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Lunar Forecasts for April-May 2009


This Forecast in effect
April 24 to May 9, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Whatever situation you're in right now, if you look closely you will see three components to it. One is that there are hidden rewards to be found by patiently and persistently digging down through the layers of old problems over the next few weeks. This might seem frustratingly slow sometimes, or it might be difficult not to react impulsively to an intense feeling like you're being swallowed whole by a giant ogre. However, there is a friendly "Shrek" side to this ogre that can also be experience as playful, lively and enthusiastic, rather than seemingly reckless, frightening or overbearing.

The second component right now is that your ability to be grounded, responsible, organized and analytical could flip on and off like a light switch for a few days. At its best, you might experience this as a rush of ambition, motivation and determination to make concrete progress in your goals. At its worst, you might wind up beating up yourself or someone else with guilt, condemnation or hyper-criticism about imperfections that are human, not necessarily blame-worthy.

The third compartment of this energy contains a struggle between hope and vision versus needing to accept and embrace the reality that your reach might well exceed your grasp. This might feel a bit like your upbeat anticipation of possibilities is being brought down. In order to be uplifted, it is necessary for you to bring all of you along for the ride; and to do that, you will need to reach down into the place where you hide your (so-called) negative or undesirable side. You don't want your human shortcomings wandering off like an abandoned child where it can get into trouble. So, it's important that you confront, acknowledge and accept this part of you as a work in progress. At the same time, it's both okay and essential to believe in your own unlimited potential and that you believe you deserve this. If in doubt, consult a trusted friend, advisor, counsellor, or your astrologer who can help you navigate through these energies. Be open to new ideas and insights, but don't get so open-minded that your brains fall out. ;-)


This Forecast in effect
May 9-24, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time to go inside and explore inner feelings, perceptions, intuition and creative inspiration. You have the opportunity to access something that is hidden, secret or a mystery, and by accessing it you can gain knowledge and information that may be very useful later, especially in a few weeks' time. Right now, though, it is time to do some soul searching. You might need to examine your deeper motives about a decision you must make over the next few weeks. Or, it may be necessary to explore hidden feelings or desires that affect your reactions to situations or people around you.

By venturing deep below the surface of your conscious awareness, you can gain access to a wealth of information, although what you learn might not be what you're expecting and might even be a bit disappointing. It is said that ignorance is bliss, but what you don't know can sometimes hurt you or at least get in your way. It will likely take some effort or struggle to arrive at illumination and understanding. If what you discover is not what you were hoping, sit with this knowledge for a bit and try not to jump to conclusions. A deeper understanding is possible if you give it some time and stay open to a new perspective.

It will help to create some stability in your life. Stick with your normal routines as much as possible � or, if your routines are normally pretty scattered or unpredictable, try to introduce some structure that will act as a way to ground yourself. Try starting the day with an affirmation that you have inner reserves of strength to draw on. It's a good time to return to any good habits you started in the past and then let slide. It can also help to remember the saying that "the truth will set you free." Look back over decisions you've made in recent weeks and see if they can be improved, especially by patiently gathering new information and challenging old assumptions. Talking to your astrologer can provide some insightful food for thought that can help you make wise revisions of your choices and plans.

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