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March-April 2007

For the Solar Eclipse and New Moon Cycle in Pisces:
March 18 to April 17, 2007

Mar.18, 10:42 PM EDT � Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces (28:07 of Pisces) ("What's a Solar Eclipse?"  "What's a New Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.)
(Mar.19, 2:42 AM GMT in London UK)
(Mar.19, 1:42 PM AEDT in Sydney AU)

The New Moon in Pisces brings a flowing, uplifting, inspiring and creative energy. It could also bring confusion, illusion, disappointment and ambiguity. Pisces is slippery like its fishes! Like the theory of relativity from Albert Einstein (who was a Pisces), the light of reality can become bent and distorted around our wishful thinking and denial. And just like the physical phenomenon, the Piscean effect can be eerie, beautiful and mystical.

This effect is underscored by the Saturn-Neptune opposition that is still very close now. Neptune is considered by many astrologers to be the modern planetary ruler of Pisces, and is associated with mysticism, longing, shining visions and distorted perception. Eyeing Neptune from across the solar system is Saturn�the planet of reality, structure, practicality, facts and limitations. This combination of energies dominates the Solar Eclipse chart and with it, the coming 6 months.

They mix their energies together like oil and water, yet the opposition aspect demands that we brings these opposites together and find a cooperative balance. At its best, this can result in creativity, artistry, manifesting a higher purpose, or seeing a pragmatic path through the illusion and wishful thinking. At its worst, trying to marry these seemingly incompatible energies could drive you a little nuts; it could take more effort and patience to bring them together than you were expecting.

It can therefore be tempting to polarize to one or the other extreme � Saturn's "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" realism versus Neptune's "you'll-only-see-it-when-you-believe-it" imagination. Or Saturn's rigid standards versus Neptune's perfectionism � although these two can look like the same thing; either way, you could easily be expecting more of yourself than is (*cough*) realistic. ;-) Remember: the point of the exercise is to provide ways for you to expand and grow, not to abuse your self-esteem trying to meet impossible standards.

The Neptunian factor may be stronger now because of its affinity with the sign of Pisces�the sign of this Solar Eclipse and the New Moon. If you are comfortable with the dreamy Pisces-Neptune energy, this can be a very creative time when you can envision possibilities and have faith that you can fulfil them. If the practical Saturn is more comfortable for you, creative potential can still be yours, although you might find you have to let go of the need to control the process of manifestation.

Although Neptune may be stronger, Saturn is not to be dismissed or ignored, since Saturn is the "handle" of the New Moon chart. It is off on its own in Leo, while all the other planets are bunched together on the other side of the zodiac. When Saturn is happy�when we have a firm grip on reality, facts, manifestation and clarity�we will be in a position to work productively with the rest of the chart. That means no matter what creative, inspired, spiritual or magical things you are trying to generate in your life, your best results will come when you keep bringing it back to a practical approach.

A very strong Jupiter in Sagittarius forms a Wedge aspect configuration to the Saturn-Neptune opposition. The best way to balance these two incompatible energies may be through Jupiter's broad perspective. Widen your understanding and awareness enough that realism (Saturn) and imagination (Neptune) can coexist in the same universe. Jupiter's quest for truth can also guide you through the muddy waters of Saturn's demand for certainty and Neptune's love of ambiguity. It is by reaching for a broader truth, a higher power, a stronger faith or a farther horizon that we can embrace and understand the shades of grey in between the extremes of black or white.

Whatever your opportunities and challenges with this combination of energies, you will continue to work with them as they develop and unfold over the coming 6 months. That's because a Solar Eclipse sets off a process of growth that continues until the next set of eclipses (about 6 months later). I feel that the Lunar Eclipse of the second set of eclipses also shows the fruition or full emergence of the energy begun at the previous Solar Eclipse, just like the monthly Full Moon gives expression to the energy begun at the preceding New Moon.

This can be a good time to get a personal astrology reading, as these energies are coming together to point you in the direction you will take for the next 6 months. By understanding how your individual chart is being affected by the Solar Eclipse and other transits, you will be more able to work with these energies (instead of them working you!)

Mercury is mercifully Direct by now (having changed direction on Mar.07), so some of what you are giving birth to now has its roots in what was happening in your life during Mercury Retrograde (Feb.13 to Mar.07) and in the pre-retrograde Shadow (Jan.30 to Feb.13). As you apply what you've learned during the retrograde period, it will set into motion many implications and possibilities that will unfold over the next 6 months along with the Eclipse energy.

Mars is conjunct Neptune now, urging us to take action and devote our impulses to a higher power and a higher purpose. But just when you think you're ready to move, it might suddenly feel like you've got quicksand under your feet! Or your physical energy might get drained a little more easily than usual. You may need to allow yourself to be drawn toward your goal, rather than aggressively or directly going after it. And it will help if your actions are motivated by a more spiritual or principled purpose. Even so, your hopes and dreams may project a mirage of what you hope is waiting for you at your destination, and the reality may look quite different when you get there. Keep your eyes open and listen closely to your intuition.

The Sun-Moon conjunction (which is what a New Moon or Solar Eclipse is) is in a very tight square aspect to Pluto. The way you work with your Piscean dreams, fantasies, creativity and imagination can be very transformative�but you'll have to peel away the outer layers of illusion to get to the underlying truth. This could leave you feeling a little naked for a while until you "grow a new skin" that can define and protect your dreams and imagination within the surrounding world.  This could well be the developmental process that takes place over the next 6 months.

The Solar Eclipse will be visible over most of the Asian continent. Remember, you must NEVER look directly at a Solar Eclipse with unprotected eyes! If you don't have special eyeglasses made for this purpose, you can permanently damage your eyes. 

Mar.19 � Sun square Pluto (28:56 of Pisces/Sagittarius) (Mar.20 in Sydney)

This can be a challenging time, when your sense of purpose, identity and direction may feel blocked, overpowered or regulated by forces beyond your control. You may find yourself confronted by difficult situations or people, requiring that you rally an unusually strong show of power to keep from feeling powerless or overwhelmed. The trick is to center yourself in empowerment rather than simple power -- that means your power comes from within yourself rather than from controlling people and situations outside of yourself. You might find yourself involved in power struggles or abandonment, either in the present or stirred up from the past. You might be forced to let go of your attachment to something or someone due to circumstances beyond your control. However, this can also be a time when you reach inside yourself and find you have more strength than you thought you did. Adversity may inspire new assertiveness and purpose in you -- empowerment born of conflict and struggle. 

Mar.20, 8:07 PM EDT � VERNAL EQUINOX � Sun enters Aries (until Apr.20)
(Mar.21, 12:07 AM GMT in London UK)
(Mar.21, 11:07 AM AEDT in Sydney AU)

Happy Solar Return to everyone born in the sign of Aries! This is also the Vernal Equinox -- the time when day and night are of equal length. In the northern hemisphere, this marks the beginning of Spring, as the light increases. In the southern hemisphere, it is the start of Fall, as the light decreases. While the Sun is in Aries, it is a time when all of us (not just those born under the sign of Aries) have the opportunity to experience our Aries nature. The archetype of that nature is like the pure life force that is contained in a single seed. A seed is the residue of a previous cycle of growth -- both its resulting harvest and its unfinished business. The Aries energy is about our use of that raw life force within our personal expression of that energy. It manifests in assertiveness, courage, risk-taking, directness, initiative, our sex drive, and the pioneering spirit. It can also emerge as aggression, pushiness, violence, anger, recklessness and self-absorption. The same forceful energy that can fuel damage and single-minded egotism is the same energy that, applied in a different way, is also essential for self-validation, confidence and the drive to make things happen. While the Sun is in Aries, we all have the opportunity to explore how we use this energy in our lives and whether we want to change this. Here are some suggestions about how to explore your Aries nature: Is there something new you want to start in your life? What activities do you want to begin that you�ve never done before? What will give you the courage and confidence to bring these into your life? If it is not possible to do this, or if you encounter delays, how do you deal with your frustration? Do anger and frustration motivate you to take action, or do these emotions tend to overwhelm and inhibit you? How do you express your anger, and does this clear the air or just create more problems? Use this time to explore these and related areas. 

Mar.22 � Mars opposite Saturn (18:51 of Aquarius/Leo) (Mar.23 in Sydney)

This can be a difficult transit that pits your individual will and desire against anything or anyone that seem to block it. Authority figures can become adversaries who may seem to only want to say No in response to what you want to do. As a result, it is easy to polarize to others during this transit -- to rebel and fight by pulling in the opposite direction. It will help if you can manage to keep a firm grip on your own Inner Adult -- the part of you that is responsible and accountable -- instead of letting others act out that role in your life. Alternatively, if you find it easier to be the responsible, serious, structured Adult, then it will help to embrace your own spontaneous and exuberant impulses, rather than polarizing to others who exhibit those qualities. By owning both energies in this transit, you can work with both your spontaneous impulses AND your ability to cautiously pick and choose when and how to act. This may not be easy, since these energies do not mix easily, but when they work together they can generate potent productivity, ambition and results. 

Mar.23 � Mars sextile Jupiter (19:30 of Aquarius/Sagittarius) (Mar.24 in Sydney)

There is potential for optimism, cheerfulness and increased energy during this transit. You will probably have to go after it (rather than it just falling into your lap), but you can probably increase your mood and energy level by applying a bit of effort. Your self-confidence and general attitude can improve, although be careful you don't become so caught up in feeling good that you ignore common sense, caution or realism. This is a good time to consider the moral, philosophical or greater implications of your actions, and then make adjustments to bring your behaviour into alignment with your beliefs, aspirations and ideals. 

Mar.25 � Time changes for UK, Europe and Australia

UK and Europe turn their clocks forward one hour to Summer Time (a.k.a. Daylight Savings Time). On the same day, Australia turns its clocks back one hour to Standard Time. This is different for North America, which turned its clocks ahead back on Mar.11. Of course, everyone couldn't just do it at the same time, now could they? Nooooo! *shaking head* Mercury, Mercury, Mercury, the rascal! ;-)  

Mar.25 � Mars conjunct Neptune (21:05 of Aquarius) (Mar.26 in Sydney)

This can be a strange time of lethargic confusion or uplifting inspiration or both! On one hand, you might feel very motivated by creative and spiritual inspiration, as new possibilities seem to appear magically in your imagination. On the other hand, you may feel a bit like you've lost your "edge," where your focused energy feels blunted or blurred. Direct action may not be possible, easy or effective, and as a result it could be easy to lapse into feeling a bit powerless, lethargic or discouraged. You may have to act on faith instead of fact; and whether this is a "good" or "bad" experience will largely depend on how comfortable you are with ambiguity. This transit initiates a new cycle of working with these themes that lasts about 2 years. The events and issues that come up now likely have more to them than you see on the surface, and the deeper levels will unfold and develop throughout the coming cycle. 

Mar.27 � Mercury leaves the Shadow (Yay!) ("What's the Shadow?"  "What is Retrograde?"  Read more about Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury finally leaves the Shadow�the part of the Zodiac where it went retrograde from Feb.13 to Mar.07. The issues and themes that came to the foreground during that time have now been played out. If you've been waiting for Mercury to finish with the retrograde cycle before you make a final decision about something, this is generally the time to move forward, armed with the learning that you have gathered. Or, maybe you're ready to take a fresh look at the situation and re-evaluate your priorities based on what you know now that you didn't before. Just remember to use your common sense. 

Mar.29 � Venus square Chiron (14:13 of Taurus/Aquarius) (Mar.30 in Sydney)

You may be forced to make adjustments to relationships and/or finances now, as you face situations in these areas that just don't want to balance out the way you want them to. You may feel a bit like you're in a catch-22 (no-win situation), where the more you try to find balance and harmony, the more you feel like you're chasing your own tail around in circles. This is a time when healing in relationships and financial problems may be difficult to obtain. Harmony in these areas can seem impossible or blocked, yet it is still necessary to keep trying. By trying anyway, it may be possible to find a solution that meets your needs, even if it may not be what you wanted, hoped for or expected. Strive to find a creative solution that draws on your best side. 

Mar.31 � Venus sextile Uranus (16:07 of Taurus/Pisces)

Relationships, finances, resources and pleasures could benefit from spontaneously trying a completely different approach. If these areas of your life have been getting a little stale or too routine, this transit could shake things up a little...just enough to make things interesting and breathe some fresh air into your familiar routine. Unexpected income could come your way, or you might discover something you just can't resist buying, or you might have an opportunity to make new social connections. The upside of this transit is that it's possible to break free of old habits and enjoy spontaneous interaction. The downside could come in the form of impulse purchases that are beyond your budget, or behaving a bit recklessly or making snap decisions that you can't live with later. This energy is best used to break free of what restricts you, without shattering the foundation you're standing on. 

Mar.31 � Pluto stationary Retrograde (28:58 of Sagittarius) (Apr.01 in Sydney)

For up to a week before and after this date, Pluto's energy is especially strong and intense. You might experience this in the form of intensity, power struggles, deep psychological awareness or strong libido. You could encounter the need to face aspects of yourself or others that are disturbing or difficult to accept. There may also be some part of yourself or your life that has fulfilled its purpose and needs to be shed like a snake's skin. Over the next 5 months (while Pluto is retrograde), you will work at loosening and letting go of that "skin," and working toward the rebirth that will come out of it. This can also be a time when you become aware of the areas where you need to strengthen your personal empowerment or possibly need to tone down the way you wield power. 

Mar.31 � Uranus conjunct the Lunar North Node (in Pisces)

This transit is exact today. Its effects are described for Mar.13

Apr.01 � Mercury goes Retrograde (one day only)

The usual Mercury retrograde effects can be seen today � confusion, miscommunication and unexpected changes of information. Deception, illusion and trickery are typical for this transit. It will help to maintain your sense of humour. It's a good idea to be wary of all information that comes your way today, and especially do not believe everything you read. (Including this � April Fool! Only kidding...well half-kidding. The description is accurate, but Mercury is not retrograde�it only seems like it! ;-)  

Apr.01 � Mercury conjunct Uranus (16:12 of Pisces) (Apr.02 in Sydney)

Communication and thoughts can be radical, spontaneous, unusual and uncharacteristic under this transit. You may be compelled to speak your mind to say things you've held back from saying before now. However, as the saying goes, there is a risk of "shooting off your mouth before your brains are loaded." It is a time when you are likely to be open-minded and flexible in your perceptions. Our eyes are wide open, and as a result, we may be a bit shocked, surprised or stunned by what we see. This can also release our creative genius and bring inspired clarity, especially as we look to the future. Encounters with groups, friends and the greater community are also possible at this time. (This one is for real. ;-)  

Apr.02, 1:15 PM EDT � FULL MOON in Libra (12:35) ("What's a Full Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.  Read more about the Libra side of your personality.)
(Apr.02, 6:15 PM BST in London UK)
(Apr.03, 3:15 AM AEST in Sydney AU)

This is a "busy" Full Moon in terms of the planetary energies. How fitting, considering that this is the fruition of the New Moon in Pisces that was also a Solar Eclipse! With the Full Moon being in Libra, this brings out the need for balance, harmony, peace and cooperation. However, there are a lot of things to bring into balance�a bit like juggling a bunch of planets in the air.

Libra is often thought of as the sign of love and marriage. This is true, although there's a lot more to it than that. We often think of love as an emotion or feeling, and while that is true to an extent, love is ultimately about choice. We choose to respond in a loving way to someone.

The romance of love can bring a supreme feeling of well-being, peace and harmony (all Libra words). It's easy to be loving, cooperative and forgiving when you're "high" on love and romance, but it's much harder when reality hits and the baby's crying and the bills are piling up and your job sucks. Even commitment isn't enough, if obligation and duty coerce you into staying.

Sabian Symbol for the
Full Moon in Libra

Libra 12:35

Children blowing soap bubbles.

This is an intriguing Sabian Symbol. ("What's a Sabian Symbol?") Most of us have probably enjoyed the child's activity of blowing bubbles. The innocence and playfulness of this image reflects the Grand Trine in Fire signs currently in the skies � especially because it involves the Sun and Jupiter, both of which love a fun game.

Dane Rudhyar writes about how this symbol shows "the imagination and the value of fantasy." Although serious study, knowledge and analysis are necessary to our society, some people contribute something equally essential by "imagining themselves perfect spheres of multicoloured radiance." (An Astrological Mandala)

Marc Edmund Jones found this image enchanting and spoke of "the challenge to rise above childish things while yet clinging to childlike ways." Preserving our innocence does not have to mean resisting maturity, and growth does not have to mean sacrificing the essence of our past. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology)

Lynda Hill adds that "this is not a time to be too deep and meaningful, for it will be in fleeting moments of pleasurable wonder that you will find the truth." Spontaneity and bliss in the moment can sometimes bring us what we seek better than a more serious approach. (360 Degrees of Wisdom)

This image also shows the joy that can be found in sharing our joy and delight with each other. We have an opportunity to connect to others, and also to regain our innocence and "lightness of being" through our connection to others.


Read more about the Sabian Symbols in these recommended books:

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology,
by Marc Edmund Jones

An Astrological Mandala,
by Dane Rudhyar

The Sabian Symbols: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed,
by Blain Bovee

That's when Libra is about choice. You have to decide if the rewards and benefits are worth the effort. This is true whether we're talking about a relationship or a business partnership or a close friendship. Choice is a big part of negotiating an agreement or trying to obtain justice (perhaps trying to find fairness in response to someone else's bad choices). Choice is ideally about bringing divergent interests into a fair and workable balance�or about forcing opposing sides into balance if they won't go there peacefully!

The trap in Libra is when we get stuck trying to choose. As we weigh the options, it's easy to become indecisive. Which path will bring me what I want? Which choice is fair to everyone involved? Will I hurt anyone (or be hurt) by choosing this? Advantages versus disadvantages. On one hand... On the other hand... It's easy to get stuck on the fence. And not making a decision can be a decision. If we put off making the choice, the circumstances can make the choice for us. It may seem like the easy way through a dilemma, but when we don't consciously choose our path, the path will choose us�and we may not like where it leads.

This particular Full Moon is indeed about choices and balance. We are called upon to build a bridge between the dreams and delight that we hope our choices will lead to (Neptune) and the actual consequences of our choices (Saturn). We must also decide how to prioritize those choices, as we make the necessary adjustments to live within the time-and-space limitations of physical existence (Chiron).

This is the message of a T-square aspect configuration that goes from Venus (Libra's planetary ruler) to the Saturn-Neptune opposition�and in this case, Saturn-Chiron as well. Venus is currently in Taurus, the other sign that she rules, making Venus both strong and important right now. This puts extra emphasis on making choices according to whether we have sufficient resources to follow through, plus being mindful of the return on our investments of time, effort, energy and optimism.

It is important to understand how you feel about all these options in front of you. Anything that lies in your "blind spot" is precisely what is likely to trip you up � for example, idealism or perfectionism that demands that everything conform to your vision of what things "should" be. However, these same feelings could also be channelled into creating beauty, love and truth, perhaps in response to situation laden with sadness, disappointment or limitation. Choices.

The Sun is just starting to move into place to form another Grand Trine Kite (to Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Neptune), which is full of potential and productivity. (Read the NEW article about this series of Grand Trine Kites.) So if your circumstances at the Full Moon feel discouraging or stressful, there is an energy shift under way that can help you shine some light into that shadow of doubt. If you feel optimistic and inspired at the Full Moon, by all means make most of it; but it will also help to be mindful of the consequences and implications of what you do now, in case things don't go precisely as you hope they will. And if you get stuck trying to make your choices, a personal reading with your favourite astrologer can help you clear your head and find the right path for you. :-)

Apr.02 � Venus square Saturn (18:26 of Taurus/Leo)

Finances, relationships, social contacts and/or pleasures may seem blocked or require extra effort right now. Manifesting your desires may require added hard work, but this struggle could also bring you closer to your goals. It may feel like there is a huge rock blocking your path that keeps you from fulfilling your heart's desire. It may be necessary to face some difficult aspect of your situation before it is possible to know how to proceed. This is ultimately a problem to be solved by confronting that which is unrealistic, unworkable, or just not in your best interest. This can also be a time when you arrive at a crossroads and must make some firm choices, or when circumstances might force you to change your direction. This transit can make your choice clear, although it might not be the one you hoped for.

Apr.04 � Mercury square Jupiter (19:46 of Pisces/Sagittarius)

You may be seeing the weak links in your knowledge, understanding or beliefs right now. Your ideas and words might seem to fall short of what your mind envisions, or you might be unable to convince others of your point of view. As a result, it can be tempting to over-compensate with more self-confidence, faith or optimism than you actually have. Or, you might give out "too much information" by over-explaining or through nervous rambling. Alternatively, you might encounter someone else who does this and perhaps have a blaming or judgmental reaction to them. This is an opportunity to learn something about how you might jump to conclusions or blame, possibly triggered by a situation that challenges your beliefs, opinions or perspective. To learn more about this part of yourself, try taking some time to think about what is really bothering you or what you really need to say in that situation. There may be a higher truth to be found if you open your mind to something you're reluctant to acknowledge, rather than looking for a "final truth" around which to close it.

Apr.04 � Sun sextile Chiron (14:31 of Aries/Aquarius) (Apr.05 in Sydney)

This is a time when you have an opportunity to mend and heal the chronic struggles in your life. You may find new inspiration, motivation or confidence that can help rejuvenate waning enthusiasm or reconcile persistent problems, although you'll still have to apply effort to bring it all together. You might get the chance to demonstrate your ability to walk your own path in a new way. Or, you might get a peek inside the hidden shadow of your worries and discouragement, giving you new insight into how you might be unconsciously sabotaging your conscious efforts. You may have to face a bit of your own fear of failure or low self-esteem before you can get beyond these feelings and tap into the benefits of this transit -- not because you are failing but because these concerns may arise in response to the new potential now available to you. By tapping into this potential for creative problem solving, you can bring some healing to whatever your situation is.

Apr.04 � Venus square Neptune (21:22 of Taurus/Aquarius) (Apr.05 in Sydney)

Money, material resources, relationships and pleasure could be subject to confusion, deception, or unrealistic wishful thinking under this transit. It may seem that what you thought you had (love, friendship, pleasure, money, resources) has suddenly disappeared or isn't as dependable as you thought it was. You might feel disappointed, disillusioned, sad or alone, but this is more likely to be a passing phase than a serious crisis. The question is: what are your secret longings and subtle desires that may be operating unconsciously? These could be clouding your ability to relate to people and situations in your life. Old addictions, depression or idealism may surface as way of dealing with feelings. A better outlet would be to channel your feelings and experiences into creativity, beauty, inspiration and compassion; for example, art, music or helping others.

Apr.04 � Mars sextile Pluto (28:58 of Aquarius/Sagittarius) (Apr.05 in London, Sydney)

This can be a time of intense and powerful energy. It can be especially so if you focus your intention to tap into and use this energy deliberately, although if you are triggered into a reaction you might find it is more forceful than you intended. This can be a good time to make changes that have far-reaching, transformative effects. Your powers of persuasion can be stronger now, so be careful you don't try to force things to the point of making something happen that perhaps should be left alone or treated with a gentler touch. Sex and other passionate urges may rise more easily now, although obsession and the need to control your surroundings might come up with them. This transit is perhaps best used to refresh your sense of passion and transform your sense of purpose and direction.

Apr.05 � Jupiter stationary Retrograde (19:47 of Sagittarius) (Apr.06 in London, Sydney)

For up to a week before and after this date (while Jupiter is moving very slowly and stopped during the station), you may experience an increase in idealism, longing or inspiration. Your opinions, beliefs and assumptions may come under question, as your understanding of life and the world around you now requires further study. While Jupiter is retrograde over the next five months, you may be called upon to re-examine your assumptions, attitudes, biases and judgments. It could be a time to gather more knowledge and look at things from a different perspective, which can change your interpretation of events. Right now at the station there can be a turning point, which could inspire you to explore already-familiar territory in a new way. Or, your journey might become disrupted because your "map of the territory" is distorted or out-of-date. This especially applies to situations that have been developing in the last three months (since Jupiter entered the shadow). Allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and realisations. There is a deeper understanding that can result from exploring things from a different perspective and questioning what you think you know.

Apr.05-14 � Grand Trine Kite in Fire signs (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn; Kite to Chiron, Neptune) ("What's a Grand Trine Kite?"   "What's a Grand Trine?"   "What's an Aspect Configuration?"  Read NEW article about this series of Grand Trine Kites.)

Who you are�and who you are evolving into�now becomes the lightning rod for this ongoing Grand Trine Kite energy. Your identity and sense of personal purpose may be seized by inspiration and dazzled by possibilities. And you also have access to the self-discipline to do something with all that potential. This will work best as you are able to be a bit realistic about any longing you might have for the results to be perfect and provide a "happily-ever-after" ending. Alternatively, you might need to overcome cynicism or pessimism that says "don't hope for too much or you'll be disappointed." Both of these perspectives have some validity, but can become problems if you try to embrace one while rejecting the other. In particular, it is important not to use your success�or lack of it�as the only measurement of your self-esteem or self-worth. There may well be implications beyond your immediate circumstances that make the effort worthwhile. This combined energy is at its peak from Apr.07-10, although its effects will build and dissipate throughout the first half of April.

Apr.06 � Mars enters Pisces (until May.15)

Mars in Pisces can feel like you're boxing with a cloud. Your motives and actions may seem to be led in some direction, rather than you consciously choosing what to do. Expressing anger or taking an assertive stand may easily lose its impact. Emotions and motives that are normally focused can become blurred in a fog of indecision and ambiguity. However, you may also be able to connect more easily to spiritual, intuitive, artistic and creative energy. Listen to your body and observe your spontaneous actions -- what would they mean if you were having a dream? These things can give you clues about unconscious motives, feelings and perceptions (about yourself or others). In a way, you are more connected to the twilight spaces between worlds, which can make it hard to feel powerful or effective in the "real" world. It can therefore be tempting to slip into a kind of "victim mentality." Or, you might feel despondent, apathetic or kind of "spacey." It can help to do things that feed your spirit without needing to pump yourself up artificially.

Apr.07 � Mercury sextile Venus (24:48 of Pisces/Taurus)  (Apr.08 in Sydney)

There is a potential to benefit from social connections, diplomatic communication and receptive awareness during this transit, although a certain amount of effort is needed to make this happen. It can be a good time for negotiating contracts and other agreements, especially if you consciously focus your intent on achieving balance with your counterpart, partner or opponent that results in a win-win situation for all concerned. There is also potential to appreciate and express beauty, pleasure and sensuality. If there's someone in your life that you want to get closer to, try speaking gently and listening receptively, which can be the key that opens the door to harmonious interaction. Creative ideas can also find expression now if you apply your conscious awareness to bring them into focus. The thing to watch for is a tendency to use manipulation to achieve an advantage, which might be done by you or to you. Keep communication straightforward and clear, and find diplomatic ways to deal with manipulation if you sense it happening.

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Apr.08 � Sun Trine Saturn (18:16 of Aries/Leo)

This is a great time to apply yourself to serious work. You may feel especially self-sufficient and independent, with a strong and clear sense of self and purpose. There is support for your ambitions as long as you stay grounded and practical in how you approach them, which should come easily right now. Your ability to cooperate and feel comfortable with authority figures is likely to be high, along with your capacity to embrace your own authority and make solid decisions. This is a time when you are more likely to feel grounded and deal with problems in a practical, decisive way. Your energy may be more serious than "party animal," but even if you are in "party mode" it will be easier to realistically know your limits and not overdo it. If you've been waiting for the right time to move forward with or manifest a project or plan that you've been putting together (or wanting to), this could be the time when that happens. The final launch or manifestation may or may not happen now, but you will probably be able to at least move forward in some important steps.

Apr.09 � Sun Trine Jupiter (19:45 of Aries/Sagittarius)

This is a time when your understanding of the Big Picture and your place within it can click into place. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem can be quite high right now. Your ability to see opportunities and possibilities more clearly can produce an experience of being "lucky." Your insight into life and the world around you may be especially bright, optimistic and inspired. This is a "feel-good" transit, when your sense of self can seem to expand and become free. You may feel especially connected to spiritual energy during this time, finding new meaning in your live and the events that unfold around you. Self-confidence can run high now, and you could feel inspired to fight for justice or some cause. At the same time, there is a chance that all this self-assurance and "knowing" could go overboard into over-confidence, dogmatism or over-indulgence if it's not grounded in realism and humility. Just use your best judgment and enjoy this warm, shining energy!

Apr.10 � Mercury square Pluto (28:57 of Pisces/Sagittarius)

You are faced now with a challenge to empower your communication and perceptions, although this may not come easily. It could involve having to face some rather difficult truths that might be a bit disturbing or hard to accept. However in doing so, you gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself, your situation and your role within it. Obsessive or persistent thoughts that are morbid or paranoid are possible, which could be helped by finding something more positive to focus on or a creative outlet. Communication (from others or yourself or both) could be intense, intimidating or even downright damaging, since it may be tempting to get caught up in power struggles and domination. But communication can also be used now to heal, by cutting through hypocrisy and insincerity in order to reach a deeper authenticity and truth -- like lancing a boil so that healing can take place.

Apr.10 � Mercury enters Aries (until Apr.27) (Apr.11 in London, Sydney)

Directness of speech, fast perceptions and an attitude of �just do it� mark this transit. While Mercury sprints through Aries, you may feel the impulse to cut through and get to the point in conversations and other forms of communication. Body language speaks loudly now, as do actions. At its best, this transit can help words, awareness and insight to arise spontaneously, combined with the courage to express them. On the other hand, you could also say things out of anger, impatience or impulse that you later regret. It may be a time when you'd rather cut to the chase -- acknowledge things and move on -- rather than hang around to process the details. It's a great time to spin ideas that can be developed later. It is also a good time to think independently and follow your thoughts into new perspectives.

Apr.11 � Sun sextile Neptune (21:32 of Aries/Aquarius) (Apr.12 in Sydney)

Faith in the bountiful blessings of the Universe is within reach under this transit...but then, so is the fantasy that you will be magically granted anything you wish for. Although this is mostly a very positive energy, you could become so immersed in your longing for the ideal that you have trouble dealing with the less-than-ideal realities that still must be dealt with. Gaining the benefit from this transit will still require some effort. Hope, optimism and imagination are in the air, which could bring some relief from any depression or discouragement you might be feeling. Your creativity and imagination can be very inspired under this transit. Your sense of self could also get an infusion of uplifting vision, and you may experience a sense of mission, feeling that you are truly a Child of the Universe. There is potential now to lift you out of the ordinary and into the sublime -- spiritually, creatively, romantically or compassionately -- although this will require your cooperation to take advantage of it. Enjoy it while it lasts, but before you make changes based on what might feel like a permanent condition, remember that this is mostly a temporary influence and you will still have to live within the bounds of the physical world after it passes. Don't make overly optimistic promises now, that you will have to fulfil later when the euphoria wears off.

Apr.11 � Venus enters Gemini (until May.08) (Apr.12 in London, Sydney)

Relationships, finances, resources and values take on an air of curiosity, communication and cleverness. It is a good time to discuss, think about and create strategies to improve these areas or make them more enjoyable. You may be especially curious, flirtatious or easy-going now -- so much so that you might drift into superficiality (which might be a welcome rest from more intense or committed social activity). It can be a good time to exchange ideas and information with others, especially in a social context. Schmoozing and networking with others are prime examples of this. This can also be a good time to negotiate contracts and agreements with people, in this atmosphere of information exchange. Just remember that it's one thing to use charm and humor to influence the direction of the discussion, but it may not be wise to indulge in blatant manipulation of others.

Next Update:  NEW MOON in ARIES - April 17, 2007. Available no later than Apr.17.


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