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This Forecast in effect
January 26 to February 9/10, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Something new is being born! Something unique and a little bit wild is emerging! This can be a time of great hope, optimism and belief in yourself and the Universe. ...Or, it might feel like your world just got turned upside down and you're wondering where normal went. Either way, this is a time of transformative change that will unfold�gradually or in spurts�over the coming year. You are being asked to find a connection to something greater than yourself that is radically different from what is typical for you. Reach for a higher vision. Expand your understanding of the world around you. Be open and receptive to something you might normally dismiss, doubt or distrust. Believe in something.

This might be difficult at first. Change is never without its struggle and sometimes pain. In The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran wrote: "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." Part of the labour in this rebirth is to strike a balance between being open to something new (and possibly unsettling) versus keeping one foot on the ground (without keeping it stuck there). Your best balance point between these two is likely to shift around a bit, requiring repeated adjustments and effort. That's not a sign of failure or impossibility, but rather an opportunity to increase your strength in the ways that count. That means finding stability not in the predictability of outside circumstances that make you feel safe or powerful, but within yourself and in a belief in some form of Higher Power (in whatever way that makes sense to you). Believe in something.

Your resources, motivation and sense of direction for this rebirth could be either subtle and sensitive, or surprising and in-yer-face, or both. Making fine-tuned adjustments can not only maintain your stable centre, it will also avoid erratic swings between extremes that only complicate and amplify the problem. Small moves made with the Big Picture in mind. To accomplish this, your intuition, instincts, dreams and emotions will be just as important to take into consideration as your perceptions, reasoning, facts and past experience. Seek out support from friends, advisors, associates, groups and people who can help you see things from a new perspective (a personal astrology reading is an excellent example of this). Reach out with your imagination while keeping at least one foot on the ground. Believe in something.



This Forecast in effect
February 9-24, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

It might feel a bit like you're running around in circles right now. Or it might seem like you're going two steps back for every step forward. This doesn't necessarily mean you're doing something wrong � it's the road that's twisting and turning under your feet. Your job is to find creative ways to stay on course wherever it leads, even though doing that might feel confusing, frustrating, exhausting and sometimes a bit crazy-making!

To do that, you will probably have to open your mind to unusual possibilities and ways of thinking. This is creativity at is most fundamental level � finding spontaneous ways to respond to life in the moment. To rely on the same old formula or predictable results probably won't work as well as it usually does. It will be better to cultivate a more flexible and philosophical understanding of what's going on in your life. Whatever your conflicts, problems and challenges, try reframing things in a new way. Be open to a different perspective. It's very likely that there are no solutions right now that will completely fix the problem. That doesn't mean it's hopeless � far from it! You might need to redefine the problem to discover another way to approach it. It will also be helpful to let go of your usual expectations of what the answer is supposed to look like, so that you will be able to recognize a different kind of answer that's probably be more effective. A sense of humour will definitely help!

You will be playing around with these kinds of innovative ideas for the next 6 months. Don't get all tangled up in knots thinking that you're supposed to figure it all out now and just move on. In the coming months, imagination, inspiration and unexpected insights are your travel buddies on the journey. Don't just dismiss them as distractions. Although practical results are no doubt important, the journey offers a unique opportunity to explore new ideas, fresh growth and unconventional experiences that are probably just as important to your spiritual development as the concrete results are to your physical well-being. Balance is the key, even if that balance is constantly changing and adjusting. A personal astrology reading will help you find your balance point and keep you moving along your best path.

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