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July 19 to August 1, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This could be a challenging time over the next 4 weeks. There's a lot of challenge and struggle, but also enormous potential for renewal and growth. It may start with a feeling of being overloaded or overwhelmed, perhaps feeling the weight of others' expectations on you or trying to live up to certain standards. Even though it might feel like a burden as you're going through it, the purpose of this is ultimately to empower you to achieve something difficult or to establish a firm foundation on which to build greater achievements. It may help to embrace the part of you that is motivated to greater heights, or you could wind up cornering yourself into feeling like a little kid who's being made to do something against your will.

Being reactive, combative, "touchy" or just plain grouchy could be persistent feelings during this time. It's not just about living up to certain standards or climbing a mountain to the peak of achievement. There is more going on here that reaches into your capacity for deep transformation, gritty empowerment and holding your ground in the face of confrontation. Despite these challenges, this can be a time of valuable learning and expanding your understanding of what is happening around you. For instance, reading about what is happening can help you find a broader perspective that allows you to see beyond your fears, defensiveness and reactiveness.

The trick is to avoid falling into a trap of compensating for doubt and insecurity with inflated confidence or blind faith in an idealistic positive outcome. It's okay to say "I don't know," and it's human (in a good way) to admit that you're not invincible. Conversely, don't assume that increased understanding gives you a license to declare that you have the One and Only Truth (implying that others who disagree are pathetically wrong). If you find yourself falling into either of these traps, it can help to take a step back and see how life is not exactly predictable (especially right now). It's good to laugh about the comedy called life and how, when you think you've finally "got it," it suddenly changes into something completely unexpected.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
August 1 to 17, 2012

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

How's your relationship with the Collective lately? By Collective, I mean the outside world at large. Society. Groups of people who share similar values, intentions or goals. There are a lot of different groups all vying for control over the direction the world will take in the coming years. Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all? You're not alone. Feeling so fired up by it all that you just want to shout down the "other guys" who disagree with you? You're not alone in that either. Maybe it's a bit of all the above?

Where are you, as an individual, in all this? It's very easy to get caught up in the swirling buzz of the Hive Mind, especially when the hive is full of angry bees. It's exhilarating and motivating stuff, and can lift you out of yourself to give you courage to do what you didn't think you could do. But be careful – that same inspiration can also take you away from who you are and lure you into doing things that are at odds with your values and better judgment. And if you don't like who you are very much right now, it can be very tempting to let the outside crowd mould you into someone new, which may or may not be who you really are.

This is definitely a time when there is lots of inner inspiration. It's a time to connect with the highest truth you know (without rationalization, emotional bias or wishful thinking). If you feel yourself being pulled up to a new place of excitement and courage, let it be because you are able to see farther than the immediate situation. Let it be because you are learning new ways to see many sides of the situation. Let any confusion or uncertainty lead you to a process of wrestling with new information that helps you put the pieces together in the bigger picture. And let yourself be uplifted by new understanding that sees what we all have in common, rather than by blame that sees only how we are different.

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