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Lunar Forecasts for May 28 to June 27, 2014

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May 28 to June 13, 2014

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This could be a bit of a confusing or hazy time. It might be difficult to know how to understand a problem or challenge that crosses your path. It can be tempting to assume that because you don't understand whatever it is, it means the situation or person is to blame for being "stupid" or unfair or ridiculous. The thing is that there are always (at least) two sides to every story. In fact, it's often said there are three sides: your version, my version, and what actually happened. Your homework is to look beyond "my side" and "your side" to come to an understanding of both sides and how they meet in the middle at the truth.

This is a time to stretch yourself to find the courage to move beyond your usual reaction to ambiguity, disappointment or uncertainty. It could be very helpful to "test the waters" by doing something a little different and then watch to see what happens, what changes or even what doesn't change that you thought would. This is best done as an exercise in information gathering, which helps you formulate a plan of action and a decision about how you want to respond to the situation in a way that is most likely to smooth the wrinkles and return you to a (relatively) calm and functional state of being.

There is a lot of learning to be harvested from this. And it has a lot to do with issues and challenges you've been working on throughout this year, and even back to the middle of last year. You might have a chance to apply the learning you've gained through those months, or you might be at the precipice of a change that you have taken all this time to become ready for. It might involve a decision or choice – a crossroads where you must choose your path. Or it could simply involve mustering the courage to take a step toward a goal you've been dreaming about but have been stuck in indecision. Whatever it is, try little steps first and see how it feels. Listen to your intuition and your feelings, but remember that you will still have to use your objective mind to decide how much you can take at face value and how much is best treated as a metaphor or a possibility. There's a lot of energy in the background for you to tap into that's about healing, opportunities and becoming grounded, remember that you are bigger than whatever is bugging you. And don't forget to smile, have fun, be playful, and flirt with life!

Lunar Forecast for the


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June 13 to 27, 2014

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

This could be one of those times when you find yourself saying, "So near and yet so far!" Whatever you're aiming for in your life right now could seem perpetually out of reach sometimes, and at other times you may also feel disconnected from whatever is in your life right now. The thing is, you are poised in motion between here and there, between now and then, between the vision and the plan. You might feel kind of frustrated sometimes, feeling like you're trying to run on quicksand. At worst, you might feel like the more you try to reach for the vision you see on the far horizon, the farther away it seems to get. In the same way, it might feel sometimes like you're staying stuck where you are, longing to make progress toward something better that seems to continually elude you.

Take heart! Reminder #1: this is a process, not an event. It will take time. You need to plan and pace yourself. If you dump heavy expectations on yourself (or buy into someone else's heavy expectations) that you should be able to do it with the snap of your fingers, you may start to feel like you're going crazy. One leap of faith at a time.

Reminder #2: keep your eyes on the prize. If you stay overly focused on where you are now and what you want to change, you could get stuck feeling like you'll never make it. Instead, use the here-and-now that you want to change as a reminder that you can't just stay still. Use the there-and-then dreams and visions of what you want to achieve as a guideline to follow, but remember that the path is likely to twist and turn along the way. Find a reason to keep you motivated during times of discouragement. Write down the reasons why you want to achieve your goal. Why is this important to you? What is likely to happen if you don't keep moving toward it? These are not meant to pressure you, so much as to keep you going when you start to get stuck. Now: breathe and allow yourself to believe in yourself and whatever Powers That Be, that this can and will happen in its own time. If the Universe isn't filling your sails with wind, figure out what you can use as a paddle to keep you moving.

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