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November-December 2007

For the New Moon Cycle in Scorpio:
November 9/10 to December 9/10, 2007

Nov.09, 6:03 PM EST � NEW MOON in SCORPIO (17:10)


Ottawa, Canada, and
Washington DC, USA:

Nov.09, 6:03 PM EST

London, UK:

Nov.09, 11:03 PM GMT

Sydney, AU:

Nov.10, 10:03 AM AEDT

"What's a New Moon?"

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Richness of feeling, passionate creativity and intensely intimate encounters with people � that's the prevailing current during this lunar cycle! Scorpio is typically known for its intensity, depth, force and passion � and for its scary dark corners. Easy-going trine and sextile aspect energy is plentiful at the New Moon, with relatively few stressful aspects. This could mean that this Scorpio energy will be relatively well behaved ;-) although even trines and sextiles are not without their potential drawbacks.

There's a Grand Trine in Water signs still hanging on in the skies. Although it is just finishing its time of influence, the New Moon brings new life and new meaning to its energy. The doors to your feelings, creativity and personal connections have been swinging open during the past week and a half. How have you been affected by this? Perhaps you've been unusually emotional or sensitive. Or maybe your moods have been especially fluid and changeable. Your creative inspiration might have led your feelings to flow more easily into forms of self-expression.

The New Moon in Scorpio could urge you to take your creative and emotional experiences and channel them into a new project or direction. Since this Grand Trine also involves Mars and Uranus, this might become a whole new adventure for you! You may feel especially playful and mischievous going into this lunar cycle.

The Sun-Moon conjunction (a.k.a. the New Moon) is in square aspect to Neptune. This could add a tricky energy. At its best, Neptune could challenge you to break through misconceptions and fantasies that hide some deeper emotional truth that needs to be brought to light. Or, it might push you to find a deeper source of inspiration or spiritual connection, yet it may take considerable effort to reach the benefit that this can lead to. At worst, you could get lost in illusions of power, control or emotional daring that are far more risky and less beneficial than you believe.

Light and shadow. Sweet and sour. Beauty and the beast. These are essentially the choices before you during this cycle. At its sweetest, you can find new courage to break free of old beliefs that are clouding your clear vision (even though they might have served a helpful purpose in the past). Or, your creativity could become "gutsy", visionary and profound. At its most sour, you might feel hypersensitive to your surroundings, particularly to chaotic or ambiguous energy. Or, you could get stuck in reckless overreaction to projections from your own unconscious�and still believe that you're justified and righteous.

Mars is slowing down to go retrograde on Nov.15. This is especially significant because Mars is the traditional planetary ruler of Scorpio, the sign of the New Moon. Mars goes retrograde about every two years, making it the rarest retrograde cycle in our solar system. When Mars doubles back in his retrograde cycle, he doesn't fool around! On the other hand Mars is in Cancer, a sign that tends to blunt his sharp edge and cool his fire. At its best, Mars in Cancer will fight like an enraged mother bear to protect those it cares about. At its worst, it can play "hit-and-run" games where calculated attack is defended with feigned doe-eyed innocence.

The trick is to allow the healing energy of the Grand Trine in Water to liberate you without moving so far beyond the stratosphere that you lose touch with reality. Let your best intentions guide you without being seduced by the trap of believing that good intentions are enough to justify anything. It helps to have a flashlight in the darkness to help you navigate through the cave of your unconscious beliefs, motives and ideals. A personal reading can provide insight and information to illuminate the shadows. 

Nov.11 � Mercury Direct enters Scorpio (until Dec.01)

Cunning communication and insight are at their peak, as Mercury skulks through Scorpio. It�s a time for unearthing secrets and delving deeply into the psychological Shadow (Carl Jung�s term for the unconscious parts of ourselves that we don't want to or know how to face). There is opportunity for healing and grounding now, but you may have to resist the temptation to manipulate others to control that process. Your awareness of the undercurrents around you could be increased...or you might stir up those undercurrents in others without intending to, by blurting things out in a blunt or harsh way. This transit presents an opportunity to learn new ways to wield words with the skill of a surgeon - to heal and remove what is toxic, not to wound or retaliate. Use it wisely. If you are not crystal clear with yourself about your motives and feelings when communicating with others, your unconscious or hidden agendas could seep through and cause hurt when that was not your intention.

Mercury now returns to Scorpio, where it went retrograde back on Oct.12. In what ways have you gained new awareness of intensity, control issues, or use of power in your life? Have you had to find a balance between diplomacy and aggression, or between using words for passion versus beauty?

Nov.11 � Sun square Neptune (19:17 of Scorpio/Aquarius) (Nov.12 in UK, AU)

Your ideals, hopes and wishful thinking may loom a little too large during this time, making you prone to disappointment and disillusionment. You might want a fantasy or dream to come true so much that you disconnect from the reality that seems to be in the way -- only to find that the obstacle was serving a positive purpose after all. Your imagination may be very active now, but not easy to control or balance with reality. However, it can be a very creative time if you're able to harness that imagination for productive use. Unconscious urges and longings may be especially close to the surface, so you have an opportunity to learn more about the hidden forces that drive you (and perhaps distort your view of the world around you). Spiritually, you might discover that your yearning for enlightenment is not the straightforward path you had hoped for, but it can be just as valuable (although disappointing) to discover what is *not* your best path. Emotionally you may feel a bit overwhelmed, discouraged or confused. On the plus side, you have an opportunity to observe a deeper part of you, which is usually camouflaged against the distracting background of day-to-day life. There is tremendous creative, spiritual and healing potential to be found by listening to and working with the inner voices from those depths.

Nov.15 � Mars stationary Retrograde (12:27 of Cancer) ("What does retrograde mean?"  Read article about retrograde planets.  Read article about Mars retrograde.)

Mars now turns retrograde until Jan.30.2008, creating a need to reconsider the direction and use of your energy. For up to a week before and after the station, your physical energy may be a bit erratic or wonky�here one minute and gone the next, active one minute and lethargic the next. Mars entered the retrograde Shadow on Sep.17, and any forward progress made since then could seem like it has hit a roadblock or forced into an annoying detour. Anger can flare easily due to frustration, if you try to push through the obstacles that don't want to budge. This can also trigger old unresolved anger, which might need to be worked through over the coming retrograde period. But this is not a totally negative experience! The retrograde period can also be a time of rest, regrouping and coasting for a while. It is a time to take stock of what you are investing your energy and ambition in. It is a time to evaluate whether your plans and actions are working for you, or whether you need to make some adjustments in your direction, or whether you need to consider a complete change of direction. Think of it as taking inventory and revising your goals and plans for your life over the next two years (until the next Mars retrograde). Mars retrograde might also open up doors of opportunity that had previously remained closed, although these could swing closed again after it goes direct (Jan.30). In general, this can be a time to consider a change of heart about things you feel passionately about. Allow yourself to be shown a different point of view about your anger, passion, sexuality, hostility, defensiveness, assertiveness, motivation, enthusiasm, directness and/or courage.

Nov.16 � Mercury sextile Saturn (07:36 of Scorpio/Virgo) (Nov.17 in AU)

It can be easier to take a logical, practical approach to problem-solving and decisions now. It's a good time to make plans and work out the logistics of how you're going to get from "here" to "there" in pursuing your ambitions. Or, you may find it's time to bring closure to finished goals, by distilling and systemizing what you've learned in the past several months. This will probably require a bit of effort on your part to make it happen, but the opportunity is there if you choose to take it. This transit can bring mental stability and the ability to apply your mental focus in a practical and grounded way. It may be easier to see things realistically and objectively. Creative energy can become productive and rewarding, if you use it methodically or logically.

Nov.17 � Mercury leaves the Shadow (until Jan.13.2008)

Mercury is finally finished with this retrograde cycle. Perhaps you've been waiting for this moment to make some major decisions. Or maybe you've just been holding your breath, waiting for Mercury to outgrow his Brat phase. It's okay to breathe now � you're (relatively) safe ...at least until January 2008. ;-)

Nov.18 � Venus trine Chiron (10:58 of Libra/Aquarius) (Nov.19 in AU)

Healing and rebalancing are possible now, especially in the areas of relationships, finance, resources and values. Any problems that have persisted in these areas lately could benefit from an influx of helpful and healing resources now. Relationships and interactions of all kinds can benefit now, since it can be easier to see the beauty and value in others whom you might usually dislike or feel ill at ease with (or they with you). Negotiations and strategic efforts to resolve conflicts may go smoothly now, especially when you balance the results in everyone's interests. You may also be able to attract what you need to heal your wounds (physical, psychological, spiritual, etc.). Like it says in the "Serenity Prayer," you may now find it a bit easier to accept that which you cannot change, while finding you make progress with the things you can.

Nov.19 � Mercury square Chiron (10:59 of Scorpio/Aquarius)

Your mental focus and perceptions may feel a bit strained right now. You could find yourself locked in a struggle of indecision that stems from a "glass half empty" versus "glass half full" dilemma. It may be difficult to stay objective and evenly balanced in your perspective, but by working with this you could also find a new mental focus that gives you increased clarity. It might be tempting to sink into cynicism as a way to deal with what seems like a no-win situation. On the other hand, this transit could bring your mental perspective to a kind of "healing crisis" that forces you to get a better grip on the ideas, communication and frame of mind that have been problematic for you. Instead of reaching for extremes (hoping this will clarify the path in front of you), it will help more if you can take a few steps back to allow all the conflicting and out-of-sync elements to coexist together -- creative paradox. If you have been in denial about something, this could be a turning point that allows you to grapple with the complex reality of your situation.

Nov.19 � Venus square Mars Retrograde (12:17 of Libra/Cancer) (Nov.20 in UK, AU)

Your receptive, diplomatic side is arguing with your assertive, decisive side. The result is either a battle of wills between your Yin and Yang, or a new creative energy that harnesses both. This could manifest in the form of relationship problems, financial struggles, arguments about control, or you are propelled to take action with plans that have been percolating for a while. If you're usually more comfortable with your Yin side (receptive, diplomatic), you might feel a bit backed into a corner or forced to negotiate under pressure. If you're more at home in your Yang side (assertive, action-oriented), you may feel compelled to blunt or sheathe the sword you would prefer to smite your enemy with. Either way, this is about balancing the two sides and finding a new cooperation that works for both.

It's worth noting that Venus squared Mars back on Aug.07. This was when Venus was retrograde. If she wasn't already feeling disenchanted from being in Virgo, she was certainly feeling grouchy by being in a conflicting aspect to Mars in Gemini. At that time, you might have felt unusually stressed, especially since your efforts to be diplomatic, gentle and fair were probably being thwarted at every turn by more aggressive, impatient or erratic energy.

This time, Venus is strongly placed in her own sign of Libra, and it's Mars who is disadvantaged in the sign of Cancer. You might find you have difficulty asserting yourself or baring your fangs when you need to, due to the pesky annoyance of being able to see the merit of both sides of the argument and having difficulty choosing just one side or the other. Just as your August experience was there to teach you something about how to balance Yin and Yang in your life, this transit is also meant to awaken a new awareness and strategy in you.

This is emphasized by a somewhat obscure aspect configuration called a Small Learning Triangle � Venus, Mars and Mercury all at the EXACT same degree (within one minute of arc � that's close! ). This configuration brings conscious awareness into the play, so that you may have to make choices and decisions based on your experience and feelings about persuasion versus force or manipulation versus direct aggression. Just remember that you have a different perspective to draw on from your experiences back in August.

Nov.19 � Mercury trine Mars Retrograde (12:17 of Scorpio/Cancer) (Nov.20 in UK, AU)

It may be easy to find the courage to speak your mind and say what needs to be said under this transit. In fact, your ideas and words may come so quickly and easily that it's hard to stop them from tumbling out of your mouth before you've had a chance to evaluate the best way to say them. Your communication is likely to be direct, concise and right on the mark, even if it might also be a bit blunt or pointed. If you need to confront someone about a difficult situation, this transit can provide courage and clear words to help you do that -- although perhaps not as good for a situation requiring a more delicate, sensitive touch. It is a time when you could potentially find the nerve to take risks, or to defend yourself if the need arises (especially verbally). Overall, this is a wonderful transit for anything involving direct communication (e.g., public speaking, writing, debating), as well as mental agility (e.g., generating ideas, finding solutions, making decisions).

This is the final pass of this transit (due to the previous Mercury retrograde), the previous two passes being Sep.26 and Oct.17. You may find that certain decisions and choices are clearer now, since you have access to more information and insight than you did before.

Nov.21 � Mercury trine Uranus (14:47 of Scorpio/Pisces) (Nov.22 in AU)

Unusual ideas, flashes of insight and seeing unexpected possibilities are all part of this transit. You may find it easier to be open-minded right now, especially about insights that have eluded you. Your ability to see beyond your usual horizon of perception can bring visionary brainwaves, as well as a fun sense of humour. You might be inspired to experiment with something new or do something out of character. You might have an impulse to break free of old habits or constraints. This can be a very liberating transit that opens your mind to new possibilities and ideas. However, be careful that you don't become so liberated and spontaneous that you become erratic, hyper or reckless. Words may come tumbling out of your mouth before you've had a chance to consider their wisdom, or you might find yourself talking non-stop and interrupting, creating a bit of awkwardness in those around you. On the other hand, you might also find the clarity and vision that gives you the words to speak your truth with new conviction. It's a great time to do some writing or other form of self-expression, especially if it's spontaneous or involving technology.

It is worth noting that Uranus is stationary direct in a few days, which makes Uranus extremely strong in this transit. This could crank up the volume of its effects. For example, you might get more than just a few new ideas � you might get outright revelations!

Nov.22 � Sun enters Sagittarius (until Dec.22) (Nov.23 in AU)

Happy Solar Return to all Sagittarians! While the Sun is in Sagittarius, we all get to explore our horizons, seek our highest truth, discover our spirituality and gain fresh wisdom. Sagittarius energy encourages us to reach beyond our grasp, to exceed our limitations, and to rise above our primal impulses. Whether we are encountering other cultures, countries and languages, or expanding our horizons through new knowledge or spiritual awareness, this is a time to be uplifted and inspired. We are challenged to explore meaning in our lives and to connect with whatever we regard as sacred and sublime. In Sagittarius we also gather new knowledge and understanding, making sense of the patterns and themes within the raw information around us. It is not enough to simply have facts and data. Sagittarius presents us with the opportunity to reach for the highest truth we know, and then to exercise that truth in moral and ethical ways. The trap we must be careful to avoid is that it's easy to assume that our truth is truth for everyone else too, which is not necessarily the case. Our well-meaning wish for others to experience the inspiration and passion that we feel can seem to turn us into self-righteousness know-it-alls. It's tempting to believe that we are privy to knowledge that others are denied. There can be a fine line between sharing passionate knowledge versus shoving opinions down someone's throat. Everyone has their unique perspective on life, and therefore their own sense of meaning and truth that works for them. And yet, debating and challenging each other's knowledge, beliefs and values are also an important part of the Sagittarius passion for exploration. As the Sun journeys through Sagittarius, expand your awareness of how these issues play out in your life.

Nov.24 � Uranus stationary Direct (14:46 of Pisces) ("What's a station?"  "What does retrograde mean?"  Read article about stations.)

Uranus now turns direct, after being retrograde since Jun.23. This often brings a turning point in situations involving spontaneity, freedom, breaking free of old patterns, rebellion and expressing your personal uniqueness. For up to a week before and after this date, it could feel a bit chaotic or erratic�or perhaps just spontaneous and exciting. However, Uranus' ultimate agenda is to clear the way for your true spirit to manifest in your life. You may experience unexpected changes, flashes of insight, or disruption of established situations that aren't working well (which might include computers, Internet, mass media, groups, friends or future plans). This can be the awakening of a new perspective, to be brought into a clearer focus through open-mindedness and being willing to try new things. 

Sabian Symbol for the
Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini 2

Santa Claus filling
stockings furtively.

Santa Claus is a Western cultural archetype who personifies the boundless gifts of the Universe. It speaks to the Child within us who understands what it is to be the passive beneficiary of whatever will magically fulfil its needs. Even if you had a traumatic childhood, if you survived beyond babyhood then you were the passive recipient of at least some of what you needed to survive and thrive.

This Sabian Symbol ("What's a Sabian Symbol?") shows dear old Santa bestowing gifts and treasures to those who have asked for them by providing the receptacle�one's stocking, traditionally hanging from a fireplace mantle. Secretly in the dark of night, Santa finds his way into the house and fills the stocking with goodies.

For a dude who breaks and enters into people's homes in the middle of the night, we certainly give him a surprising amount of credibility!

But on a spiritual level, this tends to be how the Universe works. One doesn't usually negotiate directly with the Universe, pay your bill and have your request immediately handed over to you, like in a department store.

Instead, we "put the message out there" in the form of prayer, wishes, meditation, affirmations and expectations. Then we wait to see how and if it will manifest. There's a magical process that happens when we're not watching. The Universe supports our intentions, but may not respond to specific demands.

This image is rich with symbolism! On the surface, we could say that the Full Moon (oh ya, remember the Full Moon?) could bring rewards and blessings. But there is much more to it than that. If Santa comes and finds no stocking, he might just go away and not leave any gifts for you.

It's essential to believe, to be receptive and make space in your life to receive whatever you're asking for. "If you build it, he will come." (from the movie Field of Dreams) No field, no baseball. No stocking, no goodies.

Traditionally, Santa was said to bring toys and gifts only to "good" children, and might leave a lump of coal or nothing at all for "bad" children. Aside from emotionally blackmailing children into compliance�(am I the only one who thinks this is cruel??)�on a symbolic level this system of rules reflects the idea that you will get back whatever you invest your faith in.

If you cultivate a cooperative, positive attitude and do what you're supposed to do (being a "good girl" or "good boy"), then Santa will reward you with something "good." (And bribing Santa with milk and cookies doesn't hurt either.)

However, if you nurture negative expectations or invest your energy in things that are unwholesome, unhealthy or counter-productive, then you won't get the "goodies" you were hoping for (or else you may suffer loss in other areas to compensate).

The message of this Full Moon (and the unfolding of the rest of this lunar cycle, until the New Moon on Dec.07) seems to be: Be like a child in your innocence and faith, and you will be rewarded. But be careful what you invest those qualities in, since you are likely to get more of whatever you invested in.


Read more about the Sabian Symbols in these recommended books:

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology,
by Marc Edmund Jones

An Astrological Mandala,
by Dane Rudhyar

The Sabian Symbols: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed,
by Blain Bovee

Nov.24, 9:30 AM EST � FULL MOON in GEMINI (01:55)


Ottawa, Canada, and
Washington DC, USA:

Nov.24, 9:30 AM EST

London, UK:

Nov.24, 2:30 PM GMT

Sydney, AU:

Nov.25, 1:30 AM AEDT

"What's a Full Moon?"

Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.

Read more about the Gemini side of your personality.

Theoretical speculation, broad perspectives and philosophical enquiry are all fine and nice. But sooner or later you've got to boil it down to plain language that can be easily understood and put to use. At a certain point, soul searching can become intellectual or vain unless we communicate what we know and find a way to express it in everyday life.

Doing so can help you integrate that vision into your life. You don't have to rise to aspiring heights to enjoy the wisdom that can be found there�you have only to get up in the morning and mindfully put one foot in front of the other. This is the wisdom of Gemini, especially when it is the release point for Sagittarius. In this case, the Full Moon is in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius.

The Gemini Moon becomes the mouthpiece for the visionary outreach of the Sagittarian Sun. Gemini normally deals with essential information, data and facts. Common knowledge. The communal exchange of information that is shared by those with whom you share the most basic commonality. Gemini essentially seeks the "connective tissue" between people, things, places and experiences. Gemini wants to open the doors and minds of all who share a common environment.

Gemini is an Air sign, and Air fills the spaces between seemingly unrelated things. At the Full Moon in Gemini, it's time to take a deep breath and air out stale parts of your life. However, with the Moon opposite the Sagittarian Sun, the "air" may feel more like it just descended from a crisp, clear mountaintop. In other words, under the Full Moon in Gemini, your information, perceptions and communication are likely to come from a "higher place."

And yet, it's not enough to simply convey the ideal wonder of the world because the reality may contradict that glowing picture. Saturn forms a T-square with the Sun and Moon, bringing all that inspiration and intellect back down to earth. It may be necessary to "put your money where your mouth is." Getting a great idea is just the beginning�it's important to also put it to practical use. Conveying the Big Picture in snapshots and sound bites is a good start, but somehow you need to embody the experience of it too.

And that's when you'll find out how much your inspiration is based on "Truth" and how much is based on a misguided version of it. There may be adjustments to be made. You might have to get your facts straight. It could be necessary to acknowledge secrets or misconceptions so that you can become free to move beyond them.

This is underscored because Gemini's planetary ruler Mercury is exactly square to Neptune. This can bring you into a confrontation with delusions. With Mercury being in Scorpio, it could also dissolve the careful boundaries that hide secrets. You might also be tempted to collapse yourself into blind faith, only to bump into a harder reality that you didn't see coming.

Uranus is stationary direct on the same day as the Full Moon! This is likely to add some spice and fizz to the mix! Secrets and obscure information could come out of hiding in abrupt or surprising ways. Things that have been left unsaid for a while may come flying out of your mouth unexpectedly. You might wind up speaking the truth in spite of your best efforts to keep it covered up or to soften it.

The Gemini Full Moon will have no shortage of things to talk about! The trick is to prioritize and decide what's really important. If you find yourself in an ethical dilemma, the best solution might be found in the opposite direction than you were expecting it. Allow yourself to be surprised by new information. 

Nov.24 � Mercury square Neptune (14:46 of Scorpio/Aquarius) (Nov.25 in AU)

Your mental focus may be a bit clouded, confused or lethargic right now, as your conscious mind struggles to grasp the formless, limitless expanse of the Universe and the unconscious. You may experience some disillusionment or disappointment in your observations or communication with others. However, what is flowing under the surface of events right now is the need to dissolve away the crust of old expectations that blocks your view from seeing a greater Truth. If you're feeling off-balance, try to listen more than you talk, so that you can be receptive to your inner sensitivity. Left-brain analysis might be difficult to work with right now unless you balance it with a lot of right-brain intuition. You may have to let go of a rigid mindset, or give up what you think you understand about a situation in your life, in order to open yourself to a new perspective that is difficult to define but is ultimately in the best interest of your spiritual growth. 

Nov.26 � Venus trine Neptune (19:26 of Libra/Aquarius)

This can be a time of romance, creativity, and a sense of oneness with the natural beauty of all that exists in the world. On a social or intimate level, things may run smoothly -- even a bit magically! So be sure you are clear about what you really want. In terms of finances and material worth, this can be a time of blessings and abundance that could seem to appear out of nowhere. But be careful -- it can also be a time of overspending and wondering where the money went! Your natural beauty and warmth shines through now, so it is a good time to peek out from behind any fa�ade of glamour or illusion you might be cloaked in. You are likely to see the very best in others (and they in you), so that negotiation, interaction and attraction can seem to flow effortlessly. This magical attraction energy could also open you up to seeing wonderful qualities in others that may or may not actually be there, so do a reality check with a trusted friend before you make any important choices. 

Nov.29-Dec.10 � T-Square Aspect Configuration (Saturn opposite Uranus, square Sun/Mercury) ("What's an aspect configuration?"   "What's a T-Square?")

For up to a couple of weeks you may feel a bit torn between the radical and conventional sides of life. This is a preview of the upcoming opposition between the structured, cautious, traditional Saturn and the spontaneous, unregimented, disruptive Uranus. Although this aspect doesn't become exact until November 2008, we'll see many aspect configurations between now and then that involve these two planets, allowing us to experience their combined energies from may different points of view.

This T-square configuration brings a dawning awareness of the ways that these two planetary energies interact in your life. You may feel a "tug of war" between your need to maintain the status quo versus the desire to break free and discover something new. At best, you could find a way to breathe new life into a stagnant or dormant area of your life without losing the benefit of past progress and stability. At worst, you might bounce back and forth between the extremes of cautiously sticking to the familiar versus throwing it all away for a radical dream of freedom. It may help to remember that true freedom is found within, and all the external changes in the world won't bring satisfaction if you can't free yourself inside too. 

Nov.30 � Sun square Saturn (08:15 of Sagittarius/Virgo) (Dec.01 in AU)

It is necessary for you to come to grips with limitations, boundaries or expectations. If you have been avoiding some task or obligation, this transit might bring consequences from that avoidance or a warning of consequences to come. You might also encounter a situation that requires you to accept unwanted responsibility or restricts your freedom in some way. You might be faced with some part of your life being pruned back, either to rein in something that is out of control or to make room for new growth. This is likely to be more or less stressful depending on how comfortable you are dealing with responsibility, authority, limits and hard work. If you have a hard time with authority issues, you might find yourself in conflict with someone in authority under this transit -- perhaps in part because your buttons are getting pushed. On the other hand, this could also be a time when you are challenged to take action or make a decision that involves taking on more responsibility. It is also a time when you may have to find better ways to deal with personal boundaries -- accepting others' or learning to assert your own. You're bumping up against reality, so try to work constructively with it, not hurl yourself against it. 

Nov.30-Dec.04 � Yod Aspect Configuration (Sun sextile Chiron, quincunx Mars retrograde) ("What's an aspect configuration?"   "What's a T-Square?")

Just when you think you're starting to figure out how to achieve self-acceptance, confidence and healing, something comes along to disrupt the peace! That "something" is Mars retrograde, and what it shows you is the "shadow" side of all that feel-good experience. Hiding behind the feeling of peace may be "peace at any price" which requires you to sacrifice too much, and you may have to adjust your priorities. Or, your self-acceptance might be rooted in one-sided ideal, and this configuration may raise your awareness of something disruptive or counter-productive in yourself that you need to integrate into the whole picture before true acceptance can be achieved. This Yod may bring little more than a few days of irritation and frustration, but it also gives you a chance to peek below the surface and learn more about the source of these feelings. 

Dec.01 � Mercury enters Sagittarius (until Dec.20)

Communication, ideas, thoughts and perceptual "spark" become expanded in Sagittarius. Your mental focus tends toward a philosophical and spiritual outlook that seeks the highest truth in the broadest context. However, it's not always easy for the conscious mind to assimilate and digest such a vast territory of knowledge, or to find the higher meaning in mountains of raw information. You might feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to take in such a panoramic view of your world, but the gifts from doing so are abundant and inspiring! To get the most out of this transit, try learning something new that expands your horizon. Or pick a situation in your life and imagine that you're looking at it from a mountaintop -- what do you see from way up there that you can't see when you're closer to the ground? Just remember that whatever visions and insights you get from doing this, these are SOME of the truths to be found, but not necessarily the only truth. Leave room in your new understanding to remember that every mountaintop shows a slightly different view and that this doesn't make one mountain right and the others wrong. 

Dec.01-18 � Stellium in Sagittarius (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto; plus Moon) ("What's a Stellium?")

Both Jupiter and Pluto are moving through Sagittarius right now. When the Sun and Mercury join them through most of December, they collectively form a Stellium (many planets in the same sign). This puts a lot of celestial weight in that sign, whose energy colours much of our experience during that time.

Sagittarius is expansive and larger than life at the best of times, and having so many planets there just feeds its visionary fire! This is a time when you can imagine what you would like your life to be like during the coming year. Imagining what you want to happen during the upcoming holidays may also take on a life of its own. It can be a great time for holiday partying, but be careful about over-spending on gifts or over-indulging in holiday cheer. Above all, please don't drink/drug and drive.

This planetary figure also surrounds the upcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. (Read the article about the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.) That means some of the visionary quality of the stellium might also dip into some negative images. Pluto can often stir up some rather intense and dark imaginings, and combined with Jupiter's magnifying glass, your morbid imagination and suspicions could become amplified just as easily as your optimism and positive ambition.

If this happens, the use of positive affirmations can help, as long as you don't swing to the opposite extreme and assume that everything will be nothing but "sweetness and light" (which can leave you open to being blind-sided by reality). If you find yourself straying into the extremes of positive or negative, take a step back (Sagittarius loves perspective!) and use it as an opportunity to learn something about yourself and about life.

This Stellium figures prominently in the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius, so it's important to focus and centre yourself in a vision of what's ahead of you that is both positive and grounded. The Stellium also becomes a Rolling Conjunction moving through Sagittarius and Capricorn throughout most of December. 

Dec.02 � Venus sextile Jupiter (26:15 of Libra/Sagittarius)

There is an abundance of creative inspiration, material enjoyment, feel-good pleasure in the air! Your luck and opportunity to attract money, love, resources and self-esteem are high right now. It may be relatively easy to attract the people, possessions and opportunities you want or need, but you'll still have to work to get them. On the other hand, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach (as mother would say) and you might be tempted to charm, flirt or bluff your way through a situation more than usual. There may also be a tendency to self-indulgence. These are not necessarily bad things, but it's probably wise to remember to use this energy to enhance your best judgement, not override it. 

Dec.03 � Venus sextile Pluto (28:07 of Libra/Sagittarius)

Close one-on-one relationships with people (close friends, lovers, partners of all kinds) could possibly benefit by being taken to a deeper level now, through creatively combining balanced harmony with deep connection. Just be careful that intimacy and bonding don't go over the top into obsession or domination. There is a brief opportunity now to become more authentic in how you relate to those close to you and how you establish a balance of power with them. The trick is to do this without trying to suppress, control or overpower the other person's interests. Financially, it is a time when you may have an opportunity to profit in your dealings with banks, insurance companies, taxes, and other institutions that deal with collective money. 

Dec.03 � Sun sextile Chiron (11:35 of Sagittarius/Aquarius) (Dec.04 in UK, AU)

This is a time when you have an opportunity to mend and heal the chronic struggles in your life. You may find new inspiration, motivation or confidence that can help rejuvenate waning enthusiasm or reconcile persistent problems, although you'll still have to apply effort to bring it all together. You might get the chance to demonstrate your ability to walk your own path in a new way. Or, you might get a peek inside the hidden shadow of your worries and discouragement, giving you new insight into how you might be unconsciously sabotaging your conscious efforts. You may have to face a bit of your own fear of failure or low self-esteem before you can get beyond these feelings and tap into the benefits of this transit -- not because you are failing but because these concerns may arise in response to the new potential now available to you. By tapping into this potential for creative problem solving, you can bring some healing to whatever your situation is. 


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Dec.05 � Venus enters Scorpio (until Dec.30) (Dec.06 in AU)

Venus is the planet of relationships, interaction, beauty, pleasure and material resources. She struts through Scorpio with attitude! As a result, we may experience sensuality, sexuality and intimacy in a more intense, in-your-face kind of way. You might feel the need to establish a better balance of power with others that is pleasant and even-handed on the surface but also deals with the more gritty or intense energy that tends to lurk under the surface. It may be easier to attract what (or who) you want now, by focusing your intent and interest on the object of your affection and desire. However, there can also be a danger of becoming manipulative, controlling or devious to get what you want. Strive to become centred in your deepest heart's desire through steadfast self-honesty. Aim to avoid becoming obsessed with power, wealth or lust so that you lose sight of your true light inside. This is a good transit to take joy in your instinctive nature. 

Dec.06 � Mercury square Saturn (08:25 of Sagittarius/Virgo)

Your thoughts, ideas and communication need to become structured, rational and discreet, although this may not be easy to achieve. You may have to work extra hard to get your point across now, since others might be resistant to your ideas or may not be familiar with the basic concepts. It is a time to be clear, objective and down-to-earth in your communication and thinking, but equally important to do this without going overboard and becoming rigid, autocratic or over-cautious. If you find yourself stuck in a "glass half empty" frame of mind, you might be sagging under the weight of melancholy ...Or, it might mean you are coming to terms with some hard realities and decisions and feeling the gravity of the implications. But also check to be sure you're not taking yourself and your situation too seriously. By applying your best efforts, this can be a very productive time, especially with anything involving communication, writing, organising or logic. 

Dec.07 � Sun square Uranus (14:51 of Sagittarius/Pisces)

Your world may experience a bit of a shake-up right now, as the Universe decides it's time to make things "interesting." This is a wake-up call, designed to loosen you up from the ways you have become too habitual, stuck or inhibited. The "radical rascal" in you may be itching to come out and stir up trouble, which on one hand might be necessary but also very disruptive and possibly even destructive. Be alert to new insights and opportunities disguised as accidents or crises. Your usual sense of self and purpose may become somewhat unsettled right now, but a space is likely being cleared to make room for new growth and possibilities. If you're looking to break old habits or break free of old restrictions, this may be the time -- but it could create a mess that you'll have to clean up later. Resist the urge to rebel just for the sake of doing something different, and aim instead to break free of old forms of self-expression and ideals that don�t work for you anymore. Expect the unexpected and then surf the shock-wave. 

Dec.07-15 � Mini-Trine Aspect Configuration (Venus trine Mars retrograde, sextile Saturn) ("What's an aspect configuration?"  "What's a Mini-Trine?")

There is much creative potential brought together in this aspect configuration. Venus trine Mars brings a cooperative mixture of beauty in action, artistic motivation and the ability to negotiate with both diplomacy and assertiveness. When Saturn is brought into the mix, it brings stability, realism and structure. This encourages you to utilize and manifest the Venus-Mars trine energy, which could otherwise be taken for granted and not used. The Mini-trine can also help to bring stability and calm to relationship problems or anger management issues. 

This can also show the benefits of efforts you made back in November when Mars went retrograde while in square aspect to Venus. At that time you may have struggled with difficulties in relationships, interactions, motivation and/or stress management. If you worked hard at that time to find solutions to persistent problems, this Mini-trine can be the time when you really start to see the benefits and results of your efforts. 

Dec.08 � Mercury sextile Chiron (11:50 of Sagittarius/Aquarius) (Dec.09 in UK, AU)

Your mental focus and communication could get an injection of healing energy under this transit, as long as you are prepared to put some effort into getting it. Your spirits can become uplifted now, from seeing a light at the end of the tunnel or from finding a light that guides you along the path in front of you. It will not, however, make the tunnel or the path go away; you'll still have to walk the walk. But your mental perspective can become more accepting of inconsistencies and frustrations under this transit, which can alleviate a lot of stress and make the journey a bit smoother. Mental struggles and critical "self-talk" may find some reconciliation and acceptance that brings peace of mind. You have an increased ability to find the right words and understanding to help others with their problems, by providing insightful feedback. To get the most out of this transit, aim to find a mental outlook and communication style that can tolerate contradiction without having to eradicate one in order to justify the other. 

Dec.08 � Mars retrograde sextile Saturn (08:28 of Cancer/Virgo) (Dec.09 in UK, AU)

There is an opportunity to harness the energy of willpower using practical discipline. Your physical and mental energy are likely to be stable and enduring, or else they can become this way more easily than usual by applying a sustained focus of effort. This is a great transit if you need to be productive or to make progress in a goal that you are working toward. The thing to watch out for is a tendency to be over-cautious to the point where you get stuck in the planning stage and don't get much done. Or, you might try to rush into the production phase before your plans are fully formed. This transit works best when these areas are brought into balance. 

Next Update:  NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS - December 9, 2007 (Dec.10 in AU). Available by Dec.09.


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