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June 20, 2004 to Aug. 1, 2004)

Midsummer-Summer Solstice
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In this issue, we are ending and assimilating the Venus retrograde cycle that began in May, focusing on transformation and the rebalancing of power in our relationships and sense of worth. Mercury and Mars now challenge us to examine how we manifest the Hero in various guises, with Neptune coaxing us to see how we aspire to or resist the ways in which the Hero in us reflects a higher spiritual vision of who we are.

June 20, 8:56 PM EDT � SUMMER SOLSTICE (Midsummer/Litha)

Today the Sun achieves his northernmost reach on the longest day of the year. The Sun also enters Cancer on this day, where it stays until July 22, bringing focus to nurturing, feelings, intuition, family, roots, home and our sense of belonging. What do you call home? Who is your true family? Observe how these areas manifest in your life and how they can be nurtured.

June 23 � Mars in Leo (until Aug. 10)

Fiery Mars bursts into blazing Leo, giving us a double dose of enthusiasm, excitement and energy. It�s a great time to confidently put yourself forward, expressing yourself with the utmost in dramatic flair, but be careful not to spill over into arrogance or cockiness. Keep your spiritual ideals in sight.

June 26 � Mercury conjunct Saturn (in Cancer)

Life may require you to be serious and responsible around now. Be mindful of expectations (your own and others�) and postponements, especially about or from those who push your buttons (like parents or authority figures). Apply your mind in analytical, studious and disciplined ways, but don�t take it so seriously that you fall into a trap of feeling inadequate or undeserving.

June 29 � Venus Station Direct (in Gemini)

Venus has been retrograde since May 17, urging us to renegotiate how we handle finances, relationships, resources, love, pleasure and/or balance. Situations in these areas may reach a turning point now, as these energies shift from internal/introverted to external/extroverted. The learning you�ve collected in the last 6 weeks can be applied and put into practice over the coming month or so. You�ll be called upon to respond in new ways to the power and control challenges you have braved, endured and learned from.

July 1 � Mercury opposite Chiron (in Cancer/Capricorn)

Your awareness may show you an aspect of woundedness and inadequacy, in yourself and/or others, that seems difficult to reconcile. You may feel your mental focus is blurred, your communication is inadequate, or your intuitive ability is a poor match for hard realities. Do be nurturing and don�t let human limitations blot out genuine success, credibility or (self-)respect.


July 2, 7:08 AM EDT � FULL MOON in Capricorn (Sun in Cancer)

This is the fruition of the New Moon that occurred June 17, which heralded an exploration of paradox, irony and contradiction that ran deeper than the surface status quo. Circumstances now require you to integrate what you�ve learned back into that status quo, balancing personal need with obligation to others. Although it may be frustrating to try to hide your struggle or conflict behind an outer smiling face, you�ll probably find this enables you to get the essence of what you need, even if it�s not in a way you expect or want.

July 4 � Mercury in Leo (until July 25)

This is a time to give voice to the Hero in you, but remember that whatever �enemy� you�re trying to conquer is also (at least in part) a reflection of yourself in some way. Identifying the corresponding roots inside you, and finding a new balance between the inner source and outer manifestation, helps you transform this into new empowerment and strength.

July 8 � Sun conjunct Saturn (in Cancer)

For a few days before and after this date, you may feel serious, studious, stuck, blocked, committed and/or hard working. It could be a good time to manifest well prepared plans, or you might have to get real and deal with difficult realities in new ways. You may have business with authority figures, or you might be called upon to act in a leadership role.

July 10 � Mercury conjunct Mars (in Leo)

This is the first of 3 conjunctions of Mercury and Mars over the next 3 months (in Leo, Virgo and Libra), which can bring new awareness of how you express the Hero energy in your life. This first encounter, in Leo, shows how you communicate your will power and ego identity. On the plus side, you can be assertive and proactive, defend what you believe is right, and negotiate cunningly. However, you can also slice and dice with words more easily, fuelled by hubris masquerading as integrity and rationalised as self-protection. Self-honesty and personal integrity are valuable resources.

July 13 � Mercury opposite Neptune (in Leo/Aquarius)

Around this time you may find that your Hero�s journey comes face-to-face with the great Unknown. This could manifest as an ambiguous or confusing situation (making you feel like you�re �shadow boxing� with an invisible enemy), or you may have a spiritual awakening inspired by intuitive perceptions. Whatever its form, it might help to know you are connecting to something greater than your conscious mind. Stay humble, open and flexible.

July 15 � Sun opposite Chiron (in Cancer/Capricorn)

Around this time, the need for healing (on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) may be at the forefront. This can be furthered through self-discipline and willingness to work within your limits and vulnerabilities. Avoid hurling yourself against circumstances beyond your control. Support and nurture yourself (and others) in structured, straightforward ways.


July 16 � Mars opposite Neptune (in Leo/Aquarius)

If you feel like you�ve been battling with others a lot this month, this may be a trying time, as situations are likely to be frustratingly slippery. It�s possible that your �enemy� is more like you than you want to admit. On the other hand, this time might also uplift you to a higher focus in how you assert yourself and apply your energies, transmuting the Hero in you into the Spiritual Warrior. Strive to attain the highest good for yourself and others.

July 17, 7:23 AM EDT � NEW MOON in Cancer

This lunar cycle gives you a chance to explore home and family (both current and childhood), past roots, emotional security needs and the �wounded Inner Child.� Although it�s become clich� that all families have their own brand of dysfunctional problems, this lunar cycle is tailor made to delve into yours and discover a deeper layer of how it affects your adult life. Focus on putting healthier boundaries in place that make allowances for human imperfections, and avoid throwing up walls that alienate or control others.

July 21 � Mercury Retrograde Cycle Begins (July 21 to Sep. 15)

Today Mercury enters �the Shadow��the area of the zodiac where he will later go retrograde (Aug. 9). Between now and then, pay close attention to themes, opportunities and obstacles that come up in your life, esp. related to communication, ideas, self-awareness, introspection and perception, as well as computers, books, mail, the media, and other forms of information exchange. These situations may change, bringing the need to delve deeper than expected. Stay flexible in any decisions you need to make.

July 22 � Sun in Leo (until Aug. 22)

Happy Solar Return to all my Leo readers! Leo is the Sun�s own sign, giving everyone a chance to be an honorary Leo and dance with the Solar deities. This is your chance to find new ways to shine, to discover what feeds your sense of Self, and what fuels your sense of purpose. You may also have to confront the ways you are clinging to a limited view of yourself. Surrendering to even a tiny aspect of your Higher Self can open up a transformation and help you serve a higher purpose.

July 25 � Mercury in Virgo (until Aug. 24, then Sep.10-28)

Virgo is one of Mercury�s own signs, bringing focus to analysis, organisation, details, service, work and/or health. In the interests of Virgo perfection, Mercury gives us a second chance to get things right in August when he goes retrograde (see the Lammas issue of C&Q). For now, just be open to unexpected insights that expand your mind about what needs to be changed or released from your life. Watch for ways that you might be too attached to rigid formula or predictable perfection. This is an opportunity to be more flexible and open-minded in how you adjust to the unexpected.

July 25 � Venus opposite Pluto (in Gemini/Sagittarius)

This is the last of 3 �hits� of Venus opposite Pluto (May 2, June 2, July 25), which have imprinted a theme of empowerment and transformation on the recent Venus retrograde cycle (spanning a time range from Apr.14 to Aug.3). The first �hit� was May 2, which brought power struggles into focus and how our communication facilitates (or hinders) this. The second �hit� was June 2, which brought the healing/wounding aspect into focus and how we needed to heal deeper wounds related to empowerment in order to allow transformation to happen. We now conclude this progression by assimilating our learning and growth into a �big picture� perspective. We are called upon to incorporate a higher truth and understanding; using assertiveness to mediate (not to force the issue); and to accept the boundaries and self-discipline required to negotiate a fair balance of power with others.

July 31, 2:05 PM EDT � FULL MOON in Aquarius (Sun in Leo)

By being more honest about your emotional security needs and building better boundaries, since the New Moon (July 17), you are now better prepared to deal with the outpouring of creative imagination, eruptions from the unconscious, and/or struggles in your interactions with others. It may require effort and focus to stay philosophical, flexible and realistic in where you draw the line in your decisions and choices, but this can help you keep situations balanced and moving in a relatively stable manner.

Aug. 1 � LAMMAS


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� 2004 Wendy Guy. Originally published in Cauldron and Quill Magazine, and The Burning Times Newsletter, Midsummer 2004 Issues.


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