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Lunar Forecast for the


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March 4-19, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Are you ready to walk on water? Doing so requires a considerable amount of faith in your ability to do the impossible. While this might not be possible, literally speaking, you may be faced with a situation where it feels like you are expected to perform a miracle. The logical, realistic part of you may feel rather annoyed about this, since it operates on provable information, not on faith or belief. However, if you're honest, there's probably another part of you that's eager to try out this new challenge. This part of you might even feel a little playful, looking forward to the opportunity to break out of the usual boundaries and let your imagination fly where it will.

There's a lot to be said for approaching a challenge with the openness of innocence. When you focus only on the obstacle, it can look a lot bigger and badder than it really is. It's often when you don't look at it through the lens of your past experience or expectations or fears or aggravation that you're able to see around and past the obstacle. This is the part of you that takes joy in solving a puzzle, or enjoys experimenting with unusual ways of doing things, or can do something just for the adventure and fun of it. It's not focused on making sure the outcome is a certain way or on controlling the way you get from "here" to "there" – it is just taking life as it comes.

If you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed out because you need or want things to happen a certain way, you will likely find that any obstacles or challenges start to look bigger and badder as time goes on. Letting go of the urge to control the outcome is almost an art form in itself. And there's a fine line between steering your path in a certain direction versus micro-managing your journey in order to maintain control over it. And there's a lot of easy-going, loosely defined, go-with-the-flow kind of energy around right now. If that's something you're not comfortable with, your impulse might be to tighten your grip on what's happening, although that's not likely to get you what you want. It's important to stay grounded and check in regularly with reality, discipline, responsibility and doing things in a methodical way. However, these things should act like a conduit that gives life a direction to flow in, not a block to hold it back or slow it to a trickle. A personal reading will help you find the right balance. Contact me for more information.

Lunar Forecast for the

FULL MOON in Virgo

This Forecast in effect
March 19 to April 3, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You are at an important turning point in a process of transformation and change. It might be tempting to assume this will be easy-breezy, like some TV sitcom where the star goes through some annoying but relatively harmless disruption, yet always seems to emerge as the same person that they were in the previous episode. However, the change you're going through is likely to run a lot deeper and have more meaningful and lasting effects. This process involves the breaking down of something in your life or your psyche that has outlived its usefulness or is in need of a make-over. The experience could come as a loud wake-up call that demands you confront a problem in your life and let go of whatever is causing it. Or it might signal a time of reconstruction and healing after a period of loss, breakdown or inertia.

What to do from here? One part of you already knows! Your gut instinct could flash an image, impulse or idea into your mind, telling you exactly what you need to know. On the other hand, it's easy to resist, doubt or dismiss such a hasty, unsubstantiated whim. And how do you know if it's your genuine intuition talking or a snap judgment based on your personal biases, expectations, fears or wishes? What is at stake is whether you're ready to take the next step in your journey of transformation. Are you willing to face something that needs to change? Are you truly ready to let go of something (or someone) that no longer serves a healthy purpose in your life? Are you prepared to begin the process of rebuilding your life and reinventing yourself? You might feel torn between the impulse to jump ahead and get it over with quickly, versus wanting to take the time to do it right and minimizing the chaotic jumble that could come from doing too much too fast. Although a certain amount of that chaos is probably unavoidable, somewhere in the middle would likely work best.

Just remember that whichever approach you decide to take, and whatever stage you're at in your transformation, it's important to give yourself a chance to find your balance again after taking each step. If you let yourself stay overwhelmed or confused or reckless for too long, you risk losing the lesson. It's important to keep checking in with yourself and finding some sense of meaning and understanding of what you're going through, even if that's still incomplete or uncertain (which it's likely to be in the earlier stages of any transformation). The more you are able to go through this process in an aware state, the more learning and benefit you will gain from it. Keep a journal of your experiences and what it all feels like to you. Take some alone time to allow you to reconnect with your inner essence and find your quiet center. Learn more about spirituality, psychology and the occult (astrology, Tarot, etc), to expand your self-awareness and understanding. To learn more about your own individual experiences, get a personal astrology reading to help you get a sense of the bigger picture and give you a meaningful context to understand your experiences in. Please contact me to arrange a personal reading, or to sign up for my online astrology classes and workshops.

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