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February 1 to March 20, 2004

Imbolc to Ostara-Spring Equinox



The planets are partying in Pisces and Virgo! Much of the focus in the coming seven weeks is on cultivating a balance between the big picture or macrocosm (Pisces) and the minute details or microcosm (Virgo). It�s all in your perspective, since both are equally valid and are simply different ways of looking at the same thing. Do you see the forest or the trees? They�re both there, and both serve you well in their own way. Take time to meditate on switching back and forth between these extremes, viewing one from the perspective of the other. Then hug the saplings that start to grow in between.

Feb. 1 - IMBOLC

Feb. 1 � Mercury conjunct Chiron (in Capricorn)

Here is an opportunity to begin a healing cycle in your communication, perceptions and awareness. This time (give or take a few days) may bring a new awareness of how your communication needs some fine-tuning, restructuring or skill building. This new awareness can be used to creatively offset tensions in relationships or to counterbalance biting off more than you can chew financially.

Feb. 2 � Sun conjunct Neptune (in Aquarius)

Give or take a few days, this can be a time of creative genius by taking unusual sources of inspiration and channelling them into self-expression. A great time to be romantic, creative, intuitive/psychic or spiritual. Just remember that inspiration still means you have to work for the results. Don�t confuse creative intuition with being able to take divine intervention for granted.

Feb. 3 � Mars enters Taurus (until Mar. 21)

Forward progress comes in slow, steady steps. There will be lots of opportunities to manifest, grow and bring new life to your ambitions, but it�s not likely to happen quickly. Stay focused on concrete realities and what you�re aiming for. And be alert to the differences between inspiration from spiritual sources and pie-in-the-sky shortcuts.

Feb. 6, 3:46 AM EST � Full Moon in Leo (Sun in Aquarius)

This is the fruition of the New Moon energy that began on Jan. 21st. This time sees the emergence of the need to amalgamate the great and the small, marrying them together to form the beginnings of expanding your spiritual peripheral vision. The Full Moon urges you to first discover what this means to you personally and how it impacts your sense of Self. Do you live in view of the forest or in the trees themselves?

Feb. 6 � Mercury enters Aquarius (until Feb. 25)

Your best mental focus for the next 3 weeks will be on science, objectivity, detachment, innovation, and the value of uniqueness. You may struggle, then surrender, in finding a delicate balance between independent individuality and cooperation within the hive mind. Achieving a spiritual clarity in both places will ultimately empower you.

Feb. 8 � Venus enters Aries (until Mar. 5)

For about the next 4 weeks, you may find yourself with plenty of attitude in relationships, interactions with others and your approach to material abundance. Let your desire to be direct and daring with others break through your old outworn roles and habits, and not to simply posture against perceived authority figures.

Feb. 15 � Mercury conjunct Neptune (in Aquarius)

With this aspect in orb on Valentine�s Day, romance is in the air and you may find you are particularly creative, intuitive, spiritual and romantic at this time. Share this with your loved ones and then be different � write yourself a special Valentine that affirms and celebrates the best of who you are and who you want to be. Then mail it to yourself!


Feb. 19 � Sun enters Pisces (until Mar. 20)

This time brings a good time to focus on spiritual source, creative imagination, universal love and surrender to our highest purpose.

Feb. 20, 4:18 AM EST � New Moon in Pisces

This lunar cycle promises to be exciting and unpredictable...in a �surrender-to-the-spiritual-angst� kind of way. Structure and stability are unexpected allies during a time that may stir you up at a deeper level than words can adequately describe. The challenge is both to embrace the Big Picture in its vastness, as well as grasp the minute details that compose that Big Picture.

Feb. 21 � Sun conjunct Uranus (in Pisces)

Your creative genius is lurking behind the scenes around this time and can be brought forward and utilised with a bit of effort. Reach to manifest your highest potential as a God(dess)-in-training.

Feb. 25 � Mercury enters Pisces (until Mar. 12)

Creative imagination and intuitive inspiration are omnipresent in your conscious mind during this time. Try learning new magical techniques. Discover how the Divine lives equally in minute simplicity as well as the Grande Spectrum.

Feb. 27 � Mercury conjunct Uranus (in Pisces)

Creative genius and inspired clarity can be utilised consciously around this time, if you apply some conscious effort and mental discipline. But be careful not to over-structure it, but be flexible, innovative and break out of your old habits.


Mar. 3 � Sun conjunct Mercury (in Pisces)

The inspired purpose and intuitive genius you�ve been cultivating since the New Moon on Feb. 20 can now start to be brought together at a new level. The need to balance the macrocosm and microcosm is particularly evident. Let go of the need to control the process and allow this balance to find its best level in you.

Mar. 5 � Venus enters Taurus (until Apr. 3)

Venus enters her own sign for a month-long bubble bath in pleasure, sensuality, practical progress and material abundance. Opportunities abound to manifest that inspired genius energy in concrete, structured ways. Make plans to regularly make yourself and others feel good, integrating this into more serious plans.

Mar. 6, 6:14 PM EST � Full Moon in Virgo (Sun in Pisces)

The New Moon challenge (from Feb. 20) to balance the macrocosm and the microcosm is now front and centre, as the Full Moon brings into sharp focus the need to utilise both perspectives over the next 2 weeks. Helping to stabilise this balance are your ability to take gradual, concrete action, and your capacity to accept human limitations. These are your allies as you transform and heal the split between the urge to let go (and maybe the temptation to give up) and the compulsion to micro-manage the specifics (and get stuck in the minutia).

Mar. 7 � Saturn Stationary Direct (in Cancer)

After a 4� month retrograde journey through Cancer, Saturn is finally ready to move forward, bringing with him new (if gradual) progress in your projects, processes, goals and ambitions. This Direct Station (give or take several days) may be a turning point for any project, closure, manifestation or developmental process you�re involved in. Build flexibility and freedom into new rules and guidelines that are required for implementing what you�ve learned in the last 4-5 months. Don�t let go of your balance between the simple and the complex.

Mar. 12 � Mercury enters Aries (until Mar. 31)

Your creative consciousness bursts forth in exuberant excitement, ready to take on the world! You may, however, encounter some initial disapproval or consequences from the status quo, necessitating some adjustment of expectations (your own and others�). Keep your fire fed by seeking self-improvement and transformation through empowerment and self-assertion that are true to your highest aspiration.

Mar. 20, 1:48 AM EST � OSTARA (Spring Equinox)


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