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Lunar Forecasts for June-July 2009


This Forecast in effect
June 22/23 to July 7, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Do you have a good support system around you in times of need? Do you feel like you have a stable place to belong in your life? It may be time to extend some extra appreciation to the people who care about and care for you, because it's possible that either you or they could use some extra hugs right now. Perhaps it's a time when they will need your support and love, or you might be feeling a bit insecure and needing some extra reassurance and encouragement. At its worst, you might experience increased feelings of suspicion, distrust, fear of abandonment or in extreme cases, outright betrayal. However, for most people this is a time when emotional or psychological issues can bubble up from the unconscious, giving you a chance to shed some new light on old problems or mysteries.

Stability and progress can be found by establishing a system of healthy, mindful routines. This can boost your courage and resources, which might seem to be the focus of the problem right now. However, you may find that current struggles in these areas are largely reflections of deeper issues that stem from the residue of unresolved problems from the past. At its best, this struggle can be used to motivate you into reorganizing and establishing a stronger foundation in your life (especially of material resources, like income and savings), which in turn can help to calm any emotional insecurity that feeds into or arises from that struggle. A personal astrology reading can be a valuable resource in this quest, to learn more about how these energies are affecting you personally.

You have likely been wrestling with questions since around April about where you're going, why you want to go there, and what you're prepared to endure or sacrifice in order to get there. This is a longer-term process of growth that will develop further over the next few weeks. You are called upon to examine how your values are affected by, or have been change by, your exploration of these questions. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to choose a direction that will put your values, vision and priorities into action. Circumstances might seem to be working against you by being a bit unpredictable or uncertain. However, learning to accept and work with that uncertainty is part of the process, and not an indication that you have failed to find the answer to your questions. The bottom line is: there may not be a perfect answer, but you can still create something that is fulfilling, uplifting and worth your efforts.


This Forecast in effect
July 7-21, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time when you can get ahead and make progress on your chosen path, although your key assets will probably need to be patience, pacing and persistence. It's not so much that you are blocked from moving forward (although that's possible); it's more that you could become sidetracked, distracted or lose your focus due to your hopes, wishes, dreams or illusions luring you into the realm of the ideal, instead of dealing with the reality in front of you. The pull of your imagination, vision and longing for the "perfect world" can be very strong right now, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The problem can occur when you try to make the best potential happen in a literal way, exactly as you envision it. That's because your mind's eye fills in the blanks with what you hope will be there, whereas this may not match the things already occupying those blank spaces in reality. It's like envisioning that you want to go from "here" to "there" and assuming there will be a bridge or at least solid ground to get there, but discovering that it's really a pond. It doesn't mean you can't get "there," but it does mean you may have to alter your plans a bit, change your mode of action, shift your direction or rethink your strategy. If you aren't paying attention to what's really happening, you could find yourself wondering why you're not making much progress.

Be alert to what's in front of you, be prepared for the unexpected, and be willing to be flexible. Sheer will power and trying to force the issue will probably only complicate things. It's possible that your motivation, energy and momentum may take a bit longer (and require a bit more of a push) to get you up to speed in whatever you're doing. Again: patience, pacing and persistence. Think of it like rubbing two sticks together until you have sufficient heat to start a flame. If you're prepared with a good plan, having the right resources handy when you need them, and are willing to think creatively outside the box, you'll have enough fuel to keep you going once you do get started. The important thing to remember is that although you may have a clear idea of what the end result is supposed to look like, it might fall into place a little easier if you're willing to be flexible about what the result will actually be. That means it will be helpful to understand clearly what it is you want from the outcome, rather than what it's "supposed to" look like. Allow the Universe to be a co-creator with you. A personal astrology reading is an excellent resource to help you get focused and grounded to work with this energy. Special reading price now available! Find out more...

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