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March 20 to May 1, 2004

Ostara-Spring Equinox
to Beltane



We�re in for a double dose of Aries this season, with not one but two Lunar cycles initiating in Aries. The first New Moon is in the first degree of Aries, the second in the last degree of Aries: the alpha and the omega. This lets us forge farther and deeper than normal, especially in areas requiring courage, drive, will, individuality, and the power to initiate new directions. The second New Moon is actually a Solar eclipse, which puts a longer-term, deeper spin on its energy. Mercury goes retrograde in April, giving us an opportunity to find the intuitive side of overt energy inside us. Venus shines in the western evening sky, coaxing our awareness of issues that return in May.

Mar. 20, 1:48 AM EST � OSTARA (Vernal/Spring Equinox)

As the Sun crosses from the southern to northern hemisphere, we experience a seasonal rebirth in northern latitudes and a corresponding renewal of spirit. Astrologically the Sun enters Aries (traditionally the first sign) which focuses on new beginnings, individuality and renewal of the life force.

Mar. 20, 5:41 PM EST � NEW MOON in Aries

How do you assert yourself, express anger, take action, and be spontaneous and confident, without triggering explosions or growing such a huge ego that it won�t fit into the same room with you? And yes, this IS a trick question � one for which you will initiate new answers over the next 4 weeks. Although ideas and solutions may come quickly or suddenly, the learning process will still unfold one deliberate step at a time and it may seem at first like you have taken on an impossible Herculean task. Find your own individualised healing path through this riddle, and expect to uncover multiple layers of possible destinations. Aim to be spontaneous rather than impulsive, confident rather than reactive.

Mar. 21 � Mars in Gemini (until May 7)

Energy may seem a bit skittish and erratic now, feeling a bit like you�re spinning your wheels for a while. Use your frustration, irritation and impatience to push against, to propel you to new heights of growth, courage and empowerment. Spiritual inspiration and creative imagination are allies.

Mar. 24 � Pluto Stationary Retrograde (until Aug. 30)

For up to a week before and after this date, energy may feel somewhat intense, obsessive or pressured, but also full of ideas, insights and words that could have nuclear impact. Talking about things that have been building up for a few months can initiate long-term delving into deeper understanding below surface observations. Try not to totally sacrifice diplomacy in your quest for directness or empowerment.

Mar. 24 � Mercury Retrograde Cycle Begins (Mar. 24 to May 18)

Today Mercury enters �the Shadow,� the area of the zodiac where it will go retrograde. Between now and Apr. 6, pay close attention to the issues and themes that come up in your life, since these may bring a deeper, more complex experience of growth and understanding, especially anything drawing on communication, cultivating ideas, computers, books or media.

Mar. 31 � Mercury in Taurus (Mar. 31 to Apr. 12, May 16 to Jun. 5)

Mercury surveys Taurus just long enough to change his mind and hightail it back to speedy Aries again, but on further reflection finds that Taurus can give him what Aries can�t � manifestation of ideas and a really good backrub. While Mercury is in Taurus, think about how to cultivate new healing and concrete manifestation through ideas, communication and learning.


Apr. 3 � Venus in Gemini (until Aug. 7)

Venus gets chatty and cerebral in Gemini, where she will go retrograde during May and June, giving her (and you) lots to think about in the areas of relationships and finances. Words left unsaid or financial issues left unaddressed may come back to haunt later, so now is the time to think about how to balance spontaneity with diplomacy, and potential with realism.

Apr. 4 � Daylight Savings Time Begins

Apr. 5, 7:02 AM EDT � Full Moon in Libra (Sun in Aries)

Ideas and communication are flowing � perhaps a little too quickly! By actively wrestling with your impulse for over-reaction and ego inflation, you can increase healing in the areas of stability and adequacy. First find your balance by trusting the Gods� unseen agenda for growth in your life; then act on new information in the moment, but be prepared for that to change over the next weeks. Flexibility and awareness are the keys.

Apr. 6 � Mercury Retrograde (to Apr. 30; whole cycle Mar. 24 to May 18)

This begins a time when you may feel like you�re perceptually challenged and confused. It�s time to rethink, rehash and reflect. What issues and themes have come up in the last 2 weeks? Many of these themes will require deeper roots to cultivate patience and gradual growth, but first you must identify which seeds you want to plant and sprout. Over the next 3 weeks, observe your truest, deepest impulses as they emerge through spontaneous action and self-expression. After you have separated neurotic need from authentic expression of Spirit, you can proceed with a plan to cultivate growth and harvest the results later in the Spring. Try to delay any concrete plans until May, if possible, as new information and perspectives will likely emerge during the retrograde period. If you can�t avoid making final decisions, try to keep your plans flexible.

Apr. 12 � Mercury in Aries (until May 16)

Mercury takes a backward leap into Aries for a few weeks, inviting you to rethink and rehash issues that have emerged since late March. How are impulsive speech, snap decisions and flashes of insight helping (or hindering) your self-expression and conscious focus? Scry into yourself by observing your thoughts, impulses, communication and internal self-talk.

Apr. 14 � Venus Retrograde Cycle Begins (Apr. 14 to Aug. 3)

Although Venus doesn�t actually change direction until May 18, today she enters the area of the zodiac where she will later go retrograde (called �the Shadow�). Between now and mid-May, think about how your relationships might improve through better communication, fresher ideas, rediscovered commonality, or a kinder awareness. Consider also how your finances could benefit from networking and sharing ideas with peers.

Apr. 16 � Sun conjunct Mercury (in Aries)

The half-way mark of the Mercury retrograde cycle comes as Mercury crosses the face of the Sun, bringing new ideas that are as yet unseen but will emerge more fully after Mercury goes Direct on the 30th. Your intuitive and creative nature is especially active now, so pay attention to your dreams and automatic impulses. Become intuitively open and Zen-like in the centre of the cyclone, for maximum learning and benefit.


Apr. 19, 9:21 AM EDT � SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aries

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon aligned so precisely that the Moon may pass over the disc of the Sun. This unusual eclipse is our second New Moon in Aries this year (see Mar. 20), challenging us to delve even deeper into Aries energy. The focus now shifts from external expression of Mars energy (anger, sex, drive, assertiveness, initiation, impulse) to its internal experience (empowerment, courage, intensity, tenacity). Start by strengthening your connection to spiritual Source and honing your creative imagination. Not all of your beliefs and motives will be obvious, perhaps showing themselves through unconscious thoughts and actions borne of deep existential struggle for self-definition. Strive for healing by balancing these factors.

Apr. 19 � Sun in Taurus (until May 20)

During this time we have the opportunity to cultivate and build a greater, deeper substance in who we are and in our lives. Outwardly you might focus on finances, possessions or abundance, but inwardly you will be growing new roots that strengthen your sense of self-worth and concrete identity.

Apr. 24 � Mars Opposite Pluto (in Gemini and Sagittarius)

Through the latter part of April and into May, Mars and Pluto square off at opposite ends of the zodiac, bringing to fruition issues and ambitions that trace back to Feb. 2003 when Mars and Pluto were conjunct. They both understand conflict and can endure degrees of intensity that make lesser beings wither and crumble. Mars defends free idea exchange, sentience, and fellowship of �the common people.� Pluto guards the territory of inspired understanding, high morals, the Big Picture and greatest potential. This battle will play itself out most intensely in your own life for a week or two before and after this date. Strive for empowerment that harmoniously expresses your highest truth through the least common denominator.

Apr. 30 � Mercury Stationary Direct (in Aries)

Mercury now returns to forward motion, bringing intense energy and focus to your retrograde learning of the last 3 weeks. For a few days before and after this date, you might feel ready to make decisions or find the courage to speak your mind about issues that have been on your mind, especially those involving power struggles or finding your balance under pressure.

May. 1 � BELTANE


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� 2004 Wendy Guy. Originally published in Cauldron and Quill Magazine, and The Burning Times Newsletter, Ostara 2004 Issues.


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