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June 1 to 15, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

What is your name? You might say "Mary Jones" or maybe "Xavier Q. Frizenbottom." But is that who you really are? Does that describe your true essence? What name would describe who you are, or who you want to be? In modern times it's not that unusual for someone to change their name. They might be born Sally Sue Smith, but inside there's a Vanessa Lilith Belladonna burning to come out! If you could give yourself another name that reflected your inner essence, what would it be? This is your homework for the next 4 weeks: Name yourself. You don't have to tell anyone else what it is; only you have to know it. Or, if you aren't comfortable thinking up a new name, as such, then conjure up something that symbolizes your true self—for example, an animal or a tree, a mythological figure or a phenomenon in nature.

You have until July 1st to decide on a name or symbol for yourself. This is something you will work with over the next 3 years as a focal point for your growth and transformation. Think of it like putting together a delicious soup. It should have a dash of sassiness in a base stock of practicality. It should make you feel good like a nourishing meal. It should inspire you to let go of things in the past that hold you back from becoming more of who you are. It should point you toward the very best you can be. It should be a little off the wall, unexpected, out of character or allow for spontaneous adjustments. It should give wings to your imagination, and let you wander off the trail sometimes to give your mind a vacation. And it should be simple enough yet powerful enough, that it will allow you to explore the depths of its meaning.

That sounds like a tall order! But don't let that inhibit you. Let your intuition guide you. Don't try too hard—just let it come to you. Use the ideas above to test it and see if it feels right. It will be like a totem animal, or a spirit guide, or a character from a story that lingers in the back of your mind, or a wonderful song that plays in your head, or the memory of a deep feeling in your body when you felt completely connected and grounded. Over the next 3 years, this name or symbol can guide you with wisdom, whisper in your ear when you need insight, or nudge you back on track when you've strayed for too long. Don't worry if you never even think about it again for the next 3 years. Just spend some time over the next few weeks letting your imagination play with ideas. Talk to others, exchange ideas and ask for feedback and insight to help you come up with possibilities. For example, a private astrology reading is a fabulous resource for exploring ideas, since it deals with powerful symbols that are directly connected to your intuitive mind. Invest your energy in the process and choose something that feels meaningful to you. Your consciousness—or your unconscious—will do the rest.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
June 15 to July 1, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Where have you been expanding and growing in your life in the last several months or so? Where have you been becoming more enlightened, wise or just feeling more at home in the Universe? Is there some area of your life where you've started to accumulate increased awareness and understanding? I'm not talking about mere facts or information—I'm talking about your philosophy of life, your point of view or your attitudes. You are entering a time when your road may have reached a corner or a crossroads in this expanding progress. It may well be time to change something about how you're undergoing your journey. Nothing can expand forever without changing in some way. And mere change must become evolution in order to be meaningful, and this is very much about the quest for meaning in your life. This is likely a shift in direction, context or purpose. In other words, it's like you're shifting gears in the journey. When you're at the fastest in one gear and you shift to the next gear up, it can feel slow, sluggish or less responsive at first. It could take some time to feel like you're up to speed again.

This might also be a time when something that has been active in your life is starting to wind down and come to a conclusion. Although the temptation may be to stop this from happening, it might be better to accept that change in some form is necessary in order to preserve the essence of learning that you now have from this journey. The important thing is to be patient and allow it to develop in its own time and in its own way, and to remind yourself that change and endings go hand in hand. That's not to say you get to sit back and be lazy, though! ;-) This is a time of hard work and effort, but don't get discouraged if it seems to take longer or more effort than you expected it to. Stay on course and keep the faith. Keep your vision in focus and just because things might go a little slow or even sporadically, don't be afraid to dream big! Just make sure you mix it with plenty of patience. ;-)

This is an important time to stay aware and acknowledge whatever is happening. It may not be the best time to force change or to resist it, but to allow change to evolve in its own time, accompanied by your support and active participation. Your attitudes, beliefs, hope and perspective may need to be tidied up, reorganized or reformed in order to move forward with the changes ahead, so you might temporarily feel like you're a bit blocked or stuck. The Universe has provided a lot of the resources you need to keep the process unfolding, but you might need some help to get past something in your way. You might temporarily feel a fog of discouragement or confused about which way to go or frustration from feeling stuck. This feeling might come on suddenly or it might lurk persistently in the background. I can help you get un-stuck and restore your confidence through a personal reading. Please contact me for more information.

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