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December 22, 2003 to February 1, 2004

Yule/Winter Solstice to



During the last week of December and the first week of January, the Sun, Mars and Saturn combine to bring into focus a process of growth ultimately designed to strengthen your sense of Self, authority and discipline, although it may take you through a time of pruning back and frustration to get you there. Then during the second week of January you might feel a bit ungrounded or unfocused, as you work to apply what you�ve gained, but persistence can start to pay off starting in the third week of January, as your energy finds new ways to express itself.

Dec. 22, 2:03 AM - YULE - Sun enters Capricorn (until Jan. 20)

Happy Winter Solstice! In the Northern Hemisphere this marks the �midnight point� of the solar year, shrouded in maximum darkness and beginning the gradual turning toward the light. Capricorn brings a more serious focus to life, compelling us to focus on practical matters, responsibility, government, duty, structure, and pruning back to make room for subsequent slow, steady growth.

Dec. 23, 4:43 AM � New Moon in Capricorn

New beginnings are possible now for taking new responsibility and making plans for long-term projects. It�s important to acknowledge your accomplishments so far, as you�ll need that confidence and those resources to tackle the new challenges that lie ahead. A combination of patience, hard work, flexibility and persistence create the gas that drives the engine to get where you�re going.

Dec. 26 � Sun conjunct Mercury (in Capricorn)

Within a few days before and after this conjunction, reflect on what is your best way to work with the current Lunar cycle. This is a good time to network with people who can help you further your plans, but don�t expect solid action to begin just yet. Be careful not to posture against perceived authority figures � call on your highest sense of responsibility to guide you.

Dec. 30 � Venus conjunct Neptune (in Aquarius)

This can be a time of romance, art and intuitive interaction, which will likely work best in unusual or spontaneous ways. Surprise your loved ones and close friends with a special New Year�s poem or gift certificate for a psychic reading, or create a dream together.

Dec. 30 � Uranus enters Pisces (until 2010)

Uranus got his feet wet in Pisces from March to September of this year, and then went back for a final farewell to his native Aquarius in September (and won�t return there again until 2087). Now Uranus takes the plunge into Pisces until 2010, sending creative sparks into the ethereal realm of imagination, universal love and spiritual source.

Dec. 30 � Mercury enters Sagittarius (until Jan. 14)

Mercury slides retrograde-style from Capricorn back into Sagittarius, asking you to rethink the inspiration you had in November that led you to start making plans in December. There may be new information, implications or consequences that require you to adjust your direction.


Jan. 3 � Jupiter Retrograde Station (in Virgo)

For up to a week before and after this time, as Jupiter changes direction from direct to retrograde (appearing to go backwards), you may find that areas which seemed to be expanding and growing in your life suddenly take an unexpected turn � or what seemed stable and solid suddenly starts to change. This begins 5 months of exploring and investigating new improvements to your health routines, career path and spiritual balance.

Jan. 6 � Mercury Direct Station (in Sagittarius)

Mercury has been retrograde since Dec. 17, during which time you may have encountered confused communication, disruptions in your plans and the need to delay new action. For the next 2 weeks put new learning and understanding, gathered through December, into practice carefully and gradually. Be careful about power struggles, moral conflicts and trying to do too much too fast. Aim for spiritual transformation won through hard work and deep psychological focus.

Jan. 7, 10:39 AM � Full Moon in Cancer (Sun in Capricorn)

Hard work from the last couple of weeks can pay off now if you�re willing to accept that it probably won�t match your wildest fantasies or be the answer to your dreams. Having used an unusual approach or ideas, you may find you must now balance paradoxical elements that don�t seem to want to fit together. Despite this, your efforts can bring results that can fit into the more conventional demands of your circumstances better than you might think. Just don�t overload yourself.

Jan. 10 � Sun conjunct Chiron (in Capricorn)

Those paradoxical elements at the Full Moon are in full view now, requiring a careful balance between what you want and what you need; between your own ambitions and the expectations of others; between approval and authority. Define who you are with healing in mind.

Jan. 14 � Mercury enters Capricorn (until Feb. 6)

Mercury plods back into Capricorn after a sojourn back into Sagittarius during its retrograde phase. Now you can start to take all that you�ve been rethinking and rehashing since the New Year and turn it into concrete plans and decisions.

Jan. 14 � Venus enters Pisces (until Feb. 8)

Surrender to romance, creativity and spiritual joy! This is a good time to start that art class you�ve been meaning to take, or learn some new chants (in four-part harmony!), or make yourself receptive to a new source of Universal Love.

Jan. 15 Venus conjunct Uranus (in Pisces)

Those new sources of Universal Love may come in unexpected or unconventional ways now. Be open to spontaneous expression and communication, unique ways of being receptive and sensitive, and integrating these into your philosophical worldview.

Jan. 20 � Sun enters Aquarius (until Feb. 19)

This heralds a time of moving beyond the status quo and conventional reality, and beckons you to reach out to the lost threads of who you are. It can enlighten you about individual uniqueness, the Great Collective (both conscious and unconscious), rebellion, spontaneity, the unexpected and the greater good of all.

Jan. 21, 4:05 PM � New Moon in Aquarius

The lunar cycle in the coming four weeks challenges you to celebrate and rediscover your uniqueness and individuality through our separateness and differences from others. The more you are able to let go and be your highest, most authentic Self, the more you will become open to a deeper spiritual connection. Start slowly and gently, finding small ways to celebrate your individuality and explore your unique connection to the Gods. Allow the increasing Lunar light to illuminate parts of your greater Self that are usually shrouded in shadow and hidden from the public eye, but do this with compassion and love.

Feb. 1 � IMBOLC


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