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Lunar Forecasts for January 2009


This Forecast in effect
December 27, 2008 to January 10/11, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Which would you rather be? The head of a corporation or the facilitator of a spiritual group? The planner and executive of a developing system, or a visionary who foretells a potential future? Someone who must rein in your impulses with strong self-control (making you much more productive), or someone whose connection to other people is spontaneous and inspired but also be a bit detached (allowing you to help more people than if you focused on just one person)? Surprise! You are called upon to be all of these things for the next 4 weeks.

Your biggest challenge could be about finding a balance between being idealistic (wishing for a perfect world in which everyone pulls in the same positive direction) versus being practical (wishing for a predictable, ordered, reliable world). It might seem easier to achieve the predictable part, but this can become like an enclosed garden where nothing new grows. It is just as important to reach out toward a sense of vision and ideals, which might seem impractical but is the one thing that could open up that garden and sow some new seeds for future harvest.

By early January, you might feel a shift whereby it's easier to envision a new future that breaks free of the demands and limitations of expectations you have held in the past. In order to do that, you will need to get a stronger sense of the big picture�not simply the context in which events in your life are happening, but an even greater context of what is possible. If your life has been feeling heavy, painful or flat, allow yourself to imagine the positive implications or unexpected benefits that could emerge from that.

If your life has been filled with hard work, achievement and building a solid foundation, let yourself graduate into a state of mind that can soar free above the structure, methodology, formulae and rules that have sustained you until now. It may be time to leave the lesson behind in order for the learning to become absorbed and carried beyond the "classroom." A personal astrology reading can give you a clearer understanding of how you are being called to do this in your own life.


This Forecast in effect
January 10 to 26, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You might feel a bit emotional right now, since your feelings, needs and unconscious urges are probably lurking closer to the surface than usual. This can greatly enrich your feeling and intuitive nature, but it might be necessary to temper these feelings with being grounded, realistic and responsible. If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed or a bit too sensitive, it may help to find a person, group, activity or place that can give you some extra support. Your family might be a source of that support, or they might be the reason you need extra support. Either way, check inside to see if what you're feeling has roots in your family experience. Perhaps you are missing the love and nurturing you once received from them. Or, maybe you have always felt a gap between what you needed and what you received from your family, and that gap now feels like an empty hole inside of you. Or, you might just be reminiscing about the past and missing what was or what might have been.

The point here is not to dwell in the past or to focus on what you lack. Rather, this is an opportunity to learn more about what makes you tick emotionally�what your deepest needs are, where they come from and how they shape you into the unique individual that you are. To accomplish this, the Universe is likely to shake you up a bit right now. The idea is not to withhold satisfaction or tranquility because of some karmic punishment or cosmic game, but to keep you moving along your path of personal growth toward greater awareness. Circumstances might seem to shift back and forth a bit right now. This gives you the chance to discover and get to know the subtle middle ground between the extremes of perfectionism and idealism, between the subjective and the objective, and between the conventional and the unconventional. In between them all lies a treasure for you to discover.

Your exploration of these issues will continue until well into February. Don't be discouraged if what you thought to be true about something or someone turns out to be different than you expected. It probably means you're viewing your situation with an open mind, which means you're capable of learning something new. If your new perspective is troubling or upsetting, get some extra support from someone who can help you make sense of it. (A personal astrology reading is an excellent source of support.) If you're frustrated because you feel like you're mentally or emotionally tripping over your feet, then slow down, take some time out for quiet reflection, and above all, be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

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