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Lunar Forecasts for September 5 to October 4, 2013

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September 5 to 19, 2013

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

There is a powerful healing process happening in your life right now. This might involve restoring or improving your physical health, or it may apply to emotional or spiritual woundedness that needs to be soothed and healed. Or, it could mean finding a more effective balance in some area of your life that is out of whack in some way. This is a phase of rebalancing that builds on previous efforts and is itself a stepping stone that can take you on toward deeper healing.

As this phase begins, it might seem like things have become worse rather than better for a little while, but don't be discouraged! This doesn't necessarily mean you are on a downward spiral, but that deeper levels of the problem are being stirred up. Rather than telling you you're doing worse than you thought, the message is more likely to be that you are now ready to work with the issues in a deeper or more direct way. Even if you are facing difficulties that you ran away from in the past, this is another window of opportunity for you to chip away at the problem to the extent that you're able to.

The next 3 weeks could feel like an uphill climb sometimes, full of conflict, struggle and frustration. Again, don't let discouragement get the better of you. Even if the intensity feels too hot to handle, it means you have access to powerful energy that can be used to create positive change. Frustration can be channelled into determination and conviction to push ahead. Discouragement is a great opportunity to give yourself some reassurance and self-acceptance. Getting around an obstacle could surprise you by showing you a solution you hadn't thought of. Although it is valuable to figure out how the current problem or challenge developed, it is even more important to look forward and acknowledge what your options are from here. And through it all, keep bringing yourself back to your grounded centre, where you give yourself permission to be a work in progress and you don't have to be perfect to be okay.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
September 19 to October 4, 2013

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This is a time to dream, imagine and speculate about where you want to be down the road. Dreams might be more vivid than usual. You may be more receptive than usual to experiences that move you emotionally. You could encounter ideas and possibilities that fire your imagination or seem far away from your everyday practical life. Allow yourself to let your mind play and explore a bit!

At the same time, remember that right now this is a fantasy. It's not reality—yet. While your mind drifts downstream and envisions what the river's end will look like, you are also encouraged to think about what is necessary to actually make your fantasy into reality. What would it take to make that happen? What resources, plans, methodical steps are involved to get you from here to there? This is a time to balance the open-ended thrill of possibilities with the practicality that will bring results. If you're considering a number of possibilities or if you're surrounded by options, take a methodical approach to prioritize and make note of the benefits and drawbacks to each one. Then choose the one that either seems to work the best—or the one where you would be crestfallen if you couldn't go for it, even if it's not the top practical choice. Either way, it's going to take some hard work, careful planning and disciplined commitment to make it happen.

Be careful not to cram too much into your dream-plan. With so many possibilities, it's easy (and perhaps not wise) to be like a kid in a candy store trying to grab as much as you can, and then just taking for granted that you can figure out how to pay for it later. It might sometimes feel like the practical aspect of things put a damper on your wild imaginings. Or you may find that it's hard to buckle down to do the hard work when your mind only wants to drift away into fantasy about a better reality. Try to give yourself time to do both. It doesn't have to be either-or and it will probably work better if you allow time and space for both dreams and productivity. There is the potential to accomplish a lot if you can keep moving and not get stuck in procrastination, dreaming about what-ifs, or obsessive worry that what you're doing will never be enough. Let your efforts be guided by your vision, and let your vision be tempered with practical application. You can do this!

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