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Lunar Forecasts for June 8 to July 8, 2013

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June 8 to 23, 2013

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time when you may experience an odd mixture of inspiring potential and daunting conflict. Both of these are your allies, even though it might not seem so at first. Your job is to cultivate as much awareness of what is happening as you can, and to use that awareness to determine a way to respond to the situation that is creative and cooperative. Your response also needs to be nurturing – certainly toward yourself, but also of others, even those who seem like they don't deserve it. People often become highly argumentative when they feel they're not being heard or they're being dismissed or ignored.

You might encounter someone like this, or you might even behave like this yourself. The thing is, there's more to the outer behaviour than meets the eye. Knowing what is motivating it, triggering it or pushing it will be potent knowledge—not to blame them or overpower them or shame them or judge them, but to understand. Use awareness and empathy to listen and truly understand without judging. You don't have to agree with them—or let them off the hook if they're genuinely being a jerk—but if you really want to shift the energy between the two of you then one of you needs to take the initiative to do something different that doesn't just provoke more warfare. And since you're the one who's reading this.....

In order to gain a better understanding of what happens when you are in conflict with another person or a situation, it might be necessary to delve far into the past, whether that's your personal past, your cultural roots, your spiritual traditions or even the story of your ancestors. It's very possible that you once had access to knowledge and wisdom that could help you in the present, which was somehow forgotten but can still be accessed if you reach back for it. There is an abundance of creativity, emotional sensitivity, empathy, imagination and practical ways to put them all into productive use, but you'll have to work to access it. Once you have started to master how to deal with the conflicts, problems, obstacles, turmoil or disruption in your life, those abundant gifts will flow much easier into your reach. It's not that hard – you only have to choose a different response or a different path or a different way of looking at the situation. Choose something new and different that involves cooperation, negotiation, waiting before reacting, or even just having some faith that it will be okay, even if you don't know what that will look like yet.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
June 23 to July 8, 2013

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You are coming to an exciting, inspiring and challenging crossroads. This is a time to look at where you want to be down the road, and whether you're on the right road to take you there. What is important to you right now, or what do you expect will be important in the foreseeable future? What are your priorities and how do you let these influence your decisions, perceptions and choices in your life? Is your life constructed in a way that allows experiences and opportunities to flow into your life, or is it clogged up with negative expectations and a defensive need to control what that happens to you? This isn't about judgment...or at least it doesn't have to be about judgment. If you stray into judging yourself or others in terms of how well (or not so well) success is happening, then you will miss the point of the exercise. This is about taking responsibility and owning your actions, attitudes, intentions and expectations.

Do you see the problems as coming from the other person or outside yourself? That may be true, but the more relevant and important truth is that your response to them reflects your own beliefs and ways of thinking, and it is your own stuff that determines which way you will go when faced with a challenge or choice. When you put judgment and blame on yourself – "It's all my fault." "I don't deserve to succeed." – you filter your ability to respond to opportunities and potential so that it is consistent with your self-talk. When you judge and blame others – "It's all your fault." "If it weren't for you..." – your view of the world becomes coloured by those views. Instead, embrace responsibility for yourself and look for ways you can take action to give yourself what you need.

This is a process that will unfold over the next couple of months, so "don't push the river," as the saying goes. Patience will help. Also, be willing to allow yourself to become increasingly receptive to the possibilities and understanding, the way your eyesight gradually adjusts to a dark room. Taking a little more time will give you more chance to gather information and grasp what is needed to accomplish your goal. Make your plans but keep things flexible, especially until around the end of July. Listen to your intuition as well as your logic – both will provide valuable information.

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