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New Moon in Leo, Full Moon in Aquarius

Jul.30 – NEW MOON in LEO (07:15 of Leo)


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Jul.30, 2011, 2:39 PM EDT

London, UK:

Jul.30, 2011, 7:39 PM BST

Sydney, AU:

Jul.31, 2011, 4:39 AM AEST

"What's a New Moon?"

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Read more about how you experience LEO energy in your life.

Every experience is a paradox in that it means to be absolute, and yet is relative; in that it somehow always goes beyond itself and yet never escapes itself.
~ T. S. Eliot

What are you channelling?

Perhaps more to the point, who are you channelling?

At the moment, you're like a radio. Which station are you tuned in to? What kind of music do they play? Or do they just talk and share information? What do they talk about?

It might just sound like a lot of garbled static. You're probably tuned in between two stations. The frustrating thing is that there's important information being broadcasted by both of them, but you're going to have to listen carefully to hear them both clearly. You can tune a little to one side or the other and hear one more clearly, but then you'll miss the other one.

This is what it's like to sit at the apex of a Yod aspect pattern. You get garbled messages from both planets at the other end. Each one is broadcasting clearly, but together they sound kind of fuzzy and distorted. And right now the New Moon in Leo �the Sun-Moon conjunction�is staring down the pointy end of a Yod.

Yod aspect pattern at the New Moon in Leo

On one side is the Pluto station. They play music from Klingon opera and do talk shows about how to tell if your next door neighbour is a terrorist. They also offer instruction on how to tap into transformative evolution through fasting, high colonics and other forms of creative adversity.

On the other side is the Chiron station. They play alternative fusion inspirational music, like Ani DiFranco singing Amazing Grace. They also do simulcasts with their sibling station, Neptune, offering live 12-step meetings of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and SATYR (Starving Artists and Tree-huggers Yearning for Recovery).

Problems cannot be solved by the same
level of thinking that created them.
~ Albert Einstein

Under a Leo New Moon the focus is on creativity, self-expression and your sense of self. So what's a creative type to do when faced with ambiguous information? Fire up the imagination and think outside the box, of course! Venus in Leo conjunct the New Moon is delighted to volunteer for the project, bringing along her easel and paints to help with some right-brain brainstorming.

Mercury in Virgo, opposing Neptune, is also eager to contribute something meaningful. With Virgo's love of precision and Neptune's meditative mindset, Mercury can offer ways to tune in to altered states of consciousness by simultaneously using the left-brain (logical, sequential, linear thinking) and right-brain (creative, intuitive, fluid thinking). For instance, try breaking out of your usual routine and find new ways to do things. Pat your head and rub your tummy together. Or walk and chew gum at the same time.

Jupiter in Taurus, in square aspect to the New Moon and Venus, is unimpressed. He's been listening to the Pluto and Chiron stations a lot lately and doesn't understand what Leo's problem is with them. He's concludes the Leo trio just want to keep the limelight for themselves and are jealous of the attention Pluto and Chiron are getting.

The Leo troupe think Jupiter in Taurus oversimplifies everything and only wants to squelch creative thinking or individualistic expression. However, Jupiter's challenge gets them thinking that maybe a more methodical, practical or physical approach to their dilemma might be helpful.

Uranus, in trine to the Leo triplets, totally "gets" their frustration since he is now in close square aspect to Pluto. Uranus tells them, "Thinking outside the box and experimenting with bizarre ideas are fun�but Klingon opera?? Give me a break!" Pluto, on the other hand, thinks Uranus is a wuss who's just a-scared to submit to the deep experience of such passionate music.

Celebrate your success and stand strong when adversity hits, for when the storm clouds come in, the eagles soar while the small birds take cover.
~ Author unknown

Meanwhile, Saturn in Libra is just finishing his final ordeal with Pluto and Uranus. He has been locked in a T-square aspect pattern since early May this year, and was even more intimately intertwined with them through most of 2010 (the Cardinal Cross).

The Leo New Moon, currently in sextile to Saturn, think this is the perfect time to celebrate! They encourage Saturn to start reorganizing, redecorating and planning his emancipation party. Venus offers to do the catering and make up some pretty invitations. The party will take place about a week into August, when the Sun and Venus catch up to the exact sextile with Saturn.

I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs,
and no one even looks up.
~ Kate Winslet in Titanic

Meanwhile, Mars is just beginning a similar encounter with Pluto and Uranus. These three planets are forming a T-square until around Aug.18, reaching their closest (within about a degree of orb) on Aug.09-10.

T-Square aspect pattern: Mars opp Pluto sqr Uranus

The hard work, discipline, responsibility and structure that Saturn has laboured to accomplish over the last few months now form an important foundation to build on. Mars will need this to push against as he goes toe-to-toe with the Big Boys over the next few weeks.

Although Mars in Gemini at the time of the New Moon, he will spend most of the T-square time in Cancer where Mars is in Detriment (not exactly a happy camper). This is Mars in a kinder, gentler, more domesticated role.

Going up against Uranus and Pluto, Mars (your fight, flight or freeze instinct) could get overwhelmed for him. Most of the time, Mars in Cancer is likely to sidestep a conflict in order to avoid hurting others' feelings. Although, if he's pushed hard enough about a heartfelt issue, think Momma bear protecting her cubs � not something you want to get on the wrong side of!

During this T-square, tempers could be a bit frazzled and short-fused. There's an awful lot of intense, passionate energy buzzing around and it may be a bit hard to keep an even hand on your reactions. Even more important is that, with Mars in Cancer, that frustration, anger or reaction might get turned inward as much as outward.

Mars in Cancer will often understate its frustration level rather than hurt someone. That means a lot of that energy could go "underground" in the form depression, resentment, passive-aggressive hostility or physical ailments (e.g. stomach aches or digestive problems).

If you're finding it hard to handle this Mars energy, it's a good idea to be gentle with yourself and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Get some nurturing support to help you let out and heal any stress you're feeling. It will also help to become more aware of what's happening emotionally inside, and how to work more constructively with the energy. I'm available for private live readings and email readings, so contact me when you need some extra support during this time.

The imagination imitates.
It is the critical spirit that creates.
~ Oscar Wilde

Just to make things extra "interesting," Mercury is slowing down for the hairpin turn and is now only half a degree from where he'll station retrograde on Aug.02. As he pivots in Virgo, he casts a critical eye on Neptune in Pisces across the abyss, both of them currently at zero degrees. They hover opposite each other, within just over a degree orb, for about 2 weeks (Jul.26 to Aug.10).

During this time Neptune insinuates itself back into Aquarius to bid a final farewell to his buddies before heading back to his Pisces retreat. Mercury, curious and suspicious about Neptune's change of venue, turns retrograde and on Aug.08 aligns himself with Neptune again when both are just 6 minutes back into Aquarius and Leo. Mercury thinks about what he sees in Neptune for a while and catches up to him again on Sep.08, also in the final degree of Aquarius and Leo.

The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want. And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself. And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself. And the only way to be yourself is to listen to your heart.
~ Mike Dooley

So... What or who are you channelling? What mixture of radio stations do you hear? Are you hearing the sassy, soulful sounds of Ani DiFranco singing Amazing Grace? Or perhaps it seems more like you're playing a role in a Klingon opera? Do you feel like a starving artist who wants to heal your life with beauty and abundance? Or maybe you're a tormented tree-hugger who wants to heal the world?

Ultimately, the Leo New Moon says no matter what other signals you're picking up, more than anything else you should be channelling yourself. And you are all of those things.

The Universe speaks to you in many different ways. For a little while it may even seem like it's speaking in tongues! Take a page from Mercury's book and allow your intuition and creative imagination to listen to whatever it's telling you.

The Universe holds up a mirror to show us who we are. Right now that mirror is refracted with bevelled edges. It's reflecting a prism-full of feedback about who you are, who you could become, where you're headed and what you're likely to find there.

The Leo New Moon says: celebrate the paradox of all that you are! If you can't bring yourself to celebrate it, then strive to experiment with ways to organize it, simplify it and understand its components. The paradox of self-awareness is that, no matter how you approach your quest for wholeness�in a logical, linear, objective way, or with fluid acceptance of whatever comes your way�eventually you come full circle and discover that you always were the very self you were seeking anyway.

Two paradoxes are better than one;
they may even suggest a solution.
~ Edward Teller

Aug.01 – Venus trine Uranus (04:22 of Leo/Aries)

Spontaneity and liberation burst into your relationships, finances, resources and pleasures. You might feel compelled to try something completely different that shakes up the "same-old-same-old" routines you're used to. The upside is that you have the opportunity to break free of some old habits and breathe some fresh air into your life. But the downside could come in the form of impulse spending beyond your budget, or recklessness in your interactions and relationships. Strive to break free of what holds you back from being your true self, without destroying the structure of order in your life.

Aug.01 – Sun square Jupiter (09:01 of Leo/Taurus)  (Aug.02 in AU)

You may be inspired to expand far beyond your usual boundaries during this time, although this may or may not work in the way you hope it will. It can be a time of challenge, when you decide that now is the time to move beyond your current horizons and make the ultimate push for something you believe will bring you happiness, fulfilment and prosperity. How successful you are will probably depend on how prepared you are for what comes next. Your judgment and your ability to see things objectively and realistically can be a little "off" during this transit, since your hopes and ideals might distort what is actually possible. It can be easy to overestimate the envisioned results, or you might underestimate the amount of work necessary to sustain your dream and prevent it from being just a flash in the pan. Try to avoid being overconfident and making promises you can't keep (including to yourself).

Aug.02 – Mercury stations Retrograde (01:12 of Virgo; until Aug.26)  (Aug.03 in UK, AU) ("What's a Station?"  "What does Retrograde mean?"  Read more about Mercury Retrograde.  Read more about Retrograde planets. )

Mercury now goes retrograde for the next 3+ weeks. For up to a week before and after today, Mercury is moving very slowly or stopped during the station. During this time, you may experience intensity, frustration, confusion, miscommunications, or feel like you're getting bogging down in your progress. Mercury retrograde is usually a time when it is best to rethink, rehash, reflect, and tie up old loose ends, rather than begin new ventures.

It is typical for new insights and information to emerge later in the retrograde cycle that you didn't anticipate, which can change the whole picture. Because of this, it is usually advised to avoid making final or permanent decisions (e.g., signing contracts or putting new projects into action), during the retrograde and even up to 2 weeks after Mercury goes direct. However, it is an excellent time to do fact-finding, research and investigation to prepare for major decisions, which are usually best put off until well after Mercury goes direct.

In the meantime, while Mercury is retrograde, expect the unexpected, and leave lots of extra time when planning your schedule (to minimize any disruptions from delays and complications). Stay flexible; for example, it's common to have to reschedule appointments. Do some things that use your intuitive, creative, non-rational mind for a while until Mercury goes direct again.

Aug.03 – Mars enters Cancer (until Sep.18)

The fiery energy of Mars is poured through the sensitive, emotional waters of Cancer. This is not the easiest placement for Mars, since its sharp edge becomes somewhat softened and diluted. However, this is also a time when it is possible to use your assertive and proactive energy for the protection of yourself or others. This is like the mother bear that can become extremely fierce when protecting her young, and in the same way you have an abundance of energy to defend your "children" – literally or figuratively, in the sense of creative projects, loved ones, your Inner Child, or your home "nest." This is also a time when deep emotional issues may erupt to the surface, like buried anger, repressed frustration or unconscious fear. The focus of your feelings may be a little unstable and moody, but it also gives you an opportunity to nurture, vent and express those feelings. Observe how you respond to any deep feelings that emerge, either in yourself or in others. Does your Inner Parent try to repress or scold that Inner Child, or are you able to respond lovingly, caringly and sensitively? This is a learning experience that can teach you how to nurture yourself ...and others.

Aug.03 – Mars trine Neptune (00:02 of Cancer/Pisces)

This transit can bring a mystical, imaginative, compassionate aura to Mars' normally direct, fast, aggressive, self-focused energy. You may feel inspired to act on faith, confront with compassion, and react gently. On the other hand, it can be much easier to be motivated by something that turns out not to be what you thought it was. Much can depend on how impulsive your actions are and whether they are based on preplanning and research. We may tend to see our actions as righteous and justified. Creative energy is usually strong, whether this is used literally in the arts or in finding creative solutions to conflicts and problems. Our anger and aggression may be expressed in a way that is compassionate and intuitive, although our assertive edge might also be blunted a bit too much. It might help to think of the snake in the old parable – even if you choose not to bite if someone steps on your tail, it doesn�t mean you can't hiss.

Aug.04 – Mercury Retrograde sextile Mars (01:03 of Virgo/Cancer)  (Aug.05 in UK, AU)

There is a potential now to find the courage to speak your mind and say what needs to be said, if you focus consciously on doing so. In fact, your ideas and words may come so quickly and easily that it's hard to stop them from tumbling out of your mouth before you've had a chance to evaluate the best way to say them. Communication is probably easiest and most effective when it's direct, concise and quick, although it might also be a bit blunt or pointed. If you need to confront someone about a difficult situation, this transit can provide courage and clear words to help you do that – although perhaps a bit too forceful when a more delicate, sensitive touch is called for. It is a time when you might find the nerve to take risks, or to defend yourself if the need arises (especially verbally). This is a good transit for creative problem solving and trying on decisions to see if they fit.

Aug.04 – Neptune enters Aquarius (until Feb.02.2012)  (Aug.05 in UK, AU)

Neptune has been in Aquarius from 1998-2011/2012 and won't be there again until 2161-2176. Previously Neptune was in Aquarius from 1834 to 1847. Neptune was at 25� of Aquarius when it was discovered on Sept.23, 1846.

In its most recent transit through Aquarius, Neptune has brought a blurring of boundaries and merging of people all over the world through the Internet and other technology. As is always the case with Neptune, you get both the sublime and the slimey, and a lot in between. For example, near the end of Neptune's stay in Aquarius, the Internet has played a key role in the political and cultural revolutions of the Middle East. Cultures, people and ideas that have previously had limited or cautious contact have collided together through the Internet, creating enormous change in our worldviews and perspectives on life�and often with a fair bit of chaos in the process.

On a more personal level, Neptune in Aquarius pushes us to seek out the higher purpose and possibilities in our involvement with groups and the greater community. It is an opportunity to seek a kind of salvation through the collective, which might be found through social activism or networking with others who share a similar vision for the future of humanity. As a result, your circle of friends may change considerably throughout this time, as you discover others who share similar beliefs and aspirations and as yours are altered and changed as a result of interaction with new ideas and perspectives.

Aug.05 – Venus square Jupiter (09:19 of Leo/Taurus)

"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" (as Mom used to say). That means you are more likely now to over-indulge, especially in the areas of relationships, spending, desires, pleasure and social contact. Your desire for fulfilment and satisfaction may exceed your resources, and you might not even realise it until the bill comes in later (probably under a Saturn transit ;-). You may also find you require more knowledge, understanding, faith, freedom or optimism than you have available, making it tempting to compensate by inflating what you really have. For example, you might want to resort to flattery, manipulation or over-optimism in an effort to make up for a lack of genuine confidence, rapport or preparation. However, this can also be a time when your creativity is running high and you are able to pull rabbits out of your hat on a moment's notice. The problem is that you could over-extend yourself by doing so.

Aug.05 – Sun sextile Saturn (12:41 of Leo/Libra)

You have an opportunity now to make some progress in obtaining results in your projects, career, ambitions and creative expression. It is possible to tap into a disciplined mindset, which can be used to take some steps toward goals that you're trying to manifest. You are surrounded by potential to achieve this, although it will not simply be handed to you – you will still have to work for it. Your mind and purpose are likely to be clear and strong now, enabling you to be decisive and productive. Leadership, management and organizing abilities are potentially high right now. Asserting your authority in a situation that calls for it can be done successfully, as long as you don't let yourself become rigid or bossy. It can be a good time to learn or practice new skills, or to apply yourself to any kind of serious study. It is also a time when you could formulate some solid plans for future projects or make some progress with current undertakings. Make the most of it!

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Aug.07 – Venus sextile Saturn (12:54 of Leo/Libra)  (Aug.08 in UK, AU)

It is possible to find some stability in your relationships and finances under this transit, especially if you are willing to negotiate fairly and realistically. You have increased ability to be disciplined about spending and budgeting, and to invest in hard work to maximise your earnings. Your ability to grasp the solid, realistic facts will help you choose wisely in your investments of both money and your interaction with others. Commitment and structure may be easier to approach and achieve than if you take risks now. Your self-worth can benefit from this transit because you may be less inclined to give in to mood swings. On the other hand, if you are prone to depression, you might want to be careful you don't become so grounded and stable that you lose touch with your sense of hope and potential. It is a good time to make concrete progress in matters involving beauty, love, harmony and balance. Keep your pleasures simple and humble for maximum benefit.

Aug.08 – Mercury Retrograde enters Leo (until Sep.09)

Mercury is retrograde in Leo, which means it is a good time to look inside and examine your motives, self-image and creativity. Your unconscious could be closer to the surface now, and therefore your creativity might increase during this time. Dreams may be more vivid than usual and might give you new ideas and inspiration for creative projects and insight. On the other hand, your creativity could seem to suddenly disappear, which may mean it needs to germinate in your unconscious or perhaps just take a break for a while. You might find the normal self-talk chatter in your mind becomes a bit louder or more dramatic than usual during this time. By listening closely, you could learn a lot about your self-image, your deep-down motivations, and how you reinforce – or undermine – your self-esteem through your thoughts, internal "self-talk," and how you talk about yourself with others. For example, do you make jokes where you put yourself down? Are your thoughts encouraging or critical of what you do, think, feel or say? This is an opportunity to become more aware of how your self-image is formed, supported or undermined by your conscious perceptions.

Aug.08 – Mercury Retrograde opposite Neptune (29:54 of Leo/Aquarius)  (Aug.09 in AU)

Being the retrograde pass, this energy is best used for introspection, meditation and creative imagination. Inspired thinking, mental fantasy, imaginative ideas and lucid dreams are likely during this transit. This can result in enormous creativity that sees inspiration and magical ideas in the world around you (be sure to write them down to develop later). Your communication may be unusually intuitive and inspiring now. However, it can also be a time when your perceptions about reality are a bit off and coloured by wishful thinking and illogical conclusions. Doing a reality check with a trusted friend or advisor is a good idea, especially if you are trying to make important decisions right now. But be sure to explore any non-rational or irrational thinking, since the veil between the conscious and unconscious mind is thin now and you can learn much by observing your thoughts and perceptions.

This is the second of three passes of this transit: Jul.29, Aug.08 and Sep.08.

Aug.09 – Mars trine Chiron (03:51 of Cancer/Aries)  (Aug.10 in AU)

The healing of assertive energy and willpower mark this transit. It is bound to be easier to get past any inhibition you might normally feel about being assertive, expressing frustration and anger, and putting things into action. Perhaps you are able to reconcile some internal guilt or fear that has held you back in the past. Or, maybe you are finally able to reach a state of acceptance or resolution that allows you to move beyond a conflict or struggle that has been keeping you stuck. Applying your willpower to problems has a better chance of succeeding now because you're likely to be more attuned to the path that leads to peace rather than more conflict. It's possible you might choose to use this energy in the defence of another person, a cause or something else you feel passionately about. It's possible to focus your energy, intent, motives and actions in ways that are healing, healthy, balanced and constructive.


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Aug.09 – Mars square Uranus (04:11 of Cancer/Aries)  (Aug.10 in AU)

Erratic action and unpredictable impulses can surface under this transit. Active energy is more available now, but it can be very hard to control its direction, speed, intensity or predictability. Under this volatile atmosphere, unconscious or suppressed emotions (like anger, frustration, fear or desire) can jump out when you least expect them. Being accident prone is not uncommon. This can be great if you're trying to release inhibitions, find courage to sprint forward or break out of an old habit. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that your actions won't turn out to be destructive, counter-productive or too much of a good thing. You might be tempted to take greater risks than is wise, but this risk-taking impulse can also break you out of a rut too. It's important to use your best judgment when faced with this kind of potent yet volatile energy.

Aug.09-11 (give or take a few days) is the peak period for the Mars-Pluto-Uranus T-square. Don't be surprised if this is a very intense time. Good time to be gentle with yourself and others, and avoid overreacting. At best, this energy can spur a new resolve to accomplish a difficult goal or to find a more effective way to empower yourself from within.

Aug.11 – Mars opposite Pluto (05:12 of Cancer/Capricorn)

Mars and Pluto doing battle in the skies can create a very intense showdown! This is a time when tempers can flare, power struggles can emerge, and aggressive action could seem like the only way to handle a conflict. If you feel yourself becoming entangled in a mounting tension with someone, you might do well to back off a bit to let the adrenaline subside on both sides. On the other hand, it is a time when we are often challenged to assert ourselves and strengthen our spirit, which can often be brought on by confrontation. This is the kind of atmosphere where our interactions with others can bring out deeply hidden and intense feelings inside us, which long to be expressed but are usually suppressed instead. This is an opportunity to observe what gets triggered inside of us and what kind of interaction triggers those feelings. It can be valuable to use the experience as a way to vent old frustration, work through unresolved anger, and ultimately heal our deeper wounds by letting go of whatever holds us back. Sexual energy can run very high under this transit, so handle it wisely.

Aug.09-11 (give or take a few days) is the peak period for the Mars-Pluto-Uranus T-square. Don't be surprised if this is a very intense time. Good time to be gentle with yourself and others, and avoid overreacting. At best, this energy can spur a new resolve to accomplish a difficult goal or to find a more effective way to empower yourself from within.

Aug.13 – FULL MOON in AQUARIUS (21:41 of Aquarius)


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Aug.13, 2011, 2:57 PM EDT

London, UK:

Aug.13, 2011, 7:57 PM BST

Sydney, AU:

Aug.14, 2011, 4:57 AM AEST

"What's a Full Moon?"

Read more about the Sun-Moon cycles.

Read more about how you experience AQUARIUS energy in your life.

Eager souls, mystics and revolutionaries, may propose to refashion the world in accordance with their dreams; but evil remains, and so long as it lurks in the secret places of the heart, utopia is only the shadow of a dream.
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

One thing Aquarians are usually really good at is shock value.

When an Aquarian�and I include anyone with Aquarius, Uranus or the 11th house prominent in their natal chart�sees that change is needed but is stuck, they will often do something shocking, explosive, controversial, or whatever it takes, to shake up the status quo and get progress moving again.

Aquarius wants life to flow like water. And like the water bearer that symbolizes this sign, if it's not flowing on its own, Aquarius will dump out the contents of the bucket to make sure it does!

And it usually works! Although, it's usually a bit nerve wracking for whoever's on the other end. Problems can arise if those being dumped out are not quite ready to deal with life outside the bucket, so to speak. A fish out of water will thrash around trying to get back into the water again. When people are hurled into an unfamiliar situation, they will often resist and fight to get back to familiarity again.

This, of course, is likely to make the Aquarian-type try even harder to keep them from going back into the past. The Aquarian will fight just as hard to keep things moving toward the future�the future that they believe to be the best one for all concerned.

Hence: the chaos that Aquarius is known for. Until things settle into a new "normal," change can be pretty chaotic and disruptive.

Nothing is given to man on earth - struggle is built into the nature of life, and conflict is possible - the hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen.
~ Andrew Bernstein

The world is currently in a state of massive flux on multiple levels. And to complicate things, there are many different groups, all pulling in different directions and guided by a different set of values.

There are those who are fighting to create a fresh reality out of a vision of something better than what has been. There are those who are fighting to preserve what has been, for fear that we may lose something of value in the process of trying to create something new.

There are those who are fighting to go backwards because, in the face of an uncertain and gloomy future, it seems safer, happier, more predictable and more familiar in the past. And there are those who are fighting to change in any direction but backwards, simply because anything seems better than what is in the present or the past.

The problem is that we all tend to believe that we are right and therefore others are wrong. We admire those who stand up for what they believe and who find the courage to stand by their values. But is that always a good thing, if everyone does that and we all just become deadlocked?

Whose vision is right? Whose values are the ones that will bring us to an optimal world? And what does that optimal world even look like? With everyone pulling in different, often conflicting directions, everyone can't be right. Right? In the face of such passionate convictions, most of us wind up pointing fingers at the other guys and insisting that they are the cause of the problems.

Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars - must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

When people are so polarized, and also determined to create (their kind of) change, a vicious cycle results. Tolerance deteriorates into frustration. Frustration begets disagreement. Disagreement escalates into conflict, and conflict into aggression or even violence. Persistent, unresolved conflict bleeds into hostility, hostility into contempt, and contempt into hatred. Empathy and compassion become casualties in the war to restore (what each of us believes to be) sanity and morality.

When the issues are passionate ones, compromise or cooperation can seem impossible or unacceptable. When this happens, the rock inevitably meets the hard place. Breaking the cycle is a huge problem, and of course no one can agree on how to break the cycle without devolving back into the original disagreements. Even if negotiation is seen as an option, both sides must be willing to compromise, adjust and open their minds, even a little, or else it quickly deteriorates back into the vicious cycle again. You can't compromise with someone who refuses to take no or even maybe for an answer.

So, what can come of this? It becomes a battle of extremes with an all-or-nothing result. Winner take all; the loser is vanquished. But this kind of outcome usually does a lot of damage that takes a long time to heal, if healing can be found at all. As resilient as the human spirit is in many ways, we are also fragile, and hurts and injustices can remain bitter long after the pill has gone down and passed out the other end. Human memory is long, and the road to re-establish trust and forgiveness is a rocky and thorny one.

When it happens on a large scale�between nations, religions, traditions, races, cultures or political viewpoints�healing can take decades, centuries or even millennia. Sadly, the jury is still out on many unrelenting conflicts in our world.

Crises and deadlocks when they occur have at least this advantage,
that they force us to think.
~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Full Moon in Aquarius - 13 Aug 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ 13 Aug 2011

All of this relates to the Full Moon in Aquarius because it's a pretty challenging chart. The chart is full of oppositions (180�), squares (90�), semi-squares (45�) and sesqui-quadrates (135�), with only a few trines (120�) and sextiles (60�). This Full Moon brings large-scale challenge with no shortage of obstacles. The growth and rewards may be great, but it can be rough terrain getting there.

With all the stress and discouragement we have collectively endured lately, this could aggravate wounds and bruises already struggling to heal. On the other hand, this Full Moon could also bring issues, intentions, hopes and dreams into clearer focus. Through struggle, debate, negotiation, controversy and brainstorming ideas, it may be possible to hammer out a new attitude that can reach beyond resistance and distrust.

This will require an innovative approach that can encompass both a personal and transpersonal perspective. You will need to draw on both personal introspection and transpersonal vision. And you will need to stay in the struggle without either giving in to overreaction or hiding behind rigidity and dogmatism.

It will be important to have solidarity with your peer group (those with whom you share similar opinions, beliefs and grievances), as well as being detached and self-contained enough that you can be objective about how you are influenced by that group. And it will be necessary to have a sense of individual identity strong enough to withstand the pressures of others who want to persuade you in some way, and yet also strong enough to be open to new ideas and perspectives.

There's a lot of rage... you have to express it somehow.
If I didn't express it in song, I'd become incredibly violent.
~ Siobhan Fahey

T-square with Mars opp Pluto sqr Uranus

The Full Moon chart is dominated by two stressful aspect patterns (and a third one in the process of being formed; see Aug.20 below). The easiest one to spot is the T-square involving Mars opposite Pluto, T-squared by Uranus. This configuration has been hovering in the skies since the New Moon in Leo (Jul.30) and will continue to haunt us until around Aug.18.

This energy has been intense! We have seen an escalation of shocking violence in both Syria and the UK. We have witnessed the US debt crisis and downgrading of the US credit rating after a contentious debate between political parties, in turn resulting in one of the worst stock market dives in recent history. Yes, it's been quite a volatile T-square!

Although it has been associated with some very scary events, its energy can also be used to persevere in the pursuit of personal growth and transformation, as well as ambitions to forge an enduring survival strategy for the future. This T-square taps into the infamous Uranus-Pluto square, which will be dominating our skies for several years to come.

With Mars being the channel for this intense energy, it has brought out rage, hostility and obsession, but also gritty courage, determination and sharp instincts. If you've been stuck in the former, it's not too late to shift it over to the latter. Creativity is a powerful outlet for the more volatile sides of Mars, Pluto and Uranus, alike. This can be artistic, but it can also be simply any authentic, heartfelt release of your inner voice and true colours.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.
But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Quadriform at the Full Moon in Aquarius

The second aspect pattern that dominates the Full Moon chart is sometimes called Thor's Hammer or, in this case, a Quadriform Kite ("What's a Quadriform?"). The Sun-Moon opposition forms the spine of the Kite, where the energy of the Kite travels. Like the T-square, this Kite also involves the Uranus-Pluto square, which forms sesqui-quadrate aspects to the Sun, as well as semi-square aspects to the Moon.

This can be a devilish aspect pattern! It can bring out wilfulness and determination that will not take no for an answer. Used wisely, it can be extremely productive and creative. Used unconsciously or wantonly, it could become destructive through the need to be right at any cost.

The flow of energy in this figure moves from transpersonal to personal and then to the personal within the transpersonal. It starts with the Uranus-Pluto square�yes, this pair forms a key focus of energy at this Full Moon! Uranus and Pluto bring a need to generate fundamental change on multiple levels by dismantling the status quo so that a new one can be rebuilt from the rubble of the old.

From there, these two planets form sesqui-quadrate aspects to the Sun which is tightly conjunct Venus in Leo. Mercury is retrograde and conjunct the Sun and Venus, but is currently a bit far away to be part of the Kite. It does, however, form the apex of the Kite starting Aug.18.

An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which
the person faces and uses his experience.
~ James Baldwin

Deconstructing the current reality has huge implications for how we define and express ourselves. Our personal identity is often closely interwoven with the circumstances and structures in our lives. Change those and you change the mirror image of yourself that you see reflected in the world.

Does that mean you have changed as well? Yes and no. It all depends how you define yourself. If you need the world to reflect back who you are in order to remain focused on that identity (and we all do to some extent), then your changing environment will bring significant change to who you are. Changing how you see yourself means your self-perception will adapt and adjust to fit the reflection you see.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you allow the outside environment to shape who you are then you give away your power to define yourself. On the other hand, if you have boundaried yourself so well that you become impervious to your environment, walled off from ever being influence by it, then you start to become disconnected from the world around you.

Chaos in the world brings uneasiness,
but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.
~ Tom Barrett

The energy of the whole figure "boomerangs" back to the Moon in Aquarius. So we have moved from transpersonal evolution to individual growth and then back to rediscovering the personal within the transpersonal. The lesson is to find balance between the objective and the subjective; between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

If you only react to the polarized extremes in the world around you, you will only become trapped in that vicious cycle, whether that involves how you feel about global events or how you respond to the challenges of your private life. The journey to individuate�to become your own person and be who you truly are�doesn't necessarily require you to be completely separate from the world. Neither does it demand that you must change the world to match who you are and what you want the world to be. It doesn't mean you have to be loved by all, nor that you can't ever allow yourself to be swayed by the need to be loved and accepted.

This Full Moon brings you an opportunity to take a few more steps in that journey of individuation. It could bring conflict that can be used creatively to deepen your self-awareness as well as your awareness of your place in the world. It might challenge you to wrestle with contradictions or inconsistencies about life that are disturbing, upsetting or disheartening, yet can help you reshape who you are in a way that allows you to be more of who you truly are.

Visionary people face the same problems everyone else faces; but rather than get paralyzed by their problems, visionaries immediately commit themselves to finding a solution.
~ Bill Hybels

One thing this Full Moon is not likely to be is sweetness and light. This is a time of challenge, be it positive or negative. You might experience it as exciting; vigorously stretching your abilities and reaching new heights of achievement. At the other extreme, you might find it is a time of stress, disappointment, pressure and chaos that takes all of your will power and resolve to get through. Most likely you will be somewhere in the middle.

The important thing to remember is that it is a time when introspection and self-reflection can be powerful tools in getting the most out of this energy, especially while Mercury is still retrograde (until Aug.26) or in the Shadow (until Sep.09). Processing your experiences, feelings, reactions, ideas and interactions can help to keep you from getting too overwhelmed, as well as enhancing your growth through this time.

Writing in a journal is one good way to do this. Or, do something artistic�never mind if you think you're not creative; the idea is to express what is happening in your life and your spirit. I'm also available for both live readings and email readings to help you find your own unique meaning, understanding and direction. Contact me for more information or to schedule a reading.

The dreamer can know no truth, not even about his dream, except by awaking out of it.
~ George Santayana

Aug.16 – Triple Cazimi Conjunction (Sun, Mercury retrograde, Venus)

This is a rare alignment of the Sun, Mercury and Venus. They converge on the same day at 23� of Leo, but this isn't just a conjunction � it's an especially close one that, at its closest spans a mere 8 minutes of arc! When a planet is this close to the Sun, it is called Cazimi and is said to be especially strong, where it burns bright "in the heart of the Sun." To have two planets Cazimi at the same time is rare! (The last time these 3 aligned this close was Apr.04.1989.) In this case, these energies involve our mental focus and mindset (Mercury) and our receptivity, values and sense of beauty (Venus).

Quick! Go check your natal chart to see if you have anything at 23 degrees (give or take a couple of degrees) of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio. If so, you will experience this triple conjunction more than most people. How? The things to do with that planet will be illuminated (brought into focus). You have the opportunity to become extra sensitive and aware of things to do with that planet, the house it occupies and the house(s) it rules in your chart. If it's your birthday, look forward to a powerful year full of potential!

Aug.16 – Sun conjunct Venus (23:17 of Leo)

Your ability to radiate an aura of love, pleasure and beauty is very strong right now. You have the ability to soothe the rough edges – both your own and others' – and to spread joy and love around you. You are more able to come across in a diplomatic, gentle and easy-going way. This can also enable you to glide through tricky interactions with others with strategic finesse, as well as to negotiate through difficult conflicts with ease (at least, relatively speaking). Your ability to attract your heart's desire to you is especially strong right now...so be careful what you ask for! This is a good time to take a look at your choices, to see how much you are living according to your values and how much your values bring joy and satisfaction into your life. Relationships may also be on your mind, either looking for someone new in your life or rekindling an existing one. This could apply to committed intimate relationships, business partnerships or close friendships. Your focus could be pointed at acquiring material abundance, gathering resources or cultivating self-worth. You are as beautiful and as prosperous as you feel!

Aug.16 – Mercury Retrograde conjunct Venus (23:52 of Leo)   (Aug.17 in UK, AU)

Social connections, diplomatic communication and receptive awareness mark this transit. It can be a great time to negotiate contracts or agreements because the communication can usually flow easily. Focus your awareness on achieving a mutual balance between you and the other person. A win-win solution is especially easy to achieve now – so much so, in fact, that it might be tempting to only say what you think the other person wants to hear (which may or may not be wise). This can also be a time of appreciating and expressing beauty, pleasure and sensuality. If there's someone you want to get closer to (in terms of romance, friendship, business, partnership, or even an adversary!), talking gently and listening receptively can be the key that unlocks the door. You may also get new creative ideas from your interactions with people or from observing them.

Aug.16 – Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde (23:48 of Leo)   (Aug.17 in UK, AU)

When the Sun conjoins Mercury Retrograde, there is a new beginning in the areas of awareness, communication, use of information and exchange of ideas. This may or may not be heralded by a recognisable event or experience, although for a day or two your consciousness may shift. Your awareness and mental concentration may take a dip into the unconscious, becoming unusually murky and muddy, or it may rise into ultra-consciousness and become suddenly clear and lucid (afterwards returning to the usual Mercury retrograde fog). A new awareness or perspective on what has unfolded during the retrograde cycle thus far may surface now, or an unworkable attitude or perception of these events may fall apart under the weight of new information. This shift of awareness may be obvious or subtle, sudden or gradual, but this transit marks a turning point in the Mercury retrograde cycle. It also marks a time when mental awareness often goes further underground, for the rest of the retrograde period, making it a little harder to operate objectively and rationally in the outside world. Spend some time in your right-brain, intuitive, non-rational mind, which can coax your mental creativity and inventiveness to the surface.

Aug.17 – Mars conjunct Solar Eclipse point (from Jul.01.2011)

When a planet, especially a strong energy one like Mars, passes over a recent eclipse point, it can reactivate the energy of that eclipse. This is especially noticeable if the eclipse made dynamic aspects to your natal chart (e.g. conjunction, opposition, square). This particular transit to an eclipse point is likely to be a pretty high energy one because the solar eclipse on Jul.01 formed a Grand Cross with the Cardinal Cross planets: Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Mars has been forming a T-square with Uranus and Pluto since the end of July. Now, just as it is leaving the T-square, it conjoins the past eclipse point so it's leaving with a rather grand finale!

On a personal level, this can be an opportunity to resolve some of the dilemmas and issues you've been wrestling with for the last month or longer. It may be a time when you will make decisions and take action (or at least decide which action you will take). For example, if you've been wrestling with issues about authority or finding resolve to move forward with something, this can be a time when you find the courage to take new action or respond differently to an old problem.

On the other hand, this could be a rather volatile time when old issues come up that you still aren't sure how to deal with. If that's the case, aim to learn from the experience. There will be elements of the situation that you've been able to make progress with, that can be acknowledged and celebrated, while other elements that still need work can be added to your list of still-needed learning.

Aug.18-Sep.02 – Quadriform aspect figure (Mercury focus, Pluto, Uranus)   ("What's a Quadriform?")

Quadriform aspect pattern

As Mercury slows down to station direct on Aug.26, it forms a Thor's Hammer (a.k.a. Quadriform) aspect patter to the Uranus-Pluto square. This first occurred back at the Full Moon in Capricorn, July 15-17, just as Mercury entered the Retrograde Shadow. Events, themes and issues coming up now, especially stressful or challenging ones, likely are echoes of whatever was happening in your life in mid-July. This time around, Mercury stays within orb of the Quadriform from Aug.18 until Sep.02, while being closest and most powerful from Aug.22-29 (right around the direct station).

During this time, words can hurt or heal, depending on the intention with which they're used � consciously and unconsciously. Your attitude can go a long way to affect the outcome of what's going on in your life, but the trick is that your perspective is being pushed and pulled in more than one direction. You might feel pressure to decide about something that feels impossible to resolve or win, and yet you need to respond in some way. It's important not to get so overwhelmed that you cave in to pessimism, hopelessness or agreeing to something you instinctively know you can't live with. With Mercury moving so slowly right now, it's probably best to take that situation one layer at a time, one perception at a time, one step at a time. Keep your self-acceptance up, even (especially!) if you feel like you're falling short of what you're "supposed to" be doing. You can be less than perfect and still accept yourself for being a work in progress.

At best, this transit can inspire you to "gird your loins" and face that which you fear. Mercury in Leo says that all anyone can do is to act with honour and heartfelt good intentions. If the outcome is what you had hoped, then it's gravy. What's important is to find your heroic soul and pledge to do your best regardless of the outcome. If you act only to get the end result, then you've lost the chance to fortify and validate who you truly are inside. While results can give you the circumstances you want, it is through honour, integrity, will and self-acceptance that you will become the best you can be.

Aug.18 – Mars sextile Jupiter (10:07 of Cancer/Taurus)   (Aug.19 in AU)

There is potential for optimism, cheerfulness and increased energy during this transit. You will probably have to go after it (rather than it just falling into your lap), but you can probably increase your mood and energy level by applying a bit of effort. Your self-confidence and general attitude can improve, although be careful you don't become so caught up in feeling good that you ignore common sense, caution or realism. This is a good time to consider the moral, philosophical or greater implications of your actions, and then make adjustments to bring your behaviour into alignment with your beliefs, aspirations and ideals.

Aug.20-Sep.03 – Quadriform Kite aspect figure (Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Sun, Venus)   ("What's a Quadriform?")

Quadriform aspect pattern

As if the Quadriform aspect pattern with Mercury, Uranus and Pluto wasn't enough to put us to the stress test! Along comes another configuration of the same type: a Quadriform Kite. This time it involves about half the solar system! This figure is complex because it involves various pairs of planets. Neptune and Chiron at the apex. Sun and Venus at the base of the Kite. And Mars square Saturn forming the wings of the Kite.

Mars square Saturn is a serious challenge at the best of times! It's been likened to "driving with the brakes on" and can feel like you're getting no where fast. At best, this aspect can take strenuous effort and convert it into productivity and determined resolve, but it's not usually a pleasant experience. Neptune and Chiron at the apex take this hard working energy and want to channel it toward a higher purpose, but this is far from easy.

Saturn wants things to be grounded in hard reality�to have something to show for all that hard work. Mars isn't as picky about such things, as long as he has his freedom and can focus on his own interests. But Neptune and Chiron have neither Saturn's practical priorities, nor do they care that much about Mars' personalized priorities. So the net effect is to struggle between the real and the surreal; the physical and the metaphysical.

The Kite "boomerangs" back to the Sun-Venus conjunction as these planets transition together from Leo into Virgo. The Sun and Venus suggest that resolving this dilemma can be approached creatively�both literally and figuratively. It's important to stay grounded in a positive self-image, while also recognizing that this is only the conduit through which universal energy is meant to travel. In other words, have a healthy and happy ego identity, but this should be the receptacle of who you are, not the end result.

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Aug.21 – Venus opposite Neptune (29:33 of Leo/Aquarius)

Romance, idealism, fantasy and imagination are blossoming into a bright aura right now, which is likely to influence your relationships, interactions, finances and values – for better or for worse! Compassion, caring and selfless giving can be good ideals to aim for, as long as you remember that ideals tend to lose some of their shiny glow when they're translated into hard reality. If you forget this, the end result may be disappointing or disillusioning. Disappointment may also indicate that there have been hidden hopes or high expectations that no one can really live up to. Aim to balance your innocence and longing with the judgement of your older, wiser, mature self; and do a reality check with a trusted friend or adviser if in doubt. That said, this can also be a very creative and inspiring time – just remember to keep one foot on the ground.

Aug.21 – Venus enters Virgo (until Sep.14)   (Aug.22 in AU)

Under this transit, it is possible to fall in love with purity, precision and analysis. It is a time to invest in health, efficiency, and your contribution to the world around you. The beauty is in the details, as you embrace a labour of love in your life. Just don't get so enamoured with pristine splendour that you get lost in perfectionism and unable to accept the natural imperfection that exists in all life and humanity. Each of us is the Universe's perfect child, but we are also in a state of becoming and growing and are therefore likely to make human mistakes. Remember that we're here for the journey, as much as the destination. This part of the journey takes us into service and devotion, whether that is focused on another person or on ourselves.

Aug.22 – Sun opposite Neptune (29:31 of Leo/Neptune)   (Aug.22 in UK, AU)

For a few days, you are face to face with the boundless universe! This could come to you in a number of ways, from creative inspiration to vivid dreams to enchanted encounters with great mystery. There is a tension now between clarity of purpose and infinite vision; between being centred in yourself versus being connected to the Great Unknown; and/or between personal independence and autonomy versus blurred boundaries with a person or situation. If you lose your bearings, you could feel some depression, lethargy or confusion. Your dreams, longings and expectations may be rooted more in wishful thinking than reality right now, which could lead to disappointment or disillusionment. It's a good idea to do a reality check with a trusted friend if you need to make any important decisions. On the other hand, you are also able to see your hopes, dreams and illusions more clearly than usual, reflected back through other people or the outside world. It may be like looking in a cosmic mirror that shows you what's going on in your subconscious. Just remember that it may be hard to tell which is the real thing and which is the mirrored reflection. Just like a dream, you might get better insight by interpreting them intuitively rather than literally. Try expressing your experiences, feelings and perceptions in ways that are poetic, artistic, creative and non-rational.

Aug.23 – Sun enters Virgo (until Sep.23)

Happy Solar Return to all Virgos! While the Sun is in Virgo, we are all honorary Virgos. You are encouraged to clean out the toxins in your body and mind. Organise and tidy up your life, in whatever ways it is "a mess." And take stock of the ways you give service and make a contribution to the world around you. Take some time to pay attention to the details and precision of what you do, and appreciate how much you can do with very little. During this transit, organisation, useful procedures and practical application come together to form the key that opens the door to effectiveness, efficiency and improvement. This is a good time to adopt a service-oriented attitude, whether that involves being helpful to someone else or dedicated to your own healing and betterment. You could volunteer your time. Or, perform some "random acts of kindness." Or, just do something nice for someone. Projects and problem solving may work a bit better if you take an analytical, methodical approach to them (rather than intuitive or guessing). This is a good time to assimilate and "digest" the results of any preparation you've been doing toward a project, goal or production. Weed out what doesn't work and what doesn't support your efforts, and then reorganise and simplify whatever is left. Just don't get so carried away that you throw away something that's important to you or your goals.

Aug.24 – Venus opposite Chiron (03:07 of Virgo/Pisces)

You may be extra sensitive to other people's suffering, struggles or dilemmas under this transit. Your own ongoing issues in relationships or finances may undergo a kind of "healing crisis" in which you endure increased problems and must use extra tolerance, compromise or negotiation to keep things from collapsing into a worse state. At the same time, you may be able to reach a new level of acceptance and peace – not necessarily by solving the problems, but by letting go of the struggles that are not as important as you thought and by making the best of the ones that are left. Other people or outside circumstances may give you a push in this direction, which might feel at first like old wounds are being opened up. But this is an opportunity to find new ways to bring healing and balance to old problems, especially using tolerance, compromise and acceptance.


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Aug.25 – Mars square Saturn (14:30 of Cancer/Libra)

The impulsive forward action of Mars meets the serious structure of Saturn. The resulting friction can often generate considerable heat in the form of frustration, argument, conflict and stress – but also productivity and results for hard work. Your efforts may seem thwarted and your actions blocked at every turn. Your sensitivity to problems with authority figures can be especially high, as well as your sensitivity to others not cooperating with your own role as an authority figure. The youthful, free spirit in you is somehow required to deal with the serious, responsible, cautious side of you, and a power struggle between the two energies can easily result. If one side wins out over the other, either depression and guilt or rebellion and obsession may result. However, you are not without power or ability! This friction can also be put to use in very productive ways. Your energy, desire and goals can be made manifest and concrete – even if possibly forced by circumstance. Obstacles can strengthen us, if we work with them instead of just fighting against them. To minimise interpersonal problems, remember that assertiveness is important, but aggression or rigidity will usually only get the other person's back up. You may find yourself in a situation where you must defend or assert your personal boundaries. Or, you might find it difficult to comply with someone else's boundaries. If the heat from this transit starts to overwhelm you, take some time out, find a safe (perhaps creative?) outlet to vent your feelings, and then find a new way to approach the problem.

Aug.25 – Venus trine Pluto (05:00 of Virgo/Capricorn)   (Aug.26 in UK, AU)

Close one-on-one connections with people (close friends, lovers, partners of all kinds) will tend to gravitate to a deeper, more intense level now. Instead of automatically doing the diplomatic, "nice" thing, you may find it is more fulfilling to share more of your authentic feelings. It may be possible now to connect with people on a deeper level, while still ensuring that your interests are equally balanced with theirs. The trick is to do this without trying to control or overpower the other person, and it may be easier to avoid those traps now. You could make some deeply intimate connections with people under this transit. Financial dealings with other people may also go smoothly, although it might be wise to get clear confirmation that you're both on the same page about the fine print.

Aug.26 – Mercury stations Direct (18:41 of Leo)   (Aug.27 in AU)  ("What's a Station?"  "What does Retrograde mean?"  Read more about Mercury Retrograde.  Read more about Retrograde planets. )

For up to a week before and after today, you may experience mental intensity, confusion, and miscommunications or simply changes in your outlook. After being Retrograde for the last 3 to 3� weeks, Mercury is now taking a slow turn to resume Direct motion. This period has challenged you to rethink and rehash things that required some fine-tuning or revision. The Direct station can be a time when clearer decisions start to emerge from the issues and struggles you've encountered during the retrograde period. Or, it might turn your perspective around so that you're seeing your situation fresh again.

Over the next couple of weeks, while Mercury is still in the Shadow, your brain may feel a bit like it's gradually waking up after a deep sleep. During this time, you can gradually put into practice the learning and knowledge you've gained from your retrograde "dreams" and moonlight visions. It will take time to get fully back into sync with the Mercury direct energy. So, take it slow, one step at a time, and untangle yourself one strand at a time.

Aug.26 – Sun opposite Chiron (03:01 of Virgo/Pisces)   (Aug.27 in AU)

This transit can bring a challenge to your sense of personal purpose versus the trans-personal vision of possibilities. This could play out in many areas; for instance, spirituality, career, life direction, physical or emotional healing, etc. Perhaps you are feeling a conflict between what you want to gain on a personal level versus a higher vision of what you could be capable of. The problem is that to reach for greater possibilities, you have to move beyond your comfort zone. There is a certain amount of risk and sacrifice involved in any kind of growth. You might worry that moving into a larger context could undermine your self-esteem by making you feel small or inadequate. You may be concerned that you'd have to give up personal rewards in order to achieve that higher vision. Regardless of how this plays out in your life, the struggle to find a balance you can live with – between what is and what could be – is the purpose of this transit. Later it will be time to take further action, but for how it is important to grapple with the dynamics of your situation which will lead to a decision.

Aug.28 – Sun trine Pluto (04:58 of Virgo/Capricorn)   (Aug.29 in AU)

Your sense of purpose is strong now, as you are able to tap into a deeper level of energy and determination. Your personality is likely to be more forceful now, which can be great if you need to make a strong impression but perhaps not so much in situations requiring delicacy or subtlety. Your ability to see below the surface of things is especially clear, and it may be possible to unearth secrets or get at the core of unconscious patterns (yours or others'). This is a time when your personal presence may come across as somewhat "larger than life," so you need to remember that a little goes a long way during this transit. This could be a time when you suddenly find the strength to stand up and assert your personal power in a situation that has felt overwhelming or discouraging. On the other hand, if you are still struggling to learn how to own your power, without using nuclear bombs to make your point, you may still feel a bit overwhelmed or daunted by this transit. In that case, take smaller steps and don't try to push the river.

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