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February 21 to March 8, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Feeling a little spaced out (or blissed out) lately? Longing to let go of old habits that only seem to get in your way? Worried about whether you're heading into something wonderful or into something that will turn out to be not so wonderful? This can be a time of healing, but this will be most effective if you allow yourself to move into the experience. Since healing usually means something is suffering from dis-ease, this could involve struggle, discomfort or even sorrow. It is through surrender to the healing process that you will finally move through this foggy time. However, be careful because there is magic afoot that can be elevating and liberating, or it could be tricky and an illusion.

How do you tell the difference? How indeed. That may be the real test of this time. There may be illusion that latches onto your secret hopes and dreams, and leads you to believe your life has been magically transformed, when all it's really done is brought your unconscious longing to life with the aid of smoke and mirrors—in other words, it may not be as real as you're hoping. On the other hand, this journey into the realm of illusion can also be a divinely inspired source of creative imagination that can help you move beyond a stuck point—but only if you're willing to set aside resistance that is based on fear (rather than healthy caution).

Following the time-tested principles that inspire you can help keep you grounded. That is, they can give you a lifeline by which to orient yourself if you start to feel a bit disoriented or confused. The question to ask yourself is: does this make sense in a logical kind of way? If it doesn't, then consider consulting a trusted advisor to give you a reality check or to help you understand what's going on. And if it does make logical sense, check to see if you might be holding onto that pragmatic view a little too rigidly. Does some part of you think you could benefit by letting go of control just a little? This is tricky territory, so don't just assume you can rely on the usual answers. Listen to your body, which usually will tell you when something doesn't feel comfortable or safe, and by listening you can sense what you're concerned might not be right. Listen also to your heart, which will tell you if you feel drawn to something that feels questionable, and by listening you might learn what the hook is that has grabbed you. You have the tools and resources that will help you; the trick is to take it one step at a time.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
March 8 to 22, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Have you ever had one of those days when you can sense that something great is just around the corner? It's so close you can smell it (probably smells like cookies). The vision of how it all fits together is just about in focus. It could all be sooo easy and it would just take a few resources, which you're sure you can see falling from the sky aiming straight for your lap. It could be a little different than you were expecting – in fact it might even be quite the eye-opener when you see the possibilities.

At the same time, there's also another perspective just at the outer edges of that vision. This is an awareness that, while the goal might be a worthy one, it's not exactly going to fall into your lap. There's hard work required: planning, analyzing, figuring out all the details. And you may not know if you've done everything necessary to make it all happen the way you want it to, until you give it a try and take your chances. Those resources falling from the sky might turn out not to be what you need, or getting them might come at a cost you weren't expecting.

These two conflicting views can be made to work together, though. Your willingness to see what can be done is the perfect balance for your ability to acknowledge the obstacles that might prevent it from being done. It may feel like you're walking a razor's edge, trying to keep a good balance between the two. It calls for a lot of patience and taking baby steps when necessary. You might need to stay in the planning stage for a while, but keeping it all in perspective will help you make it happen sometime over the next few months. Don't forget that both perspectives are necessary; it's not a question of one winning out over the other. Optimistic visions and dreams are essential so that you know what you're doing it for and what you're aiming for. On the other hand doubts, hesitation, questioning and scepticism are also essential ingredients in the manifestation recipe.

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