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February 2007

For the New Moon Cycle in Capricorn:
Jan.18 to Feb.17, 2007

Jan.18, 10:59 PM EST � NEW MOON in CAPRICORN (28:41) ("What's a New Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.)

Although this New Moon is in Capricorn, the focus is really on the relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius. We have a strong planetary presence in both signs, including a growing Stellium in Aquarius. Sun, Moon and Mars are in Capricorn, with exalted Mars being especially strong and empowered in that sign. We also have Mercury and Chiron in Aquarius, along with a very tight Venus-Neptune conjunction in that sign. So in order to understand the energy for this New Moon cycle, we need to examine how Capricorn and Aquarius are similar, different and how they work together.

Capricorn is about authority, responsibility, infrastructure and our place in society. It is about being conventional, ordered, predictable and following the rules. Aquarius seems to be the antithesis of Capricorn! It is associated with rebellion, revolution, eccentricity, innovation and originality. It includes the ways that we break away from convention and liberate ourselves from the pigeon holes that mainstream society (and Capricorn) tends to slot us into.

Surprisingly, both of these signs are traditionally ruled by the same planet: Saturn. In the modern western perspective, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, although I don't believe this invalidates traditional rulerships. So we could say that Aquarius is co-ruled by both Saturn and Uranus.

How on earth can these signs work together?? It's certainly an "interesting" mix! And yet, in an ironic way, the rebellion and nonconformity of Aquarius wouldn't be possible without the stability and structure of Capricorn. Aquarian disruption requires the solidity of Capricorn to have something to push against. Aquarius typically seeks to reform and restructure what is there, not to destroy it. Aquarius is about creative chaos � not because it is simply allergic to order but because it sees a higher order, a different kind of order, which is not usually possible under Capricorn.

Aquarius is associated with groups � clubs, friends, associates, organisations, societies, etc. Anyone who has studied group dynamics knows that groups have a lively undercurrent of change and an evolution that takes on a life of its own. It draws from the individuals within the group, and yet is greater than the sum of its parts. The structure of group-oriented Aquarius is more volatile, changeable, spontaneous and seemingly chaotic than Capricorn's ordered, stable, hierarchical formation, but each is based on some kind of organising principle in its own way.

Both signs are also about endings, but also about growth. Capricorn will prune back old growth to make room for new development, and that cycle of pruning and re-growth keeps things healthy. Aquarius takes a structure that has become too locked into itself and breaks it apart so it can be put back together in a more flexible, spacious way. Aquarius seeks to restructure the prevailing reality, so that what had been left out can now be included. Thus, Aquarius pays special attention to the "underdog" and to the people, ideas and experiences that often lie outside Capricorn's traditional boundaries.

As with all of astrology (and life!), the advantages and benefits are counterbalanced by disadvantages and a "down side." Capricorn energy can become so focused on stability and order that it may lose sight of the fact that lack of change is unhealthy and eventually chokes the life out of the very thing it has spent so much time developing. And Aquarius can reach so far beyond the conventional tried-and-true conventions that the underlying organisation falls apart more than was intended.

This New Moon cycle embraces both the balance and the conflict of these two signs. To add to this already volatile mix, we also have the first of three passes of Jupiter square Uranus. And the New Moon sits on the midpoint between the two, so this is a strong energy that will be present throughout this lunar cycle.

Jupiter has the upper hand, being very strongly placed in Sagittarius right now. Our ideals, principles and beliefs may need to be shaken up a bit in order to grow and reach beyond our ego's way of seeing things. But it's easy to assume that what we see and believe is right � that there is one right answer and we've got it. Uranus challenges us to open our minds to a level of diversity that doesn't need to exclude that which is different. Something that works for one person doesn't have to negate or invalidate what works for someone else. For example, higher ideals and striving for perfection can co-exist with our personal experiences and ego-based needs.

So what does this mean to us in the coming lunar cycle? We are challenged to examine and experiment with the in-between areas of change and transition between Capricorn's predictable order and Aquarius' creative chaos. In a very real way, we now have "a foot in both camps." One part of our lives is rooted in the Capricorn need to follow rules and expectations, be responsible, work toward long-term goals and deal with what is. Another part of our lives needs Aquarian reforming, reconstruction, liberation from stuffy old rules and overly conventional ways of thinking. And somehow we must satisfy both sides; not favour one at the expense of the other.

With Saturn currently opposing those Aquarius planets from Leo, much of this work will likely be done on a personal level. And for a while, it might feel like some of your identity or creative freedom is being taken away, since both Capricorn and Aquarius seek ways to let go of the old to make room for the new. But this is part of a long-term process of growth, so don't fall into the trap of assuming that loss or limitation is the end of the story. It's just happening one step at a time.

Keep hope alive throughout this lunar cycle by focusing on the visionary opportunities before you. Nurturing your alliance with friends, kinship with Humanity, and universal love that reaches beyond conventional boundaries, are all possible to embrace in ways you may not expect. This can be a time of healing, by changing the way you frame your perceptions and experiences. An open-minded approach may require you to let go of some beliefs you are attached to, but doing so can ultimately let in some fresh air and ideas that will bring new hope for the future.

All of this requires a firm foundation that will contain (not restrain) the changes happening in your life. That foundation might be your work, which could provide a balancing anchor. Or we might discover new inspiration that can be applied through our usual creative outlets. Be sure to keep a balance between the old and the new; between what is coming apart and what can be maintained. Look honestly into yourself to find out if what is "coming apart" is really ripping the fabric of healthy stability in your life. Self-honesty can also show you when holding onto what is starts to become resistance to healthy change.

It can help to seek out feedback, ideas and a sounding board through someone who can make sense of the big picture. This could be a spiritual advisor, therapist/counsellor, professional astrologer or other types of "readers." A personal astrology reading can be particularly helpful because it can illuminate the unfolding process of change in your life. Check out the Readings page for more information and special offers. 

Jan.20 � Stellium in Aquarius (in effect Jan.15 to Feb.18) ("What's a Stellium?")

From Jan.15 to Feb.18, there are 6 planets travelling through Aquarius for varying periods of time. And on Jan.20, all 6 are there at once: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron. This is called a Stellium (3 or more planets in the same sign), and it puts a very strong emphasis in Aquarius! While the Stellium is in effect, you might notice unique, unexpected or unconventional things happening around you more than usual. These things may be happening more than usual, or you might just be more attuned to anything out of the ordinary. Visions of the future may dazzle you, baffle you, shock you or inspire you. Your involvement with groups, friends, associates and clubs could become a focus - you may become more involved, or you might decide your existing connection has run its course and you're ready for a change. Technology might also dominate the foreground of your life � and with Mercury gearing up to go retrograde on Feb.13, it's possible that computer and Internet problems could become increasingly noticeable. Expect the unexpected!

Jan.20 � Sun enters Aquarius (until Jan.20)

Happy Solar Return to all Aquarians! While the Sun travels through Aquarius, we all have a chance to explore our rebellious, individualistic and futuristic Aquarian nature. This heralds a time to explore beyond the status quo and conventional reality, beckoning you to reach out to the lost threads of who you are. You may become more aware of your individual uniqueness and your part in the Great Collective -- both your surrounding community and the Collective Unconscious. In order to fulfil the unique fingerprint of your life's purpose, it is sometimes necessary to be rebellious, spontaneous, and to be open to the unexpected. You might become aware of the need for these qualities under this transit. There is always a constant tension between the need to conform to society's formula of what works best versus the need to step off the main path to explore new experiences, and both are equally necessary to the health of both the individual and the greater community. Archetypally, it is in Aquarius that we encounter our personal experience of the battle between "the needs of the many" versus "the needs of the few." During the Sun's adventure through Aquarius, be open to the ways that this dynamic operates in your life. What can trigger or inspire you into rebellion or going against the conventional flow of the world around you? What will motivate you into being a team player, when you apply your energies to support or defend "the needs of the many?" What visions of the future do you see when you are in either mode of being? This is a time when you may have the opportunity to observe and learn about both sides of yourself -- the part that feels like it's "me against the world" and the part that feels like a part of that world. 

Jan.20 � Mercury conjunct Chiron (09:19 of Aquarius)

Words can wound, but they can also heal. This transit may bring new awareness of the ways that you need to heal...and perhaps also the ways that you wound yourself or others, especially through thoughts, words and attitudes. You might become aware of harming yourself through negative self-talk or harsh self-criticism. Or, you might expect rigid perfection of yourself and forget that you are a multi-dimensional being who is, by your human nature, inconsistent and fallible. Your mental focus or attitude might have a sharp edge to it that is harsh, or you may encounter harsh attitudes from someone else that are hurtful, perhaps without meaning to be. Words and thoughts can be powerful tools. By reframing the message or situation in a different way, it is possible to turn hurt into healing and ignorance into wisdom. For example, it may help to eliminate either-or thinking by accepting that paradoxes and contradictions exist and may not have to be fully resolved for you to find a workable balance within them. By adopting a bit of a philosophical attitude, you may find it takes some of the pressure off the need for everything to fit together perfectly, which can leave some breathing room for everyone involved to be human. 

Jan.22 � Venus opposite Saturn (23:09 of Sign/Sign)

There are realities to face and deal with, probably related to the way you handle relationships and/or finances. This is a time when you start to see a return on your investments -- literally or figuratively. This could be an investment of energy, cooperation and good faith in a close relationship, or it might be the long-term development of a goal requiring financing or resources. It can be a time when "the bill comes in" and you are required to "put your money where your mouth is" and make a deeper commitment to that investment. Or, you might have to admit that the results are not what you had hoped for and you must decide whether to continue or reinvest your energies elsewhere. In other words, this is a time when something might come to an end or your situation becomes more stressful because you have some hard choices to make. The key is to take a long hard look at the realities before you -- is it worth it to continue in the direction you're going? What is required if you decide to take it to the next step? The situation may demand effort, but there's also a more solid footing waiting on the other side. 

Jan.22 � Mercury sextile Jupiter (12:23 of Sign/Sign)

You may have an abundance of ideas and words to express them under this transit. There is the potential (if you reach for it) to put ideas, facts and thoughts together into a cohesive whole. You may find you can understand the overall patterns in a situation, or you are able to see the Big Picture, better than usual. New insights and a change of perspective may abound, as your stream of consciousness flows abundantly with optimism and visionary possibilities. You may find yourself more talkative than usual, as you try to share and convey the new ideas, inspiration and knowledge coming into your mind. Write down your best ideas for later development, since you may be having too much fun now playing with ideas to want to stop and make them manifest just yet. There is a chance that you may be so elated and confident that you might come across as a bit overbearing or even as a "know-it-all," so be sure to listen too. 

Jan.22 � Jupiter square Uranus (12:26 of Sagittarius/Pisces)

Just when you think you've got it figured out, life surprises you! And the revelation might not come as a welcome surprise. New information or insight might be getting in the way of your ability to be confident in your knowledge of life. It's also possible that your beliefs, judgments and assumptions are getting in the way of your ability to see something more clearly. Therefore, a conflict or struggle can develop under this transit that shows how your understanding of life needs to be adjusted in some way. It is time to let in new ideas, perceptions and truths; to expand your worldview and allow your mind to think more freely. However, we often cling closely to what we believe is Truth. We guide our lives and decisions by what we see as the Truth, and it is tempting to believe in absolutes � that there is only one Truth and we have it. This transit will likely challenge your view of life and bring you in contact with experiences, information or a new perspective that requires you to open your mind a little wider. At its worst, this transit could bring a strong conflict of interest, resulting in a lot of finger pointing in an attempt to figure out who is "to blame" for the fact that the same old ideas don't work in predictable ways. At its best, you can gain flashes of insight that liberate your thinking and increase your wisdom. Fighting for a cause � especially involving humanitarianism, spirituality, multiculturalism or technology � could be the inspiration or trigger that sets these changes in motion. For best results, seek to stretch your understanding beyond your usual boundaries. 

This is the first of three passes of this transit (Jan.22, May.10 and Oct.09). In the first pass, you may become aware of areas in your life that could use some change and "airing out." The second pass typically brings a time when you are learning more about what those changes involve and how to bring them about. The third and final pass involves an integration of those changes and new learning into your life and worldview. 

Jan.26 � Venus sextile Pluto (27:54 of Aquarius/Sagittarius)

Close one-on-one relationships with people (close friends, lovers, partners of all kinds) could possibly benefit by being taken to a deeper level now, through creatively combining balanced harmony with deep connection. Just be careful that intimacy and bonding don't go over the top into obsession or domination. There is a brief opportunity now to become more authentic in how you relate to those close to you and how you establish a balance of power with them. The trick is to do this without trying to suppress, control or overpower the other person's interests. Financially, it is a time when you may have an opportunity to profit in your dealings with banks, insurance companies, taxes, and other institutions that deal with collective money. 

Jan.26 � Mercury conjunct Neptune (19:00 of Aquarius)

The imagination soars under this transit! Possibilities seem richer, insights appear more magical and creativity flows like liquid honey. Your intuition is likely to be more fluid, and you may even have psychic experiences. Dreams may be more vivid and active, including daydreams. You may feel a need for quiet meditation or just being alone with your own thoughts. Your mental focus may seem a bit blurred, although in the outer edges you may catch a glimpse of ideas and possibilities that you don't ordinarily notice. It can be an inspiring time if you are involved in creative activities, like artwork, music, writing and other creative forms of communication and self-expression. This is a time when your "Right Brain" (intuitive, creative, non-rational) may be very active. In fact, it might be a bit difficult to bring a sharp focus to your "Left Brain" (logical, rational, realistic). Your judgment and ability to be objective may be off, and you could be more prone to wishful thinking and flights of fantasy. If you're making an important decision now, it may be wise to do a reality check with a trusted friend before you commit yourself. 

Jan.27 � Venus enters Pisces (until Feb.21)

Creativity, harmony and compassion permeate our experiences while Venus waltzes through Pisces. If you are an artist, musician, writer or other imaginative artisan, this can be a time of great creative inspiration. Even if you're not, this can still be a time when your appreciation of the arts is heightened and your sensual enjoyment of life increases. Relationships can be influenced by this placement, by encouraging more openness to love and romance. While this can make interaction smoother and more magical, it might also make you more vulnerable to deception or disappointment. Be receptive don't misplace your better judgment. This can also be a time when you are prone to feeling a Universal Oneness with humanity. You may find you have increased capacity for compassion, caring and connection with others. This, too, can be a mixed blessing -- it can bring out your most loving side, but could also make you more easily taken advantage of. You might feel inspired to make a selfless sacrifice, or to donate money or resources as a form of service. It is all done in the name of Universal beauty, truth and compassion. Celebrate this transit by going to a concert of beautiful music, or stroll through an art gallery, or indulge in dreamy sensuality, or let yourself feel a loving connection with all that is around you. 

Jan.28 � Mercury opposite Saturn (22:41 of Aquarius/Leo)

The time has come to face facts. There may be a reality in your life that you've been avoiding, and you need to accept and deal with it. Or, you might have to conform to the expectations of others because there's no other way around it. Or, you could find that your ability to communicate, say what you want to say, or get your point across is harder for a few days. This will pass, but there may be concrete reasons why this might not be the best time to communicate whatever is on your mind. You might feel a bit as if you're being tested, and in some way this could be true. This transit may bring an opportunity to see how much you really know and how skilled you are at using that knowledge. On the other hand, this could be a time when hard work and preparation that you've done for several months could pay off. You may be able to progress to the next step in a project, or to make plans in an organised, concrete and responsible way. For a few days, taking a structured, methodical or factual approach to whatever you're doing may produce the best results. 

Jan.30 � Sun conjunct Chiron (10:04 of Aquarius)

For a few days, you may become focused on physical, spiritual or psychological healing...or you might become aware of the need for it due to problems. Your physical vitality may be more susceptible to health problems, and your inner or spiritual strength and sense of purpose may feel a bit weak or vulnerable. However, you might also experience new motivation to build up your strength and endurance on all levels. Therefore, this could be a time when you embark on fresh health or fitness goals, or new directions that carve reformed purpose out of previous hardships. Psychologically, you could become aware of the ways that your self-esteem is undermined or sabotaged -- either by outside situations or people or you doing it to yourself without realising it, or even ways that you do this to someone else. This is a good time to observe and learn about how these issues operate in your life, what role you play in this dynamic, and how you could make different choices. By increasing your level of acceptance of human imperfection, of both yourself and others, you can strengthen those areas where you now feel vulnerable. Since self-esteem (yours and others') can be a bit fragile now, boosting self-confidence through praise, support, encouragement and confidence can have a powerful and healing effect right now. 

Jan.30 � Mercury enters the Shadow (until Mar.27) ("What's the Shadow?"  Read more about Retrograde Cycles.)

Mercury now enters the area of Zodiac where it will later go retrograde (Feb.13 to Mar.07). During its retrograde cycle, Mercury travels through the same span of the Zodiac three times�once direct (moving forward), then retrograde (looks like it's going backwards), and then direct again. This means that there is a more involved process of development involved with things that Mercury affects�ideas, thoughts, frame of mind, mental focus, and the collection, exchange, analysis and organisation of information. Also affected are all forms of communication�email, the Internet, letters, the media in general, books and magazines, as well as public transit (buses, trains, etc.) and neighbourhoods. The situations that are developing over the next 2 weeks (leading up to when Mercury actually goes retrograde) are likely to require further research, deeper consideration and unexpected discoveries over the next couple of months. Expect changes in your plans, increasingly disrupted communication, and new information coming to light that may not fit conveniently into your plans. If you must make important decisions during this time, try to build some flexibility into your plans to allow for later changes�or if possible, you may want to delay final or irrevocable decisions until well after Mercury goes direct (Mar.07). 

Feb.01 � Mercury sextile Pluto (28:04 of Aquarius/Sagittarius)

Penetrating insights and passionate communication are possible under this transit ...although, so is speaking more forcefully than you intend to about things that require a bit of delicacy or discretion. It is also a time when your mental concentration can come together so easily that you become obsessed. You may prefer in-depth discussion to small-talk, and it might feel awkward if you aren't able to explore the depths in your interaction or communication with others. However, you likely have an increased ability to pick up on undercurrents of what's happening around you. This is also a time when you can start to shed and leave behind old worn out perceptions and ways of communicating. You also have an increased ability to take thoughts, ideas and information and transform them into something healing ...or wounding. Choose your words carefully and mindfully. Writing down your thoughts and ideas to capture the energy of this transit can help you gather the deeper qualities.  

Feb.02, 1:42 PM EST � FULL MOON in Leo (12:59) (Feb.11 in Sydney AU) ("What's a Full Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.)

How do you strengthen your self-esteem and identity in the face of self-doubt or uncertainty? How do you put your best foot forward when difficult memories keep biting at your heels? And how do you keep your heart open and optimistic when you're feeling unusually sensitive to the turbulence of the world around you? This is your mission!

Sabian Symbol for the
Full Moon in Leo

Leo 12:59

An Old Sea Captain Rocking (on the front porch of his cottage)

This peaceful image seems to suggest someone who revisits old memories from the comfort of the present. There is a repetitive rhythm involved that goes over the same ground, which may bring an almost transcendent or altered state of consciousness.

Marc Edmund Jones (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology) sees a retrospective quality in this Sabian Symbol. ("What's a Sabian Symbol?") Our minds love to relive past experiences, going back and for over them in our minds and seeking greater understanding to help us if history repeats itself in the future.

Dane Rudhyar (An Astrological Mandala) sees our human urge to extract wisdom from our memories in the aftermath of past joys and crises.

To Lynda Hill (360 Degrees of Wisdom) this symbol suggests a need for solitude where we can enjoy quiet reflection and contemplation, after which we may emerge refreshed and ready to face the world again with a broader perspective of our lives.

This symbol provides an additional aspect of information about the Full Moon's energy. It suggests that there may be a deeper level of understanding that can be found by retreating to a meditative and calm state of reflection to mull over the events of our lives.


Learn more about the Sabian Symbols:

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology,
by Marc Edmund Jones

An Astrological Mandala,
by Dane Rudhyar

The Sabian Symbols: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed,
by Blain Bovee

The Full Moon in Leo brings a focus to identity, self-image and well being. Our most personal needs and feelings are under the spotlight. What will we see there? At best, we may see self-acceptance, genuine caring and delighted innocence. At worst, we might see insecurity, bravado, self-importance or the need to always be the child who is taken care of by others.

Realistically, we will probably see a little of all of these things, both in ourselves and others, since that tends to be how human nature is put together. That means we have a chance to celebrate our strengths, acknowledge and work on our weaknesses, and accept ourselves as a wonderful work in progress.

This can be a very creative influence, with plenty of inspiration and drive to produce something real from your ideas. Insecurity, self-doubt or uncertainty can become a channel for creative and healing incentives. However, they could also bring overcompensation by presenting yourself as more successful, important or capable than you realistically are.

The idea is to maximize your confidence and strength, while minimizing any puffed up bravado or haughty pretence. It may help to stay focused on the idea that you are an essential and irreplaceable part of something greater than yourself, yet you are still only one part of it. It may also help to remind yourself that everything in the Universe is a work in progress (in other words, not perfect), which is okay (including you).

There is a very dominant aspect configuration in the New Moon chart, which is called a Yod Kite or Focused Yod or Boomerang. The Yod Kite generates irritation, frustration and a deeply philosophical approach to life. It can seem like there is no "black" or "white" but only a vast ocean of "shades of grey" that never seem to crystallize into anything definite.

If you are a task-oriented kind of person who sees life in logical, concise or clearly defined terms, this might be an especially frustrating time for you, when nothing seems to fit conveniently into its designated cubby-hole. If you are a process-oriented kind of person who enjoys exploring paradox, philosophical or intuitive mysteries, you will likely be blessed with plenty of ideas to chew on. In other words, depending on how you're wired, this energy could seem like a messy "can or worms" or stimulating food for thought.

The Yod Kite is focused on the Sun-Moon opposition (which is what a Full Moon is), which implies that all the issues described above take on extra importance. It also suggests that whatever was begun at the last New Moon (Jan.18) has evolved into an ambiguous dilemma that may not have a clear solution.

Whatever you are manifesting now is likely to have beyond the original goal or problem. This situation requires flexibility, a philosophical attitude, and the willingness to take action "outside the box"�in other words, to respond to your situation in unusual or even daring ways (but not reckless). You may also have to find a balance between the "old" and "young" parts of you. The mature, experienced, responsible part of you needs to work in cooperation with the part of you that needs support or an audience to reassure you of your worth and value.

The Sun (the other half of a Full Moon) is closely conjunct Chiron on one side and widely conjunct Neptune on the other. This Rolling Conjunction also acts as the boomerang or return point of the Kite, and as such it "has the last word" in the collective planetary dialogue.

Although Chiron won't catch up to Neptune for another 3 years, anything slipping in between them during that time will bring their energies together to some extent, giving us a prelude to that conjunction energy. So this Full Moon energy, with its axis between Chiron and Neptune, is rooted in an urge to transcend our earthly suffering by surrendering to something greater than ourselves. This could bring out either the "mystic" or the "victim" in you, depending on how effectively you are able to balance the need to respond in a concrete way with your urge to rise above it all and go with the flow.

These themes will affect you a little differently from other people because the Yod Kite interacts with your natal chart differently than it does with someone else's chart. If you have planets or points in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you could be especially affected. You might have to solve concrete problems with uncertain resources, or you might be faced with an unclear situation and have to find a way to respond in a clear, concise way.

You might need some support to get un-stuck from bewilderment, frustration or reactive bravado. It can help to have someone to talk to about what you're going through, which can give you some perspective and get you moving again. Draw on the support people in your life, like your astrologer, therapist, spiritual advisor or trusted friend. 

Feb.02 � Mercury enters Pisces (until Feb.26)

Imagination, dreams, creativity and intuition are more easily accessible while Mercury floats through Pisces. You may be more impressionable, appreciative and open to ideas that previously had seemed improbable, unrealistic or silly. This is a good transit for any creative work � writing, music, artistic projects, or just putting ideas together in new ways. Problem solving could benefit now, because it may be easier to think beyond the limiting boundaries of the situation. On the other hand, it might also be easier to become caught in confusion, ambiguity or ambivalence, since the sharp edges of definition may be easily blurred or distorted. This is a time when the "Right Brain" � the intuitive, creative and non-rational side of the mind � can be more active. As a result, meditation, dreams and daydreams may be more accessible. Unfortunately, illusion and deception might also be more convincing and enticing, since critical and objective thinking could be a bit harder to maintain. You might also experience some mental lethargy and need to give your mind a rest. Try going to a movie, or read an entertaining novel, or spend some quality "alone time" with yourself. Or, take a long walk in a park or by a body of water, where you can enjoy the luxury of just appreciating nature and "being" instead of "doing." Some harmless or entertaining escapism can be a great way to give yourself a mental vacation  �  just don�t get stuck there. Explorations of spiritual experience and thought can also bring new insights and inspiration under this transit. 

Feb.03 � Mars sextile Uranus (13:00 of Capricorn/Pisces)

You have an opportunity to move forward through inspired action. This can bring creative problem solving to any conflicts or challenges that are currently in your life. Now is the time to think outside the box and experiment with trying out new responses, actions and directions. It may be easier to be spontaneous and even to act "out of character." If this is something you easily go overboard with, you might want to find ways to channel this constructively. The idea is to be refreshingly spontaneous, not recklessly impulsive. On the other hand, if you have trouble kicking up your heels and being free and unfettered, this transit can be used to get you moving a bit better. If you don't use this energy constructively or consciously, you might wind up feeling somewhat erratic or restless. Find something exciting, inspiring or unusual to spend your energy on. 

Feb.03 � Sun sextile Jupiter (14:26 of Aquarius/Sagittarius) (Feb.04 in Sydney AU)

This is a time when your understanding of the Big Picture and your place within it has the potential to click into place. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem can be quite high right now. Your ability to see opportunities and possibilities more clearly can produce an experience of being "lucky." Your insight into life and the world around you may be especially bright, optimistic and inspired. This is a "feel-good" transit, when your sense of self can seem to expand and become free. You may feel especially connected to spiritual energy during this time. Just be careful that all this self-assurance and "knowing" doesn't backfire, by overestimating the extent of your knowledge or underestimating the reaction of your audience. It is possible to become a bit self-indulgent under this transit, so be careful not to overdo it. Beyond a reasonable caution, this is a transit to enjoy! 


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Feb.07 � Venus conjunct Uranus (13:14 of Pisces) (Feb.08 in Sydney AU)

The warm receptivity of Venus can become somewhat cool, detached and unpredictable when combined with Uranus. This is a good combination for carrying out a dispassionate strategy, or for networking with acquaintances and associates. It can also be a time when you might liberate yourself from old connections � for example, choosing to end a relationship, stepping away from an outworn friendship, or being open to experimenting with new kinds of connections with people. It can also be a time of impulse spending, or wanting to use your resources and finances for a humanitarian purpose. Finances may become a bit unpredictable or unstable � either bringing income when you didn't expect it, or spending it when you may or may not have. Whether you want to liberate your own life or someone else's, this is a time when freedom and independence become the focus of pleasure. Experimentation is also tempting, and while this can be invigorating, it might also leave you with consequences you hadn't anticipated. Embrace your spontaneity, but don't divorce your judgment. 

Feb.08 � Sun conjunct Neptune (19:30 of Aquarius) (Feb.09 in Sydney AU)

This can be a time of great creative ability by taking unfamiliar or little-used sources of inspiration and channelling them into self-expression. This may or may not be "creative" in the artistic sense of the word, but definitely can involve taking an inspired approach to problems and challenges. It is a great time to be romantic, creative, intuitive/psychic or spiritual. Just remember that inspiration still means you have to work for the results. Don�t confuse intuition with being able to take divine intervention for granted. You may experience profound faith in the bountiful blessings of the Universe under this transit, but don't just assume you'll be granted everything you wish for. What you pick up from others and your environment can also become mixed up with your own wishful thinking, making it hard to tell where you stop and the rest of the world begins. However, hope, optimism and imagination spring eternal. Your sense of self can become infused with a sense of vision and having a mission, feeling that you are truly a Child of the Universe. Enjoy it while it lasts, as this transit only lasts a few days, but do a careful reality check before you act on the magical possibilities before you. 

Feb.09 � Venus square Jupiter (15:20 of Pisces/Sagittarius)

"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" (as Mom used to say). That means you are more likely now to over-indulge, especially in the areas of relationships, spending, desires, pleasure and social contact. Your desire for fulfilment and satisfaction may exceed your resources, and you might not even realise it until the bill comes in later (probably under a Saturn transit ;-). You may also find you require more knowledge, understanding, faith, freedom or optimism than you have available, making it tempting to compensate by inflating what you really have. For example, you might want to resort to flattery, manipulation or over-optimism in an effort to make up for a lack of genuine confidence, rapport or preparation. However, this can also be a time when your creativity is running high and you are able to pull rabbits out of your hat on a moment's notice. The problem is that you could over-extend yourself by doing so. 

Feb.10 � Sun Opposite Saturn (21:39 of Aquarius/Leo) (Feb.11 in Sydney AU)

You may be obligated to fulfil the expectations of others or of society under this transit. A situation or project (which may have begun around 6 months ago) might require that you start to implement the plans and preparation you've been building. Or you might find that problems you've been off must now be dealt with. Although you could experience this as stressful or heavy, it can also be a time when you are finally able to move ahead with a project or goal. All commitment requires some degree of limitation and pruning back, since we must choose one path and leave other options behind. This may therefore feel like a time when you are pressured by obligation, necessity or restraint...or it could feel like the rehearsals are finally over and it's time to launch the rocket. If it seems like you're only seeing blocks or obstacles in your way, this might be a reflection of not having done enough preparation (in which case you will need to draw on your experience to solve the problems or deal with the reality in front of you). This can be a time when you reap whatever you have sown in the past (especially the last 6 months), so if your current situation seems negative or punitive, it might be a time when you need to look back over your actions that lead to this and be accountable for past actions and decisions. Whether you are taking the final step to implement your plans or are facing the results of poor past judgment, this can be a time when you are called upon to move forward in your personal growth and maturation. Use it to strengthen your responsibility (response-ability), and don't let fears of inadequacy erode your self-esteem. 

Feb.11-15 � Yod Kite (Mars sextile Venus, quincunx Saturn, opposite Neptune) ("What's a Yod Kite?")

This aspect configuration brings out the Saturn-Neptune opposition that has been with us since last August. The ordered, predictable nature of physical reality (Saturn) is being held up against the diffused "free-fall" of the unknown (Neptune). You may have been feeling a bit of a flip-flop between needing to come to grips with the demands of reality, yet also longing to surrender to a vision of a compassionate Universe. Finding a balance between these qualities is the goal. Saturn and Neptune will reach the second pass of their opposition at the end of February. The Yod Kite brings out the struggle between these conflicted energies. We are pulled on one side by Mars, who urges us to apply strength of will power to achieve results, and by Venus on the other side, who encourages us to flow with the unseen current in imaginative and creative ways. It's a lot of different energies to juggle, but there is reassuring order and meaning to be found. The trick is to avoid swinging back and forth between extremes in reaction to the uncertainty of it all. 

Feb.13 � Venus sextile Mars (20:53 of Pisces/Capricorn)

It is possible now to take a balanced approach to conflict, problems and projects that require effort. This can combine both a gentle touch and firm action; sensitivity and forcefulness. Negotiation and interaction with others could be aggressive and determined now, but also balanced with sensitivity and style. Any expressions of anger, frustration or discontent are more likely to be tempered with fairness, moderation and composure. You'll have to apply some effort to get these opposite energies working in sync together, but the potential and opportunity are there more-so than usual now. 

Feb.13 � Mercury stationary Retrograde (10:12 of Pisces; until Mar.07) (Stations Feb.14 in London UK, Sydney AU) ("What's a Station?"  "What does Retrograde mean?"  Read more about Stations.  Read more about Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury now goes retrograde for the next 3-3� weeks. For up to a week before and after today, Mercury is moving very slowly or is stationary. During this time, you may experience intensity, frustration, confusion, miscommunications, or feel like you're getting bogging down in your progress. Mercury retrograde is usually a time when it is best to rethink, rehash, reflect, and tie up old loose ends, rather than begin new ventures. It is typical for new insights and information to emerge later in the retrograde cycle that you didn't anticipate, which can change the whole picture. Because of this, it is usually advised to avoid making final or permanent decisions (e.g., signing contracts or putting new projects into action), during the retrograde and even up to 2 weeks after Mercury goes direct. However, it is an excellent time to do fact-finding, research and investigation to prepare for major decisions, which are usually best put off until well after Mercury goes direct. In the meantime, while Mercury is retrograde, expect the unexpected, and leave lots of extra time when planning your schedule (to minimize any disruptions from delays and complications). Stay flexible; for example, it's common to have to reschedule appointments. Do some things that use your intuitive, creative, non-rational mind for a while until Mercury goes direct again.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, which can put you in a very dream-like, meditative space. Logical or analytical thought may not be easy to achieve during this transit � or you might find that logic and analysis seem to ride in the slipstream of intuition. Creativity and imagination could rise spontaneously or unexpectedly...or they might seem to go underground where you can't access them at all for a while. In fact, much of your usual mental awareness could seem less than solid, reliable or accessible during this transit. On the other hand, you may find you have access to a different kind of perception and awareness during this time. Your psychic and intuitive abilities are likely to be much more sensitive now. Dreams could be more vivid, and you may float in and out of daydreams that could actually provide valuable information and insight. It's not always possible to put your life on hold for 3 weeks (while Mercury is retrograde), but it will help to take some time out to just drift and "be" during this time. 

Feb.17 � Sun sextile Pluto (28:29 of Aquarius/Sagittarius)

Your sense of purpose is potentially strong now, being able to tap into a deeper level of energy and determination. Your personality may be more forceful now, which can be great if you need to make a strong impression but perhaps not so much in situations requiring delicacy or subtlety. You have greater ability to see below the surface of things now, although it may not be as easy to put it all together and understand what it all means. It can be possible to unearth secrets or get at the core of unconscious patterns (yours and others'). However, you'll have to work to harvest the fruit of these potentials, and some of the insights and benefits may not become apparent until later. 

Next Update:  NEW MOON in AQUARIUS - February 17, 2007. Please check back on Feb.17.


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