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Lunar Forecasts for May-June 2012

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May 20 to June 4, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

What are you seeing in your mind's eye lately that is changing how you understand life? This is a time when you may be unusually receptive to new ideas, and those ideas are more likely than usual to change how you understand yourself and others. These new thoughts might come from, or be inspired by, another person. It might come from a conversation with them or reading their book or visiting their website. It could come from observing the world around you and suddenly seeing a fresh aspect of something you've looked at a hundred times before.

These kinds of things are likely to have an unusually strong impact on you right now. For example: your friend says something they've said before, but suddenly you feel deep annoyance about it. It's not a new feeling, but you were always able to push it aside; this time you can't help but take deep offense. What's going on?? You're more open and receptive than usual, that's what. Deep feelings, ideas and observations that have been largely unconscious may suddenly bubble up to the surface.

Perhaps you've been avoiding a deeper truth about something in yourself or someone else, but now it looms large in your awareness. Maybe you've been trying to understand something puzzling or unsettling, and suddenly the veil is lifted and you can see it more clearly. Or you might have believed something to be true, but now you're seeing something new that throws a completely different light on it. This kind of clarity is likely to come from being able to perceive things from a calm centre; allowing the turbulence and emotional attachment and the need to be right to clear off to the side, so that you can then look at the situation more directly and see what is actually there. Whatever is revealed will have implications that will ripple across several months, if not years, into the future (and perhaps lead you to reframe the past as well).

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
June 4 to 19, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time when you will be put to the test. There are two challenges right now. The first is to determine what you want from the future. This is a time to envision what you want from the next few months, or even the next few years. What aspirations excite you? What possibilities tempt you to want to take action and make them happen? Although this can be something wonderful that you want to aim for, it's just as important to be aware of any fears or biases that are slanting your vision of what is possible. For example, success can be scary if we're not sure we can live up to what is expected of us, and this can create a mental block that won't allow us to see everything we can be. Or, if you believe that something is a bad thing (undesirable, immoral, impossible or more trouble than it's worth), you might avoid it and miss something good because you assumed it would be bad.

The other challenge right now is to read the signs and omens to see what the Universe is saying could happen for you down the road. This insight might come in the form of a dream or an astrology reading or your own intuition or just "reading the writing on the wall." It might show you something invigorating and healing, or it might show something discouraging or disillusioning. Your response to this will affect how it plays out in your life. So: what does the world seem to mirror back to you? What kind of picture does that mirror show about your past, present or future? What is the challenge you need to conquer in order to make the most of what you see?

Regardless of what you see in the mirror of the world, or the potential you want to see for yourself, here are some things to remember. What you see may or may not be what you get. Your beliefs, expectations, fears and biases will all shape both what you think will happen and what actually happens. Everything that happens is part of the Universal feedback system, from which you can increase your understanding about what life is and what your place within it can be. Regard this as a time to gather information, as well as to find new meaning in how that information is important for you, and you will probably get farther than if you assume that what you see is a done deal that can't be changed.

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