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Lunar Forecasts for September-October 2009


This Forecast in effect
September 18 to October 4, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

There is a reawakening taking place in the world right now. It involves social change and the battle between the forces of past tradition and the forces of future change. Both are important and necessary, yet each poses problems for the other. Right now, this drama is also unfolding in your personal life, where you may be experiencing a struggle between the drive to forge ahead with new ideas and inspired action versus the urge to be cautious and not take unnecessary risks. Alternatively, you might have a situation where the need to make changes seems unavoidable, and yet circumstances seem to be standing in your way. Or, you might be trying valiantly to create stability in your life that seems chaotic, out of control, scattered, inconsistent or just plain weird. However this is affecting you, you're probably finding that the more you try to control the situation, the more you tend to swing between extremes. For example, if you're trying to become more disciplined by forcing your nose into the grindstone, your restless side probably becomes more reactive and distractible. Or the more you try to break free of the past, the more circumstances or discouragement seems to get in your way.

This is a time for becoming more aware of the cautious, stable, conservative side of things. If circumstances seem to be holding you back, maybe there's a message in that for you � not necessarily telling you "don't go there," but perhaps saying "there's something about what you're trying to change that you still need." If you are trying to create stability in the face of chaos or change, this is a time when you may find yourself blessed with the discipline, practicality and rational perspective that you need to do just that � but remember that this is a process that will need to be developed over time; it's unlikely to happen quickly.

By focusing on what is holding you back or what needs to be more grounded, you can start to minimize the reactive effect of getting more of what you don't want. Why? Because when you pay more attention to one side of the battle, it intensifies the other side. The more you try to push away one side, the harder that side fights to win. The best outcome is to be able to acknowledge and embrace both sides of the polarity, and this is a time to start with one of those sides. If you're trying to create change that breaks free of established ways of doing things, start by looking at what those established ways do for you and what you might need to keep. If you're trying to slow down or avoid change, take a look at how some part of that change might actually be a good thing, and that by trying to hold onto your current situation you might actually be interfering with a necessary change in your life. These are just examples but you get the idea. Do try to avoid making any final decisions until October � this is a time to gather new awareness and perspective, not necessarily to take action. This all helps you embrace a long-term process of transformation that unfolds over the next few years. To gain more understanding of how this is affecting your life and how to work with it (instead of it working you), a personal astrology reading is highly recommended.


This Forecast in effect
October 4 to 18, 2009

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You might feel like you're being flung out of a sling shot right now! In the last few weeks, it may have seemed like you were spinning your wheels in the mud or treading haltingly across rocky terrain. As frustrating or discouraging as this might have been, struggling with obstacles or being held back has probably had its advantages. Now the Universe is getting itself ready for you to gradually move forward again. You might feel rather impatient or impulsive, itching to get moving, but remember that having to be patient and pace yourself is not the same as being held back. Right now your job is to carefully choose how and when to move forward using deliberate decisions that take into account what you've learned in the last few weeks. Forward progress is possible, but it's still best taken one step at a time.

Besides feeling a bit impatient or excited, you may also feel quite inspired right now. In some way, you are being coaxed by a Higher Power to move beyond your usual comfort zone and wake up to a broader perspective of your life. This may require you to let go of your automatic assumptions, beliefs and reactions in order to see a different point of view. This might seem to fly in the face of everything you "know" to be true or to contradict the plain facts as you "know" them.

However, what you think you "know" is being challenged right now, so that you will broaden your awareness and start to focus on a new knowledge beyond your usual horizons. Some of this will be inspiring, healing and exciting, although you may not like all that you see. There may be a difficult truth that must be faced which goes beyond mere facts. Some of what you start to see may be challenges that don't have a clear or satisfactory solution, yet which can transform you in important ways merely through your experience of them and your ability to form a new understanding of them. You are awakening to a greater cosmic awareness, which will continue to unfold over the next few. Excitement is natural and normal, although it will help to stay centered and patient and allow the greater process to grow and develop within you in its own time. A personal reading can help you achieve and maintain the right balance.

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