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January 23 to February 7, 2012

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Gung Hey Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year! This is a time to get rid of the old that is no longer needed or relevant, and make room for new possibilities to enter into your life. It's the Year of the Dragon, which in Chinese mythology is revered as a powerful, magical creature. This year is likely to be busy and lively, if not momentous and fortunate, although how it will affect you largely depends on the Chinese zodiac sign you were born under. Since the Chinese New Year always begins at the New Moon in Aquarius, it doubly emphasizes the idea of a new beginning.

So... what do you want to achieve in the coming year? Whatever its focus, you will likely have to wrestle with conflicting challenges between discipline and freedom. You may need to commit yourself to establishing a better balance in your life, say, between relationships and work. You might have to choose between acquiring objective knowledge and developing a stronger personal/social life. Although this New Moon has implications for the next 12-13 months, you will likely encounter hints of what is being developed during the next 4 weeks.

If you feel a bit intense, angry or perfectionist lately, that's understandable since Mars goes retrograde on Jan.23. On the other hand, you might feel lethargic, discouraged or disinterested. Either of these experiences could be a good or bad thing for you, depending on whether you usually suffer from low energy or tend to be highly reactive. This initiates a time until around mid-April when your energy level may be different from the norm. Observe what happens to your anger, physical energy, impulsiveness, motivation, ambitious drive, libido and assertiveness. They could be decreased during that time, or they might increase, or the focus of these parts of you might shift toward different people, situations or priorities. Try not to make value judgments about this change, but watch how it shows a different side of you, or even a different side of others around you. Read more about Mars retrograde.

Lunar Forecast for the


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February 7 to 21, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

It's creativity time again! It's time to find ways to express who you are as an individual. Have you been feeling a bit like just another cog in the machinery? This is a time when the Universe encourages you to let your gears slip a little and break free of your usual routines. The point of this exercise is not simply to have an excuse to show off (although that can be fun too), or to shine the spotlight on yourself and bask in the applause (although that can be nourishing to a deprived sense of self). The point is to have an opportunity to reconnect to your heart – that part of you that knows what you love, what makes you feel good, what makes you inspired and fired up. Has the murmuring of your heart become drowned out by the roar of the chaos around you, or silenced by the demands placed on you by circumstances of necessity? Then it is especially important that you find ways to reconnect to that innermost part of you that is the source of your passion and your natural creativity. (And of course, although creativity can sometimes be about artistry, it is actually anything new and spontaneous you set in motion that comes from the heart.)

Finding that part of you might be a bit of a challenge at first. It's easy to think "All I have to do is..." and simply move in the opposite direction to where you have been or have been going. But being yourself isn't merely a case of not being someone or something else. The authentic you might be rediscovered through a process of eliminating everything that is not you, but who you are is far more than what is left after everything else is removed. The trick is to find that centre point inside yourself that simply is. It is the part of you that responds to outside situations just because it feels right and you feel whole as a result. It's not about the people around you who can help you feel secure or validated – although that can be a primal hunger that must be fed before you're strong enough to just be yourself. Although we all need others to act as a mirror to show it's okay to be who we are, eventually we will grow past our need for others to be our primary mirror.

In the process of trying to coax your creative, loving heart out of hiding, don't be lured into feelings of guilt simply because you're daring to choose your own heartfelt direction. By all means, fulfill any obligations and responsibilities you have and do what needs to be done for your survival and well-being. That's your conscience and your common sense. But don't mistake that for a mandate to only follow the rules and live up to others' expectations. Instead, allow any misgivings, inhibitions or obstacles to be messengers that tell you where the boundaries are, where you need to reclaim authority in your life, and where you perhaps need to redefine the foundations and structure in your life for yourself. It's not necessary to break free of old constrictions in extreme ways. Find moments or temporary situations that give you the feeling of what it's like to be free. Then allow that feeling to resonate inside you. Do this occasionally and you can eventually vibrate to a new tune.

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