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January 4-19, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You are going through a gradual transition over a number of months, from one phase of your life to the next. Starting now, you are at the stage where you must decide what that next phase will be. Choose a direction, find a path you can stick to, pick a distant landmark you can head toward. Transitions take you through a time of fluid possibilities, but this state doesn't last forever and at some point you need to figure out which of those possibilities you want to develop on the other side of this passage. That's the stage you're entering now—to choose from the options before you. And one way to make that choice is to start building the foundation and structure of what you want to manifest down the road. Expect that this process is going to take considerable time and effort, so go get your patience hat out from that box in the closet and wear it often.

However, this is not simply a matter of choosing what to take with you beyond this transition, but also what to leave behind. You will carve out and shape your life to come not just from what you add to it, but also (and perhaps especially) by what you don't have in it. This might be something as simple as breaking an old habit, like quitting smoking or to stop biting your nails. It may involve letting go of something (or someone) that's in your life now, in order to make room for whatever is to come. Or it could be as ambitious and complex as choosing to let go of old beliefs and expectations that were imprinted by experiences long ago in the past—possibly even before you were born. The point is that what you decide to leave out of what you're building in your life is just as important as what you are choosing to have in it.

Even though you are working hard to manifest something new in your life, it can be tricky to avoid getting stuck or perplexed. The ambition, the vision and the willingness might all be there, but some part of you might be hesitant to let go of what is familiar or established. Sometimes it's necessary to get out of your own way. It will help to seek out others who understand the process of transformation and transition. A supportive person can help to keep you moving along the path past any hesitation, as well as keeping you from making too many radical or erratic changes at once. A personal reading is the best way to clarify and work constructively with the issues that are being activated in your life right now.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
January 19 to February 2, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

What you need and what you want could be the same thing or be very different right now. Needs are what you require in order to function, survive and flourish. Wants are something it would be nice to have, but may not be absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, wants are part of what make life worth living and enjoyable too, so it's not as if one is good and the other is bad—they just play a different role in your life. And either of them can help or hinder you in your life.

It's time to examine these qualities in your life and decide if they can take you where you want—or need—to go. It's possible that getting what you need is blocked because you're being too defiant or impulsive about trying to get what you want. Or, you might be a little too attached to the advantages, security or comfort of getting what you need, and thereby holding yourself back from taking the risk to get something you want that could make life a little sweeter and tastier, or could help you get where you're going a little easier. It's possible that something you normally view as frivolous, unnecessary, excessive or mere luxury is actually something that could be a useful and effective resource. On the other hand, you might be fighting to hold onto something (or someone) that it feels like you couldn't live without it/them, yet letting go or even just loosening your grip a bit could allow the situation to function much better and be more satisfying and fulfilling.

This current time has ties to a situation, theme or energy that emerged in mid-2009, when something in your life began or ended or became stirred up or disrupted in some way. This could have focused on your family, ancestry, childhood or other past experiences. It might have involved your personal need for belonging or the emotional connection you had (or wanted to have) with others. Maybe you became aware of the need for changes in your support system or how you provided support and nurturing to others. Or perhaps you became occupied with concerns about your home or your need for safety and security. In any case, these themes are likely to return now in some form. It's very possible that in the evolution of whatever emerged in 2009, you are now at a point where it's necessary to reprioritize in order to continue the journey. Perhaps it's time to let go of false optimism and psychological sugar-coating so that you can face the future with a stronger and more authentic "you." Or it might help to reframe your past in a way that doesn't interfere with future growth and progress, bringing the positive moments into focus and letting the painful ones blur into the background. You might be considering an important change in your life, or maybe you're feeling the need for some direction but aren't sure what or how. I'm available for a private reading to provide clarity, understanding and support. Please contact me for more information and prices.

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