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March 15 to 29, 2010

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Flash! Did you see it?? Did you see the lightning strike? It might have come as a revelation, or a breakthrough, or new idea, or creative inspiration, or a sudden flash of intuition. Next: meditate on it. Don't be so quick to dismiss it as an oddity, or even to rush off and do something with it. Just sit with it for a bit. Think about it. There are details and subtleties you won't want to miss. So just allow your memory of whatever it was to hover in your mind for a while. If you're visually oriented, picture it. If you're kinaesthetic, get a body sense of what it felt like in your body. If you're auditory, listen closely. Not even sure if you noticed anything? Then just sit for a couple of days and think about your experiences of the last few days. Or better yet, write down what you remember (or journal it as it happens). What stands out? What is or was out of the ordinary? It might even be something weird like: what was unusual was the fact that life was incredibly ordinary or calm or indistinct. There is a jewel for you in the first days of this lunar cycle (March 15th, give or take a few days).

Your reaction to these days is important to notice. Were you disturbed? Happy? Disappointed? Excited? Hopeful? Horrified? Afraid? Angry? Shocked? Relieved? Bored? Next, think about how you dealt with your reaction. Did you make a mad dash for the refrigerator for some ice cream therapy? Did you rush off to talk about it with friends? Did you feel inspired to go out into the world and take in a beautiful day? Did you pull into yourself and shut down emotionally? Did you reach for some wine or drugs to put yourself into a different space? Did you feel moved to write about it, draw about it, sing about it, dance about it? Did you have an impulse to dismiss it, reject it, deny it, judge it or condemn it? Did you scratch your head and wonder what the &%#! that was? Did you forget about it as you turned your attention to more important things in your life? Did you start imagining all the possibilities that could come from it, and then get stuck because you couldn't decide what to do next?

The point is there are abundant new possibilities that have just entered your life. You have the next 4 weeks to either develop them into something new, or to create a foundation on which to develop them further over the coming months. It's important to gather information, awareness and insight about that that can be before you put it into action, or you might miss some of the vast potential you've been given. Even if your life has taken a bad turn recently, if you can look beyond your current loss or problem you will probably see that a new door has opened up as a result, which wasn't available to you before. Whatever your situation, it's important not to get stuck in a dilemma of seeing life in all-or-nothing or black-and-white or either-or terms. Moderation and balance will help you navigate the shades of grey in between the extremes. Try just sitting with the situation for a bit before deciding how to act or react. Extreme reactions are only likely to make the waters a lot more choppy and turbulent than they need to be and can interfere with your ability to find the resources you need that live in calmer waters. A personal astrology reading will also help you focus your intentions in a positive direction.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
March 29 to April 14, 2010

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Don't be surprised if things are a little weird or chaotic around the Full Moon (Mar.29) and for the following 2 weeks. Think of it as an exercise in focusing your balance while walking a tightrope while patting your head while rubbing your tummy while reciting your favorite quotes from The Blind Side. ;-) The idea is to find a balance point that will have just the right amount of gentleness and strength, artistry and brute force, sensitivity to others and independent self-assurance. Too much aggressive energy in a disagreement and you risk losing a positive, effective connection with the people you're trying to negotiate with. Too much "niceness" or compliance and you could wind up so frustrated by the results that you sabotage the results.

The idea is to find a balance between passive and aggressive; between being so agreeable that you're a pushover and being so hard to get along with that you wind up alienating everyone. It won't work to just hide your hostility behind a smile — being passive-aggressive runs the risk of evoking an overreaction of frustrated antagonism from the other person. Simply being reasonable is a good start, although you may find you'll need to remain very adaptable to the slippery or camouflaged aspects of the situation that continue to shift around and refuse to be conveniently nailed down.

A better way to approach your situation is to find your own center and respond from there. Easily said and tricky to do. It means avoiding any knee-jerk reactions to what someone else says or does. It means resisting the urge to explode in frustration, and instead holding your ground and waiting until you understand your best response. It means not merely responding in a calculated way for the effect, but to adopt a detached (yet still connected) position that can go with the flow while still keeping your balance. Not sure how to do that? Then it's the perfect time for a personal astrology reading, which can give you clarity, confidence and valuable feedback to help you find the right balance point in your life.

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