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October 18 to November 2, 2009

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Be honest now: in what ways is your life out of balance? Where do you feel like you have been lacking or on the losing end and wishing life would lift you up a little to level out the playing field? This is a time for finding new balance in your life, which means you will have an opportunity to improve some area of your life that's been in a slump. The thing is, balance goes both ways. When one side goes up, the other side goes down, and both changes are usually necessary in order for both sides to come out even. One side gives so that the other side can get, and vice versa. Therefore, you might be called upon to give a little so that someone else can get something that will improve their life. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are "losing" but that the scale needs to balance out both ways in order to bring the situation back into balance.

To do this, it is important to (a) think positively, (b) create a strategy or plan and (c) negotiate with others who are involved so that everyone comes away with a win-win outcome. For example, in the context of a relationship, this could involve hashing out a solution to a latent or long-standing problem that has been weighing the relationship down. In a creative or spiritual context, you might become more open to inspiration by embracing the block, disappointment or perfectionism that has kept you from reaching the next level of potential in your growth.

In this process of finding balance, it helps to find your self-confidence, courage and sense of purpose. However, it's possible that your courage or confidence might slip away when you start to imagine all the things that could go wrong. One possibility is that your intimidation or anxiety is trying to tell you something – that your conscious intent is out of sync with your gut instincts or intuition. It doesn't necessarily mean you're on the wrong path, but it might mean you need to check in with a deeper part of yourself and get the whole story before you proceed. You might still feel a bit anxious or nervous, but you're more likely to be able to give yourself permission to feel the fear and do it anyway. It can be very helpful to consult with someone who can be both objective and understanding, like a friend, advisor, mentor, counsellor or your astrologer.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
November 2 to 16, 2009

What motivates you to make a positive change in your life? Are you able to motivate yourself, or do you respond best when life throws circumstances in your way and forces you to change your course? Can you set deadlines and keep to them, or do you rush things at the last minute and make yourself chronically late? Do you believe in yourself enough to let your aspirations inspire you into action? Or perhaps you struggle between trying to pull yourself forward while dragging one foot on the ground in resistance? It doesn't matter whether your goal is to become more productive, or to make changes, or to stabilize your life, or to get yourself moving more quickly or just to slow down and learn how to just be – it is your motivation that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

The next two weeks are about finding the right balance that moves you toward your goals without either burning yourself out or hindering your progress. To do that, it's important to get centered in what you want and what your goal will look like. In other words, how will you recognize success when it happens? How will you know it's time to stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour? So the first question you need to answer is: what do you really want? How will it make you feel to achieve or acquire it? How do you envision your success – with applause coming from admiring fans, or simply having an inner appreciation for a job well done? Do you want to be a hero of some kind, or to just express your individuality in a way you can be proud of? And what has been standing in your way up to now – lack of confidence, lack of opportunity, fear of disapproval or rejection, or perhaps worry that you won't be able to live up to your success? It's important to gather as much understanding, information and awareness as you can, since these are resources that will help you achieve your goal.

Your current goals, aspirations and efforts have farther reaching implications than whatever you are trying to do in the Now. These will help you lay the foundation for achievements, growth and transformation over the next few years. Your plans and efforts may require you to confront and break free of some issues around authority, power, control and responsibility. However, you will likely have an abundance of resources, support, and help from unseen sources. The help might be a little sporadic, unusual, or you might find it hard to trust that you deserve it, but don't dismiss it – you've worked hard for it and it is part of your healing process. And remember that your astrologer is another source of support and insight.

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