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Oct.22 - NEW MOON in LIBRA

Oct.22 - Mercury conjunct Jupiter (1st pass)

Oct.22-Dec.08 - Stellium in Scorpio

Oct.23 - Sun conjunct Mars

Oct.23 - Mercury square Saturn (1st pass)

Oct.23 - Sun enters Scorpio

Oct.23 - Mars enters Scorpio

Oct.24 - Venus enters Scorpio

Oct.25 - Venus conjunct Mars

Oct.25 - Jupiter square Saturn (final)

Oct.27 - Sun conjunct Venus

Oct.27 - Venus square Chiron

Oct.27 - Sun square Chiron

Oct.28 - Mercury stations Retrograde

Oct.29 - Neptune stations Direct

Oct.30 - Mars square Chiron

Oct.30 - Mercury conjunct Jupiter (2nd pass)

Nov.01 - Mercury square Saturn (2nd pass)

Nov.01 - Venus trine Uranus

Nov.03 - Sun trine Uranus



Nov.06 - Venus square Neptune

Nov.07 - Mercury retro conjunct Venus

Nov.08 - Mercury square Neptune (2nd pass)

Nov.08 - Mars trine Uranus

Nov.08 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde

Nov.09 - Sun square Neptune

Nov.11 - Mercury cnj Mars (2nd pass)

Nov.12 - Venus square Saturn

Nov.13 - Mercury trine Uranus (2nd pass)

Nov.15 - Venus conjunct Jupiter

Nov.17 - Sun square Saturn

Nov.17 - Venus enters Sagittarius

Nov.17 - Mars square Neptune

Nov.17 - Mercury stations Direct

Nov.20 - Uranus stations Direct


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Sabian Symbol for the
New Moon in Libra

28 Libra

"Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge."

Libra typically builds bridges between people through relationship and interaction. This Sabian symbol expands this concept to all of Humanity and our relationship to knowledge, reason and understanding.

Marc Edmund Jones co-creator of the Sabian symbols, interprets this symbol as making ourselves into practical instruments for our accumulated experience and the desire for "dramatization of life's potential."

Dane Rudhyar adds the idea of reaching for "knowledge transferable from generation to generation" through "the harvest of [our] conscious experiences and deliberate endeavours."

Lynda Hill points out that "there is more to wisdom than just knowing. It is what's done with the knowledge that creates wisdom."

In other words, in this New Moon cycle, we are encouraged to take our accumulated knowledge and find ways to share it so that others can benefit from it. This is especially relevant with the final Jupiter-Saturn square taking place on Oct.25.

And with both Venus and Mars intimately involved with the New Moon, it means we must find a balance between "having" and "doing." We must learn to enjoy and appreciate the value and wisdom of our accumulated experience. It is not enough to use that wisdom as a mere tool to persuade (or coerce) others into agreeing with us.

Read more about the Sabian Symbols:


November 2006

Oct.22, 1:14 AM EDT � NEW MOON in LIBRA (28:40 of LIBRA - cycle lasts until Nov.20)  (Oct.21 for North America's Mountain or Pacific time) ("What's a New Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.  Read more about the Libra side of your personality.)

The New Moon in Libra brings an encounter with love, beauty, balance and harmony! During this four week cycle we have the opportunity to explore how we balance ourselves through people, events and situations in our environment. You might find your love life becomes more romantic. Or you may decide to get a makeover to beautify yourself or someone you care about. Or you might want to redecorate your home or workplace.

The Sun-Moon conjunction (which is what a New Moon is) are tightly conjunct both Venus and Mars. This is the "fisted hand in the velvet glove!" This huddle of planets combines negotiation and competition; diplomacy and force. One example is that you might be negotiating some kind of agreement or arrangement using a cunning, artful strategy. You'll likely have to find a careful balance between aggressive force and charming compromise. There can be a distinct passive-aggressive streak running through this New Moon energy. The trouble is that kind of approach could backfire and the same hostile or controlling energy could be mirrored back to the sender � possibly in a much more direct way!

However, if overt hostility and aggression are kept within bounds, it leaves room for diplomacy, compromise and harmony to flourish � without necessarily sacrificing what is important. Passion can be expressed in artful, delightful, joyful ways. This can be a very creative time for artists and others who work with beauty. If you work closely with people, this cycle could help you get your point across with gentle but effective impact. The trick is to balance accommodation with firm boundaries, and compromise with persistence to get something of value back for what you give up.

At the New Moon, there is also a very tight Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, which sits at the apex of a T-square with the Saturn-Neptune opposition. This T-square has been hovering overhead in the skies since late August, bringing a struggle between freedom and restriction and the need to balance these with the ideals and yearnings we hold. For example, you might feel jealous or uncomfortable about someone else's pursuit of freedom and self-confidence, while you are stuck feeling discouraged, pessimistic or lethargic. Or you could be trying to realize your increased potential, only to feel you are being held back by someone or something that seems only interested in being a web blanket on your dreams.

It's very possible that you have identified with one of these energies, while someone else played out the other side � yet both of these energies are parts of you. For example, you may have felt like a freedom-fighter struggling to avoid being tied down or controlled. But a part of you may also want order and realism, and want to avoid drawing premature conclusions or falling into the trap of self-righteous arrogance. Or you might disapprove of others who make assumptions or pass judgment, yet secretly envy their ability to throw off constraints and soar with possibilities and imagination.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction happens just as the T-Square is about to disband. It is a chance to sift through your experiences of the last few months to understand all the different parts of yourself that have participated in your situation. Looking back over the last few months, what has changed in your life? What do you truly believe now in your heart of hearts about those events? Has your perspective changed since those events began? And how can you bring balance and harmony to your situation that ensures that you find peace?

These questions and their answers will unfold over the next 4 weeks, as this lunar cycle waxes and wanes. It will reach a peak and turning point at the Full Moon on Nov.05. As always, these energies may be having a greater impact on you than on other people. These transits could be acting like a lightning rod for other transits happening to your natal chart. To understand how you are being personally affected and how to work these energies to your advantage, you need to get a personal astrology reading that looks at your whole natal chart. Find out more about getting a private reading with me.

Oct.22 � Mercury conjunct Jupiter (22:52 of Scorpio - 1st pass)

This aspect can make you quite talkative and your mind flooded with ideas. Be careful you don't blurt out any secrets! Your stream of consciousness ideas can flow abundantly right now with optimism and visionary possibilities. Write down your best ideas for later development, since you may be having too much fun playing with ideas, to stop and make them manifest. Basic perceptions and simple communication can provide food for thought that feeds your greater understanding and philosophical insight. Your point of view expands to identify opportunities, possibilities and the broader implications of what is happening around you. You might get a flash of vision, insight and inspiration. You could be called upon to form an opinion, consider a different viewpoint, expand your knowledge, or make a judgement call. Your conscious awareness is open to spiritual experiences right now.

This is the first of 3 passes: Oct.22, Oct.30 and Dec.10. This pass is the emergence of the Mercury-Jupiter energy, which will unfold through the next two passes.

Oct.22 to Dec.08 � Stellium in Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter) ("What's a Stellium?")

Just in time for Halloween � a plethora of planets skulking through Scorpio! We haven't had this many planets in Scorpio at one time since 1978. Jupiter has been voyaging through Scorpio since October 2005, delving into the deep mysteries of life. And just before its rebirth into Sagittarius in late November, half of the solar system decides to get together in Scorpio and give Jupiter a graduation party!

Mercury is the first to arrive on Oct.02. Then the Sun and Moon show up after putting on the New Moon in Libra Show (Oct.22). On Oct.23, Mars swaggers in. Fashionably late Venus is the last to arrive on Oct.24 and the first to leave on Nov.17.

That means we have five planets in Scorpio for 30 straight days. And with the Moon still in Scorpio on Oct.24, that makes six planets in Scorpio on that day. That is one intense party!

And of course, as these planets move through Scorpio at different speeds, they will move into conjunction at various times, mostly while still in Scorpio

The Sun is next to leave on Nov.22, right after the New Moon in Scorpio. Jupiter makes the leap into Sagittarius on Nov.24. Mars follows on Dec.06. Mercury stays the longest because it goes retrograde in Scorpio from Oct.28 to Nov.17, and finally escapes into Sagittarius on Dec.08.

What does all this mean?? There is a deep transformation happening through this period! All the planets from the Sun out to Jupiter are aligned together � well, except for the Earth, which is on the other side of the Sun, but we don't need to get THAT technical, do we? ;-) That's still a lotta planets!

At the October New Moon we start off with a stellium in Libra, and Venus (ruler of Libra) plays the zodiacal hostess with her agenda of harmony, balance, diplomacy and mutual give-and-take. But from Oct.23 to Dec.06, Mars takes command of the skies while in his own sign of Scorpio.

That means we move from diplomatic strategy to forceful politics; from love to lust; and from negotiation and influence to control and power. This Scorpio stellium brings an intense quality into your life. This can deepen and enrich your experience of whatever you're doing during that time. But it can also bring heaviness that could overwhelm you if you aren't able to balance it out with something lighter. It's a little like eating nothing but rich food � you need something lighter and blander to keep your taste buds from overdosing!

That's why it's so important to find balance and harmony at the New Moon in Libra. This can be a powerful resource for you during the stellium in Scorpio. After spending time in the Scorpio depths, you need to be able to come back up for air with the help of some Libra lightness and grace.

In Scorpio we encounter our Shadow � the secret feelings, fears, hopes, desires and drives that lie in our psychological depths, waiting to be released and transformed. Scorpio is associated with death and rebirth. Although sometimes this leads us to cross paths with literal death in some way, more often it is about the symbolic death that must happen so that we can be transformed and renewed.

In Scorpio things often feel like they get worse before they get better. This is because you can't transform and let go of something you have not yet embraced or acknowledged. "You gotta feel it to heal it," as the saying goes. You may therefore find that some of your needs, obsessions, feelings or desires become more intense or pronounced during the stellium. This is your opportunity to work with these experiences and learn what they're really made of. Remember that nothing is ever completely good or bad, but lives somewhere in the shades of grey in between.

As you expand your awareness of those feelings, reactions, impulses and drives, you can gradually move into a position of empowerment where you can make conscious, healthy choices about them. If you're finding this is a difficult journey, it can be an excellent time to seek out extra guidance and support. Depending on how difficult it is for you, you might want to consult a therapist, counsellor, spiritual advisor, professional astrologer or even a crisis hotline.

For more about the Scorpio stellium, read below about the planetary conjunctions in Scorpio and how each planet's energy is coloured by being in Scorpio.

Oct.23 � Sun conjunct Mars (29:43 of Libra)

This transit gives you energy to burn! However, that energy could be productive or volatile, or even both. You are likely to be a lot more motivated and enthusiastic about whatever you do. But you could also be more impulsive, distracted and erratic too. Anger can flare quickly, and if you don't try to control it or hang onto it, it can pass just as quickly. Sexual energy or desire may be high now, which can be fun to take advantage of, but could also get you into trouble if you don't use some good judgment about who, when or where to act on that desire. This transit represents a new beginning in how you use and work with your energy -- physical, emotional, spiritual and motivational energy. It can be a great time to initiate new goals, or to set plans into motion. It may be easier to stand up for what you believe -- to assert yourself, to confront someone or to express yourself in ways that you had previously been inhibited. It takes practice and awareness to learn to tell your genuine impulses (that reflect and express who you are) from unconscious motives (that may be passive-aggressive, manipulative or hostile). This transit could give you an opportunity to observe both sides of this potent energy.

Oct.23 � Mercury square Saturn (23:22 of Scorpio/Leo - 1st pass)

Your thoughts, ideas and communication need to become structured, rational and discreet, although this may not be easy to achieve. You may have to work extra hard to get your point across now, since others might be resistant to your ideas or may not be familiar with the basic concepts. It is a time to be clear, objective and down-to-earth in your communication and thinking, but equally important to do this without going overboard and becoming rigid, autocratic or over-cautious. If you find yourself stuck in a "glass half empty" frame of mind, you might be sagging under the weight of melancholy ...Or, it might mean you are coming to terms with some hard realities and decisions and feeling the gravity of the implications. But also check to be sure you're not taking yourself and your situation too seriously. By applying your best efforts, this can be a very productive time, especially with anything involving communication, writing, organising or logic.

This is the first of 3 passes: Oct.23, Nov.01 and Dec.04. This pass reveals an emerging theme about the Mercury-Saturn energy, which will unfold through the next two passes.

Oct.23 � Sun enters Scorpio (until Nov.22)

Happy Solar Return to all Scorpios! While the Sun is in Scorpio, we all get to explore our passions and probe the secrets within our depths. There is an intensity to the Scorpio experience that goes right to the core, and Scorpio challenges you to take a closer look at how that intensity manifests in your psyche. What are you passionate about and what fires up that passion? What events and experiences have brought you to "rock bottom" and then turned the tide to rejuvenate you back to a new lease on life? What people, causes, beliefs or physical things are so important to you that you would even risk death for? What secrets do you harbour inside, even from yourself? Posing these hypothetical questions doesn't mean you'll bring it on! But doing so can help you tap into the Scorpio experience to understand better how you experience transformation and touch the deepest heart of life itself. The danger is in becoming so obsessed with your passion that you neglect the practical realities. Or, you could become stuck in the "dark side" of transformation and letting go of the old, that you forget that figurative death and transformation are meant to lead into rebirth in order to complete the cycle. During this time, celebrate the endings in your life. Honour the hard times when you have had to face painful losses. And take passionate pleasure in the things that pull you out of your routines and make you feel alive. In some way, they have all allowed you to survive, thrive and grow.

Oct.23 � Mars enters Scorpio (until Dec.06)

Mars now swaggers through Scorpio -- its own sign, by traditional rulerships. Our impulses, willpower and forceful intent are more likely to be intense, passionate and controlled (or controlling) under this transit. Sexual energy may run high, although this may be a hunger for emotional intimacy and deep closeness, as much as it is a drive to satisfy a physical urge. Jealousy, anger and revenge may be more easily triggered, since passionate feelings and instincts are closer to the surface and may be harder to keep under discreet control. This can also be a time of potent creative and transformative energy, since the same emotions and drives that can be so destructive can also provide fuel for powerful self-expression and growth. This energy can also provide a formidable resource when used to fight for a cause -- just be sure that the cause (and your methods of fighting for it) are consistent with your ethics, principles and integrity.

Oct.24 � Venus enters Scorpio (until Nov.17)

Venus is the planet of relationships, interaction, beauty, pleasure and material resources. She struts through Scorpio with attitude! As a result, we may experience sensuality, sexuality and intimacy in a more intense, in-your-face kind of way. You might feel the need to establish a better balance of power with others that is pleasant and even-handed on the surface but also deals with the more gritty or intense energy that tends to lurk under the surface. It may be easier to attract what (or who) you want now, by focusing your intent and interest on the object of your affection and desire. However, there can also be a danger of becoming manipulative, controlling or devious to get what you want. Strive to become centred in your deepest heart's desire through steadfast self-honesty. Aim to avoid becoming obsessed with power, wealth or lust so that you lose sight of your true light inside. This is a good transit to take joy in your instinctive nature.

Oct.25 � Venus conjunct Mars (1:03 of Scorpio)

Diplomacy and harmony combine with forcefulness and enthusiasm under this transit. How you experience the results will depend in part on which you value more -- winning (Mars dominant) or resolution (Venus dominant). One possibility is being able to negotiate agreements with others in assertive ways; another possibility is being able to confront others with gentleness and diplomacy. The courage to act could become either blunted or enhanced by an increased sensitivity to how your actions could affect others. Your ability to negotiate a diplomatic solution to a problem might be sabotaged by impatience, frustration or too much directness -- or that same forcefulness might help by keeping things from getting bogging down or by injecting an infectious enthusiasm to the discussion. Although the effects could look very different in various situations, the best results will likely be found by using the best of both of these opposite energies.

Oct.25 � Jupiter square Saturn (23:32 of Scorpio/Leo)

This is the final of three passes of this transit (Dec.17.2005, Jun.22.2006 and Oct.25.2006). Jupiter and Saturn have a very long combined cycle�20 years! This aspect is the quarter-way mark (waxing square) of that cycle, which began with the conjunction in Taurus back in 2000. At this stage of the cycle, you are challenged to make a deeper commitment to long-term projects, goals and growth that have emerged in your life since 2000. It is a time to evaluate your development since then.

"What development?" you might ask. Five years is a long time to think back and compare to the present day! At that time you might have experienced the end of some of your hopes and dreams, although this would have cleared the way for new ones. These new hopes and dreams are starting to take shape now � and with them, the reality of what it will take to make them happen.

For example, around 2000 you might have found your spiritual beliefs, practices and faith changing, perhaps to bring them more in line with your personal circumstances and goals. You might have felt a struggle between the desire for freedom, ease and comfort versus the responsibility, discipline and hard work that was required to support that freedom. Or, you might have begun a new direction of learning (like taking a course), or you might have started to share your knowledge and wisdom with others (like teaching or writing).

So, think back to 2000 and the far-reaching desire for change that was starting to emerge in your life then. What has changed in your life since then? What has happened as a result of that change? Where are you now in the long-term process that has unfolded since then? And where would you like to be in another five years on this journey?

This is a turning point in that 20-year process that challenges you to ask: Is this really what I want? Will the end results be worth the effort? Do I need to make adjustments, or do I want to change my direction altogether? It's still early enough in the long-term process that this can be done. Have you clearly defined what your goal is? What is your next step toward that goal? Is there something holding you back from taking that step? And what kind of inspiration, knowledge, faith or optimism do you need to carry you beyond this point? What people or resources could help you clarify and sustain your journey?

This turning point has been slowly taking place throughout this year. What observations have you made about how your life has changed in the last 5 years? What decisions have you made about where you want to be 5 years from now?

If you have been making major changes and decisions in your life this year, a personal astrology reading can give you perspective and focus. A private reading gives you much more specific information to help you get clear about where you want to go in your life and how to get there.

Oct.27 � Sun conjunct Venus (4:10 of Scorpio)

Your ability to radiate an aura of love, pleasure and beauty is very strong right now. You have the ability to soothe the rough edges -- both your own and others' -- and to spread joy and love around you. You are more able to come across in a diplomatic, gentle and easy-going way. This can also enable you to glide through tricky interactions with others with strategic finesse, as well as to negotiate through difficult conflicts with ease (at least, relatively speaking). Your ability to attract your heart's desire to you is especially strong right now...so be careful what you ask for! This is a good time to take a look at your choices, to see how much you are living according to your values and how much your values bring joy and satisfaction into your life. Relationships may also be on your mind, either looking for someone new in your life or rekindling an existing one. This could apply to committed intimate relationships, business partnerships or close friendships. Your focus could be pointed at acquiring material abundance, gathering resources or cultivating self-worth. You are as beautiful and as prosperous as you feel!

Oct.27 � Venus square Chiron (4:33 of Scorpio/Aquarius)

You may be forced to make adjustments to relationships and/or finances now, as you face situations in these areas that just don't want to balance out the way you want them to. You may feel a bit like you're in a catch-22 (no-win situation), where the more you try to find balance and harmony, the more you feel like you're chasing your own tail around in circles. This is a time when healing in relationships and financial problems may be difficult to obtain. Harmony in these areas can seem impossible or blocked, yet it is still necessary to keep trying. By trying anyway, it may be possible to find a solution that meets your needs, even if it may not be what you wanted, hoped for or expected. Strive to find a creative solution that draws on your best side.

Oct.27 � Sun square Chiron (4:33 of Scorpio/Aquarius)

Your self-confidence and patience may be a bit strained right now, stretched by the urge to break free of chronic constraints. Motivation and self-esteem may seem to sag and suffer from old problems that you thought were resolved. This is probably because you are seeing "the flaws in the system" that are preventing you from getting the results you want. It will help to take a fresh approach to your situation. You may need to let go of what you think the results "should be" or how they should come to you. Be open to getting what you want in a different form than you were expecting. You may have to work extra hard for results now, especially if it means having to find a different route to success. If it seems like a door of opportunity has closed, look for an unexpected advantage or hidden alternative. This could allow you to tap into other opportunities that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

Oct.28 � Mercury stationary Retrograde (25:04 of Scorpio - until Nov.17) ("What does Retrograde mean?"  "What's Mercury Retrograde?"  Read more about Mercury Retrograde.  "What's a Station?"  Read more about Stations.)

Mercury now goes retrograde for the next 3-3� weeks. For up to a week before and after today (when the retrograde station happens), you may experience intensity, frustration, confusion, or feel like you're bogging down in your progress. Mercury retrograde is typically a time when it is necessary to rethink, rehash, reflect, and tie up loose ends, rather than begin new ventures. It is typical for new insight to emerge later in the retrograde cycle that you didn't anticipate, which can change the whole picture. Because of this, it is usually advised to avoid making final, permanent decisions during this time (e.g., signing contracts or putting new projects into action). However, it is an excellent time to do your homework, fact-finding and research in preparation for major decisions that may best be put off until after Mercury goes direct. In the meantime, expect the unexpected, leave extra time to do whatever you're doing, and hang out in your intuitive, creative, non-rational mind for a while until Mercury goes direct again.

With Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio, you may find you are extra sensitive to the undercurrents around you, especially the energy in other people that pushes your buttons and might make you feel "on guard." Attempts to voice your concerns or perceptions to them might not be well received, since you may be picking up on something they are not aware of (and would rather you weren't either). But it is ultimately possible to control only ourselves. You are therefore challenged to look into your own "shadow"�the part of yourself that lives in your internal blind spot. Take a long look at yourself, your motives and assumptions, which may reveal issues in need of some intense self-honesty. Initially you might feel wary of people or situations outside of yourself, but regardless of how real the objective circumstances might be, there is likely something in the dynamic that lies within yourself. It will help to shine a light into your unconscious to reveal how you are playing a role in the situation. This can transform mental defensiveness into true empowerment by shifting your perception of events, allowing you to choose a different response and therefore a different outcome.

Oct.29 � Neptune stationary Direct (17:02 of Aquarius) ("What's a Station?"  Read more about Stations.)

Neptune now turns direct, after being retrograde since May.22. For up to a week before and after this date, you might feel a bit dreamy, disconnected, depressed, sluggish or scatter-brained. The Neptune energy takes you into a non-rational, intuitive place and can stir up feelings and issues from the unconscious. Vivid dreams could give you insight into situations you have been wrestling with, and your intuitive sensitivity might seem to come out of nowhere. Or you might experience the opposite�your dreams elude you and you feel cut off from your usual intuitive sense. What is happening is that your "right-brain" (intuitive, creative, non-rational, faith-oriented) is passing the torch to your "left-brain" (rational, logical, linear, practical), and you can get caught in the whirlpool of transition. Try not to control the process, but allow it to carry you and point you in a different direction. The learning you have gathered over the last five months or so�related to spirituality, longing, inspiration, creativity, imagination, fantasy, divination and intuition�can now start to be applied more directly in your life over the next few months. It may be possible to channel your experience into a creative form�possibly artistic, but definitely creating something new out of what has been, which can ultimately be healing and uplifting.

Oct.30 � Mars square Chiron (4:36 of Scorpio/Aquarius)

 It may be time to confront issues in your life that involve how/why you get hurt by others, how you yourself hurt others, and how healing can take place in either of these situations. Your awareness of this may due to a conflict in your life, but this can be a valuable learning experience for you, more-so than usual. Part of the problem may be that you need to tread your own path but are avoiding this for whatever reasons -- perhaps circumstances compel you to satisfy others' expectations, or perhaps you are still struggling to muster the courage to find and walk your own path. Whatever the reasons, this transit may give you a push that will help to steer you in a healing direction, possibly by showing you how and why the path you have been on does not lead to where you want to go. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take some time out from the stress to get re-centered and grounded.

Oct.30 � Mercury Retrograde conjunct Jupiter (24:41 of Scorpio - 2nd pass)

This aspect can make you quite talkative and your mind flooded with ideas. Be careful you don't blurt out any secrets! Your stream of consciousness ideas can flow abundantly right now with optimism and visionary possibilities. Write down your best ideas for later development, since you may be having too much fun playing with ideas, to stop and make them manifest. Basic perceptions and simple communication can provide food for thought that feeds your greater understanding and philosophical insight. Your point of view expands to identify opportunities, possibilities and the broader implications of what is happening around you. You might get a flash of vision, insight and inspiration. You could be called upon to form an opinion, consider a different viewpoint, expand your knowledge, or make a judgement call. Your conscious awareness is open to spiritual experiences right now.

This is the second of 3 passes: Oct.22, Oct.30 and Dec.10. This pass shows the issues that need to be changed, reconsidered or explored more deeply.

Nov.01 � Mercury Retrograde square Saturn (23:59 of Scorpio/Leo - 2nd pass)

Your thoughts, ideas and communication need to become structured, rational and discreet, although this may not be easy to achieve. You may have to work extra hard to get your point across now, since others might be resistant to your ideas or may not be familiar with the basic concepts. It is a time to be clear, objective and down-to-earth in your communication and thinking, but equally important to do this without going overboard and becoming rigid, autocratic or over-cautious. If you find yourself stuck in a "glass half empty" frame of mind, you might be sagging under the weight of melancholy ...Or, it might mean you are coming to terms with some hard realities and decisions and feeling the gravity of the implications. But also check to be sure you're not taking yourself and your situation too seriously. By applying your best efforts, this can be a very productive time, especially with anything involving communication, writing, organising or logic.

This is the second of 3 passes: Oct.23, Nov.01 and Dec.04. This pass shows the blocks and limitations to be overcome, or hard work that needs to be done. Prepare before you act.

Nov.01 � Venus trine Uranus (10:57 of Scorpio/Pisces)

Spontaneity and liberation burst into your relationships, finances, resources and pleasures. You might feel compelled to try something completely different that shakes up the "same-old-same-old" routines you're used to. The upside is that you have the opportunity to break free of some old habits and breathe some fresh air into your life. But the downside could come in the form of impulse spending beyond your budget, or recklessness in your interactions and relationships. Strive to break free of what holds you back from being your true self, without destroying the structure of order in your life.

Nov.03 � Sun Trine Uranus (10:56 of Scorpio/Pisces)

You are more open than usual to spontaneity, surprises and "flying by the seat of your pants!" Your sense of humour and fun are let loose during this transit, as is your ability to break out of old outworn habits. You may get a flash of insight, a burst of courage or a surge of inspiration under this transit. The spirit of who you are can become released now, possibly leading to you behaving a bit "out of character." It's a great time to try new things and experiment with something that's out of character for you. In fact, it may be surprising how easy it is to break out of your usual routine...so much so, that it's good to be careful not to be too reckless under this transit. If your self-confidence, self-expression or self-esteem have been stifled or dampened lately, these could come flying out rather erratically, carelessly or chaotically. Strive to have fun pushing the envelope without ripping it. ;-) 

Nov.05, 7:58 AM EST � FULL MOON in TAURUS (12:58 of Taurus/Scorpio) (Nov.06 in UK and Europe) ("What's a Full Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.  Read more about the Taurus side of your personality.)

By now we have literally half the solar system in Scorpio! And the Full Moon in Taurus opposes most of them. That makes this one very intense and powerful Full Moon!

 12 Taurus: A porter carrying heavy baggage.

Sabian Symbol for the
Full Moon in Taurus

12 Taurus

"A porter carrying heavy baggage."

This symbol can be interpreted many different ways. Dane Rudhyar (An Astrological Mandala) talks about mobilizing our ambition and strength for the rewards they bring. Marc Edmund Jones (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology) speaks of the joy in hard work and depending on our own inner strengths and resources. Lynda Hill (360 Degrees of Wisdom) says the symbol refers to helping others, shouldering burdens (theirs or ours) and perhaps not feeling appreciated for our efforts.

This image certainly illustrates the idea of the "baggage" we carry (especially of a Scorpio nature, because that sign is heavily involved in this Full Moon). For example: unresolved anger, old grudges, hidden fears and secret jealousies. On a more positive note, our "baggage" might also consist of driving motivation, passionate dreams and the quest to live in joy and pleasure. Or we might be driven by a deep need to relieve others from their "baggage."

This "baggage" reflects the values and resources we draw on, be they healthy and fortifying or self-sabotaging and toxic. This Full Moon and the next two weeks (until the next New Moon) challenge us to examine what we carry inside of us and what fuels our motives and desires. And with Scorpio so involved in this Full Moon, it suggests that it is time to shed some of that "baggage" that doesn't sustain us but only slows us down.

Read more about the Sabian Symbols:


The Full Moon in Taurus brings us to an awareness of our physical existence � our bodies, our physical senses, our possessions, money, and our values. Taurus is where we find basic pleasure and enjoyment of the world around us. Our "creature comforts." In Taurus we find simplicity, practicality and tranquility. To celebrate your Taurus side, indulge your senses! Get a luxurious massage. Or go shopping for something to pamper yourself with. Or spend time just relaxing out in nature somewhere.

However, this is no ordinary Taurus Full Moon! It also acts as a projection point for all those planets in Scorpio. (You can read more about the Stellium in Scorpio in the Low-Down for Oct.22.) With Taurus bringing you more into your body awareness, the depth, passion and intensity of Scorpio could easily emerge through your body. For instance, emotional intensity might be felt as physical stress. Passionate desires could be revealed through sensual sensitivity. The true essence of our feelings may be communicated as much through body language as our words.

Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs and will tend to bring out opposite impulses in us. The Taurus side of us seeks tranquility and peace, while the Scorpio side of us strives for passionate heat! Our Taurus nature usually wants tangible results for the hard work we do, whereas our Scorpio side values emotional satisfaction. Therefore, at the Full Moon you may feel a tug of war between the need for rest and relaxation to recharge your batteries, versus the desire for emotional intensity to make you feel alive again.

Neptune forms a T-square to the Taurus-Scorpio opposition, deepening the aura of mystery and magic! Our unconscious is very close to the surface now. The feelings, longings and impulses that lie in our hidden depths could erupt at the surface in ways we don't expect. It's possible to perceive something different than what is really there, as part of your mind is in a dream. For example, you might be intimately attracted to someone but find out later that you were mostly seeing the projection of a fantasy of what you hoped the person would be. It's a good time to do a "reality check" before taking action on anything important.

This is underscored by the fact that Mercury is retrograde now, which can distort or confuse your perceptions. With Mercury sitting squarely on the Venus-Jupiter midpoint, it is especially a time when situations can look promising but your judgment might be a bit skewed. Your hopes and dreams about romantic or financial potential could run high during this time. However, it's wise to take your time before making final decisions. And remember that if it looks to good to be true, it very likely is. Either way, your perceptions are reflecting something important about who you are deep down, which is another form of riches that the Taurus Moon can bring.

This can bring out a lot of creativity, inspiration and appreciation of beauty in surprising, unconventional or unusual ways. Uranus in Pisces forms a Wedge aspect configuration to the Sun-Moon opposition. This provides a liberating, impulsive, innovative and/or technological outlet for all that Scorpio-Taurus passion and pleasure. For example, you could be drawn to Internet dating to find someone who can get your passion sizzling. Or you might decide to do something completely out of character to break free of a deadlocked power struggle.

This Full Moon encourages you to discover your passion and then find ways to commit it to action. However, sometimes passion can get lost in disenchantment or responsibilities or melancholy. Finding your passion can sometimes mean finding out what's blocking it and dealing with that first so that your passion flows freely. Or maybe you need the world to mirror back a richness of experience that gives you confidence to believe in yourself. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective and some new ideas to inspire you. Or, if you're having trouble tapping into your passion in a positive way, it can help to get another perspective or to talk about what's going on.

Either way, talk to someone you feel comfortable with who can be a sounding board or a resource for new insights. A personal astrology reading can be a valuable resource, providing new inspiration, fresh ideas and confidential support.

Nov.06 � Venus square Neptune (17:03 of Scorpio/Aquarius)

Money, material resources, relationships and pleasure could be subject to confusion, deception, or unrealistic wishful thinking under this transit. It may seem that what you thought you had (love, friendship, pleasure, money, resources) has suddenly disappeared or isn't as dependable as you thought it was. You might feel disappointed, disillusioned, sad or alone, but this is more likely to be a passing phase than a serious crisis. The question is: what are your secret longings and subtle desires that may be operating unconsciously? These could be clouding your ability to relate to people and situations in your life. Old addictions, depression or idealism may surface as way of dealing with feelings. A better outlet would be to channel your feelings and experiences into creativity, beauty, inspiration and compassion; for example, art, music or helping others.

Nov.07 � Mercury Retrograde conjunct Venus (17:55 of Scorpio)

Social connections, diplomatic communication and receptive awareness mark this transit. It can be a great time to negotiate contracts or agreements because the communication can usually flow easily. Focus your awareness on achieving a mutual balance between you and the other person. A win-win solution is especially easy to achieve now -- so much so, in fact, that it might be tempting to only say what you think the other person wants to hear (which may or may not be wise). This can also be a time of appreciating and expressing beauty, pleasure and sensuality. If there's someone you want to get closer to (in terms of romance, friendship, business, partnership, or even an adversary!), talking gently and listening receptively can be the key that unlocks the door. You may also get new creative ideas from your interactions with people or from observing them.

This is the only pass of this transit during this Mercury retrograde cycle.

Nov.08 � Mercury Retrograde square Neptune (17:04 of Scorpio/Aquarius - 2nd pass)

Your mental focus may be a bit clouded, confused or lethargic right now, as your conscious mind struggles to grasp the formless, limitless expanse of the Universe and the unconscious. You may experience some disillusionment or disappointment, in your observations or communication with others. However, what is flowing under the surface of events right now is the need to dissolve away the crust of old expectations that blocks your view from seeing a greater Truth. If you're feeling off-balance, try to listen more than you talk, so that you can be receptive to your inner sensitivity. Left-brain analysis might be difficult to work with right now unless you balance it with a lot of right-brain intuition. You may have to let go of a rigid mindset, or give up what you think you understand about a situation in your life, in order to open yourself to a new perspective that is difficult to define but is ultimately in the best interest of your spiritual growth.

This is the second of 3 passes: Oct.15, Nov.08 and Nov.28. This pass may show the illusions or ideals you carry, which need to be acknowledged and adjusted. A creative outlet could be powerful.

Nov.08 � Mars trine Uranus (10:52 of Scorpio/Pisces)

 This is a very high energy time, although not necessarily predictable or reliable. Your energy may come in spurts or in response to situations that don't normally affect you very much. You may find an upsurge of daring and confidence that seem to come out of nowhere. Or your sexual desire might suddenly come alive. This transit can inspire motivation that is spontaneous, sudden or unexpected. It might make your physical or emotional energy fluctuate or feel a bit "wired." However, it can also give a burst of courage and drive that can propel you out of a rut or inspire you to break free of limitations. Freedom, liberation and asserting your individuality are key areas that can ignite this energy. You might also find yourself involved in group activities, possibly in a leadership role or in a way that your ideas have a greater effect than usual on others.

Nov.08 � Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde (16:20 of Scorpio)

When the Sun conjoins Mercury Retrograde, there is a new beginning in the areas of awareness, communication, use of information and exchange of ideas. This may or may not be heralded by a recognisable event or experience, although for a day or two your consciousness may shift. Your awareness and mental concentration may take a dip into the unconscious, becoming unusually murky and muddy, or it may rise into ultra-consciousness and become suddenly clear and lucid (afterwards returning to the usual Mercury retrograde fog). A new awareness or perspective on what has unfolded during the retrograde cycle thus far may surface now, or an unworkable attitude or perception of these events may fall apart under the weight of new information. This shift of awareness may be obvious or subtle, sudden or gradual, but this transit marks a turning point in the Mercury retrograde cycle. It also marks a time when mental awareness often goes further underground, for the rest of the retrograde period, making it a little harder to operate objectively and rationally in the outside world. Spend some time in your right-brain, intuitive, non-rational mind, which can coax your mental creativity and inventiveness to the surface.

Nov.09 � Sun square Neptune (17:04 of Scorpio/Aquarius)

Your ideals, hopes and wishful thinking may loom a little too large during this time, making you prone to disappointment and disillusionment. You might want a fantasy or dream to come true so much that you disconnect from the reality that seems to be in the way -- only to find that the obstacle was serving a positive purpose after all. Your imagination may be very active now, but not easy to control or balance with reality. However, it can be a very creative time if you're able to harness that imagination for productive use. Unconscious urges and longings may be especially close to the surface, so you have an opportunity to learn more about the hidden forces that drive you (and perhaps distort your view of the world around you). Spiritually, you might discover that your yearning for enlightenment is not the straightforward path you had hoped for, but it can be just as valuable (although disappointing) to discover what is *not* your best path. Emotionally you may feel a bit overwhelmed, discouraged or confused. On the plus side, you have an opportunity to observe a deeper part of you, which is usually camouflaged against the distracting background of day-to-day life. There is tremendous creative, spiritual and healing potential to be found by listening to and working with the inner voices from those depths.

Nov.11 � Mercury Retrograde conjunct Mars (12:54 of Scorpio - 2nd pass)

Spontaneous or impulsive words may come flying out of your mouth under this transit! If you've been struggling to keep opinions or observations to yourself, you might find it hard to keep them quiet, especially if you feel strongly about the situation. You might see things as more "cut and dried" than usual. Although you might feel frustrated if things don't happen in a direct, quick, straightforward way, it can also be a good time to make decisions and move forward with plans. On one hand, this can have a positive effect because it can give you courage to speak your mind and assert yourself candidly and honestly. On the other hand, you might also come across as abrupt, cranky, argumentative or even downright hostile, especially if you've been stuffing down anger or resentment for a while. This transit represents a new beginning in how you can handle self-assertiveness, communication and decision-making. By "listening to" your impulses, passions and urge to speak your truth, you can get an idea how your "inner voice" wants to emerge -- and how to do that without annihilating the other person.   ;-)

This is the second of 3 passes: Sep.15, Nov.11 and Dec.09. You may see your passion, anger and enthusiasm erupt to the surface now - or your need to bring these qualities out. Aim for assertiveness, not aggression, and motivation, not recklessness.

Nov.12 � Venus square Saturn (24:35 of Scorpio/Leo)

Finances, relationships, social contacts and/or pleasures may seem blocked or require extra effort right now. Manifesting your desires may require added hard work, but this struggle could also bring you closer to your goals. It may feel like there is a huge rock blocking your path that keeps you from fulfilling your heart's desire. It may be necessary to face some difficult aspect of your situation before it is possible to know how to proceed. This is ultimately a problem to be solved by confronting that which is unrealistic, unworkable, or just not in your best interest. This can also be a time when you arrive at a crossroads and must make some firm choices, or when circumstances might force you to change your direction. This transit can make your choice clear, although it might not be the one you hoped for.

Nov.13 � Mercury Retrograde trine Uranus (10:50 of Scorpio/Pisces - 2nd pass)

Unusual ideas, flashes of insight, and seeing unexpected possibilities, are all part of this transit. You may find it easier to be open-minded right now, especially about insights that have eluded you. Your ability to see beyond your usual horizon of perception can bring visionary brainwaves, as well as a fun sense of humour. You might be inspired to experiment with something new or do something out of character. You might have an impulse to break free of old habits or constraints. This can be a very liberating transit that opens your mind to new possibilities and ideas. However, be careful that you don't become so liberated and spontaneous that you become erratic, hyper or reckless. Words may come tumbling out of your mouth before you've had a chance to consider their wisdom, or you might find yourself talking non-stop and interrupting, creating a bit of awkwardness in those around you. On the other hand, you might also find the clarity and vision that gives you the words to speak your truth with new conviction. It's a great time to do some writing or other form of self-expression, especially if it's spontaneous or involving technology.

This is the second of 3 passes: Oct.10, Nov.13 and Nov.22. You may find courage to break free of old limitations and habits, and discover ways to move forward in situations where you are stuck. This energy is best used to capture the vision of what is possible, but keep things flexible until after Nov.17.

Nov.15 � Venus conjunct Jupiter (28:09 of Scorpio)

Romance is in the air, harmony is reflected in everything around you, and love and beauty abound! This can be a time of sweet mercy, pleasure and peace, both personally and in relationships. It can also be a time when your ability to attract money, resources and rewards into your life are especially strong. You might consider indulging in a lottery ticket! Or maybe treating yourself to some creature comforts, like a massage or a double chocolate brownie or anything that gets the endorphins flowing! Unfortunately, this can also be a time when you are prone to over-indulge in pleasures or overestimate your resources. By all means enjoy this lovely feel-good energy, but it's also wise to keep your "addictions" in check. Don't entirely disregard your diet, your budget or your realism in relationships.

Nov.17 � Sun square Saturn (24:44 of Scorpio/Leo)

It is necessary for you to come to grips with limitations, boundaries or expectations. If you have been avoiding some task or obligation, this transit might bring consequences from that avoidance or a warning of consequences to come. You might also encounter a situation that requires you to accept unwanted responsibility or restricts your freedom in some way. You might be faced with some part of your life being pruned back, either to rein in something that is out of control or to make room for new growth. This is likely to be more or less stressful depending on how comfortable you are dealing with responsibility, authority, limits and hard work. If you have a hard time with authority issues, you might find yourself in conflict with someone in authority under this transit -- perhaps in part because your buttons are getting pushed. On the other hand, this could also be a time when you are challenged to take action or make a decision that involves taking on more responsibility. It is also a time when you may have to find better ways to deal with personal boundaries -- accepting others' or learning to assert your own. You're bumping up against reality, so try to work constructively with it, not hurl yourself against it.

Nov.17 � Venus enters Sagittarius (until Dec.11)

Venus focuses her passion on truth-seeking, philosophical exploration, a lust for knowledge, spiritual intimacy, music in foreign languages and multicultural social discourse. It is a time to explore the meaning that your close relationships bring to your life, and the value that you bring to the Significant Others in your life. It is also a time when you might seek to increase your income (or your spending -- careful!) and expand your potential for material wealth and self-worth. You will likely find that negotiations, interactions and transactions work best when you apply spiritual values to them and keep the big picture in mind. You may also find yourself involved with people and transactions that involve other countries, cultures, languages and travel. There could be a teaching-learning element in your dealings with people, so aim for the highest good of all concerned.

Nov.17 � Mars square Neptune (17:08 of Scorpio/Aquarius)

For up to a week before and after today, you have a chance to discover and work with your blind spots and the hidden motives that trip you up. It may feel like you are spinning your wheels or "shadow-boxing" and not even sure why. You may be fighting a hidden agenda or unconscious motives (yours or someone else's). You might also be trying to apply a concrete solution to an ambiguous situation, and then wondering why it isn't working very well. Responding to conflicts in a passive-aggressive or manipulative way can be tempting under this transit, since you may not know how to take direct and effective action. Resentment might become a defiant way to express toothless anger. Part of the problem may be that you are fighting against your own idealism, and resisting the acceptance that the other person or situation can't be the way you want them to be. Feelings of disappointment or helplessness may trigger much deeper feelings from your unconscious, making it difficult for you to know how to respond effectively in the here-and-now. It will probably help to work on owning your feelings, needs, longings and (hidden) agendas. Being honest with yourself about what's really going on inside you will go a long way toward increasing your empowerment.

Nov.17 � Mercury stations Direct (9:05 of Scorpio)

For up to a week before and after today, you may experience mental intensity, confusion, and miscommunications or changes in your outlook. Mercury is taking a slow turn to resume his direction motion, officially changing direction today. Mercury has been retrograde since Oct.28, urging you to rethink and rehash things that have required some fine-tuning or revision. This can be a time when a clear decision starts to emerge from issues you've been struggling with during the retrograde period. Or, it might turn your perspective around so that you're seeing your situation fresh again. Over the next couple of weeks, while Mercury is still in the Shadow, your brain may feel a bit like it's waking up after a deep sleep. It is now time to gradually put into practice the learning you've gained from your retrograde dreams and moonlight visions. It will take time to get fully back into sync with the Mercury direct energy. So, take it slow, one step at a time, and untangle yourself one strand at a time.

Nov.20 � Uranus stations Direct (10:49 of Pisces)

This is often a turning point in situations involving the issues of spontaneity, freedom, breaking free of old patterns, rebellion and expressing your personal uniqueness. It could feel a bit chaotic or erratic�or perhaps just spontaneous and exciting�for up to a week before and after this date. However, Uranus' ultimate agenda is to clear the way for your true spirit to manifest in your life. You may experience unexpected changes, flashes of insight, or disruption of established situations that aren't working well (which might include computers, Internet, mass media, groups, friends or future plans). This can be the awakening of a new perspective, to be brought into a clearer focus through open-mindedness and being willing to try new things. 

Next Update: NEW MOON in SCORPIO - November 20, 2006. Please check back on Nov.20.

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