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September 23 to October 31, 2003

Mabon-Fall Equinox to Samhain


Sept 23, 5:46 AM - MABON - Sun enters Libra (until Oct 23)

When the Sun enters Libra (Mabon or Harvestide) we have an equal balance of day and night � the Autumnal Equinox � which also marks the increase of dark and decrease of light in the Northern Hemisphere. Libra seeks balance and harmony in all things. Relationships, partnerships and one-on-one interaction with others are ways this manifests in our lives.

Sept 25, 11:09 PM - New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra marks a new beginning and opportunity to work with one-on-one relationships, partnerships, negotiation, interaction style, and how you balance yourself with the world around you. What might start to emerge now is irritation, conflict and a nagging need to rebalance nonconformity with responsibility and healing with acceptance of what you cannot change.

Sept 27 - Mars Direct Station

Mars has been retrograde since July 29th. Mars goes retrograde (meaning it looks like the planet�s going backwards in the zodiac) only every 2 years and is the only time we see him in the night sky. Since July 29 you may have had to rethink and/or change your direction. Maybe you�ve dealt with anger, conflict, violence or aggression, or had to refocus your ability to be assertive, take action, express your sexuality, or manage your energy. Now Mars changes direction (called a �station�) to go direct again, which can bring intense energy for several days before and after. Many of us might feel a bit wired, erratic, energised or overwhelmed. Tempers may be a bit more on edge or we might find we have the energy or motivation we need to take new action on our decisions. The next several weeks we have a chance to apply what we�ve learned during Mars retro.


Oct 6 - Mercury enters Libra (until Oct 24)

Thoughts, ideas, awareness and communication are in need of balance, harmony and perhaps someone to be a sounding board. Imaginative and creative thoughts abound which might require some hard decisions or reality checks. Seeing both sides is easier now but don�t let it paralyze you.

Oct 9 - Venus enters Scorpio (until Nov 2)

Venus, the planet of relationships, interaction, beauty, pleasure and material resources, brings extra emphasis on sensuality, sexuality and intimacy, as well as issues about balance of power with others. Being assertive with others comes more easily but be careful not to become manipulative or controlling.

Oct 10, 3:27 AM - Full Moon in Aries (Sun in Libra)

The Full Moon brings fruition to what began at the New Moon. Irritation, conflict and new directions that emerged at the New Moon may now become grounded in a philosophical acceptance that a perfect solution might not be achievable. However, by letting go of attachment to ideals, embracing a realistic perspective, and allowing your inner empowerment to guide you, you can still reap the benefits you�ve earned. Keep moving; don�t let yourself get stuck.

Oct 22 - Neptune Direct Station

For a few days before and after, you might find it�s easier to be in your Right Brain (creative, imaginative, intuitive) than your Left Brain (logical, structured, linear). Take advantage of this to meditate or do creative/spiritual work or divination; pay attention to your dreams. If you�ve been struggling with issues in these areas, you may find this is a turning point and you start to see a new way through the fog.


Oct 23 - Sun enters Scorpio (until Nov 22)

Scorpio represents power, sexuality, secrets, deep psychology, death, transformation and rebirth. During this time you have the opportunity to explore these areas, especially beginning at the New Moon.

Oct 24 - Mercury enters Scorpio (until Nov 12)

Mercury in Scorpio may heighten your awareness of the undercurrents around you, but you may also feel the urge to blurt things out in a blunt or harsh way. This time presents an opportunity to learn new ways to wield words with the skill of a surgeon - to heal and remove what is toxic, not to wound or retaliate.

Oct 25, 8:50 AM - New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio brings opportunity to explore your depths, find new ways to empower yourself, intuit the undercurrents around you, and discover new avenues of intimacy. With Saturn going retro�grade the same day, this lunar cycle (until Nov. 23) will also take on themes of responsibility, authority, manifestation and closure. Percep�tions, ideas and communication are also in focus, but might be uncon�scious or hidden. You or others might be prone to being a bit heavy handed about things that may be beyond your control. Listen to your intuition, your �inner voice� and the subtle realities around you, which can bring new insight and motivation. You have a chance to explore new ways to say or do �the hard thing� in a way that doesn�t blow others out of the water.

Oct 25 - Saturn Retrograde Station (in Cancer)

For a few days before and after this station, structure, rules, authority figures, expectations and responsibilities may figure prominently. Saturn enters four months of internalised energy, when plans and developing goals may require rethinking  or redirecting. Build your goals internally first, preparing yourself for the coming responsibilities, before putting them into final form.

Oct 31 - SAMHAIN


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� 2003 Wendy Guy. Originally published in Cauldron and Quill Magazine, and The Burning Times Newsletter, Mabon 2003 Issue.


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