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Lunar Forecasts for October 4 to November 3, 2013

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October 4 to 18, 2013

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You might be finding there is an especially urgent need to negotiate or compromise right now, although this could be difficult to do in a way that is satisfying. Things may be jumbled, unstable and a bit crazy at the moment, and finding a peaceful balance might seem laughable. In fact, might seem so chaotic and out of balance that it's becoming hard to imagine what a solution would even look like. Outside circumstances might seem difficult to control, or they may feel like they're in control of you. On the other hand, you might be feeling utterly stuck in a rut and almost wishing for a little chaos to jar you out of it.

The frustration in either case is likely to be your choice of how to respond and what to do about it. No matter which way you try to go to free yourself, it may seem like you wind up in pretty much the same situation. In what feels like a no-win situation, it can be easy to polarize to whoever or whatever you see as the cause of the problem. In other words, you might see yourself as the innocent victim and the cause as mean and callous. Even if you honestly believe this is true, there is something to learn here – look for qualities and abilities in the "other side" that you aren't owning as your own or that you may not be using to its fullest advantage. Conversely, are you putting out an energy that is inviting or evoking the reaction you're seeing in the other person or the outside situation? The idea is to look for the possibility of your own projections and, through awareness and self-honesty, reclaim your own truth and integrity.

At its best, this is a time when you could find firm resolve and determination if you're in a situation where you need to forge ahead. Persistence is the key. And the best ultimate goal is to find a better balance between the qualities, priorities, motives and actions of all involved. This might be reached most effectively not by trying to eliminate undesirable components of the problem, but by strengthening other factors in the situation so that the balance between them all is more equal. See what works best.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
October 18 to November 3, 2013

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

What happens when you feel an impulse to do something? Maybe you feel an intense desire to pursue something. Or you might feel driven to achieve a certain goal or result. Perhaps you are seized by an overwhelming urge to react to something that fires your passion or anger. It might rise quietly as a persistent thought, feeling or desire that won't go away. Or it may come as a fight, flight or freeze reaction to a situation that feels threatening or unsafe. This is a time to become aware of what triggers you into feeling compelled to do something, whether that is to thrust forward, retreat into safety or stand your ground.

This is a time to identify, express, manage and channel your passion, impulse, assertiveness or reactions into positive, constructive action. You will likely find that it is most helpful to narrow your focus to specific or concrete observations in order to gain the most understanding and awareness. For example: "When I am confused about what to do next, I get sharply analytical and perfectionist." Or "When I'm overwhelmed by possibilities, I compulsively try to do everything at once." Or "I get angry when someone insists they know more than I do, and I avoid confrontation by becoming quiet or silent or agreeing with them even if I don't." Or "When I'm feeling pressured about having to meet a deadline, my impulse is to make lists of what I need to do to make sure everything is done right."

Awareness is the key, and expressing or communicating that awareness in some form will help you clarify your understanding of why you react the way you do. Reactions aren't always bad, but they can be compulsive and automatic. This can limit your choices since, if you've already reacted before you've even had a chance to weigh your options, you've lost the chance to decide what's in your best interest. Cultivating awareness will be a deeper journey than simply making a mental note about your patterns of behaviour. Over the next 3-4 weeks, look below the surface of what you observe to discover more about what contributes to your reactions. There are probably underlying issues, feelings, fears, hopes, expectations and memories that are pushing up from your unconscious. The point of it all is to become more empowered by knowing what's happening inside you before it takes on a life of its own and possibly leads you to a result that you don't want.

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