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October 31 to December 21, 2004

Samhain 2004 to Yule 2004


THE BIG PICTURE (for Oct.31 to Dec.21):

The big news is Jupiter-trine-Neptune, which begins now and continues throughout 2005. Only forming every 4 or 8 years, the trine between the two planetary rulers of Pisces brings blessings, harmony and well-being, as well as the potential for confusion or well-intentioned deception. Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius in the midst of this, inspiring us to reconsider how we understand and embrace our highest potential for growth and our most vulnerable area of self-deception. Doing your homework in these area leads to deep transformation by purging old beliefs that no longer serve you.

In the meantime, Saturn has been isolated in Cancer, with the rest of the planets bunching up on the other side of the zodiac, since the beginning of November. We are all feeling the weight of Saturn�s demand for responsibility, accountability, manifestation and discipline during this time. Saturn�s separation continues until May 2005, with the exception of the times when the Moon travels around to the Saturn side of the zodiac (late Nov. to early Dec., peaking on Nov.30, and again after the time range of this column). The Moon�s contact with Saturn brings the hard work we are doing down to a personal level, as we are challenged to integrate and manifest our goals.

Oct. 31 � SAMHAIN (Halloween)

Nov. 4 � Mercury in Sagittarius (until Jan. 9, 2005)

Ideas and thoughts take in the broad perspective during this time, especially communication that expresses your visions, hopes and dreams. As Mercury gets ready to go retrograde at the end of November, it will collect new ideas and information to merge into new insight that has intensely transforming potential in December. Now is the time to start journaling your ideas, wishes and hopes!

Nov. 4-8 � Venus CNJ Jupiter, TRI Neptune (in Libra/Aquarius)

This is a time of opportunity when the focus of your desires has a good chance of coming true if you focus clearly enough and maintain a good balance, both inside and outside of you. The danger is in becoming greedy and trying to grab everything in sight. Relationships and money issues are amplified, so strive to stay realistic without selling yourself short.


Nov. 7 � Mars SQR Saturn (in Libra/Cancer)

Arguments and conflicts can abound under this transit. Your efforts seem thwarted at every turn. Although you might feel blocked in your actions, especially with authority figures, you�re not without power or ability. Obstacles can strengthen you, if you work with them instead of just fighting against them. Assertiveness with others is important, but aggression or rigidity with others will only get their back up.

Nov. 8 � Saturn stations Retrograde (in Cancer)

For up to a week before and after this time, your physical and emotional energy may feel a bit heavy, stuck, serious or sad. It might seem like your efforts to be self-sufficient and responsible just evoke problems, but the next 4 months will show you new ways to improve that side of yourself. Saturn�s lessons are slow and gradual to develop. Hard work on blocked areas will start to pay off after March.


Nov. 11 � Mars in Scorpio (until Dec. 25)

Mars swaggers through its own sign of Scorpio, bringing a brusque animal charm to your style of self-expression and self-assertion. There is a strong urge to liberate yourself from the object of your obsession, but there is the risk of self-deception at the end of November, so be careful you don�t just become more obsessed.

Nov. 11 � Uranus stations Direct (in Pisces)

For up to a week before and after this time, your energy might feel liberated, excited, erratic or scattered. Your instincts may push you to break free from old habits or patterns, but strive to banish only the bad stuff and celebrate the good stuff.

Nov. 11-13 � Mercury SXT Jupiter/Neptune (Sag., Libra/Aquar.)

This is the first of 3 passes (also mid- and late-Dec.) of Mercury forming a Sextile aspect to the Jupiter-Neptune Trine. (See Nov. 29 for more on Jupiter Trine Neptune.) This is a time when perceptions and communication enable us to taste the sweet, soothing, harmonious blessings of the Jupiter-Neptune brew. To focus the healing benefits of this transit, write in your journal or talk with trusted guides (spiritual or physical) about your highest vision and your greatest joy.


Nov. 12, 9:26AM EST � NEW MOON in Scorpio

This powerful New Moon energy takes us deeper into our need to transform than we might have been before. The Uranus station the day before provides energy to break through to new awareness of your inner wounds. But strong healing energy can now be injected into those wounds, which will take effect over the coming 4 weeks. Healing will be most profound in subtle, gradual, unconscious ways, so don�t be hard on yourself if improvement isn�t obvious or quick.

Nov. 12 � Mercury enters the Shadow (until Jan. 7, 2005)

Mercury now passes into the area where it will later go retrograde. From now until Nov. 30, be alert to new insight which has the potential to transform old wounds through intense self-honesty, as well as soothe through justice and liberation. The core issues underlying events over the next 2-3 months can develop into a liberating Truth.


Nov. 15 � Mars TRI Uranus (in Scorpio/Pisces)

Actions taken now can break you out of whatever rut you�re in, bringing a breakthrough to new possibilities. Your courage is at a high point right now, as is your ability to leave behind old outmoded habits and patterns. Just be careful that your high energy doesn�t blast away people and situations that you want to keep.

Nov. 15 � Venus SQR Chiron (in Libra/Capricorn)

Relationships and finances require adjustments now, as you face dynamics in these areas that just don�t want to balance out the way you want them to. Stubborn reality keeps intruding, requiring that you keep lowering the bar of your expectations and desires to match what is practical, which can bring healing to these areas of your life.

Nov. 19 � Sun TRI Saturn (in Scorpio/Cancer)

This is a great time to apply yourself to serious work, especially in ways that increase self-sufficiency, strengthen your sense of self, and support your ambitions.


Nov. 20 � Venus SQR Saturn (in Libra/Cancer)

Finances, relationships and interactions with others may seem blocked or require additional effort, for a day or two before and after this time. Manifesting your desires may require added hard work right now, but the struggle will likely bring you closer to your goals.

Nov. 20 � Mercury CNJ Pluto (in Sagittarius)

This is the first of 3 conjunctions between Mercury and Pluto over the next 7 weeks (also Dec.7 and Jan.4). This powerful combination of energies brings the first step of deep transformation through increased self-awareness and seeing yourself within a broader context of the world around you. The next several weeks are a good time to explore your deeper feelings and needs by journaling or finding other ways to express them.

Nov. 21 � Sun in Sagittarius (until Dec. 21)

During this time your self-expression and aspirations may look to new horizons, new truth, new knowledge or new justice. The rebel in you may explode out first, shaking up old assumptions and opinions. This allows you to reconnect to your ideals, which helps the transformation and awareness of your secret hopes and fears.

Nov. 22 � Venus in Scorpio (until Dec. 16)

The energy now is sensuous, sultry and scintillating! Your instincts fling you into intimacy and yearning, but be careful that fantasy and obsession don�t set you up for disappointment. The energy is there to pursue your heart�s desire, so be careful what you ask for, since you are very likely to get it.


Nov. 24 � Sun SQR Uranus (in Sagittarius/Pisces)

The radical in you is probably itching to come out and stir up trouble for 1-2 days before and after this date. Resist the urge to rebel just for the sake of doing something different, and aim to break free of old forms of self-expression and ideals that don�t work for you anymore.

Nov. 24 � Venus TRI Uranus (in Scorpio/Pisces)

Relationships, finances and interactions with others are likely to be footloose and fancy free right now, as hidden urges and desires come springing out of the woodwork to shake up the status quo.

Nov. 26, 3:07PM EST � FULL MOON in Gemini (Sun in Sag)

This is the fruition time of the New Moon from Nov. 12. Now is when those old wounds are opened up the widest, giving you the chance to apply a salve of love, balance and honesty. If you�re willing to sacrifice a bit of your guarantees, perfection and �happily ever after,� this can be a unique opportunity for transformation by creative chaos.


Nov. 29 � Jupiter TRI Neptune (in Libra/Aquarius)

This is the first of 3 Trine aspects between Jupiter and Neptune (the other two being Mar. and Aug. 2005). This energy remains in effect from late Oct. to next April, but is esp. strong for a week before and after now. You have the potential to channel uplifting and healing love, compassion and optimism. The air is saturated with idealism, faith, hope and love, which can bring healing balm to open wounds. But there is also the possibility of deception and perfectionism, so allow the inspiration to guide you, not demand that life imitate art.

Nov. 30, 7:18 AM EST � Mercury stations Retrograde (in Sag)

For several days before and after this date, energy may be intense, condensed and tense. For the next 3 weeks, expect weird communication, wrong numbers, crazy drivers and befuddled thoughts. Try to delay signing contracts or making major decisions until well after Mercury goes direct (Dec. 20). Through this time you are called upon to seek a new awareness through a higher truth, brutal self-honesty, and being willing to see the beauty through the tarnish.

Nov.30-Dec.2 � Mars/Venus SQR Neptune (in Scorpio/Aquarius)

The intensity of desire and lust collide with the yearning of ideals and perfectionism during this time, give or take about a week. Relationships, interactions and pursuit of money or pleasure are prone to distortion from hidden fantasies or unrealistic expectations. This time is best used to pierce through the fog of secret longing and to lower the bar of unreachable perfection.


Dec. 5 � Venus CNJ Mars (in Scorpio)

From mid-Nov. until late-Dec. (peaking around Dec. 5), desire is pulsing, lust is simmering and love is gleaming! This marks the end of a 2-year cycle and starts a new one, developing the dance between receptivity and aggression, love and lust, persuasion and control. The latter (Mars) of these pairs are likely to be strongest, being in Mars� sign of Scorpio, and Mars� sharp edges will benefit from Venus� soothing qualities. You are likely to experience a very concrete manifestation of this energy for the next week or two.

Dec. 7-13 � Mercury/Sun/Pluto CNJ (in Sagittarius)

This is the 2nd of 3 conjunctions between Mercury and Pluto (Nov. 20), this time joined by the Sun. This transit brings great intensity of vision, depth of perception, and transformation by ending old modes of self-expression that no longer serve you. Strive to shed any self-image or mindset that doesn�t support and encourage the best you are capable of being.


Dec. 11, 8:28PM EST � NEW MOON (in Sagittarius)

This 4-week cycle compels you toward deep purging of old pessimism, rigidity and harsh judgement that no longer serve your best interests. What will flow in to fill its place is a deeper and broader connection to whatever form(s) of Higher Power you relate to (and possibly some you aren�t yet familiar with). The deeper you are able to scour out the deadwood in your life, the more room there will be for new meaning and spiritual renewal. It may be a challenge to balance serious responsibility with the urge to throw off all structures that inhibit your growth...but try anyway.

Dec. 12-14 � Mercury SXT Jupiter/Neptune (Sag., Libra/Aquar.)

This is the second of three passes of this transit (see Nov. 11) which can bring the boundless potential of spiritual energy (of the Jupiter-Neptune) into our conscious awareness and worldview. This pass is best focused through �Right-brain� approaches, like meditation, intuition, dreams, artistry, creativity and Universal Oneness. Pick at least one and meditate on it, talk about it, think about it, become it.

Dec. 13-19 � Venus/Mars TRI Saturn (in Scorpio/Cancer)

Even though Venus and Mars passed the exact conjunction a week or so ago, they are still close together enough that their joint Trine to Saturn will manifest their collective energies now. Saturn�s seriousness might force Mars� fiery edge and Venus� hot desires to chill out a bit in order to harness their powerful forces, but their collective energies should be more accessible and easier to transform into real change and rewards this way.


Dec. 16 � Venus in Sagittarius (until Jan. 9, 2005)

Venus now turns her passion to truth-seeking, philosophical exploration, lust for knowledge, spiritual intimacy, music in foreign languages and multicultural social discourse. Initial surprises may disturb your calm balance, but by viewing it from broad, compassionate perspective, new transformation will be possible.

Dec. 19 � Venus SQR Uranus (in Sagittarius/Pisces)

This transit brings the initial surprises mentioned for Venus in Sagittarius. Disruptions, revelations and unexpected turns could come your way in the areas of relationships, interactions, finances and self-worth. Any problems lurking in the background could burst on the scene now, but it will let some fresh air into a stale situation.

Dec. 20, 1:30AM EST � Mercury stations Direct (in Sagittarius)

For up to a week before and after this date, your energy may feel intense, confused or dynamic. Insights and opinions may now come out of the woodwork, having brewed behind the scenes for the last 3 weeks. You could feel your security, integrity or well-being is on the line, compelling you to speak your mind more than usual. Strive to speak the highest Truth you know, not default to reflexive argument.

Dec. 21, 7:41AM EST � YULE (Winter Solstice, Sun in Capricorn


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� 2004 Wendy Guy. Originally published in Cauldron and Quill Magazine, and The Burning Times Newsletter, Samhain 2004 issues.


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