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Lunar Forecasts for June 27 to July 27, 2014

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June 27 TO July 12, 2014

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

What dreams and visions have you entertained this year for your future? You might have felt sometimes like you were in a dance of one-step-forward-two-steps-back over these past months. True progress and growth never happens in a straight line, and almost always goes back and forth between progress and backsliding. So if you've been feeling discouraged, don't give up just yet!

July is packed with potential that you can develop to fuel the goal or vision of your choosing. Much of your success will depend on your ability to build a foundation that is both strong and nurturing—like a feathered nest will support and cuddle the eggs that will gestate there. Your best ingredients to build this nest will be a balanced combination of imagination and hard work; creative vision and stern realism; spontaneous action and patient acceptance.

Around mid-month, this could come together in a time to take action or to commit yourself to a direction aimed at a clear goal. Resources, including supportive and encouraging people, are probably available to help you keep moving in your journey—but be careful about expecting too much of them or trying to rush the process. You're still in the driver's seat. Think of these resources as things you can pick up from the drive-through along the way.

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July 12 to 26, 2014

The Lunar Forecasts give Daily Horoscopes a greater context.

Getting that deja vu feeling? Yes, you're back at the crossroads again. This time it's personal – that is to say, the current challenges are about how you embrace, conquer and deal with obstacles in your way. There is also a lot of helpful, supportive energy around that you can draw on to help you meet the tasks on your must-do list. This supportive energy is here to remind you that your lack of perfection isn't a failing but a sign that you're still learning and growing. You don't expect a small child to have the skill of a trained athlete, do you? No, because they're still gathering the skills they need to do that...if they choose to do that. So have the same compassion for yourself too when you feel you're not living up to your ultimate fullest potential – this is what lifetimes are for.

The next couple of weeks are bound to be a busy, challenging and perhaps demanding time. Capricorn says: Be prepared! Plan your journey. Stock up on the resources you'll need to keep yourself properly fed, rested, entertained, motivated and centered. Make a note of the people you can call on to inspire you, sympathize with you, challenge you, support you or just hang out with you when you just need a friend, and call on them when you need what they can give you.

Within the structure of your plan, dare to be spontaneous and take some risks. Not to the point of being reckless – remember that there are consequences to your actions and decisions – but enough to keep the plan alive with a pulse. Too much predictability can be just plain boring, and you'll never know what more you might catch in your net if you never throw it on the other side of the boat, or even dive below the surface to look for lost treasure.

Whatever you encounter on your path gives you a chance to connect with your personal power at a deeper, more authentic level. Power isn't about over-powering but rather em-powering. Keep your path clear of whatever is getting in your way. And if you can't bear to push something aside, then there's your homework – delve deeply into what motivations, fears, expectations and payoffs are holding you back from moving beyond an obstacle.

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