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June 12 to 26, 2010

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

The lunar cycle of the next four weeks is bound to be one of the more intense, lively, "interesting" and complex times we've seen in quite a while. Fasten your seatbelt and take a deep breath! You'll be called on to observe, notice, identify and communicate about what goes on within you and around you. Do you feel like you're holding your breath waiting for something to happen? Probably more people feel that way than you realize. Even if the circumstances around you look fairly normal or calm, there's probably a lot more going on at different levels than you might realize at first.

You might feel a bit irritable and short-tempered or notice that others around you seem to be running on a short fuse. Or, you could feel like you're trying to reach out to grasp a greater understanding about life that is just beyond your reach, yet it's so close you can almost taste it. And in the meantime, you may find yourself striving to take the next step in your life but it keeps feeling like someone keeps moving the step a little higher or farther. This is definitely a time to take things one step at a time, and if it seems like the ground keeps shifting or you're tripping up, then try smaller steps. You're in tricky territory. That doesn't mean you should change your dreams or destination, or (heaven forbid) give up, but it could mean you'll need to keep revising your strategy for getting there. The key is to stay adaptable, flexible and open. If you get tangled up in it all, contact me for a personal reading.

We live in larger-than-life times! That means that for every simple thing you do, there are ripple effects and implications that reach far beyond your immediate action. It also means that every drama, event and development that you become aware of outside of yourself is having ripple effects within you personally on multiple levels. And you thought you were just walking to the store, or riding the bus to work, or having coffee with a friend, or watching TV, or whatever. There is a Zen proverb that say: Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. Whatever you are doing, no matter how important or how seemingly insignificant, no matter how simple or how complicated, no matter how calm you feel or how upset you feel – pay attention. This moment is more profound than you think! Listen to your Higher Power (who or whatever that might be). Be open to noticing what's going on within you and around you. You are witnessing a special time in your life! It might come as a whisper or a roar. It might feel like a soft touch or a smack upside the head. It might look like a dazzling sunset or a piece of gravel. You get the idea.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
June 26 to July 11, 2010

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

The place is here. The time is now. The purpose is manifestation and transformation. This may affect something you've been working on for several months, and now it is coming down to the launch or the crunch. It might be something to do with your career (promotion? New job? Training?). Or it might be a goal about personal growth, where you have been striving to conquer a bad habit or break out of a rut or become more disciplined about something. Perhaps you are facing a hurdle or obstacle or difficult decision that can't be avoided any longer. Or maybe it's connected to your home or family life where you're having to deal with changes that are unexpected, unfamiliar and very real.

You are being transformed. It is understandable if you feel like you're being squeezed through a tube of toothpaste lately. On one hand, you have profound change happening at some level in your life that is bringing fresh possibilities, new freedom from old limitations and a new sense of faith and purpose. This might also feel like you're being yanked out of your comfort zone and hurled into the chaotic unknown. On the other hand, there is another aspect of your life that is rooted in the past or tradition or following the rules or living up to expectations or stuck in old inhibitions. Each side likely feels like it's in conflict with the other. You might identify with the new/freedom/chaotic side and see the old/inhibited/structured side being played by a person or situation in the outside world—or vice versa. You might feel good about one side and wish the other would just go away and leave you alone. You might feel stuck in one but be hesitant to reach out to the other for fear of what you might have to give up in order to make the change. Or you might feel open and positive about both but be unsure how to bring them into effective, productive balance.

Transformation is ultimately a process of renewal, although while it's happening it often feels more like you're doing something wrong or you're losing something you'd rather keep. During this time of transformation you will need to use everything that you are – all your determination, all your courage, all your concentration and your trust in the process. It will require your love, patience, authenticity and sincerity, both toward others and with yourself. You will need to consciously decide at each step if the obstacles in your way need your persistence to get past them, or if they are a warning that you might be trying to go beyond what's in your best interest. Persistence is required, whether it is to leap the hurdles or to stand your ground. Whatever your challenge, whatever your goal, whatever your vision, make this your mantra: The only way you can fail is to quit trying. If you get to the point where you get stuck or need some extra support, objective feedback, clear insight or a sounding board, this is not a sign of weakness. Contact me for an astrology reading and we'll use your personal chart to give you clarity and confidence.

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