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January 2006

Dec.30 � NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN ("What's a New Moon?")

We have yet another powerful New Moon this month�actually TWO New Moons in December! This is the second New Moon this month, which is rather unusual. The first New Moon was on Dec.01. Think of it as a bit like a Blue Moon, only involving New Moons instead of Full Moons. (Read more on the bizarre truth about Blue Moons.)

This New Moon is in Capricorn, bringing the need to implement structure and stability into our lives. It is a time to deal with reality "as it is" rather than the way we wish it was. Reality has been pretty "interesting" lately, with Mars retrograde (although now direct, we're still in the Shadow until Feb.03), and then Mercury retrograde (we've been out of that Shadow since Dec.21). And now Venus is retrograde! (until Feb.03 and in the Shadow until Mar.07)

What does all this have to do with the New Moon? Well, it caps off several "interesting" months. Capricorn is, at its essence, about manifestation and results after we have planned and prepared. The New Moon chart is full of indications that we will bring together all the learning, struggling and working to overcome obstacles that we've been going through in the past few months.

The Grand Cross remains in the sky ('Mars opposite Jupiter' square to 'Saturn opposite Neptune'), but now Mars is Direct and Saturn becomes the planetary "handle"�the hook that the rest of the chart hangs on. Since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, there's a movement afoot to ground, manifest and apply all the energy that has been collecting and forming since the Mars retrograde cycle began in mid-August.

All of this astro-rambling is to point out that there's A LOT going on right now! As the year 2005 comes to an end, we begin a month-long process of bringing all that activity together to integrate it, assimilate it, organise it, analyze it, assemble it, systemize it and ultimately manifest it. This is like getting the "report card" on the work you've done, especially since August.

If you find that you're unusually busy or that you are feeling pressure to get things done, you can thank (or blame) the New Moon in Capricorn and all the other transits whose energies are brought together in this lunar cycle. You might find it's a "make it or break it" time, when hard decisions and choices must be made. Manifestation can be difficult because it means we must choose to follow and develop one thing, which means letting go of other potentials (at least for now). Often something must end in order for something new to manifest or in order to clear the way for something new to develop down the road. And it also requires us to be mature, responsible and somewhat serious at some level, in order to be grounded and realistic enough to manage and handle the changes that are taking place. Even the wildest party requires some degree of serious organizing and planning in order to make it happen.

This lunar cycle brings Mercury into the Arrowhead configuration (see Dec.08-Jan.08), where it conjoins Pluto and focuses our thoughts and communication in a very powerful way! In fact, it is a good idea to be sure you think carefully about what you say and the message that you convey to others, since they will have more power and affect than usual. But don't let that caution stop you from speaking whatever truth needs to be said�just try not to use a sledge hammer when a fly swatter will do.

In addition, Venus retrograde is conjunct Chiron, bringing a possible "healing crisis" to issues connected to relationships, friendships, finances, resources, values, diplomacy, pleasure and beauty. Issues being stirred up in these areas will unfold throughout the Venus retrograde cycle. Unexpected changes could indicate the need to restructure these areas, revaluate your involvement, reconsider your commitment or reassess your participation. Alternatively, you might find these areas improving but needing to reorganise your time or your approach in order to stabilize these positive changes. This will unfold over the coming two months, while Venus is in her retrograde cycle.

The key to this New Moon energy is to come to terms with any areas in your life that require maturity, groundedness, realism, responsibility and organisation. You may be required to put your ego aside in order to accomplish goals that are bigger than your personal involvement. However, that doesn't mean your own interests will get buried in the process.

There is lots of energy, drive and motivation to draw on, especially which comes out of the struggles and striving of the last four months (since Mars entered his retrograde cycle). There is also intuitive inspiration, the ability to break out of some old ruts, and see things from a refreshing perspective. It is important to keep your focus on these areas strong, because the challenges, ambitions, obligations and limitations that are making demands in your life lately may seem to contradict the positive strengths you have. However, it is a process that is coming together to forge a stronger structure that can support and assist your goals and personal growth. Top of Page

Dec.31 � Mercury conjunct Pluto (in Sagittarius)

Deep insights and passionate communication are possible under this transit ...although, so is speaking more forcefully than you intend to about things that require a bit of delicacy or discretion. This can be a new beginning in understanding the deeper motives and dynamics of what is happening in your life, although this could happen with great intensity or obsession. The light can finally start to go on in the darker corners that have eluded you. Although what you see there might be both illuminating and disturbing, it is ultimately something you can grow from, which can transform your mental outlook into something more meaningful and resilient. This is a time when you can start to shed and leave behind old worn out perceptions or ineffective forms of communication. You also have an increased ability to take thoughts, ideas and information and transform them into something healing ...or wounding. Choose your words carefully and mindfully. Writing down your thoughts and ideas to capture the energy of this transit can help you gather the deeper qualities. Top of Page

Jan.01 � HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!

Jan.01 � Venus Retrograde enters Capricorn (until Mar.05)

Friendly, abundant Venus travels through serious, structured Capricorn, bringing out her grounded, material side. It may be time to make new plans and commitments for material or relationship goals. It can be a time to get serious and make some solid decisions about what works and what doesn't. It may help to organise and systemise the way you approach relationships, finances, resources and pleasure. An example of systemising pleasure is to schedule regular time to pamper yourself, or to make a point of doing the hard work that will pay off in pleasure later (like eating healthier food or working out more). Although this might seem a bit unromantic or uninspiring, you'll find that laying the groundwork for what you want to attract into your life will provide support for the rewards to come.
This is Venus returning to Capricorn after just entering Aquarius (Dec.15.2005) and then turning retrograde (Dec.24.2005). There are issues of commitment, structure, material acquisition and security that need to be dealt with during the coming couple of months, while Venus continues her retrograde cycle in Capricorn. (Read more about Venus Retrograde and other Venus articles.) Top of Page

Jan.01 � Sun trine Mars (in Capricorn/Taurus)

Your energy, purpose, vitality and health are likely to be strong and clear during this transit. Your sense of purpose is supported by your ability to assert yourself and take a stand for what you want and what you believe in. In general, this transit is a great time to take action, especially if you have prepared the way and have all your ducks in a row. If you've just been waiting for a spurt of self-confidence, this transit could give you the push you need to move forward in your plans. Strive to be spontaneous rather than impulsive, and confident rather than arrogant. Top of Page

Jan.03 � Mercury enters Capricorn (until Jan.22)

Cheerful, adaptable Mercury travels through conventional, structured Capricorn, bringing out his analytical, focused side. This is a good time to plan your projects and map out a game plan to reach your goals. It is probably best to choose discipline over distraction. Communication, ideas and awareness may become serious, structured, grounded and manifest now. Just don�t let them become suppressed or censored. This is a great time to do some serious planning and organizing for future projects and goals. It is also a good time for analyzing and evaluating what you have been involved with during the past year or so. What have you learned? What information has come to you that has led you into new directions? What goals have you achieved, and what goals do you want to pursue now? What plan of action is required to get you from here to there? It may be a time when you can face some hard reality and tough decisions better than you normally do. Because Mercury in Capricorn tends to be serious and factual, it may also be a time when you are more prone to depression or discouragement. It will help to schedule regular breaks in your routine to get away and plug your head into a different perspective for a while. Top of Page

Jan.04 � Sun sextile Jupiter (in Capricorn/Scorpio)

This is a time when your understanding of the Big Picture and your place within it has the potential to click into place. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem can be quite high right now. Your ability to see opportunities and possibilities more clearly can produce an experience of being "lucky." Your insight into life and the world around you may be especially bright, optimistic and inspired. This is a "feel-good" transit, when your sense of self can seem to expand and become free. You may feel especially connected to spiritual energy during this time. Just be careful that all this self-assurance and "knowing" doesn't backfire, by overestimating the extent of your knowledge or underestimating the reaction of your audience. It is possible to become a bit self-indulgent under this transit, so be careful not to overdo it. Beyond a reasonable caution, this is a transit to enjoy! Top of Page

Jan.08 � Mercury sextile Uranus (in Capricorn/Pisces)

There is potential for brilliance and excitement under this transit. You may be more spontaneous, upbeat and eccentric than usual. If you are used to a fairly predictable lifestyle, it is a time when you may be inspired to experiment with something out of character. If you are used to being whacky, zany and impulsive, this transit can provide opportunities to express this. You may have an increased ability to "think outside the box" if you stretch your mind a little, and there is the possibility of having an "ah-ha!" experience, when answers and realisations fall into place. There is also the possibility of being mentally restless, so that it's hard to slow down your thoughts or apply yourself seriously to your responsibilities. Your attention span may be a bit short for a couple of days. This energy can be used to consider new ideas that seemed outlandish or impossible before, and see new potential in them. Top of Page

Jan.13 � Mercury trine Mars (in Capricorn/Taurus)

It may be easy to find the courage to speak your mind and say what needs to be said, under this transit. In fact, your ideas and words may come so quickly and easily that it's hard to stop them from tumbling out of your mouth before you've had a chance to evaluate the best way to say them. Your communication is likely to be direct, concise and right on the mark, even if it might also be a bit blunt or pointed. If you need to confront someone about a difficult situation, this transit can provide courage and clear words to help you do that�although perhaps not as good for a situation requiring a more delicate, sensitive touch. It is a time when you could potentially find the nerve to take risks, or to defend yourself if the need arises (especially verbally). Overall, this is a wonderful transit for anything involving direct communication (e.g., public speaking, writing, debating), as well as mental agility (e.g., generating ideas, finding solutions, making decisions).  Top of Page

Jan.13 � Mercury sextile Jupiter (in Capricorn/Scorpio)

You may have an abundance of ideas and words to express them under this transit. There is the potential (if you reach for it) to put ideas, facts and thoughts together into a cohesive whole. You may find you can understand the overall patterns in a situation, or you are able to see the Big Picture, better than usual. New insights and a change of perspective may abound, as your stream of consciousness flows abundantly with optimism and visionary possibilities. You may find yourself more talkative than usual, as you try to share and convey the new ideas, inspiration and knowledge coming into your mind. Write down your best ideas for later development, since you may be having too much fun now playing with ideas to want to stop and make them manifest just yet. There is a chance that you may be so elated and confident that you might come across as a bit overbearing or even as a "know-it-all," so be sure to listen too. Top of Page

Jan.13 � Sun conjunct Venus retrograde (in Capricorn)

Your ability to radiate an aura of love, pleasure and beauty is very strong right now. You have the ability to soothe the rough edges�both your own and others'�and to spread joy and love around you. You are more able to come across in a diplomatic, gentle and easy-going way. This can also enable you to glide through tricky interactions with others with strategic finesse, as well as to negotiate through difficult conflicts with ease (at least, relatively speaking). Your ability to attract your heart's desire to you is especially strong right now...so be careful what you ask for! This is a good time to take a look at your choices, to see how much you are living according to your values and how much your values bring joy and satisfaction into your life. Relationships may also be on your mind, either looking for someone new in your life or rekindling an existing one. This could apply to committed intimate relationships, business partnerships or close friendships. Your focus could be pointed at acquiring material abundance, gathering resources or cultivating self-worth. You are as beautiful and as prosperous as you feel!

Since Venus is retrograde, your inner self-image and your personal role in relationship dynamics could be especially in focus. It is a good time to revaluate how you embrace and express the areas mentioned above. Top of Page

Jan.14, 4:48 AM EST � FULL MOON IN CANCER  ("What's a Full Moon?")

The Full Moon in Cancer brings us to a fruition of the energy that was begun at the New Moon (Dec.30.2005). The Moon has a lot on her plate right now, starting with trying to balance and bring together a complex combination of personal needs, interpersonal urges and transpersonal forces.

Close relationships and our need to connect at a very personal level play a central part in this drama. You might feel that the love, care, affection or support being offered by Significant Others doesn't fulfil the hunger you feel inside, leaving you feeling a bit vulnerable. This may also apply when you try to reach out to offer comfort and support to others�it doesn't seem to be enough to satisfy the need. Alternatively, you may find that you are giving so much of yourself that you don't have anything left to nurture yourself with, or that you are so busy trying to nurture yourself that you don't have anything left for others.

All of this may lead you to question how well the relationships in your life are working for you. Their current structure may need to be changed in some way�for example, new boundaries may have to be drawn, new expectations on both sides, or a new set of do's and don'ts may need to be negotiated, so that both of you get more of your needs met.

With this restructuring comes the need to take responsibility for identifying and speaking up for your own needs. You will likely find that you can't just expect the other person to know what you want and then provide it. You will likely be called upon to take a hard look at yourself and evaluate whether you can and should be your own resource for meeting your needs, instead of turning to others quite so much. Alternatively, if you tend to be very independent and would rather cut off your arm than ask for help or support, you might be challenged to find a way to do just that.

Either way, it is a time when you are probably juggling to primary balls: acknowledging and nurturing your "Inner Child," and developing more of your Grownup Self by being a little more self-reliant. Watch for lots of old patterns that are rooted in memories from your childhood, especially the dynamics you observed between your parents, which can probably be seen echoed in the ways that you respond to your present situation.

Another way this Full Moon could manifest is in terms of finances and your ability to provide for your material needs. The same dynamics and issues apply here�finding the material support you need in order to feel safe, secure and protected, which may require you to reorganise your values and do some re-budgeting. Your financial and material priorities may need to be reconsidered in order to deal differently with your human needs and weaknesses�either reining them in with discipline or cutting yourself a bit of slack to let yourself to be less than perfect.

Your greatest strength right now is the ability to focus mentally on the reality of your situation and to break down any problems into manageable, practical chunks. This can greatly help stabilise any wonky or indecisive energy that leads to erratic or inconsistent action. Top of Page

Jan.15 � Mars opposite Jupiter (in Taurus/Scorpio)

Both inspired action and brash overconfidence characterise this transit. For up to a week before and after this date, you may find that your energy, anger, libido and ability to take action are amplified�so much so, that you may be pushing yourself beyond what is realistic or unable to deal with reasonable boundaries to prevent them from getting out of control. What is needed is to find that fine line of balance between ego-based desire and spiritual inspiration; between will power and focused faith; and between righteous anger and arrogant pride. Strive to bring both your ego's desires and your spiritual aspirations into what you do, for each has its own validity and won't operate well without the other.

This is the third and final pass of this transit. The previous two passes were Jun.25.2005 and Dec.04.2005. This pass sees the application and integration of the development of Mars-Jupiter energy that are brought into focus around the exact-dates, and which reached turning points around the Mars station dates: Oct.01.2005 and Dec.09.2005. (Read more about Mars Retrograde.) Top of Page

Jan.17 � Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde (in Capricorn)

Social connections, diplomatic communication and receptive awareness mark this transit. It can be a great time to negotiate contracts or agreements because the communication can usually flow easily. Focus your awareness on achieving a mutual balance between you and the other person. A win-win solution is especially easy to achieve now�so much so, in fact, that it might be tempting to only say what you think the other person wants to hear (which may or may not be wise). This can also be a time of appreciating and expressing beauty, pleasure and sensuality. If there's someone you want to get closer to (in terms of romance, friendship, business, partnership, or even an adversary!), talking gently and listening receptively can be the key that unlocks the door. You may also get new creative ideas from your interactions with people or from observing them. Top of Page

Jan.18 � Mars square Neptune (in Taurus/Aquarius)

For up to a week before and after today, you have a chance to discover and work with your blind spots and the hidden motives that trip you up. It may feel like you are spinning your wheels or "shadow-boxing" and not even sure why. You may be fighting a hidden agenda or unconscious motives (yours or someone else's). You might also be trying to apply a concrete solution to an ambiguous situation, and then wondering why it isn't working very well. Responding to conflicts in a passive-aggressive or manipulative way can be tempting under this transit, since you may not know how to take direct and effective action. Resentment might become a defiant way to express toothless anger. Part of the problem may be that you are fighting against your own idealism, and resisting the acceptance that the other person or situation can't be the way you want them to be. Feelings of disappointment or helplessness may trigger much deeper feelings from your unconscious, making it difficult for you to know how to respond effectively in the here-and-now. It will probably help to work on owning your feelings, needs, longings and (hidden) agendas. Being honest with yourself about what's really going on inside you will go a long way toward increasing your empowerment.

This is the third and final pass of this transit. The previous two passes were Aug.28.2005 and Nov.07.2005. This pass sees the application and integration of the development of Mars-Neptune energy that are brought into focus around the exact-dates, and which reached turning points around the Mars station dates: Oct.01.2005 and Dec.09.2005. (Read more about Mars Retrograde 2005.) Top of Page

Jan.20 � Sun enters Aquarius (until Feb.18)  (Read more about Aquarius.)

Happy Solar Return to all Aquarians! While the Sun travels through Aquarius, we all have a chance to explore our rebellious, individualistic and futuristic Aquarian nature. This heralds a time to explore beyond the status quo and conventional reality, beckoning you to reach out to the lost threads of who you are. You may become more aware of your individual uniqueness and your part in the Great Collective�both your surrounding community and the Collective Unconscious. In order to fulfil the unique fingerprint of your life's purpose, it is sometimes necessary to be rebellious, spontaneous, and to be open to the unexpected. You might become aware of the need for these qualities under this transit. There is always a constant tension between the need to conform to society's formula of what works best versus the need to step off the main path to explore new experiences, and both are equally necessary to the health of both the individual and the greater community. Archetypally, it is in Aquarius that we encounter our personal experience of the battle between "the needs of the many" versus "the needs of the few." During the Sun's adventure through Aquarius, be open to the ways that this dynamic operates in your life. What can trigger or inspire you into rebellion or going against the conventional flow of the world around you? What will motivate you into being a team player, when you apply your energies to support or defend "the needs of the many?" What visions of the future do you see when you are in either mode of being? This is a time when you may have the opportunity to observe and learn about both sides of yourself�the part that feels like it's "me against the world" and the part that feels like a part of that world. Top of Page

Jan.22 � Mercury enters Aquarius (until Feb.08)

Mercury in Aquarius brings objectivity, detached mental focus, and communication that strives for unprecedented breadth and height�even to the point of adopting an �ivory tower� mentality. This is a good transit for anything requiring a scientific or analytical approach, as well as anything that calls for you to "think outside of the box." This can be a time when you start to see old familiar situations in new ways, giving you a fresh perspective on things. This planetary energy is not likely to be supportive if you need to take a gentle or sensitive approach to personal interaction, however, since you may be more tempted to just say what needs to be said and let the chips fall where they may. Your mental outlook may be focused on upcoming possibilities, and it can be a good time to map out future plans and try on new ideas, since you are likely to be more open-minded to things you had previously dismissed as unrealistic or too "out there." This can be a time when you suffer from "cabin fever" and need to get out of the house more, especially if you've been cooped up for a long time due to bad weather, hard work or just lack of motivation to do something different. Breaking free of old routines can be a good thing�just remember you have to live with whatever mess you make in the process. Top of Page

Jan.23 � Venus Retrograde trine Mars (in Capricorn/Taurus)

It will be a lot easier to balance assertiveness with receptivity under this transit. In fact, it is a great time to take firm action that requires a sensitive touch, and to negotiate agreements in a way that is diplomatic, fair and powerful. Your ability to attract what you desire (money, love, pleasure, flirting, etc.), and to act on those desires, is strong right now, so use it wisely. This may include romantic attraction and sexual interaction, or it might involve artistic creativity. It could also be a time when your actions attract money and possessions, but it could also go the other way�your spending may also increase! Again: use this energy wisely and don't overextend yourself, but do have fun with it! This is the second of three passes of this transit during the Venus retrograde cycle. The first pass was Nov.17.2005 and the final pass will be Mar.26.2006. Top of Page

Jan.23 � Sun conjunct Chiron (in Aquarius)

For a few days, you may become focused on physical, spiritual or psychological healing...or you might become aware of the need for it due to problems. Your physical vitality may be more susceptible to health problems, and your inner or spiritual strength and sense of purpose may feel a bit weak or vulnerable. However, you might also experience new motivation to build up your strength and endurance on all levels. Therefore, this could be a time when you embark on fresh health or fitness goals, or new directions that carve reformed purpose out of previous hardships. Psychologically, you could become aware of the ways that your self-esteem is undermined or sabotaged�either by outside situations or people or you doing it to yourself without realising it, or even ways that you do this to someone else. This is a good time to observe and learn about how these issues operate in your life, what role you play in this dynamic, and how you could make different choices. By increasing your level of acceptance of human imperfection, of both yourself and others, you can strengthen those areas where you now feel vulnerable. Since self-esteem (yours and others') can be a bit fragile now, boosting self-confidence through praise, support, encouragement and confidence can have a powerful and healing effect right now. Top of Page

Gung He Fat Choi!

(Happy Chinese New Year!)

Your Chinese Horoscope 2006, by Neil Somerville

Your Chinese Horoscope 2006

by Neil Somerville

January 29, 2006 begins the Chinese Year of the Dog!

The Chinese traditionally use a Zodiac system that is different from Western astrology. There are 12 zodiac animals: Monkey, Ram, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger, Ox, Rat, Pig, Dog and Rooster. Each sign rules for a whole year, starting with the New Moon in Aquarius (in Western astrology).

Each Chinese zodiac sign rotates with the five Chinese Elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth), as well as a polarity (Yin, Yang). 2006 is the Year of the Yang Fire Dog.

Neil Somerville's book on Chinese astrology gives an insightful introduction to the Chinese zodiac system. Learn about your own Chinese zodiac sign and what the Year of the Dog will mean for you!



The New Astrology, by Suzanne White

The New Astrology:
A Unique Synthesis of the World's Two Great Astrological Systems: Chinese and Western

By Suzanne White

This book bridges the gap between Chinese and Western astrology! Learn how your Sun Sign and your Chinese Zodiac Sign combine to describe you and the people in your life. Your Chinese sign adds another dimension to your cosmic fingerprint. Discover this unique multi-cultural aspect of yourself!

Jan.24 � Mercury conjunct Chiron (in Aquarius)

Words can wound, but they can also heal. This transit may bring new awareness of the ways that you need to heal...and perhaps also the ways that you wound yourself or others, especially through thoughts, words and attitudes. You might become aware of harming yourself through negative self-talk or harsh self-criticism. Or, you might expect rigid perfection of yourself and forget that you are a multi-dimensional being who is, by your human nature, inconsistent and fallible. Your mental focus or attitude might have a sharp edge to it that is harsh, or you may encounter harsh attitudes from someone else that are hurtful, perhaps without meaning to be. Words and thoughts can be powerful tools. By reframing the message or situation in a different way, it is possible to turn hurt into healing and ignorance into wisdom. For example, it may help to eliminate either-or thinking by accepting that paradoxes and contradictions exist and may not have to be fully resolved for you to find a workable balance within them. By adopting a bit of a philosophical attitude, you may find it takes some of the pressure off the need for everything to fit together perfectly, which can leave some breathing room for everyone involved to be human. Top of Page

Jan.26 � Sun conjunct Mercury (in Aquarius)

During this transit, your sense of self and purpose can become merged with what you think, perceive and say. On one hand, this can make for an easy flow of ideas and communication from inside your brain to the external world. It can also increase your perceptions and observations of the world, as you file it all away in your internal database. On the other hand, you may find yourself a bit tongue-tied, as it could be hard to separate your sense of self from your perceptions and ideas enough to find the words to adequately express them. In that case, just observe and go with the flow; the words will come later. It can also be a time when it's not easy to be objective, especially about yourself and how you bring yourself to the world around you. It's like your Being automatically expresses and sets into motion the things you think, perceive and want to say. This can help you to feel like your sense of self is shining effortlessly, but if your thoughts and perceptions are in conflict with other parts of you (e.g., emotions, needs, objectivity) then it might become a time when you act a little too quickly with blinders on. Strive for balance and self-honesty before you act. Top of Page

Jan.27 � Mercury opposite Saturn (in Aquarius/Leo)

It can be easier to take a logical, practical approach to problem-solving and pursuit of your goals now. Your mental outlook is likely to be calm and grounded. This is a good time to make plans and work out the logistics of how you're going to get from "here" to "there" in pursuing your goals. You may find it's time to bring closure to finished goals by distilling and systemizing what you've learned in the process of pursuing those past goals. Or, you might find you are able to draw on past achievements to assist and support your current goals and plans. It is a good transit to bring structure to your thoughts and communication. You may find it's a little easier to accept authority�yours or someone else's�and that you are able to speak authoritatively about things about which you have knowledge or experience. Top of Page

Jan.27 � Venus Retrograde sextile Jupiter (in Capricorn/Scorpio)

There is an abundance of creative inspiration, material enjoyment, feel-good pleasure in the air! Your luck and opportunity to attract money, love, resources and self-esteem are high right now. It may be relatively easy to attract the people, possessions and opportunities you want or need, but you'll still have to work to get them. On the other hand, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach (as mother would say) and you might be tempted to charm, flirt or bluff your way through a situation more than usual. There may also be a tendency to self-indulgence. These are not necessarily bad things, but it's probably wise to remember to use this energy to enhance your best judgement, not override it.

This is the second of three passes of this transit, during Venus' retrograde cycle. The first pass was Nov.08 .2005 and the final pass is Feb.14.2006 � just in time for Valentine's Day! Top of Page

Jan.27 � Sun opposite Saturn (in Aquarius/Leo)

You may be obligated to fulfil the expectations of others or of society under this transit. A situation or project (which may have begun around 6 months ago) might require that you start to implement the plans and preparation you've been building. Or you might find that problems you've been off must now be dealt with. Although you could experience this as stressful or heavy, it can also be a time when you are finally able to move ahead with a project or goal. All commitment requires some degree of limitation and pruning back, since we must choose one path and leave other options behind. This may therefore feel like a time when you are pressured by obligation, necessity or restraint...or it could feel like the rehearsals are finally over and it's time to launch the rocket. If it seems like you're only seeing blocks or obstacles in your way, this might be a reflection of not having done enough preparation (in which case you will need to draw on your experience to solve the problems or deal with the reality in front of you). This can be a time when you reap whatever you have sown in the past (especially the last 6 months), so if your current situation seems negative or punitive, it might be a time when you need to look back over your actions that lead to this and be accountable for past actions and decisions. Whether you are taking the final step to implement your plans or are facing the results of poor past judgment, this can be a time when you are called upon to move forward in your personal growth and maturation. Use it to strengthen your responsibility (response-ability), and don't let fears of inadequacy erode your self-esteem. Top of Page

Jan.27 � Jupiter square Neptune (in Scorpio/Aquarius)

This can be a time when your belief system and philosophy of life are challenged to go beyond theory, speculation, wishful thinking and blind faith. There is a difference between the beliefs, opinions, attitudes and spiritual viewpoint that we hold versus our personal experience of the vast Universe that shapes and gives rise to those beliefs. This transit (which only happens about every 6 years) can show how your beliefs, opinions and attitudes are misinformed, misguided or no longer fulfil your spiritual needs. You might come face to face with misconceptions you have held and realise that you have grown beyond your old viewpoints. You might find yourself disillusioned by something or someone you had placed a lot of faith in, which brings deep disappointment but also clears the way to see a higher truth. Faith that is founded on wishful thinking or exaggerated optimism may make you more vulnerable to deception and poor judgment, so it is wise to do a reality check about major decisions with a trusted friend, mentor or expert. However, this can also be a time when you are challenged to expand your sense of spirituality, meaning and understanding of life to include more of your subject personal experience, rather than relying on conventional wisdom, doctrine or interpretation. If you have been drifting away from living according to your morals, ethics or principles, this may be a time when you become aware of the need to bring your choices and actions in line with these.

This is the first of three passes�Jan.27, Mar.16 and Sep.24�during which this long-term process of discovery and exploration will unfold. Top of Page

Jan.29 � Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog!


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