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January 15-30, 2010

The Solar Eclipse (on Jan.15) is a twilight time that initiates the release of new energy that will unfold over the next few years. Initially this energy may not be entirely welcome, since it can disrupt your normal routines and expectations about what you believe your life is or "should be" about. This eclipse could well stir up some rather deep energy, impulses, feelings, potential and perceptions. You might feel disturbed or unhappy about this, or you could feel liberated and motivated. Or, you might notice little except that the confusion of the last few weeks is a bit more bizarre than usual for a few days.

Regardless of what you experience, this is a time of initiation and decision. You might be challenged to deal with an authority figure who backs you into a corner and demands that you do things their way. Or, you could be faced with having to take a stand about something at a time when your courage seems like it's gone AWOL and it feels like all you're left with is stubbornness or scepticism to back you up. Or, you might be seized by the resolve to move forward with some kind of commitment to a long-term project. Or, there might be circumstances that limit your options and force you to go in a particular direction.

In any of these (or similar) scenarios, the common thread is that the attitude with which you make your decision, about how to approach a situation or embrace change in your life, will make a huge difference in how you experience it in the long run. In a way, this could be a test of maturity and inner strength � not to judge yourself harshly (if you feel you aren't measuring up to arbitrary standards) but as an opportunity to give yourself the support you need in order to thrive and grow in the future. This is as much about troubleshooting, problem-solving and finding solutions as it is about just "getting it right." In other words, don't shy away from a challenge, but do be gentle with yourself. When the gardener discovers a plant that is wilted, she or he helps it heal and grow by finding out what it needs and then providing it. Discover and become your own Inner Gardener. And when you need it, don't hesitate to get some "gardening" tips from a friend, advisor, counsellor or your astrologer.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
January 30 to February 13, 2010

What lives in the centre of your being? I'm talking about that space inside you where all your feelings, desires, ambitions, fears, motives and attitudes come together. What does that space look like? Is it full of sunshine and decorated with things you love? Is it a dark place where the curtains drawn to keep out the world? Is it under renovation as you go through changes? Is it boarded up with a "No trespassing" sign, so that even you can't see what's inside? Or maybe you're thinking, "Centre? What centre?"

We define the centre of who we are in these kinds of terms: "When it all comes down to it..." "At the end of the day..." "When all is said and done..." "When push comes to shove..." What is it inside of you that has the final say in what you decide to do next? It might be courage to face the unknown. Or it could be a willingness to take a risk and try something you're not sure about. Or maybe it's an outlook of depression, apathy, cynicism or despair that can't believe that things can change for the better. Or perhaps it's curiosity to see what will happen next.

Whatever lives at your centre becomes the energy that drives your life. You can paint the outside of your house any colour you want, but it's what's inside that really defines your home. The next two weeks, starting around the Full Moon on Jan.30, give you a chance to take stock of what lives inside your centre and figure out what you want to do next. It may be time to throw out those old things you don't need or use anymore, but which clutter up your experience of life and make it more complicated than it has to be. Perhaps you just need to open up the curtains and windows, to let some fresh ideas in and breathe free again. Or maybe you need to fortify and protect your inner space by patching up the holes in the roof that let the rain in, making you a bit too vulnerable to the harsh elements around you. You decide—but first you need to become more aware of what the planets are showing you about the state of your inner being. If you need help understanding what you're seeing, a personal reading can help you decipher the writing on the wall.

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