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September 27 to October 11, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Are you feeling out of balance lately? Or perhaps you're feeling stuck and stalemated? It's time to shake up the status quo and stir the pot a little! We often think of rebalancing as being a nice, polite, peaceful, pleasant experience. But more often it requires a bit of turmoil and upset to shift things into a different place. Imbalance can show itself as a crisis where things just don't work anymore and something must be done. Or, you might be a little too balanced, where you're in static state of inertia and nothing's moving. Either situation can bring you to a crossroads where change must take place in order to bring yourself back to a healthy balance again.

In order to rebalance, it's important to understand what is out of balance and why, and how you got there to begin with. Imbalance usually gets that way a little at a time. You don't see it happening, or if you do you might not be able to deal with it right away. Before you know it you're out of whack, in danger of tipping into a crisis. That time may be now, or at could be approaching that edge of urgency and not even realize it. You might feel the need to rebel against the current state of things, ready to throw everything away—anything to break out of the impasse. Or you might feel the urge to squelch the turmoil in order to gain some stability and control over the situation.

Either of those responses aren't necessarily bad or ineffective—it's all in how you do it. Taking action to generate change is a good thing, but it's best to strategize about what is needed and why. If you react impulsively, you may just create more confusion. Chaos is best used to loosen the knot so you can grab a key strand and start pulling on it to untangle the mess. Chaos for the sake of chaos is just, well, more chaos. In the same way, if you grab onto anything to stabilize yourself, you could just get yourself into a deeper rut. Control is best used to slow things down long enough to find the pivotal point around which positive change can unfold. It's all in the balance. Think of it like juggling balls — you need to think it terms of the whole coordinated system. If you focus just on one ball, you'll drop the others. It's all in the balance. A personal reading can help you reach the right balance. Contact me for more information about getting an astrological realignment.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
October 11 to 25, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

If you're feeling stuck lately, get ready to get unstuck! Have you been caught between the urge to make change and the fear of what that would require of you? Or perhaps you've been feeling dragged kicking and screaming in a new direction, but have been trying valiantly to put on the brakes? Maybe you are trying hard to "do the right thing" and have wrestled with another part of you that just wants to throw it all away in order to be free. Or you might be resisting something you know has to be done but would rather distract yourself with more exciting or spontaneous adventures?

One way or another, this is a time to break the stalemate! The key is to recognize that both conflicting sides have validity. You can't just "do the right thing" if it means you must suppress or disown other impulses. And it's not realistic to just go with what you want, if it means you're acting at crossed purposes to your best interests. It might not be easy to embrace and acknowledge both sides of the argument, but it will help to stop the vicious cycle if you can admit that the situation is not one-sided.

This is an outgrowth of a much more profound process of change that you are going through. You would have seen clear evidence of this change (or the need for it) a couple of weeks ago. This part of the long-term process is about rebalancing and reconciling conflicting priorities. Some creative energy could help the situation a lot right now. Even if you have been misusing that creativity by over-reacting or indulging in misdirected anger or being judgmental in order to oversimplify a much more complex situation—you're moving into a time when you can rebalance your energy in a much more productive and satisfying way. Being responsible doesn't have to mean self-denial, and being self-centered doesn't have to mean being reckless. Focus on one thing at a time according to the priorities of your best interests, which include both what matters to you and the obligations you have with others.

To know how the planets are influencing you personally and how to work most effectively with their energies, it is important to get a private reading. I'm available for confidential consultations, both by phone and by email, so contact me for more information.

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