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November 25 to December 10, 2011

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You're entering a period of about 6 months when you will be challenged to find new ways to use your anger, drive and physical energy. Let's start with anger: it's not a bad thing—it's only when you become so consumed by it that you exhale it in every breath (possibly accompanied by fire and brimstone) that it becomes a problem. On the plus side, anger tells you when someone has crossed your boundaries, and it can be very energizing and motivating, as well as empowering and reassuring. Your drive is your passion and determination; the stuff that gets you up out of bed and doing something.

These qualities may currently feel at odds with the part of you that strives for a grand vision of possibilities, higher purpose and pure motives. The drive in you may want to (or feels pressured to) do things correctly, efficiently and pragmatically. On the other hand, the visionary part of you cares more about the reasons why you want to do something, or the moral implications of how you do it, or the growth and benefits you'll have once you get past the difficult or unpleasant stuff. As you strive to do the right thing for all the right reasons, there's a risk of getting stuck in overdrive, or becoming so perfectionist that you take all the joy out of what could be a fulfilling and beneficial situation, or getting locked into believing so staunchly that you're in the right that you wind up becoming overbearing and oppressive—the very thing you are trying not to be.

You're being challenged to find a more civilized, principled, honourable or politically correct way to vent and channel the more volatile side of your anger, obsession and hyper-criticism. There's a kinder, gentler way to do all this in a way that's more humble and allows you to enjoy what you're doing instead of just trying to get it done. For the next few weeks, you have a chance to take a closer look at all of these issues and how they might be affecting your life. There's a risk of getting caught in an either-or pendulum swinging between wanting to be free and unencumbered on one hand, and wanting to be disciplined and accomplish certain goals on the other. The trick is to find ways that these two parts of you can work cooperatively together, one balancing out the other, so that you don't wind up stalemated in between them. It will probably help to look at these conflicting aspects of your life in a larger context that encompasses them both, rather than trying to get one to win out over the other. Be aware of how your mind is helping or hindering this process. You're in a strong position to take in more information than usual for a few weeks, but be careful not to "overeat" all that food for thought or you could wind up with a headache. ;-)

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Lunar Forecast for the


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December 10 to 24, 2011

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Knowledge and wisdom go hand-in-hand. It's common to believe that if you just accumulate enough information, it will become knowledge—but these are different concepts. Information only becomes knowledge when you are able to see the greater meaning in it, which means understanding the overall patterns and implications. This understanding comes from seeing information—facts, data, trivia, observations, perceptions, etc—within the greater context of the Big Picture. This larger view typically comes only from personal life experience, struggle, and striving to grasp as many threads as possible in an effort to see the whole fabric of meaning.

Right now in some part of your life you are involved in the quest to turn information into knowledge and raw facts into understanding. The engine that's driving this quest is threefold. One "cog" in this engine is the challenge to live what you know—in other words, make sure your actions reflect what you know to be true and important. Another "cog" is to never stop asking questions. If you think you have all the answers, are you sure you're asking the right questions? Pushing deeper into the meaning of things is essential for you to grow in your knowledge and wisdom. The third "cog" is to listen to and honour the wisdom of your body. When you don't feel right about something, your natural intuition or your unconscious knowledge is trying to tell you that there's something you're not seeing clearly. Body wisdom will also tell you that life is not just about avoiding pain, but includes the need to celebrate life's pleasures. Allow yourself to bask in sensory delights, like food, aroma, beauty, music and touch—just be careful about going overboard to the point where pursuit of pleasure could lead to problems of over-indulgence.

This quest for knowledge, meaning and wisdom is a long-term journey (months or years), so you might as well get comfortable and enjoy the ride. This journey involves being able to look back on memories, experiences or problems from the past and see them with new eyes. Transforming information into knowledge includes going back and applying new learning you've acquired over the years to old situations and seeing something new about them. You may even be ready to understand something about the past that eluded you at the time because you lacked the experiences—good and bad—that have given you a different viewpoint. The risk in this process lies in getting snagged on the little hooks in difficult memories that dredge up old feelings. Sometimes this can happen if you're determined to be perfect in how you go about this growth process. Lighten up! There's always something to laugh about, even while you're honouring and listening to old pain, grief, fear or anger. If you get stuck, try writing in a journal about what you're feeling, thinking and worrying about. Or talk to someone you trust who can help you make sense of it all and get back to that broader point of view. If you need some clarity and a fresh perspective on how to move forward, I'm available for private readings over the holidays. Find out more or contact me for details.

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