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March 22 to April 6, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Have you been feeling like you step on the gas, only to have the car stall? Are you struggling with feelings, urges, perceptions and awareness that don't want to come together or make sense? Do you feel the urge to do one thing, while your mind can't quite rationalize whether it's a good idea or not? Sorry for the bad news, but it's likely to continue for a couple of weeks longer. The good news is that this same confusion actually gives you access to something that is usually too obscure, subtle or complex to see clearly (if at all).

There's a certain "lunatic wisdom" behind the chaotic energy that's around you right now. It's your job over the next 4 weeks to explore it, become open to what it can teach you, and be alert to ways that this unusual wisdom can be integrated into your view of yourself and the world. This new perspective might not be ready to come together until after mid-April, but you will likely piece it together out of seemingly unrelated observations, revelations and motivations.

Despite the scattered and unpredictable nature of this energy over the next few weeks, you actually have the opportunity to set something new and exciting in motion that begins in late March. It taps into the full spectrum of colours, feelings, experiences and possibilities. Eventually you will need to choose which one(s) to pursue and which to let go (to be developed another time perhaps). For now, there is a subtle and paradoxical nature to the elements you can choose from, and before you can decide about them, it's essential to get a sense about all the possibilities before you. Be alert to unusual perceptions, ideas or observations you feel a resistance to, and strong urges to break free of the "normal" way of doing things. It may not be the right time to act on these, but rather to explore and gain an understanding of the complexity and implications of what you're picking up on. If you look closely at what seems like a boring old rock, you may see flecks of gold – symbolically speaking. In other words, don't discount something that seems unimportant or simple – it could be more profound than you imagine.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
April 6 to 21, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Are you trying to make a decision that you've been struggling with for a while? Perhaps you've been acutely aware of a problem and have been considering your options? An ideal solution may seem just as far out of reach now as it did before. That doesn't mean you can't find an answer that will help bring the situation back into harmony again. It does mean that you may have to dig a bit deeper to understand what is at stake, what the implications are and what the true nature of the problem is. This could involve a close relationship or partnership that is showing signs of wear and fraying at the edges. It might also relate to issues involving someone for whom you have a passionate dislike or who seems to undermine you at every turn.

On one hand, you might be trying to (or expected to) be diplomatic and willing to compromise, except that compromise keeps feeling like you're giving away too much ground. It may also be difficult to see objectively or clearly what is required to bring the situation into a healthy balance, making it hard to know what decision is the best one for all concerned. On the other hand, you might also be trying to (or expected to) "take the high road" and do the right thing, by putting your ego's interests in the back seat and letting your spiritual aspirations do the driving. However, your ego is the one that must live with the results, so if you leave your own personal interests out of the equation, you're not likely to be very happy with the result. It can be tempting to blame yourself for not living up to the agreement, when in fact it wasn't a realistic agreement for you.

In a way, you're attempting to balance yourself delicately on the point of a pin. You breathe wrong and you start to fall to one side or the other! Negotiation is a valuable tool in this situation, whether you're bargaining with contradictory desires in yourself or with conflicting interests in someone else. The idea is to ensure that neither side gets to have its way at the expense of the other, where there is nothing (or not enough) to compensate for what is being giving up. This could take some fine-tuning over time, so don't assume that if things are going badly it means you're doing something wrong. Unexpected or unhappy results are giving you important feedback about whether you've reached a workable balance. And yet, for each adjustment it will probably take some time before you know whether that balance has been reached. This isn't likely to be a fast process. Adjust. Wait. Observe. Assess. Then, if it's still not the best you can make it, repeat.

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