful as a webmaster.

How Do You Turn Your Passion into Extra Income?

You have knowledge and passion, and you want to create a website about it—but where do you even start?? Do you have to learn HTML? What's the difference between a website and a blog? How many pages should you have? Not sure if you have the writing ability? How do you choose a domain name? And what the heck is a Google Page Rank??


Site Build It! is a whole system that takes you through the process of building a successful website every step of the way. They even host your website for you! Create your website at your own pace with the help of videos, tutorials and a huge friendly and helpful community of fellow SBI! users.


SBI! is not some kind of "get rich quick" scheme, and it doesn't lure you with impossible promises. SBI! is a solid system for building a website business that works. And it's a lot of fun too!


Teach Me Online!  Do you learn better when you can ask questions, see examples and demonstrations, and connect with live people in real time? SBI! also offers a 10-week eLearning course with an experienced instructor and a small class of people. You can ask questions and get feedback and encouragement from your instructor and fellow classmates.


Build It For Me!  Still feel overwhelmed by the prospect of creating your own website? Or maybe you just don't have time to go through the process? SiteSell Specialists are the perfect add-on service! They will use the proven SBI! method to create your website and build your online business.


I am both a user and an affiliate of Site Build It! and recommend it highly!





Browser compatibility has to be one of the biggest headaches in web design. Different browsers and different versions of those browsers render the web page code in different ways; sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot. This website offers a free service where you enter your URL and they will take "snapshot" images of the webpage as it looks in dozens of different browsers. You pick which browsers and which versions, and you can also select specific screen sizes and other options.

Color Code Conversion Tool

Tool to convert RGB color codes to HEX codes and vice versa.


Lots of tools for color picking, mixing, matching, comparison, etc.

CSS Color Chart

Colors based on standard CSS color names, plus variations. Includes HEX codes for each color.

CSS Zen Garden

If you want to see some amazing examples of what you can do with just CSS on a webpage, check out this site! ...And get ready to drool.

Down for everyone or just me?

Who hasn't clicked to their website and, to their horror, found it didn't come up on the screen? Yikes!! This is an invaluable tool where you can enter a domain address and it will tell you if the site itself is down. If it says the site is up, then the problem probably lies with your Internet connection or one of the hops between your ISP and the website. At least then you'll know whether to notify your webhost or not.

Email Obfuscation Tool

Let's face it: if a spammer really wants to get your email address they'll get it eventually, but this free code generating tool makes it a lot harder for them to do that. This free online tool translates your email into an alternate character code. This can be read by browsers but is much harder (or impossible) to be deciphered by spam-bots. With this tool, you have the option to select obfuscation code that doesn't use JavaScript, which means your visitor doesn't need JavaScript enabled to be able to use your link.

JavaScript Source

Lots of free Javascript scripts, tutorials and a user forum.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Need some generic text as a space filler while you're designing your web pages? This tool will generate the "lorem ipsum" text, as well as providing a bit of history behind it.


Lots of great free photos available here, plus others for a fee.

The New Age Wholesale Directory

A listing of the best New Age Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dropshippers. If you ever wanted to start a New Age business, this is a good place to check out!


This site was recommended by my web host for its free tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, PERL, Flash and more.


If you aren't already aware of this site, you're missing out on a great resource! These are the guys who create Internet coding standards. This is their user-friendly site, with tutorials, reference information, examples and demos.



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