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Lunar Forecasts for January 30 to March 1, 2014

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January 30 to February 14, 2014

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

You may be aware of some very potent energy in your life right now, and indeed there is a lot happening in the sky that reflects this! Your close relationships and your general style of interacting with people, for example, might feel unusually intense, urgent or extreme right now. This might feel exciting and passionate or it could feel overpowering, volatile or out of control. Either way, this represents enormous potential in the areas of relationships and interactions, finances and resources, pleasure and desire, and beauty and creativity. If this feels uncomfortable, try taking a step back so you can find your calm centre; from there you can decide how you want to respond to the feelings or the situation. It's really not wise to try to reach out and control what's happening, especially if that involves trying to control the behaviour, feelings or intentions of another person.

There is also a more subtle level of energy going on right now, which may be an even more powerful focus for you, although not in the same overt way as described above. It will help to step back so you can look at the outside situation through fresh eyes and from a different perspective. It might feel a bit like you're disconnecting from the person or situation, but it doesn't have to be (nor should it be) that abrupt or extreme. Think of it more like holding the reins of a horse loosely – somewhere in between grabbing them tightly and letting them drop. You are co-creating the situation with who or whatever else is involved – neither of you has exclusive nor complete control. This can allow the energy to flow more effectively and constructively.

This is indeed a time of transformation and change. And change often means the destruction of the old that doesn't work anymore. However, it's important not to destroy more than is necessary. When you want to make room for a new bush in your garden, you don't pull up the whole garden and throw it in the composter. Instead you selectively choose the best place for it and consider what is already there. If it's something you want to keep, you transplant it elsewhere; otherwise it becomes compost. There – wasn't that easier? Of course, not all changes will proceed so calmly and easily, but the idea is that damage and destruction not only don't necessarily mean positive progress; they might actually bring as many problems as they solve. Keep going back to that subtle, quiet inner focus and ask what it is you really want to accomplish. Keep one eye on the real prize so you don't get lost in making change for the same of making change.

Lunar Forecast for the


This Forecast in effect
February 14 to March 1, 2014

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

We live in trying times, and right now it might feel like you're caught in a web of complex problems, obstacles, frustrations and endless stairs to climb. The important thing is not to let yourself become discouraged to the point where you give up. And especially do not take on any setbacks personally, feeling that they reflect something bad or inadequate about you. I'm saying this right up front because there's a lot of stress happening right now, which could feel kind of heavy, but it can also provide fuel to push you forward.

So: how to turn frustration into fuel? Get creative! Artistic is one option, but definitely creative, innovative, playful and unique. Where is your fun and passion? What do you enjoy doing that fills you with pride, joy and well-being? If it's been a while since you felt those things, think back to a time when you did. These challenges that abound these days will require not just striving for success in what you're trying to do, but also persistence that brings you back to your centre. It's important to remember that, regardless of your goal right now, you are more than that. You still have other hopes, dreams, pleasures, passions and interests. It could be easy to get stuck in such a single-minded focus that you forget you are a whole person beyond that focus.

Talking and interacting with others can be a good resource for this. This could include something pleasurable and comforting, like talking to a trusted friend. Or if you're feeling frustrated and angry, you might try a sport that lets you get your aggression out in a safe way. You might also do some self-talk by writing in your journal. Or talk with nature or the Universe by taking a walk in a nearby park. The important thing is to find a constructive outlet for stress that is fun, enjoyable and allows you to be who you are, even if it's just who you are in that moment. There's a lot of heat that can arise from the friction of stress, conflict, struggle or pressure around you right now, so let that heat propel you into something beneficial rather than just reactive.

A word about Valentine's Day... Whether you have a sweetheart in your life or not, there is only one person your heart must always strive to be open to: yourself. Use this day to celebrate your own heart. Find ways to make your heart feel loved, cherished, appreciated and/or accepted. Acceptance is the most basic and powerful form of love. If you can accept yourself, you have a gift that many are still struggling to find. And if you're still struggling to find it, start with the little things, the simple things. Regardless of who else you may or may not plan to be with today, make a hot date with yourself as well and do something special to appreciate and care about yourself. Happy Valentine's Day!

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