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July 11 to 25, 2010

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You are called upon to stretch yourself over the coming four weeks, and even over the next couple of years. On one hand it's important to deal with your everyday needs – take care of yourself, do what needs to be done, keep yourself moving. It might not be glamorous but it's essential. It also provides a solid base for everything else in your life, which makes up the majority of what is taking your energy right now. "Everything else" means dealing with the bigger issues that are happening in the world, in your life and within yourself. Maybe you're feeling upset about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and worried about how this will become resolved. Perhaps you're dealing with some upheaval in your family or at work that seems beyond your direct control. You might be wrestling with a deep ache in your soul about the meaning of life. Or you could be struggling to conquer stubborn patterns of behaviour, feelings, impulses, desires or fears.

You are living in "interesting times" as the saying goes, and therefore you might feel a bit like you're living in an epic movie! And in a way, you are. That's why it's so important to "wake up" and see the potential that is available to you right now. Oh, it might not feel like "potential" but more like conflict or crisis or disaster or foreboding. But these things mean that the seamlessness of life has been broken, and that means that something new can be created. The conflict and upset that you see around you (whether it's in your personal life or in the world) is like friction from which heat is generated. That "heat" can be used to fuel new ideas, projects, attitudes, perspectives and renewed determination. Just think—if the same-old-same-old stuff isn't working anymore, then you get to create it fresh. You're not tied to the old problems (at least not in the same way) and you are now a free agent in the universe. This time you can make changes, make it better, decide to make it work better for you. The outside world might not change dramatically as a result, but your connection to it can.

While this is going on, you might feel part of you pulled back by the "siren call" of tradition, the safety of sameness and the shelter of going along with what's expected of you. There's no risk in that and it might feel safer and more secure—but there's probably little joy there too. What, so cynical that you can't imagine joy anymore? That's okay, it's waiting for you when you're ready. It's okay to take "baby steps" away from the familiar. Warm up to it rather than jumping in the deep end. But don't just sit this one out! Do whatever you can, but do it. That doesn't mean be reckless or throw all the security away at once, but it does mean it's time to listen to that little voice inside you that's saying "Maybe it would be nice for something to be different." That is the voice of growth. Listen also for the part of you that believes in your ability to take this journey—one step at a time. I'm available for a personal reading if you get stuck and need some support, or if you get lost and can't find your way through.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
July 25 to August 9, 2010

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time to be visionary and look to the future! The possibilities are endless and you are now in an unusually powerful position to set those possibilities in motion. You are currently at an especially pivotal crossroads where, depending on which path you decide to take, it will have major implications for what happens from here. However, you might feel confused about which road to take; or you could look around you and see only obstacles and problems that block your path. You may find yourself starting to answer most questions with, "Well, it's complicated..." And you are indeed living in complicated times! Which is why you need to muster all of your courage, vision, strength of self, faith, determination, hard work, and the willingness to take a risk to pursue a path that more deeply reflects who you really are.

It might become necessary to walk away from what once seemed like a great opportunity, but which doesn't feel like it will promote your best path. You might find you have to listen to your heart and spirit more than to the expectations put on you by the people and situations you have invested yourself in up 'til now. It might mean having to disappoint or stand up to someone who insists that you must do what they want you to do or be who they want you to be. Compassion for how this could affect them isn't a bad thing and can help you do what you need to do in a way that is true to your highest integrity, intention and potential. However, you still might have to say "no" to them anyway, regardless of how it affects them.

This is a crossroads. That means you have choices to make. However, the trick is to not just choose one option and think that you can dismiss the others. You are challenged to respond in a way that honours both your practical duty and your highest truth. In other words, it won't work very well to just "tow the line" and then turn your back completely on something that could feed your spirit. It would also be a mistake to try to just go with your intuition or your impulses and disregard your responsibilities and worldly necessities. Somehow you need to respond to both sides, and not sacrifice one for the other. The challenge goes something like this: How do you follow your dream and still pay the rent? How do you contribute your own unique energy to the greater good in the world around you and still be able to make small-talk with the boss while you're fulfilling the tasks of your job? You get the idea. The answer becomes a cosmic juggling act that requires focus and concentration that are both heartfelt and balanced. An astrology reading can give you the insight and perspective you need to find and keep that balance. I am available for personal readings, so contact me for more information or to set up an appointment.

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