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March 1 to 16, 2014

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

So, how's your week been? Kinda crazy? Stressful? Busy, busy, busy? Feel like you're juggling grenades? Or maybe it's as if you're canoeing down white water rapids, poised between terror that you might capsize and the thrill of excitement and adventure? Whether this has been an exhilarating time or just exhausting, don't sit down to relax just yet. There's more turbulence that's likely to come over the next week as well.

That's the bad news. The good news is that there's purpose and opportunity hidden inside all this chaos. If you only focus on the stress or conflict, the good stuff is likely to stay hidden. It's like that drawing where you struggle to see the haggard old woman, but all you can see is the graceful young lady. Whichever of the two figures is easier for you to see, that's who you'll see first. But "easier" might not be what you think. Often we become fixated on the bad stuff, not because we're morbid but because we feel safer when (we think) we know where the bad stuff is – we believe we can defend ourselves better that way. It's like your gaze locked on that snarling dog so you'll be ready to spring out of the way if it pounces.

And that might even be true, but here's the thing: if you only allow yourself to focus on one side of the situation – the good or the bad, the easy or the difficult, the comforting or the disturbing – then you'll miss something else that's hidden beyond what you're focusing on. In a way, you have to look beyond it and allow yourself to be surprised. There's something illuminating and even wondrous that lies beyond, just waiting for you to see it. But, like that old woman, if you try to see it, it will probably elude you. You'll do better to relax your gaze and be open to the unknown. That doesn't mean putting yourself in danger, but to open your mind to a new awareness. Sometimes the best way to see that old woman is to blur your eyes. And the best way to travel through white water is to work with the current in cosmic cooperation.

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March 16 to 30, 2014

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

In the process of self-improvement and the quest for success, two questions always arise. [1] What are you really doing it for? And [2] how are you going to achieve it? The answer to one will affect the other, for better or worse. Does an honourable end justify an unjust means? Doing this is like cheating by taking shortcuts � you might get there faster but you sacrifice something essential. If the way you get to your goal isn't done in the same honourable spirit as the higher purpose of your goal, then you've lost something essential. The gold might look pretty but it's only gold-plated. By the same token, conducting yourself in an honourable way unfortunately doesn't guarantee success. It does, however, mean you can live with yourself afterwards.

Right now is a time when you may be going back over your goals, re-examining your decisions and actions, second-guessing where you're going and why and how. This can be a good thing, since it is helpful to fine-tune what you're doing to head in the direction of your choice and assessing if the way you're getting there is worthy of the end result. There needs to be a healthy and workable balance between ensuring your actions are pure in their intention as well as effective in their result.

On the other hand, it can also be too much of a good thing if you can't leave well enough alone. Too much second-guessing of yourself can ruin the end result � kind of like being such a fussy gardener and trying to make your garden so perfect that your plants can't simply grow and blossom. Instead of thriving, they wither and die from too much of a good thing. The challenge is to have a clear idea of what your destination is intended to look like and what you need to do to get there, but also to know when to stop fidgeting and just trust the process. Be productive and active when you need to, but sit on your hands when you can't stop.

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