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May-June 2007

For the New Moon Cycle in Aries:
May 16/17 to June 14/15, 2007

May.16, 3:27 PM EDT � NEW MOON in TAURUS (25:33) ("What's a New Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.)
(May.16, 8:27 PM BST in London UK)
(May.17, 5:27 AM AEST in Sydney AU)

The New Moon in Taurus is a time to get in touch with your creaturehood! Creature comforts, sensory pleasure, body language and generally feeling at home in your body. This can include everything from feasting on your favourite foods to treating yourself to a massage. Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, is currently in nurturing Cancer. This is an opportunity to learn how to take care of your body � listen to what it needs and do what you know is right for it.

Perhaps that means getting more exercise � and Mars having just entered vigorous Aries provides a valuable resource of energy to do this! Or, it might mean choosing your foods more from the produce aisle in the grocery store than the cookie aisle. But Taurus isn't just about doing what's right � it's also finding enjoyment and pleasure in life! So maybe the cookies aren't out completely... Taurus can also include other sensory pleasures, like music (especially singing, since Taurus rules the throat) and visual art (painting or sculpture, for instance).

Taurus is generally about what you have, starting with your body and extending to your possessions, money, assets and resources in general. This could also include skills, talents, tools � anything you can draw on when you need resources for what you want to do, and anything you can develop and increase as an asset. In this sense, Taurus is about abundance � not just financial wealth but all kinds of blessings.

With Venus in protective Cancer now, it may be wise to be a bit guarded or cautious about how you handle your money, possessions and resources. This might mean sticking to your budget, or it may involve tending your garden of abundance so it will grow. And with the Moon and Venus in mutual reception ("What's mutual reception?"), you will have a lot of planetary support to do that. (Speaking of Venus, I hope you've been watching beautiful and bright Venus high in the western sky after sunset these days! Although far away from the Sun right now, Venus is preparing to go retrograde at the end of July.)

The Sun-Moon conjunction (which is what a New Moon is) is a separating square aspect to both Saturn and Neptune. (We just can't get away from those two!) All the hard work you've been doing related to the Saturn-Neptune opposition in the last several months can be brought into this fresh beginning at the New Moon. Have you been pushing yourself lately for the sake of perfectionism or trying to meet certain strict standards? Or perhaps have you been fighting against discouragement or feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe you've been working hard to manifest a goal of spiritual, artistic or humanitarian purpose.

During this lunar cycle, you have the opportunity to take a fresh approach to these areas by dealing with them on a more concrete, practical or pleasurable level. The New Moon in Taurus takes what it finds in the learning, resources and experience you have gathered so far, and plants it like a seed. Then it's up to you to tend it, nurture it, pamper it, feed it and provide it with the conditions it needs to grow.

Mars at zero degrees of Aries can contribute a lot of energy, motivation, revitalization and courage, but be careful that this is not fuelled by paranoia, pressure or over-reaction. Mercury in its own sign of Gemini can also provide an abundance of new ideas, a fresh perspective and the ability to put your head together with others for mutual problem solving and support. Jupiter, still in its own sign of Sagittarius, provides a broader vision to help you see what is happening in your life in a greater context.

There are several intriguing aspect configurations happening in this lunar cycle, which can bring lots of opportunities and resources to nurture and grow the potential that's coming together at the New Moon. All of these factors will affect you differently, since some will interact more directly with your natal chart and therefore have a stronger influence in your life. To find out more about how these conditions are affecting you individually, book a personal reading with me

May.16-23 � T-Square in Mutable Signs (Mercury opposite Jupiter, square Uranus) (closest May.19-20) ("What's a T-Square?"  "What's an aspect configuration?")

This is a very powerful aspect configuration because both Mercury and Jupiter are in their own signs, making their energies very strong. Mercury is in Gemini, bringing the "gift of gab" and the urge to collect information. Jupiter is in Sagittarius, bringing a search for meaning and wisdom within the raw information. Both planets contain the urge to share their knowledge with others, so if you find yourself being more talkative than usual, you're probably responding to this energy. Uranus is in square aspect to both, challenging you to not only talk about your point of view, but to actually speak out! Speak out against injustice. Speak out for compassion. Speak out against intolerance. Speak out for freedom. Whether you say it or write it or paint it or dance it � find your voice and speak from the highest truth you know. 

May.17-23 � Mystic Rectangle (Mercury opposite Jupiter, Saturn opposite Chiron/Neptune) (closest May.19-20) ("What's a Mystic Rectangle?"  "What's an aspect configuration?")

That Mercury-Jupiter opposition is busy! It's not only part of the T-square (discussed above), it's also part of a Mystic Rectangle configuration, along with Saturn opposite Chiron (and Neptune kind of sneaks in there at the end). With this kind of aspect figure, there is stress, conflict or struggle happening on the inside, yet we tend to display a much more calm, easy-going, "I've-got-it-together" exterior. The internal stress has to do with the need for hard work that may or may not produce the exact results you're aiming for. This is combined with a struggle between finding higher meaning that will inspire you to keep going, versus gathering more and more information which you hope will make the "true" meaning obvious and irrefutable. On the outside, you may be determined to remain calm, grounded and centered. Or, perhaps you feel a sense of faith that it will all work out in the end. Although it won't necessarily bring a clear solution to problems, this energy can be good to get you through difficult times, since it provides a functional balance between conflict and calm. 

May.19 � Mercury trine Chiron (15:41 of Gemini/Aquarius)

Your mental focus and communication now get an injection of healing energy. Cynicism and depression may soften now, as you become more receptive to a more optimistic viewpoint. If you have been caught up in escapism or "stinkin' thinkin'" (thinking you're more in control of your impulses than you really are), you may now find some relief and healing. Mental argument and critical "self-talk" can now find some reconciliation and acceptance that brings some peace of mind. You have increased ability to find the right words and understanding to help others with their problems. Compassion and empathy may be more accessible because you can identify your own experiences with what you see in others. You might also find someone who can give you good advice or support about your own problems -- possibly a teacher or mentor -- or you could become this to someone else. 

May.20 � Mercury opposite Jupiter (16:58 of Gemini/Sagittarius)

Your thoughts and words can become amplified under this transit, which could bring a sense of adventure, a surge of ideas, and/or imbalance due to exaggeration. You may find it's hard to stop talking (or writing), your head is filled with so many possibilities. However, your judgment about the validity of your ideas may be a bit off, or you might feel the urge to overstate your position to keep from being misunderstood. Blame and judgment could creep into your perceptions of others or the other way around. This might spring from a need to find a greater meaning or truth in the facts, having difficulty bridging the gap between the raw information and the big picture. The trick is to keep a balance between simplicity and elaborate complexity. The challenge is to find ways to express, think about and understand the vast range of possibilities and meaning within the perceptions of everyday life. Not all of it will survive the translation, but enormous spiritual creativity can be generated in the trying. 

May.20 � Mercury square Uranus (18:14 of Gemini/Pisces) (May.21 in London, Sydney)

Flashes of insight can show you new clarity but you might not like the answers you get, since they could disturb your logical perception of what's what. You might get some news or learn come information that shakes you up in some way. This isn't necessarily bad, since this may be necessary to open your mind to something you've been resisting. There's a Higher Truth here that wants to be told (by you or to you), but the way it's phrased can make a big difference in the reaction. There is a risk of "shooting off your mouth before your brains are loaded," as the saying goes, and impulsive or reckless communication and ideas could create more problems than they solve. It will probably help to listen inside yourself first to discover what you really need to say, and then figure out how to say it in a way that doesn't cause unnecessary damage. Strive to shine a light of truth without blinding anyone with it. 

May.20 � Chiron stationary Retrograde (15:41 of Aquarius) (May.21 in London, Sydney)

The Retrograde station can be felt for up to a week before and after this date. Since Chiron is often about health, you may find health issues coming to the foreground now. General issues about wounding, healing and hurt�physically, psychologically and/or spiritually�may come to a turning point now, making it necessary to take some time for healing, reconstruction, and reconciliation of the energies that are out of balance in your life. The retrograde station (now) begins this process, which gradually unfolds over the next 5 months. Focus your energies on acknowledging the areas that need healing in your life�literally or figuratively. Don't forget that although there are areas that still need healing, you have made progress on much of this in the past. It's important to balance your acknowledgement of the work yet to be done with recognition of what you have already achieved in the past. 

May.20-24 � Yod aspect configuration (Jupiter sextile Chiron, quincunx Venus) ("What's a Yod?"  "What's an aspect configuration?")

You have a chance to find healing and acceptance through compassion, tolerance, generosity and wisdom, but there is also a risk of trying to create so much "sweetness and light" that it becomes superficial. It might be tempting to try to create that healing by simulating the peace and contentment you seek, but this could merely create a fa�ade that has little substance. The key is to allow the harmony and healing to grow out of your efforts to strengthen your spiritual efforts, rather than starting with the result and then looking for the efforts that will make it happen. 

May.21 � Sun enters Gemini (until Jun.21)

Happy Solar Return to everyone born in the sign of Gemini! This is the time of year for the cosmic Twins to party, but it is also a time for all of us to explore our dual nature and our sentient awareness that emerges from it. Communication and exchange of information and ideas are specialties of Gemini, and this period brings these areas into focus for everyone. If you're looking for ideas to explore your Gemini nature, try writing your thoughts down, or listen to the buzz of activity around you, or express your observations in both verbal and non-verbal ways. Pay special attention to conversations with others, and be alert to the new information that can be learned there. Connect with your Inner Imp and let yourself be playful, clever, cheerful and fun! Learn a new word every day. Find out the names of things you never even noticed before. Read a book or newspaper or newsletter...or write one! Ride the bus to an area of town you've never been to and see what you find. And remember that it is largely through our interactions with other people and with the immediate world around us that we develop consciousness, perception and mental focus. Therefore, use this as an opportunity to increase your awareness of your immediate surroundings. Exchange information and ideas with others. Use your ability to communicate in every way you can think of. And let yourself be curious, clever and playful! 

May.21 � Mercury sextile Saturn (19:02 of Gemini/Leo)

It can be easier to take a logical, practical approach to problem-solving and decisions now. It's a good time to make plans and work out the logistics of how you're going to get from "here" to "there" in pursuing your ambitions. Or, you may find it's time to bring closure to finished goals, by distilling and systemizing what you've learned in the past several months. This will probably require a bit of effort on your part to make it happen, but the opportunity is there if you choose to take it. This transit can bring mental stability and the ability to apply your mental focus in a practical and grounded way. It may be easier to see things realistically and objectively. Creative energy can become productive and rewarding, if you use it methodically or logically. 

May.23 � Mercury trine Neptune (22:02 of Gemini/Aquarius)

Your mind is very open to imagination, dreams and compassion under this transit. This can be a very creative time, when ideas flow like a magical river. It can also be easy to get caught up in yearning and fantasizing about your hidden wishes, although it is possible to channel this into creative expression. (e.g., writing poetry, dancing, wistful music, singing in the shower, whatever!) Listening sympathetically to others' problems may come easily now, and you are more likely to get a compassionate response from others about your own problems. However, it may also be difficult to draw clear and firm boundaries with others, since you are more susceptible to the emotional gravity of others. It is ultimately a time for optimism, hope, creativity and intuition, although it's wise to keep at least one foot on the ground.

This aspect's energy is likely to be stronger than usual because of Neptune being stationary (see below). You have a rare opportunity to tap into some very powerful creativity, inspiration and imagination now. Make the most of it, although try to leave at least one foot on the ground. 

May.24 � Neptune stationary Retrograde (22:02 of Aquarius)

For up to a week before and after this date, you may feel a thick concentration of Neptune energy. This could include vivid dreams and imagination, foggy confusion or fluid intuition. You might experience unusual sensitivity to the people and situations around you. The station could create a turning point in situations that have unfolded over the last few months, especially those in which you need to surrender to something greater than yourself. This can be a time when you come to an internal acceptance (or resignation) about what needs to be done in your life. As a result, you might experience some sadness, depression, fatigue or low energy...or you might feel a sense of unburdening relief. The next 5-6 months will be a time to probe the spaces in between the facts, events and certainties � to learn about that force greater than yourself, as well as the (unconscious) part of yourself that longs to merge with it. 

May.25 � Venus trine Uranus (18:21 of Cancer/Pisces)

Spontaneity and liberation burst into your relationships, finances, resources and pleasures. You might feel compelled to try something completely different that shakes up the "same-old-same-old" routines you're used to. The upside is that you have the opportunity to break free of some old habits and breathe some fresh air into your life. But the downside could come in the form of impulse spending beyond your budget, or recklessness in your interactions and relationships. Strive to break free of what holds you back from being your true self, without destroying the structure of order in your life. 

May.27 � Mercury opposite Pluto (28:13 of Gemini/Sagittarius) (May.28 in Sydney)

This transit brings powerful words and ideas! They require you to strike a balance between personal perceptions and trans-personal implications. Your communication can be more penetrating, forceful or persistent than usual now, and a little will go a long way, so use this ability sparingly and carefully. In the same way, the words and perceptions of others may have a deeper and stronger impact on you than they normally do. This could be a mixed blessing -- you may discover some profound insight and psychological truth in what others say to you, but you might also be receiving their unconscious projections too (meaning their perceptions and feedback might say more about them than about you). Deep self-honesty can help you decide what is true and what is being distorted. Avoid reacting on "automatic pilot" and give yourself some mental and psychological breathing room to avoid becoming overwhelmed. 

May.28 � Mercury enters Cancer (until Aug.04) (May.29 in London, Sydney)

Intuition, sensitive perception, and communication of feelings flow more easily during this transit. Your empathy may be deepened now, as you can be more able to imagine and pick up on what other people feel and need. Because of this, you may also find that it's easier to say difficult things in a sensitive, caring way. However, your open connection to others might also increase the risk of communicating in a hurtful or callous way, if you are not used to treading gently. Your creative imagination is also more accessible now. To take advantage of this, try doing some journal writing, expand your emotional awareness, have some creative fun, or think of ways to make your environment more homey and comfortable.

Note: Mercury remains in Cancer an unusually long time � over 9 weeks! (Mercury normally stays about 2-3 weeks in a sign.) This long visit is because Mercury goes retrograde in mid-June. See May.31 (in the next update) for more about Mercury entering the retrograde shadow. 

May.30-Jun.10 � Cradle aspect configuration (Sun opposed Jupiter, sextile Mars, Chiron) (closest Jun.04-07) ("What's a Cradle?"  "What's an aspect configuration?")

This is the first of a series of cascading aspect configurations from late May to mid-June, culminating in a partial Grand Sextile (more about that in June). This first of two Cradle configurations starts with Sun opposite Jupiter, which raises questions and challenges about judgment, justice, self-confidence and righteous dignity. You may feel especially sensitive to blame or humiliation, for example, or you could be engaged in a spiritual struggle to gain a higher understanding that reaches beyond your ego consciousness.

There are certain areas where this combined energy can be released and perhaps relieved. One is physical activity and exertion, or the expression of anger (Mars). Another is through healing, humility and acceptance of conditions that may be less than ideal but not without value (Chiron). These release points can emerge in beneficial ways as you come to terms with the struggle of the Sun-Jupiter opposition.

On the other hand, these release points could also become escape mechanisms meant to avoid�or soothe�the stress of the Sun-Jupiter. The plentiful availability of ways to avoid the problem or challenge can lead to complacency ("I'm comfortable now, why should I go back into that stress again?"), which can just perpetuate the problem and allow it to fester.

This might manifest in the form of venting anger and pointing fingers of blame at others, or by getting caught in a downward spiral of discouragement when you're overwhelmed, or you might become so obsessed with healing activities (for example, physical fitness) that you exhaust or injure yourself. A more constructive way to navigate through this energy is to find a creative or noble outlet that helps you look candidly at both your flaws and victories through a lens of self-honesty. It will help to channel your stress in passionate ways that balance effort and ease, humility and confidence. 

May.31 � Jupiter sextile Chiron (15:38 Sagittarius/Aquarius)

There is an opportunity for healing in this transit. This could be a kind of spiritual healing in which you gain understanding that gives the hardship in your life a new and elevated meaning. Or it might be an opportunity to improve your physical healing by increasing your knowledge about good health. There is a chance of glamorizing or idealizing hardship as a way of justifying or enduring it (the noble sufferer). This transit encourages you to take a creative, innovative and transcendent approach to the difficulty in your life, but be careful about over-idealizing it or you may find it hard to let go of it later.

This is the second of 3 passes of this transit: Dec.28.2006, May.31.2007 and Sep.07.2007. 

Sabian Symbol for the
Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius 11

The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple.

Your body has a wisdom all its own. You might have a "gut feeling" or have your "stomach tied up in knots" or have "butterflies in your stomach." Someone might get "in your face" about something, and yet you may "see eye to eye" with someone else. Are you being practical and down-to-earth by having "both feet on the ground," or does your elation and excitement have you "walking on air?" Body language can speak volumes!

This Sabian Symbol ("What's a Sabian Symbol?") takes the idealistic and esoteric qualities of Sagittarius and reminds you that you don't need to go far outside yourself to find wisdom and enlightenment. You need only tune into your own body to hear to its instinctive message. It may also remind you that before you can reach out beyond yourself, you must start with where you are�in the here-and-now, in your body.

The body is also the source of feelings�which may or may not involve emotions, as such. You can have a "feeling about" something without it being connected to an emotion. A feeling is a mode of perception about something, whereas an emotion is an expression or reaction of personal judgment or experience of that something. Although both are similar and emanate from the body, they are not necessarily the same.

The fact that this symbolic image mentions the "left temple" (or the left section of a temple) seems to emphasize the intuitive and non-rational nature of this enlightenment. Your body and feelings have a logic all their own. Although not the same linear logic of the rational mind, there are patterns, rhythms and connections that make sense when you listen closely with your "sixth sense."

This Full Moon encourages you to reach out to discover and explore your spiritual nature by getting in touch with the part of you that, ironically, is often regarded as the least spiritual part of you�your body.

Meditation and yoga are obvious examples, although working out for physical fitness is also a candidate. You might benefit by listening to your body's sleep or nutrition needs (maybe a bit less chocolate�or perhaps more! ;-) Or, possibly just listening to the subtle voice of your body as it talks to you in the language of intuition.


Read more about the Sabian Symbols in these recommended books:

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology,
by Marc Edmund Jones

An Astrological Mandala,
by Dane Rudhyar

The Sabian Symbols: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed,
by Blain Bovee

May.31, 9:03 PM EDT � FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS (10:12) ("What's a Full Moon?"  Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.)
(Jun.01, 2:03 AM BST in London UK)
(Jun.01, 11:03 AM AEST in Sydney AU)

The Full Moon in Sagittarius brings an especially broad expansion of generosity, wisdom, faith and a quest for truth. Any Full Moon will crank up the volume of whatever it finds�especially emotions, feelings, impulses and sensitivity. Not only is the Full Moon IN expansive Sagittarius, it is also conjunct Jupiter, its planetary ruler. This is a Jupiter overdose! ;-) With so many amplifying factors present now, your mood and mindset could be even more intense than it usually is around a Full Moon. You could feel elated, inspired and uplifted, or you might feel overwhelmed and over-extended. Perhaps you are seized with a hunger for knowledge and meaning, or maybe you are filled with a vision of possibilities so vast that it's hard to concentrate on the here-and-now.

There is great healing potential to be found in whatever effect you are feeling now, since Jupiter is in exact sextile with Chiron. Perhaps you need to invest in a little faith to balance out past disappointment, or maybe you are able to accept a painful situation more easily by reframing it in a larger context. The Moon and Jupiter are trine to Mars, making it easier to have the courage of your convictions. But be careful � a sharp tongue may not be the best way to speak your mind.

Yet, even within this magnanimous spiritual vision, it could feel like something is missing. You're not just made of potential, ideals and dreams. You also have a human need to simply be loved for who you are right now � to bond and connect with others on a personal level, and to find peace through a sense of belonging and safety. These things might seem to become a bit lost in your efforts to reach out and touch something greater than yourself. Or, having to attend to your personal needs (or those of your family or loved ones) might conflict with or distract from your loftier goals.

This is the role of Venus in Cancer in stressful aspect to the Sun and Moon. Her message is to make sure that while you're off chasing rainbows and dreams, you also remember to embrace the essential human needs of both you and others around you. To help you maintain a healthy balance between the personal and the transpersonal, it can be very helpful to get a personal reading that will show how your natal chart is affected by the Full Moon and other transits. Find out more about how to book a personal reading with me.

This Full Moon described as a Blue Moon � IF you go by one of several definitions of what a Blue Moon is! The most common definition in modern times is that it is the second Full Moon in a calendar month, but this is actually based on a mistake made in an old magazine article. By an older definition, the next Blue Moon won't be until May 2008. So is this a Blue Moon or not?? Find out by reading my article, Blue Moon Lunacy

May.31 � Mercury enters the Shadow (until Jul.24) ("What's the Shadow?"  Read more about Retrograde Cycles.)

Mercury now enters the area of Zodiac where it will later go retrograde (Jun.15 to Jul.09). During its retrograde cycle, Mercury travels through the same span of the Zodiac three times�once direct (moving forward), then retrograde (looks like it's going backwards), and then direct again. This means that there is a more involved process of development involved with things that Mercury affects�ideas, thoughts, frame of mind, mental focus, and the collection, exchange, analysis and organisation of information. Also affected are all forms of communication�email, the Internet, letters, the media in general, books and magazines, as well as public transit (buses, trains, etc.) and neighbourhoods. The situations that are developing over the next 2 weeks (leading up to when Mercury actually goes retrograde) are likely to require further research, deeper consideration and unexpected discoveries over the next couple of months. Expect changes in your plans, increasingly disrupted communication, and new information coming to light that may not fit conveniently into your plans. If you must make important decisions during this time, try to build some flexibility into your plans to allow for later changes�or if possible, you may want to delay final or irrevocable decisions until well after Mercury goes direct (Jul.09). 

Jun.01-10 � Grand Trine Kite in Fire Signs (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn; Kite to Chiron/Neptune) (closest Jun.04) ("What's a Grand Trine Kite?"  "What's an aspect configuration?"  Read article about this and other Grand Trine Kites.)

A Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Saturn � and in Fire signs, no less! � is potentially one of the most inspiring, productive and fortifying combination of energies you can get! Perhaps you have a project you want to make progress in, or maybe you want to increase your self-confidence in a way that will be enduring and grounded (not a flash in the pan), or you might be looking for sustained motivation and focus to get moving in a better direction. This configuration can give you the energy and practicality that can help you do these things.

BUT it comes with a catch. (There's always a catch, right?) The catch is that in order to access this powerful energy, it may be necessary to accept limitations or conditions about how this will happen. For instance, you might need to distinguish between limitations that block your creativity versus conditions that force your creativity to manifest in particular ways (but don't actually block it). You may also have to confront your need to control how your motivation, creativity, confidence and productivity develop, as opposed to allowing them to unfold in their own way and in their own time. Any tendency to get locked into extremes (control versus "magical thinking," or rigid practicality versus expecting an outside force to do the work for you) is more likely to interfere with the powerful potential of the Grand Trine than resolve it.

This is one of a series of interlocking configurations that take place from late May to mid-June. It is also the last of four Grand Trine Kites happening in 2007, involving Venus, the Sun, Mercury and now Mars. Read more about these Grand Trine Kites in the article, Let's Go Fly a Kite! 

Jun.03-12 � T-Square in Mutable Signs (Sun opposed Jupiter, square Uranus)

This is a repeat of the May.16-23 T-square, except now it involves the Sun instead of Mercury. You might be able to identify with outside sources of wisdom, knowledge or faith, or you could experience judgment or blame (from someone else, or from you toward someone else). Or perhaps you are feeling the urge to expand your horizons, which could be either uplifting and inspiring or a compulsive need for more and more of something. Either way, you will be challenged to stretch your imagination and understanding beyond your current scope. This might come as an unexpected conflict or problem, or as an event or sudden insight that forces you to look at things in a whole different way. For example, you might need to use (or fight with!) technology to reach new possibilities. Or, it might be something philosophical or spiritual, like having to re-examine your assumptions or beliefs in order to understand a level of truth you have been resisting. 

Jun.05-13 � Almost Grand Sextile aspect configuration (Jupiter, Chiron/Neptune, Mars, Sun, Saturn) (closest around Jun.06-07 and 10-11)

This is part of the series of aspect figures that are forming from late-May to mid-June. The planetary orbs are a little on the wide side, but we're likely to feel its effects. In a nutshell, this figure can bring together creative potential so that you have access to new insight, opportunity and ability. A full Grand Sextile is a very rare occurrence, and this is an "almost" Grand Sextile in which one of the points is missing. It still brings a lot of the same energies together that a full configuration would�it's just not as complete or powerful. It won't take on a life of its own to the same degree as a full Grand Sextile would.

However, if your natal chart contains any points (Sun, Moon, planet, Ascendant, Midheaven Nodes, etc.) at roughly 15-21 degrees of Libra, that place in your chart will act as the missing piece! For instance, if you were born from Oct.09-15, then your Sun would become the missing point of the Grand Sextile. Any planet or point that fills in that missing piece will act like a lightning rod to channel the Grand Sextile energy. It is through the nature of that planet/point that you will experience this creative potential. So, for example, if you have the Sun there, your self-image, self-expression, creativity and sense of joy and play could come alive and give you a boost of energy, inspiration and vigour for several days. 

Jun.08-16 � Mini-Trine (Sun, Mars, Saturn) (closest Jun.10)

This is part of the interrelated aspect figures happening in early-to-mid June. This particular combination of planets gives strong potential for courage, productivity and discipline to accomplish whatever you set your mind to! You do, however, need to apply conscious effort and focus in order to activate it and use it. Try identifying a reflection of who you are (or want to become) outside of yourself and use that as an inspirational focus. This is especially true if you have any natal planets or points at 19-21 degrees of Sagittarius. 

Jun.06-16 - Cradle (Sun, Mars, Saturn opp Neptune) (closest Jun.11-12)

Yet another aspect figure in the current series, and yet another configuration in which the Saturn-Neptune opposition is the key focus. Saturn opposite Neptune challenges us to take our wishes, hopes and dreams and untangle them from the expectations and demands that life puts on us (and which we also put on life). This can be a tricky and stressful process, and it can be easy to retreat into one extreme or the other � for example, the rigid conviction that only you can control the unfolding of events in your life, versus putting so much blind faith in the belief that "things will just work out" that you cease to become a participant in your own process of growth. Either extreme could potentially block or sabotage the outcome of what you're aiming for.

In this figure, there are two possible release points�or escape points. If you are able to bring the paradox of the Saturn-Neptune into balance, these planets can be a release point for the resulting energy. If you can't find a workable balance, these planets could become an escape mechanism to distract you from the stress, struggle or confusion of the Saturn-Neptune.

One of these planets is the Sun � your sense of self, vitality, creativity and joie de vivre! Using this as an escape point, you might get stuck in "party mode" or needing to be the constant centre of attention. There's nothing wrong with either of these, but it can cause problems if you become stuck in them and can't function any other way. As a constructive release point, the Sun can bring creative and/or artistic inspiration or strength of vision to a project you are involved in.

The other release planet is Mars � your physical energy, drive and passion. When it is acting as an escape mechanism, you might tend to overreact to things or get stuck in anger or aggression. When it is a constructive release point, Mars can provide the courage, motivation and determination to keep you moving through your process of growth without getting stuck. 

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Jun.04 � Mars trine Jupiter (15:05 of Aries/Sagittarius) (Jun.05 in Sydney)

Energy, assertiveness, aggression and sexuality are amplified during this time. Physical, mental and emotional energy can run high. Your motivation can take on an air of confidence and purpose. If you normally shrink back from asserting yourself, this can be a time when it's a bit easier to find the courage to take a stand. It can also make you more sensitive to this amplified energy in others around you. If you are distressed by Mars energy in general (afraid of anger, intimidated by aggression, cautious about sexuality, etc.), this transit might bring a bit more of it than you can comfortably handle. However, it can also give you an opportunity to experience and make friends with this energy. If you typically enjoy high energy, this can be a time when you can make progress with plans and projects, and have flirtatious or impish fun along the way. 

Jun.05 � Mars sextile Chiron (15:34 of Aries/Aquarius)

This transit gives you the opportunity to take action that can bring some healing resolution to some ongoing problems you've been having. For example, if you've been suffering from weakened energy or chronic health problems, this transit could bring a bit of relief, especially if you're willing to invest some effort to move yourself forward. Or you might find that you have extra self-confidence to deal with a dilemma that has not wanted to go away. You might also find yourself in a position where you can help others find some relief or empowerment related to their suffering and chronic struggles. Problem solving of all kinds can benefit by taking an attitude of proactively doing what you can do, and then let go of what you can't. 

Jun.05 � Venus enters Leo (until Jul.14) (Jun.06 in Sydney)

This can be a very creative time, as Venus' love of beauty combines with Leo's creative flair for the dramatic. Find ways to feel good by making your surroundings and yourself beautiful and reflective of your inner spirit! High fashion and vogue style are "in," and crudeness and ordinariness are out...unless you want to turn them into a fashion statement. ;-) However, it's probably wise not to become so identified with the outer appearance of yourself or others that you lose sight of the person, situation or context that it's all happening in. The aim is to pamper yourself with pleasures that enhance your quality of life, without inflating your ego with synthetic self-esteem and glamour without substance. Relationships, interaction, finances, values and resources all need to include ways to express your identity, valour and "heart." Some light-hearted fun and play can be a good place to start. 

Jun.05 � Sun Opposite Jupiter (14:55 of Gemini/Sagittarius) (Jun.06 in London, Sydney)

Your confidence and ambitions may become amplified, possibly to the point of becoming a problem under this transit. It may be difficult to judge how much is too much versus just enough, and it could just be easier want more and more..."just in case." You may feel the urge to travel or do something that could expand your horizons (literally or figuratively). However, satisfaction may seem just out of reach under this transit, so there is a risk of pushing too hard and lacking perspective or good judgment. You could find that tolerance, compassion and understanding are hard to find, either in you toward others or in others toward you (or both). You are seeing things through a mental magnifying lens, which may be distorting your perceptions or reactions. On the other hand, this can be a good time to take an honest look at how closely you are living by your integrity and values. Feedback might come from others who could be seeing something more clearly than you can see it in yourself. Or, you might find that a minor irritation about someone or something outside of yourself suddenly becomes a major problem. This is probably because you're seeing it more clearly (although not necessarily more accurately). The lesson of this transit is that everything gets amplified together -- the positive and the negative, and at a certain point the difference between them may become meaningless. Reaching a balanced understanding of all that lies within that expanded view is the key to gaining wisdom from the experience. 

Jun.06 � Sun Trine Chiron (15:32 of Gemini/Aquarius) (Jun.07 in Sydney)

This is a time when you may find that your recent efforts to mend and heal the chronic struggles in your life start to come together. You likely have the confidence now to try new solutions, or at least to approach problems from a different angle that sheds new light on the situation. Some of this progress may come from daring to walk your own path, or from finding the courage to face the hidden shadow of your worries and weaknesses (the hidden benefit that those worries give you). There may be a variety of different struggles and wounds in your life that could benefit from this kind of healing, although it can be tempting to let this transit pass by without taking advantage of it. Strive to reach a midpoint between merely dipping your toe in troubled waters and thinking that is enough, versus jumping in the deep end and marinating in it. 

Jun.09 � Sun square Uranus (18:37 of Gemini/Pisces) (Jun.10 in Sydney)

Your world may experience a bit of a shake-up right now, as the Universe decides it's time to make things "interesting." This is a wake-up call, designed to loosen you up from the ways you have become too habitual, stuck or inhibited. The "radical rascal" in you may be itching to come out and stir up trouble, which on one hand might be necessary but also very disruptive and possibly even destructive. Be alert to new insights and opportunities disguised as accidents or crises. Your usual sense of self and purpose may become somewhat unsettled right now, but a space is likely being cleared to make room for new growth and possibilities. If you're looking to break old habits or break free of old restrictions, this may be the time -- but it could create a mess that you'll have to clean up later. Resist the urge to rebel just for the sake of doing something different, and aim instead to break free of old forms of self-expression and ideals that don�t work for you anymore. Expect the unexpected and then surf the shock-wave. 


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Jun.11 � Sun sextile Mars (20:08 of Gemini/Aries)

You have power, energy, motivation and enthusiasm to fuel your ambitions now! The catch is you will need to reach for it; it won't simply "come to you." Reach into your past experience and reach forward toward your vision of what you want. This will help to guide your actions and focus your assertive energy in the direction you want to go. This is a good time to make progress toward a goal. Or, you might want to take steps to leave behind inhibitions that have held you back. This transit can also make you more apt to take risks and find the courage to do things you might not otherwise do. Your tolerance for obstacles may be shortened, and making it easy to assume the only way through them is by using direct force. This may or may not be wise, depending on how extreme you want to take it, so use your good judgment and don't throw away your diplomacy. 

Jun.11 � Sun sextile Saturn (20:31 of Gemini/Leo) (Jun.12 in Sydney)

You have an opportunity now to make some progress in obtaining results in your projects, career, ambitions and creative expression. It is possible to tap into a disciplined mindset, which can be used to take some steps toward goals that you're trying to manifest. You are surrounded by potential to achieve this, although it will not simply be handed to you -- you will still have to work for it. Your mind and purpose are likely to be clear and strong now, enabling you to be decisive and productive. Leadership, management and organizing abilities are potentially high right now. Asserting your authority in a situation that calls for it can be done successfully, as long as you don't let yourself become rigid or bossy. It can be a good time to learn or practice new skills, or to apply yourself to any kind of serious study. It is also a time when you could formulate some solid plans for future projects or make some progress with current undertakings. Make the most of it! 

Jun.11 � Mars trine Saturn (20:31 of Aries/Leo) (Jun.12 in Sydney)

This is a great time for disciplined action that can produce grounded, specific and stable results. If you have a project that needs to push ahead to the next step, you may find this is a good time to do that. If you want to make progress with your ambitions, goals and plans, this can be a good time to make plans or to take action. You are likely to feel "together," capable and strong, giving you a serious, calm and realistic confidence. It's usually easier to control or restrain your more volatile emotions, and present yourself as someone who is stable and on top of things. This transit can bring sustained physical energy that doesn't burn itself out quickly and can pace itself for lasting endurance. Remember that the effects of this transit typically last only about a week or two, so make the most of it! 

Jun.13 � Sun Trine Neptune (21:56 of Gemini/Aquarius)

Faith in the bountiful blessings of the Universe is within reach under this transit...but then, so is the fantasy that you will be magically granted anything you wish for. Hope, optimism and imagination spring eternal right now, which can bring some relief from any depression or discouragement you might be feeling. Your creativity can become very inspired under this transit. Your sense of self could also get an infusion of uplifting vision. And you experience a sense of mission, feeling that you are truly a Child of the Universe. There is potential to lift you out of the ordinary and into the sublime -- spiritually, creatively, romantically or compassionately. Enjoy it while it lasts, but before you make changes based on what might feel like a permanent condition, remember that this is mostly a temporary influence and you will still have to live within the bounds of the physical world after it passes. Don't make overly optimistic promises now, that you will have to fulfil later when the euphoria wears off. 

Jun.13 � Mars sextile Neptune (21:56 of Aries/Aquarius) (Jun.14 in Sydney)

There is potential for inspired action now. You could achieve a softening or soothing of the blunt force of anger, frustration, confrontation and conflict, without this resulting in powerlessness or passivity. It may be easier to move forward with your plans and intentions based on the power of faith or ideals. It's important to not get lost in those ideals to the point where you lose sight of what's realistic, but this is a time when you may be more inclined to take a leap of faith and say "Oh what the heck!" Your emotional impact on others (or their impact on you) could be greater than is intended or expected, so use this expanded energy wisely. 


Next Update:  NEW MOON in GEMINI - June 14, 2007 (Jun.15 in UK and AU). Available no later than Jun.14.


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