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April 3-17, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

By this time you're probably feeling either exhausted or else super-energized but frustrated—and possibly both! On one hand, it might feel like someone just plugged you into the nearest electrical socket. Your muscles might be aching, cramping or twitching, while your joints might make you feel like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz who needed some oil to get moving again. Emotionally you might be feeling a bit the same—rarin' to go but with no clear direction, or perhaps feeling weighed down by responsibilities, obligations, discouragement or weariness. Each of these extremes is really just a different expression of the same energy, depending on which side of the pendulum swing you happen to be on. And don't be surprised if you find yourself going from one to the other and back again for a few weeks.

Some of this might manifest as a situation in which you must muster your courage, confidence and charisma. You might feel blocked, inhibited or just plain scared at first, and some of this might be a completely normal response to a challenging situation. The problem or difficulty lies not in whether you feel afraid or daunted, but in whether you are able to get past it or stay stuck in it. If you get stuck in it, you might feel scared, depressed, low energy, cynical, pessimistic, shut down or paralyzed with anxiety. On the other hand, the opposite of these feelings—overconfident, erratic, wired, impulsive or euphoric—can still mean you're stuck in the "fight, flight or freeze" syndrome, since these might be compensation or escapism to keep you out of the heavier feelings.

Any extreme probably indicates that you need to become more grounded and centered. How to do that? Start by recognizing that your emotions are telling you something about how you really feel about the situation, which might be buried underneath the surface emotions. Second, accept that you feel the way you feel, even if that is uncomfortable—or even if it is comfortable but not very effective. Third, allow yourself to explore any motives, feelings, fears, hopes and thoughts that might be hidden underneath the surface feelings. For example, you might be feeling depressed on the surface but underneath you're actually feeling angry. Or perhaps you're aware of feeling angry, but this may be masking a deeper feeling of fear or sadness. It is through understanding the deeper aspects of your experience that you can start to transform that experience into something more effective, fulfilling and successful. Doing this can free up genuine courage (as opposed to a more superficial bravado), as well as confident energy that is grounded and centered. I'm available for private readings to help you move through this process with clarity and confidence. I'll also be offering online classes and workshops this month, so check back to the Classes section of this website for news about Evolving Door events! Please contact me for more information about readings and classes.

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April 17 to May 3, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

If you feel like you're spinning your wheels, going in circles, swinging like a pendulum or dancing the "one-step-forward-two-steps-back" cha-cha, you're not alone! This has been building since mid-March and will continue to some degree until about mid-May. April is the worst of it, so you're already better than half-way through. Part of this wonkiness is designed to wake you up, shake you up and get you moving! Feel that fire of ambition, enthusiasm and the "I-can-do-anything" burn? Well, it might feel more like someone lit a fire underneath you and you're just trying to keep your feet from getting scorched. ;-) But that's not the point of this experience. It's not about reacting out of self-protection and looking for a way to play it safe. It's about finding your courage, your motivation, your life force. It's to wake up that part of you that wants to stand up and shout from the rooftops: "I AM!! I have the right to exist and be who I am!"

Nothing ever happens in a straight line, though. So there are also forces that may seem to be trying to get in your way, trip you up, make you doubt yourself and put you in your place. These could be expectations from others, demands from external circumstances, obligations or commitments. It could also be your own conditioning from the past when you were told you weren't good enough or didn't have the right to write your own rules. It's probably necessary to balance that "I-am-ness" with a sensitivity toward others' needs and feelings, to ensure either one doesn't obliterate the other. These obstacles are not necessarily bad, nor do they mean you're "doing it wrong." It does mean you need to find a way to take all interests, needs, duties and factors into consideration. The point is to find a balance that gives both sides at least some of what is required, not to choose one and dismiss the other.

There's a risk of getting stuck in an either-or, yes-but syndrome of compensating for the compensation that's a reaction to something that you have to deal with. In other words, stuck like a pendulum swinging between extremes. It will probably help to stop trying to deal with the immediate situation and look toward the longer-term view. Put it all in a larger context and respond (rather than react) to the bigger picture perspective and be open to compromise. As an example, if you're working hard to achieve a goal, instead of getting all tangled up in a panic of pushing yourself to the breaking point, try taking your nose off the grindstone and stepping back for a moment. Figure out what's really essential and what's of secondary importance. Put away your perfectionism and be willing to let go of some things that may not be crucial. Sort the important tasks into various priorities, and then go about it in a more organized, structured way. And be sure to take breaks to recharge your batteries and refresh your spirit, which will allow your energy level to be more consistent and won't leave you burned out at the end. Find your own reasons for doing what you're doing instead of worrying about pleasing or appeasing someone else's standards. I'm available for private readings to help you find that self-validating center inside yourself that is the key to succeeding in any situation. You can find out more about readings or contact me and let me know how I can help you.

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