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May 1 to
June 20, 2004

Beltane to Summer Solstice



The next 7 weeks include a Lunar Eclipse and Venus retrograde. We are encouraged to work toward higher forms of empowerment, as well as to hone increased awareness, deeper mental focus and creative genius. Letting go of your attachment to specific results will enable the Gods to send increased blessings in unexpected ways.


May 2 � Chiron Stationary Retrograde in Capricorn (until Sep. 26)

For up to a week before and after this date, you may find that your focus is more on health and the ways that you are metaphorically �wounded.� In particular, be aware of ways that you might be struggling to move forward with ambitions, goals, career or dealing with authority figures. Chiron retrograde can help you dig deeper to understand your obstacles and work harder to develop new skills and accumulate new resources in your quest.

May 2 � Venus opposite Pluto (in Gemini/Sagittarius)

During Venus� retrograde cycle (Apr.14 to Aug.3), she makes 3 oppositions to Pluto: May 2, June 2 and July 25. Today begins the first of these aspects, imprinting the whole cycle with themes of finding a better balance of power in relationships and empowering yourself with self-love. The question over the next few months is: how do you balance gentleness, compassion and negotiation with power, strength and sticking to your higher values?

May 4, 4:33 PM EDT � LUNAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio (Sun in Taurus)

A Lunar Eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon, aligned so precisely that the Moon passes through Earth�s shadow cast by the Sun. This eclipse (not visible in Canada) sees the fruition of a process that began at the Solar Eclipse last November, when you were urged to let a positive outlook support your conflict or pain, rather than just mask it. Now you�re challenged to distinguish conflict from opportunity, aggression from assertiveness, and grandiosity from genius. You have the next 6 months to juggle these concepts into a more workable balance.

May 4 � Jupiter Station Direct (in Virgo)

For several days before and after this date, you may feel expansive, inspired and wise. You may also experience erratic, restless energy that hides unexpected enlightenment, which harkens back to last August when a fresh sense of creative genius emerged based on balancing practical knowledge with lunatic wisdom. That creative energy can now manifest in concrete action over the next few months. Stay open, innocent and light, while minimising rebellion, arrogance and extremes without practical purpose.

May 7 � Mars in Cancer (until Jun 23)

For the next couple of months, your energy is best spent in the interests of self-protection�not in the sense of being selfish, defensive or overly cautious, but by taking responsibility for your own needs, learning how to pro-actively be your own nurturing parent, and discovering ways to assert more effective boundaries in an atmosphere of kindness, caring and empathy.


May 16 � Mercury in Taurus (until Jun 5)

Mercury returns to Taurus, where he ploughed the ground back in the first half of April when he went retrograde. After pioneering through the forthrightness of Aries, he is back in slow, deliberate, paced Taurus. Take some time now to process the ideas and information you�ve gathered since early April, which contain seed ideas that can later bear fruit. Then start planting.

May 17 � Neptune Station Retrograde in Aquarius (until Oct. 24)

For several days before and after this date, you might feel any or all of: confused, inspired, surrendering, dreamy, depressed, passive, psychic. This can be a time when you are challenged to let go of ego attachments and go with the spiritual flow for the greater good, which may require you to stretch yourself more than you�re used to. Patience, compassion and trusting the process will help to grease the wheels and make the journey smoother.

May 17 � Venus Station Retrograde in Gemini (until June 29)

Venus only goes retrograde every 1� years, so it�s a relatively rare occurrence, and Neptune�s station the same day adds a dreamy, almost surreal aura. For the next 6 weeks it may seem like your resources, finances, relationships, self-worth and sense of pleasure have taken a turn into a strange, unfamiliar territory. Our Lady of Love and Pleasure urges you to reassess how you empower yourself and employ compassion and empathy, showing you a new perspective in these areas. Explore new ways to express your desire for social connection, material security and self-worth�and what happens if those are frustrated. Gradually share some of the more challenging aspects of your personal growth with those closest to you, and network with others to gain new ideas for future development. In July start to install the best of them into your collection of personal resources.

May 19, 12:52 AM EDT � NEW MOON in Taurus

An opportunity to heal your physical and financial health begins now�the catch is you may have to let go of some ego attachments in unexpected ways. For the next 4 weeks, strive for a higher vision of your material needs, self-worth, values and attitudes about pleasure and abundance. To do this, you may first need to acknowledge and accept the paradoxes and limitations inherent to your circumstances. Yet instead of inhibiting you, letting go of the need for specific results can free you to be open to the unexpected ways the Gods can send their blessings.

May 20 � Sun in Gemini (until Jun 20)

Happy Solar Return to all Gemini�s! The Sun in Gemini brings opportunities to focus on communication, mental focus, exchange of ideas, and increasing your conscious awareness and self-expression. Struggling with creative madness and egotism can give way to a higher sense of purpose and vision of the Self, allowing a new sense of genuine self-love, empowerment, and speaking from the heart, to emerge.

May 25 � Mars conjunct Saturn (in Cancer)

Around this date, forward action combines with manifestation and/or limitation. On one hand you may experience delays, frustration and struggles with authority figures; however, you may also find you are finally able to manifest carefully laid plans. Strive to take responsibility for your actions, face hard realities head-on, and work with your circumstances, to increase the effectiveness of your ambitions and goals.


June 2, 12:19 AM EDT � FULL MOON in Sagittarius (Sun in Gemini)

This is the fruition point for the seeds you planted at the New Moon (May 19). This is the time when that higher vision can emerge, transforming into unexpected sources and forms of divine blessings and abundance. However, attachment to a specific outcome could result in disappointment and feeling like you�re losing control of your circumstances. Loosen up, give the Gods some flexibility in choosing how to manifest their blessings, and use your creative intuition to prepare the ground.

June 5 � Mercury in Gemini (until Jun 19)

Mercury sprints through his own sign of Gemini for the next two weeks, giving voice to the dynamics described under �Sun in Gemini.� Consciously directed thought, communication, and exchange of ideas can help you mentally focus on your quest for higher forms of self-expression and awareness.

June 8 � Sun conjunct Venus (in Gemini)

This marks the half-way point of Venus�s retrograde cycle, bringing a somewhat fragile beginning of new awareness about how to work with receptivity, relating, abundance and self-worth. For a couple of days before and after this date, strive to balance your need for empowerment with a non-judgemental acceptance and recognition of the ways that you may also feel vulnerable or wounded. Be gentle with yourself and others.

June 10 � Uranus Stationary Retrograde in Pisces (until Nov. 11)

For several days before and after this date life may seem a bit chaotic and erratic, or maybe just exciting and spontaneous. Whatever your experience, this can be a transition time between the old and the new, shedding old habitual responses and trading them for new adventures and perspectives. No need to trash everything in sight�just whatever needs to be set free.

June 11 � Sun opposite Pluto (in Gemini/Sagittarius)

Now is a good time to process accumulating information, as well as increase your awareness, about empowerment in your life. Reach for a higher, broader perspective by which to view and understand situations involving power struggles, deep psychology and intensity. You may surprise yourself.

June 12 � Mercury conjunct Venus (in Gemini)

Receptive awareness can run deep at this time and may show you valuable information about dynamics that are happening under the surface of interactions and relationships. Indulge in some creative pleasures that could transform you: art, music, poetry, massage, scented baths, walks in the country.

June 15 � Mars opposite Chiron (in Cancer/Capricorn)

You may be able to see more clearly now the ways in which you can wound as well as heal others with intentions of kindness, nurturing, limits and high standards. Whether you do this to someone else, or someone else does it to you, either way, you have the opportunity to learn new insights about this by listening closely to your feelings and observing the cause-and-effect.

June 17, 4:26 PM EDT � NEW MOON in Gemini

The Dark of the Moon heralds a time of new beginnings, unseen by the conscious mind, which will come to fruition at the Full Moon (July 2). In the next two weeks, be open to new information, insights and awareness about how paradox, irony and contradiction can hide sacred Truths and reveal the limitations of conventional wisdom. By refusing to settle for superficial logic, and by being receptive to subtlety and nuance, you can prepare the way for new spiritual and emotional growth.

June 19 � Mercury in Cancer (until July 4)

Mental focus is on feelings, needs, nurturing, home, family and roots. This can be a good time to learn and gather information about how your adult life is coloured by childhood experiences. Letting yourself see how these experiences have made you unique and special can facilitate new balance and acceptance of your human limitations.

June 20, 8:56 PM EDT � SUMMER SOLSTICE (Midsummer)


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