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November 16 to December 2, 2009

The truth shall set you free, but first you must be ready for it. It is good to aim high – toward ethical optimism, spiritual compassion and healing for the greater good – but if you aim too high, you might lose yourself in unattainable dreams that could damage the very hopes you need to strengthen. It is good to take a stand that expresses and asserts your individuality – but if you come on too strong, you might unintentionally make promises you can't keep or even turn off the people you are trying to persuade. It is good to inspire and influence others about what you believe in – but if you push too hard, you run the risk of resorting to manipulation, seduction or coercion. That will only create a temporary alliance that disappears as soon as you relax the pressure – and you don't really want to have to keep that up forever, do you?

Truth can be a slippery quality right now. There are different kinds of truth, different layers and perspectives. One person's truth may be another person's fantasy. It's important to dig deep below the surface to discover what the truth really is. And it's murky down there – is something really the truth, or is it coloured by your expectations, fears, hopes or desires? "Know thyself" is an essential principle over the next 4 weeks. It helps to be aware that personal integrity is not so much about following high principles as it is about ensuring that your actions are consistent with the best part of who you are. This is about personal authenticity that reaches beyond ego attachments and reflects the highest truth you know in your heart of hearts.

Talking the talk isn't always easy, and walking the walk can be even more challenging. Learning to do both is an unfolding process that will develop over the next few months. Don't be discouraged if it feels like you're doing the "one step forward, two steps back" dance between December and March – it's all part of the journey. For now, concentrate on taking each step as mindfully, straightforwardly and joyfully as possible. Even if you discover that there are proverbial rocks, snakes and poison ivy to avoid on the trail, there is still much to celebrate and enjoy. Let your steps be a dance that turns stumbling and tripping into primal drumbeats on the earth.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
December 2 to 16, 2009

Close your eyes and let your mind wander... (Well, keep reading this forecast first!) Become aware of your thoughts as they come and go. What does your "self-talk" say? Whose voice does it remind you of? Your own? Your Inner Child or Inner Adult? Your mother? A spiritual entity? What thoughts do you welcome and respond to? Which ones do you try to ignore or shut out? Around the Full Moon and for the next two weeks, I want you to try being aware of what goes through your mind. What kinds of things do you notice? What feelings come up? Let your mind roam as it will. Free association. Let it explore. If raw thought is a bit too unstructured for you, try writing or drawing with your non-dominant hand instead (left hand for most people). Or talk aloud (who cares what the neighbours think). Or sing it. Or dance it. Don't judge it, censor it, analyze it or try to make sense of it – just let it happen. Be playful with it and have fun.

Let your curiosity guide you and you may be surprised where you end up. You may find that you start doing something new for one reason, but you might decide to stick with it for a completely different reason. It is only after you get into the experience that you will discover something about it that was previously hidden. Allow your curiosity and willingness to explore new ideas and experiences scout out new possibilities with a completely open mind. Much of what you encounter will probably be silly, trivial, nonsense or erratic, but so what?

Later you can go back and look at what you wrote or thought or drew or sang or experimented with and decide if there's something worth exploring more deeply. You might find some surprising nuggets of wisdom, information, insights or ideas in amongst the gobbledegook. Even if it all seems like silly gibberish, look back on it in the coming weeks since it could provide some very interesting food for thought. A friend, counsellor, mentor, advisor or your astrologer can help you make sense of it. And even if nothing relevant or important comes out of it, the very exercise of letting your mind relax and play is in itself valuable. Letting yourself be more focused in the moment is in itself highly relevant and important. Being there is half the fun – don't miss it!

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